Wiggonholt 1871 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Rectory House Revd Thomas Bacon Head m 58 Rector of Wiggonholt and Greatham Farnborough, Hampshire
Lainia E Bacon Wife m 43 Billericay, Essex
Arthur C Bacon Son s 16 Royal Navy Hyde Park Square, London
Lelia E M Bacon Daughter s 14 Scholar Gloucester Place, London
Edith E Bacon Daughter s 12 Scholar Cambridge Terrace, London
Eva Beatrice Bacon Daughter s 11 Scholar Upper Seymour Street, London
Mary C E Bacon Daughter s 10 Scholar  Wiggonholt Rectory, Sussex
Francis E Bacon Son s 8 Scholar Wiggonholt, Sussex
Reginald H S Bacon Son s 7 Scholar Wiggonholt, Sussex
Sarah M Davidson  Servant s 29 Governess Edinburgh, Scotland
Ann Desch  Servant w 51 Housekeeper Boughton, Northamptonshire
Ann T Hannan  Servant s 25 Ladiesmaid Riberhall, Petworth, Sussex
Annie Hawkins  Servant s 23 Housemaid Lichfield
Mary J Evans  Servant s 26 Housemaid Wiggonholt, Sussex
Jane Tribe  Servant s 16 Kitchenmaid Thakeham, Sussex
Richard Moore  Servant m 42 Coachman Maidenhead, Berkshire
Frank Fay  Servant s 21 Groom Langstone, Hampshire
2 Farm House George Penfold Head m 68 Farmer 540acres emp 11men 13boys Wiggonholt, Sussex
Jane R Penfold Wife m 58 Bexhill, Sussex
George Penfold Son s 27 Farmers Son Wiggonholt, Sussex
Arthur Penfold Son s 19 Farmers Son Wiggonholt, Sussex
Mary J Carter  Servant s 34 Dairymaid and Cook Shoreham, Sussex
Emily Kingshott  Servant s 20 Housemaid Domestic Trotten, Sussex
3 New Cottage No 1 Charles Evans Head m 55 Foreman on Farm Wiggonholt, Sussex
Mary Evans Wife m 55 Pulborough, Sussex
John Evans Son s 20 Agricultural Labourer Wiggonholt, Sussex
Charles Evans Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer Wiggonholt, Sussex
4 New Cottage No 2 Edward Evans Head m 27 Groom and Cowman Wiggonholt, Sussex
Sarah Evans Wife m 25 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Edith E Evans Daughter s 2 Petworth, Sussex
5 Licfolds Cottage Henry Riddles Head m 54 Shepherd Angmering, Sussex
Fanny Riddles Wife m 52 Angmering, Sussex
Henry Shippam Grandson s 5 Chichester, Sussex
6 George Haylar Lodger s 25 Carter Pulborough, Sussex
7 William Mustchin Lodger s 18 Under Shepherd Amberley, Sussex
8 Banks Cottage Edward Naldrett Head m 59 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Harriet Naldrett Wife m 53 Pulborough, Sussex
Ellen Naldrett Daughter s 13 Pulborough, Sussex
Alfred Naldrett Son s 11 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex