Wiggonholt 1851 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Wiggonholt John Broadwood Head m 52 Curate of Wiggonholt Marylebone, Middlesex
Charlotte Broadwood Wife m 48 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Mary Batchelor  Servant s 29 Cook Chiddingfold, Sussex
Fanny Steel  Servant s 37 House Servant Climping, Sussex
Charlotte Richardson Visitor s 46 Lately a Cook Abinger, Sussex
Henry Woolven  Servant s 31 Coachman Findon, Sussex
Charles West  Servant s 25 Footman Selsey, Sussex
2 Wiggonholt George Penfold Head m 48 Farmer 550acres emp 10labs Wiggonholt, Sussex
Jane Penfold Wife m 38 Bexhill, Sussex
George Penfold Son s 7 Scholar Wiggonholt, Sussex
Arthur Penfold Son s 0 4 months Wiggonholt, Sussex
Louisa Olliver Visitor w 67 Annuitant Angmering, Sussex
Hester Wadey  Servant s 23 Cook Portslade, Sussex
Emily Hills  Servant s 18 Nursemaid Thakeham, Sussex
Caroline Harvey  Servant s 17 Housemaid Rye, Sussex
William Woods  Servant s 20 General Servant Wiggonholt, Sussex
3 Wiggonholt James Burchell Head m 27 Labourer Billingshurst, Sussex
Mary Burchell Wife m 30 Billingshurst, Sussex
Mary Linfield Daughter s 9 Billingshurst, Sussex
Robert Linfield Son s 6 Billingshurst, Sussex
James Burchell Son s 4 Wiggonholt, Sussex
Charles Burchell Son s 1 Wiggonholt, Sussex
James Daughtery Lodger w 32 Labourer Westmeston, Sussex
4 Wiggonholt James Woods Head m 59 Labourer Chiltington, Sussex
Elizabeth Woods Wife m 54 Pulborough, Sussex
Ellen Woods Daughter s 11 Scholar Wiggonholt, Sussex
Jane Harwood Visitor s 2 Amberley, Sussex
5 Wiggonholt Charles Evans Head m 33 Labourer Wiggonholt, Sussex
Mary Evans Wife m 35 Pulborough, Sussex
Edward Evans Son s 9 Wiggonholt, Sussex
Jane Evans Daughter s 7 Wiggonholt, Sussex
John Evans Son s 2 Wiggonholt, Sussex
6 Wiggonholt John Lulham Head m 51 Shepherd Falmer, Sussex
Leah Lulham Wife m 38 Slinfold, Sussex
7 Wiggonholt Harry Evans Head m 75 Labourer Tillington, Sussex
Mary Evans Wife m 78 Storrington, Sussex
8 Wiggonholt Reuben Evans Head m 32 Labourer Wiggonholt, Sussex
Jane Evans Wife m 38 Pulborough, Sussex
Harry Evans Son s 8 Wiggonholt, Sussex