Warminghurst 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 New Cottage James Geal Head m 32 Agricultural Labourer  West Chiltington, Sussex
Caroline Geal Wife m 24 Thakeham, Sussex
Emily Geal Daughter s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
George Geal Son s 2 Warminghurst, Sussex
James Geal Son s 1 Warminghurst, Sussex
Edward Hodson Lodger s 67 Gardener York, Yorkshire
2 Bowford Cottage William Marshall Head m 47 Agricultural Labourer Greatham, Hampshire
Theresa Marshall Wife m 38 Queenstown, Ireland
William J Marshall Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Malta
George Marshall Son s 11 Agricultural Labourer Malta
Annie Marshall Daughter s 14 Malta
Percy Colbourne Nephew s 9 Scholar Lancing, Sussex
3 Bowford Cottage George Standen Head m 40 Agricultural Labourer  Washington, Sussex
Frances Standen Wife m 30 Warminghurst, Sussex
Lucy Standen Mother w 70 Ashurst, Sussex
4 Bowford Farm Ellen Golds Head w 59 Farmer Shipley, Sussex
Thomas Golds Son s 26 Farmers Son  West Chiltington, Sussex
Frederick B Golds Son s 25 Farmers Son  West Chiltington, Sussex
Ellen Golds Daughter s 21  West Chiltington, Sussex
Clara Golds Daughter s 16  West Chiltington, Sussex
5 Warminghurst Farm Robert Goacher Head m 61 Farmer Ashurst, Sussex
Mary E Goacher Wife m 58 Urchfont, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Duke  Servant s 29 Domestic Servant  Washington, Sussex
6 Stable Cottage William Searle Head m 26 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Annie M Searle Wife m 24 Storrington, Sussex
Helena Searle Daughter s 4 Pulborough, Sussex
William Searle Son s 2 Storrington, Sussex
Ada M Searle Daughter s 0 3 months Warminghurst, Sussex
William Gibbs Visitor s 10 Pulborough, Sussex
7 Stable Cottage Mary Nicholls Head w 60 Laundress Shipley, Sussex
Frank Nicholls Son s 22 Agricultural Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
Fred Nicholls Son s 20 Agricultural Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
Charles Nicholls Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
William Nicholls Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
8 Springpond Cottage Charles Geal Head m 33 Agricultural Labourer  West Chiltington, Sussex
Sarah Geal Wife m 29 Ashington, Sussex
9 Springpond Cottage Jesse Lilywhite Head m 33 Shepherd Storrington, Sussex
Annie Lilywhite Wife m 32 London, Middlesex
Alice Lilywhite Daughter s 7 Storrington, Sussex
Ellen Lilywhite Daughter s 5 Storrington, Sussex
Emily Lilywhite Daughter s 3 Storrington, Sussex
Annie Lilywhite Daughter s 1 Storrington, Sussex
Thomas Knight Lodger s 20 Groom Aldershot, Hampshire
10 Park Cottages Alfred Geal Head m 30 Agricultural Labourer  West Chiltington, Sussex
Ann Geal Wife m 32  West Chiltington, Sussex
11 Newhouse Farm Henry Muggeridge Head m 43 Farmer Abinger, Surrey
Susannah Muggeridge Wife m 39  Warnham, Sussex
Henry Muggeridge Son s 11 Scholar Abinger, Surrey
George Muggeridge Son s 9 Scholar Ewhurst, Surrey
John Muggeridge Son s 5 Ewhurst, Surrey
Ellen Muggeridge Daughter s 3 Ewhurst, Surrey
William Muggeridge Son s 1 Warminghurst, Sussex
12 Heath Common George H Wood Head m 73 Market Gardener Sullington, Sussex
Eliza Wood Wife m 79  Wiston, Sussex
13 Heath Common Richard Lelliott Head m 67 Market Gardener  Washington, Sussex
Mary Lelliott Wife m 77 Selscombe, Sussex
Mary Ann Bolton Lodger w 74  Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
14 Heath Common Thomas Knight Head m 30 Gardeners Labourer  Washington, Sussex
Rosa Knight Wife m 32  West Chiltington, Sussex
Ernest Knight Son s 4  Washington, Sussex
Winifred Knight Daughter s 3  Washington, Sussex
Harold Knight Son s 1  Washington, Sussex
15 Heath Common Walter H Wood Head m 46 Market Gardener Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary J Wood Wife m 54 Shoreham, Sussex
Arthur Wood Son s 16 Market Gardener Warminghurst, Sussex
Alice Wood Daughter s 17 Warminghurst, Sussex
16 Heath Common John Lelliott Head m 79 Living on own means Ashurst, Sussex
Eleanor Lelliott Wife m 87  West Grinstead, Sussex
Jane Lelliott Visitor w 62  West Grinstead, Sussex
Heath Common 2 uninhabited
Newhouse Barn Henry Jenkins w 62