Warminghurst 1861 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Heath Common George Wood Head m 43 Carpenter Sullington, Sussex
Eliza Wood Wife m 49  Wiston, Sussex
Walter Henry Wood Son s 16 Carpenter Warminghurst, Sussex
2 Heath Common Henry Bishop Head m 38 Farm Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Francis Bishop Wife m 33  Washington, Sussex
James Bishop Son s 15  Washington, Sussex
William Bishop Son s 9 Thakeham, Sussex
Ellen Bishop Daughter s 6 Warminghurst, Sussex
Frances Bishop Daughter s 5 Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Anne Bishop Daughter s 2 Warminghurst, Sussex
Henry Bishop Son s 0 9 months Warminghurst, Sussex
3 Heath Common 1 uninhabited
4 Heath Common Richard Lelliott Head m 57 Farm Labourer  Washington, Sussex
Richard Lelliott Son s 12 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
John Lelliott Son s 5 Warminghurst, Sussex
George Lelliott Son s 2 Warminghurst, Sussex
Eliza Lelliott Wife m 37 Labourers Wife Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Ann Lelliott Daughter s 10 Warminghurst, Sussex
Francis Lelliott Daughter s 7  Washington, Sussex
Ann Lelliott Daughter s 1 Warminghurst, Sussex
5 Heath Common Henry Floate Head m 46 Farm Labourer  Washington, Sussex
Henry Floate Son s 13 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
William Floate Son s 10 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
Walter Floate Son s 5 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
Louisa Floate Wife m 45 Labourers Wife  Washington, Sussex
5 Heath Common Ellen Floate Daughter s 7 Warminghurst, Sussex
6 Heath Common Robert Simmons Head m 43 Marine Store Dealer Ashington, Sussex
Ann Simmons Wife m 42 Somerset
7 Heath Common Thomas Realff Head w 77 Gardener Warminghurst, Sussex
8 Heath Common John Goodyer Head m 71 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
Deborah Goodyer Wife m 70  Washington, Sussex
Sarah Goodyer Granddaughter s 12 Brighton, Sussex
9 Heath Common Isaac Nicholson Head m 53 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
Harriet Nicholson Wife m 48  Washington, Sussex
10 Heath Common Edward Raglass Head m 54 Licenced Hawker Alfriston, Sussex
Catherine Raglass Wife m 55 Petworth, Sussex
Mark Raglass Son s 15 Warminghurst, Sussex
Catherine Raglass Daughter s 17 Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary An Raglass Daughter s 10 Warminghurst, Sussex
11 Heath Common John Comper Head m 52 Farm Labourer  Washington, Sussex
Sarah Comper Wife m 52  Washington, Sussex
Charlotte Stringer Niece s 11  Washington, Sussex
Richard Stringer Boarder w 82  West Grinstead, Sussex
12 Heath Common John Charman Head m 84 Farm Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Lydia Charman Wife m 88 Horsham, Sussex
13 Heath Common Henry Charman Head m 30 Day Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Frances Charman Wife m 35 Findon, Sussex
Henry Charman Son s 9 Warminghurst, Sussex
Jane Charman Daughter s 6  Washington, Sussex
Sarah Charman Daughter s 5  Washington, Sussex
13 Heath Common Thomas Charman Son s 1 Warminghurst, Sussex
14 Heath Common James Charman Lodger w 73 Farm Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Stephen Charman Lodger s 24 Rat Catcher Sullington, Sussex
15 New House David Agate Head s 71  Farmer 96acres emp 3labs 2boys Sullington, Sussex
Mary Dendy  Housekeeper s 49 Housekeeper Shipley, Sussex
Harriet Clement  Servant s 13 Ashington, Sussex
16 Heath Common Peter Short Head m 25 Farm Labourer  West Chiltington, Sussex
Emily Short Wife m 22 Thakeham, Sussex
Henry Short Son s 2  Washington, Sussex
17 Heath Common Eliza Jackson Head w 46 Labourers Widow Shipley, Sussex
Walter Jackson Son s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
Eliza Jackson Daughter s 9 Thakeham, Sussex
Allen Jackson Son s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
Fanny Jackson Daughter s 5 Warminghurst, Sussex
Elizabeth Jackson Daughter s 2 Warminghurst, Sussex
18 Park Barn House Henry Nichols Head m 32 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Nichols Wife m 31 Shipley, Sussex
Mary Jane Nichols Daughter s 9 Ashington, Sussex
Ann Nichols Daughter s 7 Ashington, Sussex
Charlotte Nichols Daughter s 5 Ashington, Sussex
Henry Nichols Son s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Nichols Daughter s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Allen Nichols Son s 0 4 months Warminghurst, Sussex
19 Warminghurst Place George Golds Head m 59  Farmer Ashington, Sussex
May Golds Wife m 50  West Tarring, Sussex
19 Warminghurst Place George Golds Son s 24  Farmers Son Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Ann Golds Daughter s 21 Warminghurst, Sussex
Ellen Golds Daughter s 15 Warminghurst, Sussex
Albert Golds Son s 13 Warminghurst, Sussex
Arthur Golds Son s 10 Warminghurst, Sussex
James Austin  Servant s 21 Groom Sompting, Sussex
Charles Denyer  Servant s 13 Shoe Boy Storrington, Sussex
Jane Wittington  Servant s 15 House Servant Pulborough, Sussex
20 Stable Cottage James Short Head m 64 Carter Thakeham, Sussex
Elizabeth Short Wife m 61 Billingshurst, Sussex
Elizabeth Short Granddaughter s 5 Abinger, Surrey
Harriet Skinner Daughter m 28 Warminghurst, Sussex
23 Henry Golds Lodger s 20 Farm Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
21+22 Stable Cottage William Agate Head m 54  Farm Carter  Wiston, Sussex
Mary Agate Wife m 45 Cowfold, Sussex
George Farley Nephew s 18  Farm Servant Horsham, Sussex
24 Cottage George Nichols Head m 61 Farm Labourer Shipley, Sussex
Ruth Nichols Wife m 59 Warminghurst, Sussex
Moses Nichols Son s 24 Farm Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
George Nichols Grandson s 15 Farm Labourer Ashington, Sussex
25 Belford Cottage 1 unoccupied
26 Belford Farm House Frederick Golds Head s 31  Farmer 25acres emp 5men 2boys Warminghurst, Sussex
Lydia Greenfield  Housekeeper s 40 Housekeeper Cowfold, Sussex
Lucy Weller  Servant s 18 Shipley, Sussex
27 Belford Cottage William Beer Head m 49 Farm Labourer  Wisborough Green, Sussex
Mary Beer Wife m 39  West Grinstead, Sussex
Mary Beer Daughter s 15  Washington, Sussex
Rhoda Beer Daughter s 13 Warminghurst, Sussex
William Beer Son s 12 Warminghurst, Sussex
James Beer Son s 10 Warminghurst, Sussex
Arthur Beer Son s 7 Warminghurst, Sussex
Thomas Beer Son s 4 Warminghurst, Sussex
Sarah Beer Daughter s 0 6 months Warminghurst, Sussex