Thakeham 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation  Where Born Disability
District 1
63 Batts Cottage Spear Hill Edgar T Steer Head m 29 Poultry Farmer East Grinstead, Sussex
Constance Steer Wife m 26 Lingfield, Surrey
Stanley Steer Son s 4 Dartford, Kent
Distict 7
106 Muttons Farm Alfred Adsett Head m 24  Agricultural Carter Pulborough, Sussex
Eliza Adsett Wife m 25 Pulborough, Sussex
Alfred Adsett Son s 1 Pulborough, Sussex
107 Muttons Farm George Lelliott Head m 43 Stockman of farm  Warminghurst, Sussex
Sarah Lelliott Wife m 36  Ashurst, Sussex
John Lelliott Son s 11  Shipley, Sussex
Violet Sarah Lelliott Daughter s 2  West Grinstead, Sussex
District 9
1  Thakeham Place Thomas Luckin Head m 53 Farmer  Shipley, Sussex
Gertrude M Reeve  Servant s 26 Domestic Help Newnham, Northamptonshire
Ada Sayers  Servant s 14 DS General  Shermanbury, Sussex
2  Thakeham Place Charles Barnett Head m 45 Carter on Farm  Alford, Surrey
Sarah Barnett Wife m 43   West Chiltington, Sussex
George Barnett Son s 16 Carter on Farm Billingshurst, Sussex
Frederick Barnett Son s 12 Billingshurst, Sussex
Emily Barnett Daughter s 9 Billingshurst, Sussex
Ernest Barnett Son s 5 Billingshurst, Sussex
3  Thakeham Place William Brooker Head m 70 Stockman of farm Henfield, Sussex
Sarah Ann Brooker Wife m 73  Shermanbury, Sussex
William Brooker Son s 30 Bricklayers Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Standing Boarder s 60 Carter on Farm Henfield, Sussex
4  Thakeham Place George Steer Head m 38 Stockman of farm Cranleigh, Surrey
Ellen Steer Wife m 39 Horsham, Sussex
Michael G Steer Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Ifield, Sussex
William Steer Son s 14 Carter on Farm Billingshurst, Sussex
Fanny Steer Daughter s 13  Shipley, Sussex
5  Thakeham Place Thomas Lillywhite Head m 41 Carter on Farm   Wisborough Green, Sussex
Sarah Lillywhite Wife m 31 Billingshurst, Sussex
Thomas Lillywhite Son s 11   Wisborough Green, Sussex
Annie Lillywhite Daughter s 7  West Grinstead, Sussex
Eli C Lillywhite Son s 2 Thakeham, Sussex
6 Church House, near church William A Moore Head m 63 Carpenter Petworth, Sussex
Ann Moore Wife m 64 Burton, Sussex
Margaret Moore Daughter s 29 DS Ladys Maid Ashington, Sussex
Kate M Moore Daughter s 24 Dressmaker Thakeham, Sussex
Edith M Jackson Granddaughter s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
Annie F Jackson Granddaughter s 9 Thakeham, Sussex
near church 1 unoccupied
7 Cumberland House William M Skinner Head m 63 Market Gardener Thakeham, Sussex
Esther Skinner Wife m 63  West Grinstead, Sussex
Bertha M Skinner Daughter s 36 DS Nurse Thakeham, Sussex
Harry Skinner Son s 25 Market Gardener Thakeham, Sussex
Robert Skinner Son s 24 Market Gardener Thakeham, Sussex
Rose L Skinner Daughter s 22 Thakeham, Sussex
Harry Skinner Grandson s 9 Fareham, Hampshire
Charles Nicholls Boarder s 26 General Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
8 Thakeham Street Thomas Marchant Head m 41 Agricultural Labourer Crawley, Sussex
Louisa Marchant Wife m 47 Cuckfield, Sussex
Ellen Marchant Daughter s 6 Blyrnhill, Staffordshire
Harry Marchant Son s 4 Ewhurst, Surrey
9 Thakeham Street Isaac Batchelor Head m 64 Stockman of farm Thakeham, Sussex
Sarah Batchelor Wife m 60 Portslade, Sussex
10 Thakeham Street Charlotte Comper Head w 76 Ashington, Sussex
11 School House, Thakeham Street John Rapley Head m 42  Schoolmaster  Steyning, Sussex
Ellen M Rapley Wife m 45  Assistant School Mistress  Whitchurch, Dorset
Edith Rapley Daughter s 16 Brighton, Sussex
William H Rapley Son s 14 Brighton, Sussex
Thakeham Street 2 unoccupied
13 Thakeham Street Ernest Reed Head m 32 Shepherd Billingshurst, Sussex
Lois C Reed Wife m 33 Billingshurst, Sussex
Clara L Reed Daughter s 11 Barnes Green, Sussex
Percy Reed Son s 7   Wisborough Green, Sussex
Ralph Reed Son s 3   West Chiltington, Sussex
William G Talbot Boarder s 22 Stockman of farm Easebourne, Sussex
14 Thakeham Street Edward Green Head m 35 Stockman of farm Fenny Drayton, Warwickshire
Ann Green Wife m 33 Norton Juxtor, Leicestershire
George W Green Son s 14 Shepherd Boy   Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire
Samuel H Green Son s 11 Dordon, Warwickshire
Fanny L Green Daughter s 5  Seagrave, Leicestershire
Janet M Green Daughter s 2 Higham on the Hill, Leicestershire
Reginald E Green Son s 0 11 months Thakeham, Sussex
Thakeham Street 1 unoccupied
15 Thakeham Street William H Skinner Head m 68 District Council Roadman Thakeham, Sussex
Harriet Skinner Wife m 70 Calne, Wiltshire
16 Thakeham Street John Hubbard Head w 76 Blacksmith Pulborough, Sussex
Kate Hubbard Daughter s 28 Thakeham, Sussex
17 White Lion Inn Robert Burst Head m 60 Inn Keeper  Abinger, Surrey
Susan Burst Wife m 56  Wotton, Surrey
Mary Burst Daughter s 20 Barmaid  Wotton, Surrey
Jesse Burst Son s 28 Barman  Wotton, Surrey
Annie Burst Daughter s 17 Dressmaker  Wotton, Surrey
Rosa Burst Granddaughter s 3 Ewhurst, Surrey
Thakeham Street 1 unoccupied
18 Post Office Samuel Evernden Head m 36 Grocer, Draper and Sub Postmaster Cranbrook, Kent
Annie L Evernden Wife m 39 Robertsbridge, Sussex
Mary D Evernden Daughter s 12 Reigate, Surrey
Florence A Evernden Daughter s 9 Reigate, Surrey
Samuel Evernden Son s 8  Sandwich, Kent
Nellie C Evernden Daughter s 4 Outwood, Surrey
19 Thakeham Street Walter Charman Head w 65 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
20 Thakeham Street George H F Turner Head m 27 Police Constable Chichester, Sussex
Elizabeth Turner Wife m 25  Worthing, Sussex
Evelyn V Turner Daughter s 0 9 months Thakeham, Sussex
Mansion House 1 unoccupied
21 Mansion House Thomas Towse Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Billingshurst, Sussex
Alice E Towse Wife m 44 Thakeham, Sussex
Abel Towse Son s 15 Carpenters Apprentice Thakeham, Sussex
Kate Towse Daughter s 10 Thakeham, Sussex
22 Rectory John P Hurst Head m 74 C of E Clergyman  Whichford, Warwickshire
Sarah P Hurst Wife m 54  Walthamstow, Essex
Charlotte Comper  Servant s 21 DS Cook Thakeham, Sussex
Ada Charman  Servant s 15 DS Housemaid Kensington, London
23 Town House George Weller Head m 38 Carter on Farm Washington, Sussex
George Weller Son s 13 Carter on Farm Thakeham, Sussex
William Weller Son s 9 Thakeham, Sussex
Esther Weller Daughter s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
James Weller Son s 5 Thakeham, Sussex
Town House 1 unoccupied
24 Old House Farm William Roots Head m 66 Farmer Maresfield, Sussex
Elizabeth Roots Wife m 63 Clapham, Sussex
William Hazelgrove Nephew s 20 Cowman on Farm Goring, Sussex
25 Furze Common George Moulding Head m 66 Agricultural Labourer Bury, Sussex
Charlotte Moulding Wife m 58  Stopham, Sussex
Kate Moulding Granddaughter s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
26 Furze Common Albert Greenfield Head m 35 Shepherd Findon, Sussex
Alice Greenfield Wife m 35 Rackham, Sussex
Ellen Greenfield Daughter s 12 Patching, Sussex
Edith Greenfield Daughter s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
Albert Greenfield Son s 9 Thakeham, Sussex
Charles Greenfield Son s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
Ernest Greenfield Son s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
Beatrice Greenfield Daughter s 2 Thakeham, Sussex
Ethel Greenfield Daughter s 0 9 months Thakeham, Sussex
27 Furze Common George Nicholls Head m 36 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Charlotte Nicholls Wife m 32  Warminghurst, Sussex
Frank Nicholls Son s 12 Carter on Farm Thakeham, Sussex
Maggie Nicholls Daughter s 10 Thakeham, Sussex
Mary Nicholls Daughter s 6 Thakeham, Sussex
Walter Nicholls Son s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
Annie Nicholls Daughter s 1 Thakeham, Sussex
28 Furze Common William Balchin Head m 74 Agricultural Labourer   West Chiltington, Sussex
Elizabeth Balchin Wife m 71 Thakeham, Sussex
Mabel Balchin Granddaughter s 13 London
29 Furze Common Raymond Cooper Head m 45 Market Gardener Thakeham, Sussex
Edith A Cooper Wife m 47 Billingshurst, Sussex
Moses Cooper Son s 17 Market Gardener Thakeham, Sussex
George Cooper Son s 15 Market Gardener Thakeham, Sussex
Elizabeth Cooper Daughter s 12 Thakeham, Sussex
Rose Cooper Daughter s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
Alice Cooper Daughter s 5 Thakeham, Sussex
Edith Cooper Daughter s 3 Thakeham, Sussex
Ellen Cooper Daughter s 0 7 months Thakeham, Sussex
30 Furze Common Luke Whitington Head m 68 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Eliza Whitington Wife m 80 Washington, Sussex
31 Furze Common Edward Reed Head m 55 Carter on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Emma Reed Wife m 48 Petworth, Sussex
Frederick Reed Son s 18 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
32 Champions Farm James Skinner Head m 76 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Harriet Skinner Wife m 71  Shipley, Sussex
William Gray Visitor m 56 DS Coachman London
Wagners 1 unoccupied
33 Abingworth George E Lear Head m 58 Farmer Storrington, Sussex
Elizabeth A Lear Wife m 47  Steyning, Sussex
Edward G Lear Son s 25 Thakeham, Sussex
Charlotte L Lear Daughter s 21 Thakeham, Sussex
Margaret L Lear Daughter s 20 Thakeham, Sussex
Fanny Lindfield  Servant s 15 DS General Storrington, Sussex
34 Abingworth John Holden Head m 67 DS Cowman and Gardener   West Chiltington, Sussex
Susan Holden Wife m 65   West Chiltington, Sussex
35 Abingworth Henry Francis Head m 79 Hire Carter  Shipley, Sussex
Elizabeth Francis Wife m 82  West Grinstead, Sussex
Emily Geal Granddaughter s 14 Thakeham, Sussex
Charles House Lodger s 58 Hire Carter  Thatcham, Berkshire
36  Green Dene William T Padwick Head m 47 Yeoman with means Hayling, Hampshire
Mary Padwick Wife m 44 Barden, Yorkshire
Daisy A H Padwick Daughter s 21 Barden, Yorkshire
William F J Padwick Son s 18 Ingleton, Yorkshire
Archibald E F Padwick Son s 16 Burnsall, Yorkshire
Henry D H Padwick Son s 12 Eastby, Yorkshire
Grace Padwick Daughter s 9 Fishbourne, Sussex
Shannon Padwick Son s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
Ivy Padwick Daughter s 2 Loxwood, Sussex
Mary Padwick Daughter s 23 DS Ladys Help  Thornton, Yorkshire
37  Greenhurst Farm Charles Mann Head m 70 Farmer Kirdford, Sussex
Mary Mann Wife m 70 Kirdford, Sussex
Eliza Mann Daughter s 35 Kirdford, Sussex
James Mann Grandson s 19 Carter on Farm Kirdford, Sussex
William Bowers  Servant s 16 Agricultural Labourer Cootham, Sussex
38 Leaves Alfred Wood Head m 56 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Mary A Wood Wife m 52 Thakeham, Sussex
39 Irelands William Mitchell Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Fittleworth, Sussex
Elizabeth Mitchell Wife m 41 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Ellen Mitchell Daughter s 14 DS General Fittleworth, Sussex
Catherine Mitchell Daughter s 11 Kirdford, Sussex
William Mitchell Son s 9 Kirdford, Sussex
Alice Mitchell Daughter s 2 North Heath, Sussex
40 Pound Cottage Walter Tribe Head w 68 Rough Jobbing Carpenter Thakeham, Sussex
Mary Goatcher  Servant s 67 DS Housekeeper Washington, Sussex
41 Greenhurst Emma Daughtery Head m 56 Charwoman Arundel, Sussex
Joseph Daughtery Son s 20 DS Coachman  Worthing, Sussex
Olive Daughtery Daughter s 18  Worthing, Sussex
42 Greenhurst William Mitchell Head m 70 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Mary Mitchell Wife m 65 Thakeham, Sussex
43 Greenhurst Robert Cripps Head m 62 Market Gardener  Shipley, Sussex
Jane Cripps Wife m 59   West Chiltington, Sussex
William A Cripps Son s 20 Dealer in Fruit Thakeham, Sussex
Herbert H Cripps Son s 16 Higgler Thakeham, Sussex
Robert J P Cripps Grandson s 9   West Chiltington, Sussex
Charles M Chatfield Boarder s 16 General Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Greenhurst 1 unoccupied
44 Merry Hill John Blake Head m 41 Jobbing Gardener Lindhurst, Hampshire
Emily A Blake Wife m 36 Middleton, Sussex
Thomas S Blake Son s 11 Billingshurst, Sussex
Frederick R Blake Son s 8 Billingshurst, Sussex
Edward A J Blake Son s 6 Rudgwick, Sussex
Margery May Blake Daughter s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
Winifred A Blake Daughter s 2 Thakeham, Sussex
45 Merry Hill Fanny Tribe Head w 48 Charwoman  Wiston, Sussex
Douglas Tribe Son s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
Emily Dale   Sister s 46  Wiston, Sussex imbecile from childhood
46 Snapes Farm Henry Bristow Head s 40 Farmer Buncton, Sussex
Sarah Bristow   Sister s 36 Buncton, Sussex
47 Snapes Cottage Albert P Bristow Head s 28 Carter on Farm Pulborough, Sussex
Dinah Bristow Mother w 70 Billingshurst, Sussex
Water Lane 1 unoccupied
48 Penfold William Wadley Head m 53 Market Gardener Castle Norton, Worcestershire
Mary Wadley Wife m 69 Washington, Sussex
49 Heath Common Walter Juden Head m 57 Market Gardener  Wiston, Sussex
Sarah Juden Wife m 52 Washington, Sussex
William Juden Son s 27 Market Gardener  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Fry Visitor s 26 Mayfield, Sussex
50 Heath Common 1 unoccupied
51 Heath Common George Penfold Head m 70 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Dinah Penfold Wife m 65 Laundress Pulborough, Sussex
52 Heath Common Robert Lusher Head m 59 Gamekeeper  Sapaston, Suffolk
Hannah Lusher Wife m 59 Churchill, Worcestershire
53 Heath Common Peter Lelliott Head m 32 DS Gardener  Wiston, Sussex
Florence E Lelliott Wife m 34 Ipswich, Suffolk
William Lelliott Son s 5 Thakeham, Sussex
Mabel F Lelliott Daughter s 3 Thakeham, Sussex
Maggie Lelliott Daughter s 1 Thakeham, Sussex
Frederick P Lelliott Son s 0 6 months Thakeham, Sussex
54 Yew Tree House Thomas Jackson Head m 31 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Louisa Jackson Wife m 27 Ashington, Sussex
Edith Jackson Daughter s 6 Washington, Sussex
Frank Jackson Son s 4 Washington, Sussex
William Dean Boarder s 30 Carter on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Goffsland 1 unoccupied
55 Merrywood Alfred B Gilbert Head w 49 Hosier and Farmer London
Kathleen R Gilbert Daughter s 25 Clapham, Surrey
Lionel A Gilbert Son s 20 Solicitors Article Clerk  Sutton, Surrey
Sarah J Lelliott  Servant s 28 DS Cook  Wiston, Sussex
Bessie B Mitchell  Servant s 22 DS Housemaid  Steyning, Sussex
Rose M Featherstonehaugh  Servant s 14 DS Housemaid  Steyning, Sussex
William Mann  Servant s 30 DS Groom Kirdford, Sussex
56 Wilkins Cottage George E Jenner Head m 33 Stockman of farm Washington, Sussex
Mary A Jenner Wife m 41 Laundress Storrington, Sussex
Emily G Jenner Daughter s 8 Durrington, Sussex imbecile from childhood
Annie E Jenner Daughter s 2 Hascombe, Surrey
57 Picketty Alfred Evans Head m 65 Farm Labourer   West Chiltington, Sussex
Zella Evans Wife m 63 Pulborough, Sussex
Walter Beer Grandson s 11 Helsham, Sussex
58 Picketty William Short Head m 39 Stockman of farm North Heath, Sussex
Mary Short Wife m 33   West Chiltington, Sussex
Ernest Short Son s 15 Carter on Farm   West Chiltington, Sussex
Harriet Short Daughter s 12   West Chiltington, Sussex
Lilian Short Daughter s 9   West Chiltington, Sussex
Grace Short Daughter s 3 Thakeham, Sussex
Alfred Johnson Lodger s 15 Carter on Farm Nutbourne, Sussex
59 Picketty Edmund Blunt Head m 56 Carter on Farm  Shipley, Sussex
Ann Blunt Wife m 52  Shipley, Sussex
Walter Blunt Son s 19 Carter on Farm Thakeham, Sussex
Percy Blunt Son s 16 Carter on Farm  Shipley, Sussex
Ernest Blunt Son s 12 Thakeham, Sussex
60 George Francis Head w 68 Farm Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
60a Joseph Walker Head m 56 Agricultural Labourer  Tottenham, Middlesex
Ellen Walker Wife m 48  Weymouth, Dorset
61 Voakes Cottage Frank Nicholls Head s 32 Stockman of farm  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Nicholls Mother w 70  Shipley, Sussex
Thomas Johnson Boarder s 18 Carter on Farm Pulborough, Sussex
Frederick Bristow Boarder s 18 Carter on Farm   West Chiltington, Sussex
63 East Dan Hill Charles Barnett Head m 21 Carter on Farm   West Chiltington, Sussex
Alice Barnett Wife m 22 Cowfold, Sussex
Alice M Barnett Daughter s 0 5 months  West Grinstead, Sussex
Robert Greenfield Boarder s 18 Horseman on Farm   West Chiltington, Sussex
64 East Dan Hill Frederick S Elliott Head m 35 Carter on Farm Chiddingfold, Surrey
Elizabeth Elliott Wife m 33 Dunhorse, Sussex
Daisy E Elliott Daughter s 6   West Chiltington, Sussex
Lilian B Elliott Daughter s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
65 Apsley Farm Charles Luckin Head m 29 Farmer  Shermanbury, Sussex
Ellen Luckin Wife m 30   West Chiltington, Sussex
Frederick Luckin Son s 1 Thakeham, Sussex
Alice Laker  Servant s 16 DS General  Shipley, Sussex
66 West Dan Hill Albert Y Dawbarn Head m 38 Living on own means Liverpool, Lancashire
Edith A Dawbarn Wife m 22 Godalming, Surrey
Edith A Dawbarn Daughter s 5 Thakeham, Sussex
Albert Yelverton Dawbarn Son s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
William Dawbarn Son s 3 Thakeham, Sussex
Marmyduke Dawbarn Son s 0 10 months Thakeham, Sussex
West Dan Hill 2 unoccupied
67 Dan Hill Felix Rapley Head m 34 Foreman on Farm  Shipley, Sussex
Alice M Rapley Wife m 27 Washington, Sussex
Sydney H Rapley Son s 4 Washington, Sussex
Dennis F Rapley Son s 2 Nutbourne, Sussex
Winnie E Rapley Daughter s 1 Thakeham, Sussex
Frederick Bryant Boarder s 14 DS Benenden, Kent
68 Redlands Cottage William H Vousden Head m 29 DS Gardener Lamberhurst, Sussex
Charlotte Vousden Wife m 23 Poling, Sussex
69 Redlands Thomas U Thynne Head m 39 Retired R N Officer London
Dorothy M Thynne Wife m 32  Trinidad, West Indies
William Hughes  Servant m 41 Professional Nurse   Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire
Sarah Keen  Servant s 26 DS Cook Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Marion Philips  Servant s 21 DS Housemaid Kirdford, Sussex
70 North Barn Cottage, Apsley Edward Foord Head m 48 Shepherd Folkington, Sussex
Louisa Foord Wife m 37 .Westbourne, Sussex
Albert Weller Adopted Son s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
John Russell Boarder s 21 Carter on Farm  Shipley, Sussex
71 North Barn Cottage, Apsley Alfred Bartlett Head m 37 Stockman of farm Cocking, Sussex
Mary Bartlett Wife m 35 Kirdford, Sussex
Charlie Bartlett Son s 13 Stockman of farm Easebourne, Sussex
Alfred Bartlett Son s 12  Tillington, Sussex
Ernest Bartlett Son s 10 Iping, Sussex
Percy Bartlett Son s 7 Iping, Sussex
Rebecca Bartlett Daughter s 4  Steep, Hampshire
Alice Bartlett Daughter s 2  Stotoen, Hampshire
North Barn Man NK NK NK 50 on tramp NK
Woman NK NK NK 45 on tramp NK
Hunger Hill 1 unoccupied
73 Five Mile Ash Arthur Thompson Head m 44 Small Farmer Riseley, Bedfordshire
74 Sprouts Farm Harry J Reynolds Head m 44 Farmer and Hire Carter Catsfield, Surrey
Caroline E Reynolds Wife m 46 Brighton, Sussex
Albert C Reynolds Son s 17 Hire Carter Holmwood, Surrey
Caroline E Reynolds Daughter s 13 Holmwood, Surrey
Louisa M Reynolds Daughter s 11 Holmwood, Surrey
Dorothy D Reynolds Daughter s 2 Broadwater, Sussex
75 Friends Meeting House (Blue Idol) Edward Woolven Head m 66 Cow Keeper Thakeham, Sussex
Charlotte Woolven Wife m 60  Shipley, Sussex
Fanny Woolven Daughter s 18 Thakeham, Sussex
76 Haylors Farm Frederick Greenfield Head m 70 Agricultural Labourer  Abinger, Surrey
Sarah Greenfield Wife m 66  Shipley, Sussex
Frederick Greenfield Son s 28 Carter on Farm   West Chiltington, Sussex
77 Laybrook Farm Henry P Short Head m 32 Foreman on Farm Yapton, Sussex
Ada K Short Wife m 28 Herstmonceux, Sussex
Agnes M Short Daughter s 2 Thakeham, Sussex
Harry P Short Son s 0 5 months Thakeham, Sussex
78 Goose Green John Balchin Head m 45 Carter on Farm   West Chiltington, Sussex
Sarah J Balchin Wife m 55 Cowfold, Sussex
William Geal   Stepson s 28 Stockman of farm Itchenfield, Sussex
Elizabeth E Balchin Daughter s 9 Thakeham, Sussex
Sir Roberts Farm 1 unoccupied
79 Beaconsfield, Goose Green Robert Hutchinson Head m 56 Living on own means  Scotland
Elizabeth Hutchinson Wife m 55 Hull, Yorkshire
Martha K Hutchinson Daughter s 24 London
Arthur L Godwin   Son in Law m 25 Poultry Farmer London
Elizabeth Godwin Daughter m 29 London
Robert R Godwin Grandson s 0 under 1 month Thakeham, Sussex
Ursula Rapley Nurse to daughter w 58 Monthly Nurse  Shipley, Sussex
80 Mount Pleasant, Goose Green William Allen Head m 25 General Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Kate Allen Wife m 24  West Grinstead, Sussex
81 Crays Farm John H Agate Head m 41 Farmer Thakeham, Sussex
Emma Agate Wife m 36 Cowfold, Sussex
Flora Laker  Servant s 20 DS General  Shipley, Sussex
Crays Cottage 1 unoccupied
Mill House 1 unoccupied
82 Workhouse, Heath Common Thomas Ringer Master m 35 Master of Workhouse Farnborough, Kent
Eliza V Ringer Matron m 39 Matron of Workhouse  Sydney, Australia
Elizabeth S Crabb   Sick Nurse w 38 Nurse of Workhouse Holborn, London
Mabel Barnes Assistant Matron m 30  Assistant Matron of Workhouse  Wombourne, Staffordshire
Agnes King  Servant w 38 Ward Maid Domestic Brighton, Sussex
Elizabeth Fisher Inmate w 99 Hawker Newington, Surrey
Elizabeth Daughtery Inmate w 69 Laundress Rackham, Sussex imbecile
Elizabeth Etherington Inmate w 79 Farm Worker North Heath, Sussex
Sarah Comper Inmate w 82 Farm Worker Washington, Sussex
Ellen Pollard Inmate s 73 Housekeeper Burpham, Sussex blind
Esther Baker Inmate w 86 Servant Horsham, Sussex
Elizabeth Denyer Inmate s 34 Amberley, Sussex imbecile from birth
Sarah Hards Inmate w 84 Seamstress Ockley, Surrey
Ann Charman Inmate w 76 DS   West Chiltington, Sussex
Emma Churchill Inmate m 74 DS Coldwaltham, Sussex
Ann Weller Inmate w 80 DS Horsham, Sussex
Charlotte Pink Inmate m 70 Laundress Frostfield, Hampshire
Mary Ann Napper Inmate w 35 Pulborough, Sussex imbecile from birth
Mary A Maynard Inmate w 53 DS Fernhurst, Sussex
Sarah A Duke Inmate s 43 DS Thakeham, Sussex
Charlotte Humphrey Inmate s 10 Storrington, Sussex
Mary Humphrey Inmate s 9 Storrington, Sussex
Flora Humphrey Inmate s 6 Storrington, Sussex
Henry Churchill Inmate m 69 Shoemaker Storrington, Sussex
James Sheppard Inmate s 33 Shepherd Storrington, Sussex imbecile
Charles Wailes Inmate w 82 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Thomas Pollard Inmate w 76 Farm Labourer Burpham, Sussex
William Smith Inmate s 60 Cattle Drover Frome, Somerset
Thomas Thorne Inmate w 86 Farm Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Stephen Holland Inmate s 68 Farm Labourer Washington, Sussex
Peter Farhall Inmate w 78 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
William Kitchener Inmate w 80 Farm Labourer   Wisborough Green, Sussex
James Percy Inmate m 61 Wood Sawyer  Shillingstone, Dorset
James Harwood Inmate s 85 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Albert Harwood Inmate s 73 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Downer Daughtery Inmate w 78 Farmer Pulborough, Sussex
William West Inmate s 85 Farm Labourer Findon, Sussex
Henry Duke Inmate s 18 Findon, Sussex
Benjamin Sharpe Inmate w 80 Farm Labourer Findon, Sussex
William Streeter Inmate s 74 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Soloman Skinner Inmate w 77 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Reuben Brockhurst Inmate w 79 Bricklayer Pulborough, Sussex
George White Inmate w 71 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Thomas Ledbetter Inmate w 90 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Alfred Holden Inmate m 72 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Thomas Muzzlebrook Inmate w 78 Farm Labourer Pagham, Sussex
John Whitington Inmate s 78 Farm Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Francis Figg Inmate w 74 Bricklayer Storrington, Sussex
John Lee Inmate w 62 Groom Storrington, Sussex
Robert Saunder Inmate s 68 Shepherd Amberley, Sussex
John Davis Inmate w 61 Painter Uxbridge, Middlesex
John Martin Inmate s 65 Engine Driver Marylebone, London
Charles Wood Inmate s 41 General Labourer Croydon, Surrey
62 Voakes Grange Charles H Goode Head m 64 Farmer and Landowner Dale Abbey, Derbyshire
Ada Goode Wife m 33 Chichester, Sussex
Walter Goode Son s 10 Pulborough, Sussex
Ethel Goode Daughter s 9 Pulborough, Sussex
Lynton Goode Son s 7 Pulborough, Sussex
Archibald Goode Son s 5 Pulborough, Sussex
Margery Goode Daughter s 3 Pulborough, Sussex
Emma Poole Mother in Law w 60 Hayling Island, Hampshire
Effie Kirkham Niece s 9 Blackpool, Lancashire
Harriet Golds  Servant s 23 DS Cook Ashington, Sussex
Florence Relfe  Servant s 16 DS Housemaid  Worthing, Sussex