Sullington 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1  Chantry Mill Eli Rogers Head m 45 Bread Baker Elsted, Sussex
Elizabeth Rogers Wife m 45 Wiston, Sussex
William H Rogers Son s 21 General Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Edward Stiles  Brother in Law s 51 General Labourer Wiston, Sussex
2 Annie Crowhurst Head w 51 Corn Miller  Storrington, Sussex
 Chantry Lane
3 Sullington Lane George Downer Head m 52 Shepherd Thakeham, Sussex
Sarah Downer Wife m 47 Rudgwick, Sussex
4 Sullington Lane Mary Atfield Head w 39 Amberley, Sussex
George Atfield Son s 18 Carter on Farm Chichester, Sussex
Ina Atfield Daughter s 15 Pulborough, Sussex
Mabel Atfield Daughter s 7 Pulborough, Sussex
Alfred Atfield Son s 5 West Chiltington, Sussex
5 Sullington Lane Mark Nicholls Head m 40 Carter on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Eliza J Nicholls Wife m 39  Steyning, Sussex
Alfred J Nicholls Son s 10 North Stoke, Sussex
Alice M Nicholls Daughter s 8 Billingshurst, Sussex
Sydney C Nicholls Son s 6 Sullington, Sussex
Frank Nicholls Son s 4 Sullington, Sussex
Herbert J Nicholls Son s 0 10 months Sullington, Sussex
6 Sullington Lane James Charman Head m 59 Bricklayer Sullington, Sussex
Sarah Ann Charman Wife m 54 Limehouse, London
George Bolton Boarder s 50 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
35  Sullington (Barn) Charles True Head s 54 General Labourer Taunton, Somerset
7  St Marys Rectory Henry Palmer Head m 65 Clergyman (Church of England) Sullington, Sussex
Clara J Palmer Wife m 59 East Indies (British Subject)
Henry G Palmer Son s 29 Mining Engineer Sullington, Sussex
Evelyn M Palmer Daughter s 22 Sullington, Sussex
Cicely Palmer Daughter s 22 Sullington, Sussex
George H Neel Boarder s 22 Student at University of Oxford Kensington, London
Elizabeth J Mills  Servant s 23 Cook (Domestic)  Steyning, Sussex
Louisa Dibble  Servant s 29 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Dorking, Surrey
Elizabeth Hornett  Servant s 18 Housemaid (Domestic) Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire
8  St Marys Stables Alfred P Moore Head m 26 Groom (Domestic) Nonington, Kent
Harriet U Moore Wife m 34 Rusper, Sussex
9  Sullington Manor Thomas Houle Head m 43 Farmer Bishops Tawton, Devon
Nora Houle Wife m 30 Braunton, Devon
Stanley Houle Son s 6 Bishops Tawton, Devon
Elizabeth Scutt  Servant s 20  General Domestic Servant Pulborough, Sussex
High Titton 1 unoccupied
10 High Titton William Dean Head m 52 General Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Sophia Dean Wife m 49 Washington, Sussex deaf
Percy W Dean Son s 16 General Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Edith K Dean Daughter s 12 Thakeham, Sussex
Frederick F Dean Son s 6 Thakeham, Sussex
Elsie M Dean Daughter s 3 Sullington, Sussex
11 Cobden Walter Cherriman Head m 46 Carter on Farm West Grinstead, Sussex
Elizabeth Cherriman Wife m 44 West Grinstead, Sussex
Thomas Cherriman Son s 18 Carter on Farm West Grinstead, Sussex
Arthur Cherriman Son s 17 Carter on Farm West Grinstead, Sussex
Raymond Cherriman Son s 14 Stockman on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Stephen Cherriman Son s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
Winifred Cherriman Daughter s 2 Washington, Sussex
Elsie Standing Niece s 9 West Tarring, Sussex
12 Cobden James Shepperd Head m 58  Shepherd on Farm Bookham, Surrey
Harriet Shepperd Wife m 42 Ashington, Sussex
Archie Shepperd Son s 13  Shepherd on Farm  Storrington, Sussex
Frederick Shepperd Son s 10  Storrington, Sussex
Albert Shepperd Son s 7  Storrington, Sussex
Rose Shepperd Daughter s 1  Storrington, Sussex
Reuben Knowles Boarder s 30 Gamekeeper Washington, Sussex
13 Cobden James A Lillywhite Head m 32  Shepherd on Farm Angmering, Sussex
Harriet Lillywhite Wife m 39 Woodmans Green, Sussex
William Lillywhite Father m 59  Shepherd on Farm Cootham, Sussex
Cobden 1 unoccupied
14 Cobden George Tulley Head m 62 Stockman on Farm  Shipley, Sussex
Barbara Tulley Wife m 57 West Grinstead, Sussex
Raymond Tulley Son s 20 Stockman on Farm  Steyning, Sussex
Harriet Tulley Daughter s 17 Sullington, Sussex
George Lidbitter Boarder s 22 Carter on Farm Pulborough, Sussex
15 Barns Farm James Ringrose Head w 42 Farmer Howden, Yorkshire
Fred Ringrose Son s 20 Farmers Son Wressle, Yorkshire
Charlie Ringrose Son s 17 Farmers Son Hadlingfleet, Yorkshire
James Thorpe Father in Law w 61 Agricultural Labourer Topcliffe, Yorkshire
Sarah J Barber Visitor s 30  Cook and Housekeeper (Domestic) Hailsham, Sussex
Annie Lelliott  Servant s 16  General Domestic Servant Ashington, Sussex
Barns Farm 1 unoccupied
16  Clayton Cottage Rebecca Balchin Head w 66 Housekeeper (Domestic)  Shipley, Sussex
Raymond Balchin Son s 34 Carter on Farm  Shipley, Sussex
17  Clayton Cottage Frederick Bowers Head m 37 Carter on Farm Froyle, Hampshire
Emily Bowers Wife m 36 Cootham, Sussex
Annie Bowers Daughter s 11 Cootham, Sussex
18 Sandgate Hori Greenfield Head m 50 Farm Bailiff Billingshurst, Sussex
Alice K Greenfield Wife m 45 Milton, Hampshire
19 Sandgate William H Manser Head m 56 Gardener (Domestic) Pembury, Kent
Ann M Manser Wife m 53 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Dorothy E Manser Daughter s 22 Housemaid (Domestic) Catherington, Hampshire
Frederick W Manser Son s 13 Catherington, Hampshire
20 Sandgate John A Ellis Head m 29 Gardener (Domestic)   Stoughton, Sussex
Ellen L Ellis Wife m 32 Upmarden, Sussex
21 School Cottages William G Rogers Head m 44 Carpenter Penryn, Cornwall
Annie Rogers Wife m 40 Truro, Cornwall
School Cottages 1 unoccupied
22 Sandgate William V Felton Head m 65 Living on own means   Southwark, Surrey
Marie L Felton Wife m 61 Bloomsbury, London
Christopher W Stevenson  Servant s 37 Butler (Domestic) Amersham, Buckinghamshire
Elizabeth Dicks  Servant m 43  Cook and Housekeeper (Domestic) Purton, Wiltshire
Elizabeth M Russell  Servant s 22 Ladiesmaid (Domestic) Uckfield, Sussex
Alice Greenfield  Servant s 26 Head Housemaid (Domestic) Capel, Surrey
Ernest Holmes  Servant s 20 Footman (Domestic) Blickling, Norfolk
Lily Rose Rogers  Servant s 23 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Sullington, Sussex
Kate Juden  Servant s 17 Housemaid (Domestic) Washington, Sussex
23  Sandgate Stables Thomas Jones  Servant s 22 Stableman (Domestic) Llandraidar, Debigh
Frederick Henson  Servant s 19 Stableman (Domestic) Chichester, Sussex
24 Sandgate Moses Mewett Head m 81 Willingdon, Sussex feeble minded
Mary A Mewett Wife m 53 Laundress (Domestic) Chiddingley, Sussex
Sophia Mewett Daughter s 16 Laundrymaid (Domestic) Willingdon, Sussex
Moses Mewett Son s 14 Willingdon, Sussex
Edith R Mewett Daughter s 24 Cook (Domestic) Willingdon, Sussex
25 Sandgate George E S Slaughter Head m 32 Coachman (Domestic)  Steyning, Sussex
Esther M E Slaughter Wife m 30 Windsor, Berkshire
Kathleen M Slaughter Daughter s 6 Sullington, Sussex
Benjamin G Slaughter Son s 3 Sullington, Sussex
26 Water Lane George Richardson Head m 44 Market Gardener Washington, Sussex
Agnes Richardson Wife m 41  Slinfold, Sussex
Edith M Richardson Daughter s 13 Sullington, Sussex
Arthur Richardson Son s 11 Sullington, Sussex
Fanny M Richardson Daughter s 7 Sullington, Sussex
27 Water Lane Harvey Humphreys Head m 73 Carpenter West Chiltington, Sussex
Sarah Humphreys Wife m 72 West Chiltington, Sussex
28 East Wantley William Hargrave Head m 40 Carter on Farm Blandford, Dorset
Jane Hargrave Wife m 37  Shipley, Sussex
Agnes Hargrave Daughter s 11 Findon, Sussex
Iris Hargrave Daughter s 5 Brighton, Sussex
Emma L Hargrave Daughter s 3 Portslade, Sussex
Albert Hargrave Son s 1  Steyning, Sussex
29 East Wantley Emile Zwahlen Head m 34 Gardener (Domestic)  Switzerland (Swiss Subject)
Rhoda Zwahlen Wife m 39 Laundress (Domestic) Twycross, Leicestershire
Bertha Zwahlen Daughter s 10 Twycross, Leicestershire
Madeline Zwahlen Daughter s 7 Chelsea, London
Hugo Zwahlen Son s 5  Storrington, Sussex
Henry Zwahlen Son s 3  Storrington, Sussex
Nancy Zwahlen Daughter s 2  Storrington, Sussex
West Wantley 1 unoccupied
30 Roundabouts George Standing Head m 45 Stockman on Farm Washington, Sussex
Frances Standing Wife m 36 Warminghurst, Sussex
William Puttick Boarder s 27  Shepherd on Farm Rudgwick, Sussex
31 Roundabouts John Horlock Head m 56 Carter on Farm Bignor, Sussex
Martha Horlock Wife m 53  Stedham, Sussex
Arthur Horlock Son s 18 Carter on Farm Bignor, Sussex
Harry Horlock Son s 15  Shepherd on Farm Fernhurst, Sussex
Alice Horlock Daughter s 13 Lynch, Sussex
Edith Horlock Daughter s 9 Bignor, Sussex
32 Threals John Miles Head m 61 Gamekeeper Billingshurst, Sussex
Ann Miles Wife m 56 Pulborough, Sussex
William J Miles Son s 22 Gamekeeper Sullington, Sussex
Humphrey J Miles Son s 15 Bread Baker Sullington, Sussex
33 Threals Thomas Pink Head m 64 Agricultural Labourer Hambledon, Hampshire
34 Warren House John T Linfield Head m 28 House Painter  Storrington, Sussex
Mary J Linfield Wife m 38  Storrington, Sussex
John J Linfield Son s 5  Storrington, Sussex
Ada M Linfield Daughter s 3  Storrington, Sussex
Ethel M Linfield Daughter s 1  Storrington, Sussex
36 near Wantley (Hut) William G Butt Head s 66 General Labourer Portsmouth, Hampshire
37 near Wantley (Canvas Tent) Unknown uk 60? Beehive Maker Unknown