Sullington 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Chantry Mill Henry Crowhurst Head m 46 Miller  Storrington, Sussex
Annie Crowhurst Wife m 41  Storrington, Sussex
Nathan Gravett Father in Law w 77 Living on own means  Storrington, Sussex
2 Chantry Cottage Eli Regers Head m 35 Millers Loader Elstead, Sussex
Elizabeth Rogers Wife m 35 Wiston, Sussex
William Henry Rogers Son s 11 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
3 Watterfall Cottage Henry Knowles Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Elizabeth Knowles Wife m 58 Ashington, Sussex
James Knowles Son s 37 General Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
John Knowles Son s 29 General Labourer Washington, Sussex
Albert Knowles Son s 22 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Walter Knowles Son s 20 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Allen Knowles Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Laben Knowles Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Edmund Knowles Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Ernest Knowles Son s 10 Scholar Washington, Sussex
4 High Titton James Tully Head m 24 Farm Carter Ashington, Sussex
Amelia Eliza Tully Wife m 22 Lancing, Sussex
Bessie Nicholson   Sister in Law s 8 Scholar Aldrington, Sussex
5 Cobden William James Glazier Head m 31 Coachman Elstead, Sussex
Alice Edith Glazier Wife m 27 Elstead, Sussex
William James Glazier Son s 7 Duncton, Sussex
Cecil Frederick Glazier Son s 1 Washington, Sussex
6 Cobden Henry Long Lodger s 25 Farm Carter  Sutton, Sussex
7 Cobden James Long Head m 36 Engine Driver (Agricultural) Graffam, Sussex
Fanny Long Wife m 35 Wiston, Sussex
Emily Elizabeth Long Daughter s 13  Sutton, Sussex
William Long Son s 11  Sutton, Sussex
Margaret Long Daughter s 8  Sutton, Sussex
Alice Mary Long Daughter s 6  Sutton, Sussex
Kate Eldridge Visitor s 16 Frogmore, Hampshire
8 Cobden Robert Moore Head m 45 Shepherd Beddingham, Sussex
Martha Moore Wife m 47 Ifield, Sussex
Percy Moore Son s 20 Under Shepherd Honnington, Kent
Henrietta R Moore Daughter s 18 Honnington, Kent
Alfred P Moore Son s 15 General Labourer Honnington, Kent
Walter H Moore Son s 13  Assisting Shepherd Honnington, Kent
Albert Horace Moore Son s 10 Scholar Honnington, Kent
Anna Martha Moore Daughter s 4 Scholar Findon, Sussex
9 Cobden George Tulley Head m 52 General Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
Barbara Tulley Wife m 49  West Grinstead, Sussex
Amos Tulley Son s 16 Shepherd Wiston, Sussex
Raymond Thomas Tulley Son s 10 Scholar  Steyning, Sussex
Kate Ann Tulley Daughter s 12 Scholar  Steyning, Sussex
Harriet Tulley Daughter s 7 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
10 Cobden George Ansell Head m 35 Farm Carter Harting, Sussex
Mary Ansell Wife m 30 Idsworth, Hampshire
George Ansell Son s 9 Scholar Durnford, Sussex
Amice Ansell Daughter s 7 Scholar Loxash, Hampshire
Ernest Ansell Son s 6 Scholar Loxash, Hampshire
Elizabeth Ansell Daughter s 4 Scholar Loxash, Hampshire
Milly Ansell Daughter s 3 Loxash, Hampshire
Mabel Ansell Daughter s 1 Sullington, Sussex
11 Barns Farm James Stilwell Head m 41 Farm Carter Waplesdon, Surrey
Bridget Virtue Stilwell Wife m 42 Woking, Surrey
George James Stilwell Son s 14 Ploughman Redhill, Surrey
Samuel James Stilwell Son s 13 Ploughman Glatton, Surrey
Stanley Stilwell Son s 11 Ploughman Redhill, Surrey
Flora Stilwell Daughter s 10 Redhill, Surrey
Eva Ruth Stilwell Daughter s 8 Reigate, Surrey
Kate Stilwell Daughter s 6 Dorking, Surrey
Daisy Stilwell Daughter s 5 Ockley, Surrey
Mark G Stilwell Son s 4 Ockley, Surrey
Gertrude M Stilwell Daughter s 1 Sullington, Sussex
12 Washington Road Lewis Lillywhite Head m 40 Agricultural Labourer Witley, Surrey
Mary Lillywhite Wife m 38 Kirdford, Sussex
Alfred Lillywhite Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Chiddingfold, Surrey
Edwin Lillywhite Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Chiddingfold, Surrey
Lily Jane Lillywhite Daughter s 11 Chiddingfold, Surrey
Albert Lillywhite Son s 7 Chiddingfold, Surrey
Ernest Lillywhite Son s 4 Sullington, Sussex
Emma Lillywhite Daughter s 1 Sullington, Sussex
13 Washington Road Albert Skinner Head m 38 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Jane Skinner Wife m 36 Washington, Sussex
Samuel Skinner Son s 15 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Ellen Skinner Daughter s 10 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Albert Skinner Son s 8 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Emily Skinner Daughter s 6 Washington, Sussex
James Skinner Son s 4 Washington, Sussex
Thomas Skinner Son s 1 Washington, Sussex
14 Washington Road Edward Fuller Head m 67 Farm Bailiff Warnham, Sussex
Emma Louisa Fuller Daughter s 15 Dorking, Surrey
Elsie Fuller Daughter s 8  Steyning, Sussex
Albert George Dicks s 3 Nurse Child West London
15 Washington Road George Barton Head m 46 Gardener Runcton, Sussex
Susannah Barton Wife m 45 Lee, Hampshire
16 Washington Road William Short Head m 34 Gardener Ashington, Sussex
Charlotte Short Wife m 36 Pulborough, Sussex
Edith Ellen Short Daughter s 5 Sullington, Sussex
William John Short Son s 3 Sullington, Sussex
Annie Searle Boarder s 13 Boarder Sullington, Sussex
17 Sandgate Road John Henley Head m 54 Carpenter Nuthurst, Sussex
Ann Henley Wife m 40 Ashington, Sussex
Caroline Leppard Aunt w 80 Nuthurst, Sussex
18 Roundabouts George Hard Head m 44 Agricultural Labourer Billingshurst, Sussex
Sarah Hard Wife m 41 Wisborough Green, Sussex dumb
George Hard Son s 11 Pulborough, Sussex
Martha Hard Daughter s 13 Pulborough, Sussex
Unamed Hard Daughter s 0 2 weeks Sullington, Sussex
19 Roundabouts Jesse Blackman Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Eliza Blackman Wife m 59 Amberley, Sussex
Ralph Blackman Son s 23 Burpham, Sussex
Olive Blackman Daughter s 21 Burpham, Sussex
Ellen Blackman Daughter s 37 Coldwaltham, Sussex idiot from birth
Ernest Blackman Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Albert Blackman Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
20 Threals John Miles Head m 52 Gamekeeper Billingshurst, Sussex
Ann Miles Wife m 47 Pulborough, Sussex
Jesse Maurice Miles Son s 21 Gardener Billingshurst, Sussex
Mary Rose Miles Daughter s 15 Sullington, Sussex
William Joseph Miles Son s 13  Apprentice Sullington, Sussex
Annette Sarah Miles Daughter s 11 Sullington, Sussex
Ada Mary Miles Daughter s 8 Sullington, Sussex
Humphrey John Miles Son s 5 Sullington, Sussex
21 East Wantley Peter Geale Head m 41 Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
Sarah Geale Wife m 44  Shipley, Sussex
Sarah Ann Geale Daughter s 11 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Charles Geale Son s 5 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Ellen Geale Daughter s 3 Sullington, Sussex
Alice Squires Visitor s 22 West Hampnett, Sussex
22 East Wantley John Payne Head m 26 Shepherd Worth, Sussex
Kate Payne Wife m 21  Southampton, Hampshire
Stephen Payne Son s 1 Crawley, Sussex
23 Sullington Farm House William A Duke Head m 35 Farmer Drayton, Sussex
Alice Duke Wife m 34 Brighton, Sussex
Lucy Duke Daughter s 7  Slindon, Sussex
Dorothy Duke Daughter s 6  Slindon, Sussex
George W Duke Son s 2  Slindon, Sussex
Cecilia M Battie  Servant s 42 Governess (Domestic) Kensington, London
Rosetta H Reed  Servant s 49 Housekeeper (Domestic)  Sompting, Sussex
Edith M Broadbridge  Servant s 14 Housemaid (Domestic)  Slindon, Sussex
Henrietta Laker  Servant s 17 General Servant (Domestic)  West Grinstead, Sussex
24 Sullington Rectory Henry Palmer Head m 55 Clerk in Holy Orders Sullington, Sussex
Clara J Palmer Wife m 49 East Indies (British Subject)
Henry G Palmer Son s 19  Student at Cambridge Sullington, Sussex
Evelyn M Palmer Daughter s 13 Sullington, Sussex
Cicely Palmer Son s 12 Sullington, Sussex
Marie Hume  Servant s 33  Governess  S??tgerland, Ne?chapel
Charlotte E Hill  Servant s 40 Cook (Domestic) Maulden, Bedfordshire
Naomi R Moore  Servant s 22 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Hamsey, Sussex
Edith M Lusher  Servant s 18 Housemaid (Domestic) Worcester, Worcestershire
Mary Kemsley  Servant s 16  Scullerymaid (Domestic) Higham, Rochester
25 The Rectory Stables James Doick Head m 27  Gardener Fittleworth, Sussex
Fanny Doick Wife m 23 Clapham, Sussex
Henry Doick Son s 2 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Arthur J Doick Son s 0 3 months Sullington, Sussex
26 Frederick Chapman Lodger s 22 Groom  Storrington, Sussex
27 Sullington Lane Frederick Kewell Head m 34 Shepherd  Selsey, Sussex
Mary Ann Kewell Wife m 32 Aldingbourne, Sussex
Olive Kewell Daughter s 11 Scholar Portslade, Sussex
Frederick Kewell Son s 2 Scholar  Shripney, Sussex
Fanny Kewell Daughter s 6 Scholar  Shripney, Sussex
Alice Kewell Daughter s 4 Scholar Felpham, Sussex
Ethel Kewell Daughter s 3  Slindon, Sussex
28 Sullington Lane James Broadbridge Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer  Slindon, Sussex
Frend Broadbridge Wife m 37  Southwick, Sussex
Frederick Broadbridge Son s 18 Agricultural Labourer Madehurst, Sussex
Richard Broadbridge Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
William Broadbridge Son s 11 Scholar Madehurst, Sussex
George Broadbridge Son s 6 Scholar  Slindon, Sussex
Robert Broadbridge Son s 5 Scholar  Slindon, Sussex
Egbert Broadbridge Son s 1 Sullington, Sussex
Edmond Broadbridge Son s 0 2 months Madehurst, Sussex
Fanny Broadbridge Daughter s 3 Madehurst, Sussex
Violet Broadbridge Daughter s 2  Slindon, Sussex
29 Sandgate House William Felton Head m 55  Southwark, Surrey deaf
Maria L Felton Wife m 51 London
William F Felton Son m 28 Brewer Milton next Gravesend, Kent
Beatrice E Felton Daughter s 23 Milton next Gravesend, Kent
Charles P Cunliffe Visitor m 28 Brewer Coulsdon, Surrey
George Starkin  Servant s 35 Butler (Domestic) Marylebone, Middlesex
James Wills  Servant s 19 Footman (Domestic) Ashington, Sussex
Elizabeth Duke  Servant m 33 Cook (Domestic) Parton, Wiltshire
Laura M Timbet  Servant s 22 Housemaid (Domestic) Wilton, Norfolk
Alice Fuller  Servant s 18 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Dorking, Surrey
Mary Flowers  Servant s 29 Housemaid (Domestic) Upper Norwood, Surrey
Clara E Fuller  Servant s 17  Scullerymaid (Domestic) Dorking, Surrey
Sarah Ann Edwards  Servant s 34 Maid (Domestic) Horsham, Sussex
Eva Dilley  Servant s 27 Maid (Domestic) Grandchester, Cambridgeshire
30 Sandgate Stables Henry Stephens s 19 Groom Chilgrove, Cornwall
Albert J Rick s 19 Groom Henfield, Sussex
31 Laundry Cottage George Penfold Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Diner Penfold Wife m 55 Laundress Pulborough, Sussex
32 Alfred Lewis Head m 26 Coachman North Aston, Oxfordshire
Louisa B Lewis Wife m 27 Coventry, Warwickshire
Walter A Lewis Son s 5 Scholar Chipping Norton, Herefordshire
Annie E Lewis Daughter s 3 Faversham, Kent
Gilbert P Lewis Son s 2 Sullington, Sussex
33 George Richardson Head m 34 Farmer and Market Gardener Washington, Sussex
Agnes Richardson Wife m 31  Slindon, Sussex
Edith M Richardson Daughter s 3 Sullington, Sussex
Arthur Richardson Son s 1 Sullington, Sussex
34 Harvey Humphreys Head m 60 Carpenter West Chiltington, Sussex
Sarah Humphreys Wife m 62 West Chiltington, Sussex
James Humphreys Son m 34 General Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
Grace Humphreys Daughter s 19 Needlewoman  Storrington, Sussex
35 Annie Quaite Head m 44 Hambledon, Hampshire
Rose Quaite Daughter s 12 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Lilian Quaite Daughter s 9 Scholar  Southborough, Kent
George Quaite Son s 7 Scholar Peasmarsh, Sussex
Maude Quaite Daughter s 6 Scholar Peasmarsh, Sussex
Eliza Stow Visitor w 78 Hambledon, Hampshire
Elizabeth Barnard Visitor s 20  Storrington, Sussex
Leany Barnard Visitor s 10  Storrington, Sussex
Threals Cottage 1 unoccupied
West Wantley 1 unoccupied
Cobden House 1 unoccupied
High Titton Cottage 1 unoccupied
Sullington Lane 1 unoccupied
36 Sullington Lane Hy Chatfield Head m 47 Cowman Lindfield, Sussex
Mary Chatfield Wife m 36 Brighton, Sussex
John Chatfield Son s 13 Scholar Falmer, Sussex
Eleanor Chatfield Daughter s 10 Scholar Falmer, Sussex
Clarence Chatfield Son s 7 Scholar Ditchling, Sussex
Mary Chatfield Daughter s 4 Scholar Ditchling, Sussex
Florence Chatfield Daughter s 3 Ditchling, Sussex
Frederick Chatfield Son s 0 6 months Wiston, Sussex