Sullington 1871 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Water Lane Luke Hills Head m 41 Agricultural Labourer Northchapel, Sussex
Fanny Hills Wife m 35 Lurgashall, Sussex
George Hills Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Lurgashall, Sussex
Henry Hills Son s 11 Agricultural Labourer Northchapel, Sussex
Elizabeth Hills Daughter s 9 Scholar Northchapel, Sussex
Kate Hills Daughter s 7 Scholar Dunsfold, Sussex
Charles Hills Son s 4 Sullington, Sussex
Mary Jane Hills Daughter s 0 10 months Sullington, Sussex
2 East Wantley Farm James Hard Head m 38 Farmer 160acres emp 5men 2boys Kirdford, Sussex
Eliza Hard Wife m 35 Pulborough, Sussex
William Hard Son s 10 Scholar Kirdford, Sussex
Ann Towse Niece s 8 Scholar West Chiltington, Sussex
Laura Heather  Servant s 13 General Servant Kingston, Surrey
William Mitchell  Servant s 20 General Servant Ashington, Sussex
William Sayers  Servant s 17 Farm Servant Pulborough, Sussex
3 East Wantley George Braiden Head m 26 Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
Mary Ann Braiden Wife m 21 Pulborough, Sussex
George Braiden Son s 0 7 months Sullington, Sussex
4 Hardbarrow George Cooper Head m 54 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
Sarah Cooper Wife m 67 Washington, Sussex blind
5 Hardbarrow Edward Vincent Head m 28 Gamekeeper Alsford, Hampshire
Elizabeth J Vincent Wife m 26 Sullington, Sussex
Kate Willmer Daughter s 6 Sullington, Sussex
Annie Vincent Daughter s 3 Sullington, Sussex
Elizabeth J Vincent Daughter s 1 Sullington, Sussex
6 Roundabouts Farm William Willmer Head w 71 Farmer 42acres emp 1boy  Storrington, Sussex
John Willmer Son s 31 Farmers Son Sullington, Sussex
Clara Willmer Daughter s 33 Farmers Daughter Sullington, Sussex
7 West Wantley Farm Cecilia H Skinner Head w 54 Farmer 117acres emp 3labs 1boy Gosport, Hampshire
George Ellcome  Servant s 44 Farm Bailiff Heyshott, Sussex
George Braiden  Servant m 53 Farm Servant  Shipley, Sussex
Ann Gilbert  Servant w 32 General Servant Coldwaltham, Sussex
8 Thakeham Road John Pierce Head m 44 Agricultural Labourer Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Ruth Pierce Wife m 42 Fletching, Sussex
Marchant Pierce Son s 15 Shepherd Lindfield, Sussex
George Pierce Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Lindfield, Sussex
Caroline Pierce Daughter s 11 Scholar Cuckfield, Sussex
Hebbey Pierce Son s 8 Scholar  West Hoathley, Sussex
John Pierce Son s 6 Scholar Falmer, Sussex
James H Pierce Son s 5 Hamsey, Sussex
9 Chantry Edward Willmer Head s 87 Formerly Miller West Chiltington, Sussex
Sarah Braby  Servant s 58 Housekeeper Wisborough Green, Sussex
10 John J Quiat Head m 33 Miller  Storrington, Sussex
Ann Quait Wife m 32  Southampton, Hampshire
Lottie A W Quait Daughter s 0 9 months  Storrington, Sussex
11 Henry Venn Lodger s 22 Miller Billingshurst, Sussex
Hill Cottages, Cobden 2 unoccupied s
12 Chantry Lane George Denman Head m 48 Agricultural Labourer Billingshurst, Sussex
Elizabeth Denman Wife m 48 Laundress West Chiltington, Sussex
Elizabeth Denman Daughter s 26 Laundress Billingshurst, Sussex
13 John West Lodger s 21 Shepherd  Storrington, Sussex
14 Cobden Farm Frederick C Gibson Head s 22 Farmer 700acres emp 14labs 4boys  Shalford, Surrey
John Brown  Servant m 65 Farm Servant Norwich, Norfolk
Sarah Brown  Servant m 63 General Servant Boxgrove, Chichester, Sussex
Caroline Jupp  Servant s 18 Housemaid and Parlourmaid Allingbourne, Sussex
George Challen  Servant s 14 Groom Mid Lavant, Sussex
15 Cobden Farm Henry Edwards Head m 52 Agricultural Labourer Woking, Surrey
Sarah Edwards Wife m 52 Woking, Surrey
Harriet Edwards Daughter s 6 Scholar Capel, Surrey
George Shepherd Boarder s 22 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
16 James Mitchell Lodger w 63 Agricultural Labourer Telscombe, Sussex
17 Cobden Farm Peter Parsons Head m 47 Agricultural Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Ann Parsons Wife m 44 Washington, Sussex
Benjamin Parsons Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Caroline Parsons Daughter s 14 Thakeham, Sussex imbecile
William Parsons Son s 12 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Jane Parsons Daughter s 9 Scholar  West Grinstead, Sussex
Thomas Parsons Son s 7 Scholar Bramber, Sussex
Amy Parsons Daughter s 4 Scholar Bramber, Sussex
Rhoda A Parsons Daughter s 1 Sullington, Sussex
18 Cobden Farm George Cooper Head m 42 Agricultural Labourer Cranleigh, Surrey
Mary Cooper Wife m 48  Storrington, Sussex
George Cooper Son s 14 Shepherd Sullington, Sussex
James Lillywhite Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
Catherine Cooper Daughter s 8 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
William Giles Boarder s 25 Shepherd Thakeham, Sussex
Edwin Cooper Boarder s 18 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
19 William Parsons Lodger s 24 Agricultural Labourer  Slinfold, Sussex
20 George Denyer Lodger s 52 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
21 James Haslett Lodger s 24 Agricultural Labourer Petersfield, Hampshire
22 Barns Farm Henry Agate Head s 68 Retired Farmer Sullington, Sussex
Ann Sayers  Servant s 70 Housekeeper Wiston, Sussex
Jane Sayers Visitor s 64 Formerly Dressmaker Wiston, Sussex
Mary Nicholls  Servant s 19 General Servant  Shipley, Sussex
James Handing  Servant w 59 Farm Servant Tillington, Sussex
23 Sullington Farm Henry Hardwick Head m 60 Farmer 700acres emp 14men 7boys Hangleton, Sussex
Mary Hardwick Wife m 56  St Lukes, Middlesex
William Hardwick Son s 34 Farmer and Miller 20acres emp 3men 1boy  Shoreham, Sussex
Sarah Hardwick Daughter s 19 Farmers Daughter Sullington, Sussex
Frederick Hardwick Son s 18 Medical Student Sullington, Sussex
Henry Harford Boarder s 43  St Parcras, Middlesex
Emily Humphrey  Servant s 20 Cook West Chiltington, Sussex
Barbara Newman  Servant s 20 Housemaid  Shipley, Sussex
John Upton  Servant s 19 Farm Servant  South Malling, Sussex
James Brace  Servant s 15 Farm Servant Washington, Sussex
24 The Rectory Henry Palmer Head m 35 Rector of Sullington Sullington, Sussex
Clara J Palmer Wife m 29 India (British Subject)
Catherine E Carew Gibson Visitor s 26  Shalford, Surrey
Mary Ward  Servant s 46 Cook Great Paxton, Huntingdonshire
Sarah Hills  Servant s 19 Parlourmaid Thakeham, Sussex
Hannah Hills  Servant s 18 Housemaid Thakeham, Sussex
25 Sullington Lane Thomas Scutt Head m 42 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Charlotte Scutt Wife m 44 West Chiltington, Sussex
George Scutt Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer Parham, Sussex
Jane Scutt Daughter s 20  Parlourmaid (out of place)  Storrington, Sussex
James Scutt Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
William Scutt Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Thomas Scutt Son s 7 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
26 John Hedger Lodger s 21 Agricultural Labourer Ashurst, Sussex
27 Sullington Lane Charles Brooks Head m 53 Agricultural Labourer  Sutton, Sussex
Sarah Brooks Wife m 49 Amberley, Sussex
Fanny Brooks Daughter s 11 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
28 near Clayton Edmund Sayers Head m 26 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Harriet Sayers Wife m 24  West Grinstead, Sussex
Harriet Sayers Daughter s 1 Washington, Sussex
29 Mark Ragless Lodger s 24 Agricultural Labourer Warminghurst, Sussex
30 near Clayton Thomas Tucknull Head m 60 Shepherd (temp absent in Thakeham) Henfield, Sussex
Ann Tucknull Wife m 56 Bolney, Sussex
Fanny Mitchell Boarder s 7 Scholar Lewes, Sussex
31 Washington Road John Bolton Head m 23  Gardener (Domestic Servant) Thakeham, Sussex
Mary A Bolton Wife m 29 Thakeham, Sussex
32 Washington Road William Joyes Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Louisa S Joyes Wife m 29 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Margaret Joyes Daughter s 14 India (British Subject)
Charles J Joyes Son s 6 Scholar Essex
33 Sandgate Lodge Henry Aldridge Head m 40  Gardener (Domestic Servant) Findon, Sussex
Ann Aldridge Wife m 47 Dittons Marsh, Wiltshire
Frederick Aldridge Son s 13  Gardener (Domestic Servant) Findon, Sussex
Annie Aldridge Daughter s 11 Scholar Clapham, Sussex
Edith Aldridge Granddaughter s 8 Scholar Clapham, Sussex
34 Sandgate George C Carew Gibson Head m 27 Magistrate landowner farmer 1600acres emp 38men 9boys Midhurst, Sussex
Emily Carew Gibson Wife m 34 Sullington, Sussex
John G Gibson Son s 4 Sullington, Sussex
Thomas A Gibson Son s 3 Sullington, Sussex
Edward A Gibson Son s 2 Chiddingfold, Surrey
Harry F Gibson Son s 1 Sullington, Sussex
Charlotte Elers Cousin s 46 Coleshill, Warwickshire
Edward Palmer  Brother in Law s 33 Sullington, Sussex
Mary A Thompson  Servant s 35 Cook  Studley, Warwickshire
Jane Simester  Servant s 39 Housemaid Warminster, Wiltshire
Emma Gordon  Servant s 42 Nurse Lambeth, Surrey
Edward Upfield  Servant s 28 Butler Heathfield, Sussex
Phillis Brooks  Servant s 19 Housemaid Sullington, Sussex
Emily Laker  Servant s 18 Kitchenmaid  West Grinstead, Sussex
35 Sandgate Stables William Johnson Head m 26  Coachman (Domestic Servant) Amberley, Sussex
Charlotte Johnson Wife m 27 Binsted, Sussex
36 Henry Downer Lodger w 57 Cowman Findon, Sussex
37 Sandgate Cottage William Elliott Head m 54 Carpenter Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Elliott Wife m 54 Patching, Sussex
William Elliott Son s 21 Shoemaker Patching, Sussex
Henry Elliott Son s 14 Solicitors General Clerk Patching, Sussex
Rose A Elliott Daughter s 11 Scholar Patching, Sussex
38 Sandgate School Sophia F Jarman Head s 26  Schoolmistress Islington, Middlesex
near Water Lane 1 unoccupied
39 near Water Lane Henry Richardson Head m 47 Market Gardener 12acres emp 4men Washington, Sussex
Emily Richardson Wife m 48 Wiston, Sussex
Jane Richardson Mother in Law w 72  Steyning, Sussex
George Richardson Son s 14 Market Gardeners Son Washington, Sussex
Jane Richardson Daughter s 10 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Harry Richardson Son s 7 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Charles Cooper  Servant s 21 Market Gardeners Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
Alfred Searle  Servant s 16 Market Gardeners Labourer Amberley, Sussex