Sullington 1861 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Clayton William Linfield Head m 34 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
Mary Linfield Wife m 43 Ashington, Sussex
John Linfield Son s 6 Sullington, Sussex
Sarah Linfield Daughter s 4 Sullington, Sussex
George Linfield Son s 2 Sullington, Sussex
Fanny Linfield Daughter s 0 10 months Sullington, Sussex
Mary Short   Stepdaughter s 12 Washington, Sussex
Harriet Short   Stepdaughter s 10 Washington, Sussex
Samuel Short   Stepson s 17 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
2 Clayton John Murdock Head m 78 Gardener  Scotland
Ellen Murdock Wife m 80 Lionshall, Herefordshire
3 Clayton John Adsett Head m 38 Agricultural Labourer Petworth, Sussex
Ann Adsett Wife m 35 Petworth, Sussex
4 Clayton Richard Sheppard Head m 24 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Harriet Sheppard Wife m 27  Storrington, Sussex
Elizabeth Sheppard Daughter s 0 7 months Sullington, Sussex
5 Sandgate Lodge Henry Linfield Head m 55 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
Jane Linfield Wife m 53  Shotwick, Oving, Sussex
Henry Linfield Grandson s 3 Washington, Sussex
6 Sandgate George Charman Head m 46 Bricklayer Washington, Sussex
Lucy Charman Wife m 45 Greatham, Sussex
James Charman Son m 19 Bricklayer Sullington, Sussex
7 Sandgate 1 unoccupied
8 Sandgate Lodge Thomas Scutt Head m 34 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Charlotte Scutt Wife m 36  West Chiltington, Sussex
Jane Scutt Daughter s 10  Storrington, Sussex
John Scutt Son s 8  Storrington, Sussex
James Scutt Son s 6 Sullington, Sussex
William Scutt Son s 2 Sullington, Sussex
9 Sandgate Lodge George Charman Head m 26 Bricklayer Sullington, Sussex
Rhoda Charman Wife m 27 Pulborough, Sussex
Alfred James Charman Son s 0 8 months Sullington, Sussex
Edward Carpenter Lodger s 34 Bricklayer  Storrington, Sussex
10 Sullington Lane William White Head m 25 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
Jane White Wife m 25 Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah White Daughter s 5  Storrington, Sussex
Eliza White Daughter s 1 Durrington, Sussex
James White Lodger s 18 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
11 Sullington Lane Charles Brooks Head m 43 Shepherd  Sutton, Sussex
Sarah Brooks Wife m 40 Amberley, Sussex
Hayward Brooks Son s 12  Salvington, Sussex
Amelia Brooks Daughter s 11  Salvington, Sussex
Phillis Brooks Daughter s 9  Salvington, Sussex
Philip Brooks Son s 7 Sullington, Sussex
Noah Brooks Son s 5 Sullington, Sussex
Eva Brooks Daughter s 3 Sullington, Sussex
Fanny Brooks Daughter s 1 Sullington, Sussex
12 Stephen Holland Lodger s 28 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
13 Rectory Henry Palmer Head s 25 Rector of Sullington Sullington, Sussex
Charlotte Elizabeth Palmer Mother w 52 Clergymans Widow London, Middlesex
Annie Palmer   Sister s 28 Clergymans Daughter Chelsea, Middlesex
Sidney Houstoun Pupil s 18 Scholar London, Middlesex
Henry Hills  Servant s 18 Stable Boy Chiltington, Sussex
Ann Cheesman  Servant s 28 Cook Wisborough Green, Sussex
Mary Sanders  Servant s 17 Housemaid Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
Ruth Luxford  Servant s 14 Kitchenmaid Wisborough Green, Sussex
14 Church House Henry Hardwick Head m 50 Farmer 700acres emp 14labs 9boys Hangleton, Sussex
Mary Hardwick Wife m 46 Islington, Middlesex
Louisa Mary Hardwick Daughter s 23 Farmers Daughter Old Shoreham, Sussex
John Henry Hardwick Son s 22 Farmers Son Sullington, Sussex
Hugh George Hardwick Son s 14 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Maria Elizabeth Hardwick Daughter s 12 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Sarah Jane Hardwick Daughter s 9 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
George Bently Wright Visitor s 14 Scholar Australia (British Subject)
Frances Bateman  Servant m 30 Domestic Servant Billingshurst, Sussex
Mary Newman  Servant s 16 Domestic Servant  Shipley, Sussex
Thomas Smith  Servant s 17 Domestic Servant  Storrington, Sussex
15 Barns Farm Henry Agate Head s 58 Farmer 304acres emp 4men 3boys Sullington, Sussex
Frances Sayers  Servant s 57 Housekeeper Wiston, Sussex
Ann Sayers Visitor s 60 Boarder Wiston, Sussex
Benjamin Manner  Servant m 68 Shepherd Findon, Sussex
William Parker  Servant s 17 House Servant Warminghurst, Sussex
Fanny Geale  Servant s 19 House Servant West Chiltington, Sussex
Charles Gravett  Servant s 12 House Servant Rudgwick, Sussex
16 Cobden Elizabeth Hard Head w 51 Farmer 700acres emp 7labs 2boys Bignor, Sussex
George Hard Son s 23 Farmers Son Wisborough Green, Sussex
Elizabeth Hard Daughter s 21 Farmers Daughter Wisborough Green, Sussex
Mary Hardwick Daughter s 17 Farmers Daughter Wisborough Green, Sussex
John Hard Son s 14 Farmers Son Sullington, Sussex
Alfred Brooks  Servant s 17 Under Shepherd Bury, Sussex
Samuel Gilbert  Servant s 14 Farm Servant Burpham, Sussex
George Gilbert  Servant s 10 Farm Servant Burpham, Sussex
William Venn  Servant s 15 Farm Servant  Shipley, Sussex
17 Cobden Elizabeth Luxford Head w 67 Widow of Agricultural Labourer Chittingfold, Sussex
18 Cobden Jessie Luxford Head m 27 Agricultural Labourer  Storrington, Sussex
Charlotte Luxford Wife m 30 Wisborough Green, Sussex
William Luxford Son s 2 Findon, Sussex
19 Cobden Jasper Nicholson Head m 42 Agricultural Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
Elizabeth Nicholson Wife m 38  Shipley, Sussex
Jane Nicholson Daughter s 12 Washington, Sussex
George Nicholson Son s 10 Washington, Sussex
Jasper Nicholson Son s 7 Sullington, Sussex
Sarah Nicholson Daughter s 6 Sullington, Sussex
Samuel Nicholson Son s 4 Sullington, Sussex
Harry Nicholson Son s 2 Sullington, Sussex
William Nicholson Son s 0 1 month Sullington, Sussex
20 Cobden George Anscombe Head m 44 Shepherd Kingston by Sea, Sussex
Ellen Anscombe Wife m 48 Gosfield, Sussex
John Obadiah Anscombe Boarder s 46 Carter Kingston by Sea, Sussex
21 Cobden George Cooper Head w 31 Carter Cranleigh, Surrey
George Cooper Son s 4 Sullington, Sussex
Peter Cooper Son s 1 Lower Burpham, Sussex
Hannah Cooper Mother m 63 Rudgwick, Sussex
22 Cobden George Denyer Lodger s 43 Groom Pulborough, Sussex
23 Chantry Lane George Denman Head m 39 Carter Billingshurst, Sussex
Elizabeth Denman Wife m 39 West Chiltington, Sussex
Elizabeth Denman Daughter s 17 Billingshurst, Sussex
John Bateman Nephew s 2 Visitor West Chiltington, Sussex
24 Chantry Edward Willmer Head s 73 Miller Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Braby  Servant s 50 Kirdford, Sussex
Edward Willmer Braby Son s 12 Sullington, Sussex
Anne Westbrook  Servant s 23 Domestic Servant Alsford, Hampshire
John Linfield  Servant s 18 Domestic Servant  Storrington, Sussex
Thomas Daughtry  Servant s 18 Domestic Servant  Storrington, Sussex
25 Sullington Warren John Lisher Head m 64 Agricultural Labourer Broadwater, Sussex
Mary Lisher Wife m 60 Petworth, Sussex
26 West Wantley Cecilia H Skinner Head w 44 Farmer 118acres emp 2labs 2boys Gosport, Hampshire
Jemima Ann May   Sister w 51 Gosport, Hampshire
Richard Pottinger  Brother s 48 Gosport, Hampshire
George Ellecombe  Servant s 34 Foreman on the farm Achet, Sussex
Eliza Searle  Servant s 14 Domestic Servant  Storrington, Sussex
27 Roundabouts William Willmer Head w 61 Farmer of 42 acres  Storrington, Sussex
William Willmer Son s 31 Farmers Son West Chiltington, Sussex
Clara Willmer Daughter s 24 Farmers Daughter Sullington, Sussex
John Henry Willmer Son s 22 Farmers Son Sullington, Sussex
Moses Willmer Son s 19 Farmers Son Sullington, Sussex
Elizabeth Jane Willmer Daughter s 16 Farmers Daughter Sullington, Sussex
28 Thriels Charlotte Scutt Head w 48 Widow of Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
29 Thriels Charles Slemonds Lodger s 21 Gamekeeper Petworth, Sussex
1 unoccupied
30 East Wantley George Braiden Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
Sarah Braiden Wife m 48  Storrington, Sussex
George Braiden Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
Henry Braiden Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Charlotte Braiden Daughter s 11 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Frank Braiden Son s 7 Scholar West Chiltington, Sussex
31 Leather Bottle James Wood Head m 66 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Charlotte Wood Wife m 57 Hardham, Sussex
Henry Wood Son s 22 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
John Wood Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
32 Peter Linfield Head m 50 Gardener  Storrington, Sussex
Sarah Linfield Wife m 38 Sullington, Sussex
Elizabeth Linfield Daughter s 9 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Sarah Ann Linfield Daughter s 8 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Peter William Linfield Son s 5 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Mary Jane Linfield Daughter s 1 Sullington, Sussex
33 Alms House Charles Barnard Head m 29 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Amy Barnard Wife m 25 Washington, Sussex
Susan Barnard Mother w 77  Storrington, Sussex
William Comper Nephew s 1 Thakeham, Sussex
Daniel Barnard  Brother s 27 Agricultural Labourer Sullington, Sussex
34 James Wood Head m 77 Carpenter Sullington, Sussex
Sarah Wood Wife m 71 Rudgwick, Sussex
35 Barns Farm Edmund Parker Head m 44 Carter Washington, Sussex
Maria Parker Wife m 43 Sullington, Sussex
Ellen Parker Daughter s 11 Findon, Sussex
Eliza Parker Daughter s 9 Findon, Sussex