Stopham 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Susannah Hopkins Head w 77 Living on own means Fittleworth, Sussex
Charles Hopkins Son s 41 General Labouer Stopham, Sussex
2 Thomas G Herbert Head m 28 Groom  Shihamstead, Berkshire
Mary Herbert Wife m 25 Petworth, Sussex
John B Herbert Son s 3 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Evelyn M Herbert Daughter s 2 Fittleworth, Sussex
3 John Bicknell Head m 50 Carter  Silbourne, Hampshire
Eliza Bicknell Wife m 49 Headley, Hampshire
Albert Bicknell Son s 21 Carter  Silbourne, Hampshire
Rose Bicknell Daughter s 16  Silbourne, Hampshire
4 William Luxford Head m 29 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Ann M Luxford Wife m 31 Holmwood, Surrey
Walter W W Luxford Son s 0 6 months Stopham, Sussex
5 Thomas Remnent Head m 39 Farm Labourer Kirdford, Sussex
Charlotte Remnent Wife m 34 Kirdford, Sussex
Alfred Remnent Son s 11 Chiddingfold, Surrey
Frederick Remnent Son s 9 Scholar Egdean, Sussex
Elizabeth Remnent Daughter s 7 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
George Remnent Son s 5 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Edwin Remnent Son s 3 Stopham, Sussex
6 Harwoods Green House Eli Holden Head m 41  Farmer North Chapel, Sussex
Ellen Holden Wife m 38 Kirdford, Sussex
Hazeltine Holden Daughter s 17 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Beatrice Holden Daughter s 13 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Levi Holden Son s 11 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Mary A Holden Daughter s 8 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Charles Holden Son s 6 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Benjamin Holden Son s 3 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Elihu Holden Son s 1 Stopham, Sussex
7 William Pannell Head m 58 Agricultural Labourer  West Dean, Sussex
Jane Pannell Wife m 64 East Marden, Sussex
8 William Rean Head m 37 Agricultural Labourer Byworth, Sussex
Amelia Rean Wife m 24 Petworth, Sussex
Alfred Rean Son s 3 Petworth, Sussex
Martha Rean Daughter s 2 Egdean, Sussex
Sarah J Rean Daughter s 0 6 months Stopham, Sussex
9 Thomas Puttock Head m 44 Agricultural Labourer Stopham, Sussex
Harriet Puttock Wife m 42 Pulborough, Sussex
George Puttock Son s 16 Farm Labourer Stopham, Sussex
Mark Puttock Son s 11 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Henry Puttock Son s 9 (twin) Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Ernest Puttock Son s 9 (twin) Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Albert Puttock Son s 6 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Ralf Puttock Son s 4 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
1 uninhabited
11 Poor House Thomas Hunt Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer Fittleworth, Sussex
Emma Hunt Wife m 46 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Walter G Hunt Son s 25 General Labouer Wisborough Green, Sussex
James W Hunt Son s 18 General Labouer Wisborough Green, Sussex
Mark Hunt Son s 12 General Labouer Wisborough Green, Sussex
Aaron Hunt Son s 10 Scholar Wisborough Green, Sussex
Harry Hunt Son s 7 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
12 Poor House William Adsett Head m 29 Agricultural Labourer Petworth, Sussex
Emma Adsett Wife m 21 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Kate Adsett Daughter s 1 Stopham, Sussex
13 Post Office David Joiner Head m 63 Grocer Fittleworth, Sussex
Hannah Joiner Wife m 54 Fittleworth, Sussex
14 Jubilee Cottage Benjamin Hall Head m 56 Shepherd Tillington, Sussex
Jane Hall Wife m 54 North Chapel, Sussex
Jonathan Hall Son s 19 Domestic Servant Lurgashall, Sussex
15 Jubilee Cottage George Wheeler Head m 34 Gardener Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire
Caroline Wheeler Wife m 46 Wavendon, Buckinghamshire
Louisa F M Sell Daughter s 7 Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire
Charles E Wheeler Son s 6 Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire
Eliza Wheeler Daughter s 4 Holmbury St Marys, Surrey
16 Frances Bentick Head w 77 Living on own means Stopham, Sussex
17 Laundry House William Miriam Head m 72 Bricklayer Pulborough, Sussex
Frances Miriam Wife m 65 Tonbridge, Kent
Emily Miriam Granddaughter s 17 Stopham, Sussex
James Albery Lodger s 34  Farm Bailiff Bury, Sussex
18 Laundry House Elizabeth Gentle Head w 55 Laundress Hastings, Sussex
Jonathan M Gentle Son s 18 Bricklayers Labourer Chiselhurst, Kent
Mary E Gentle Daughter s 15 Laundress Chiselhurst, Kent
19 Louisa S Bagg Head m 46 Wife of Butler at Stopham House Mitcham, Surrey
Walter R Bagg Son s 15 DS Gardener  Scotland
Ernest W Bagg Son s 13 Telegraph Learner on LBSCR  Scotland
Charles St Michael Bagg Son s 11 Scholar  St Michaels Mount, Cornwall
Edith E M Bagg Daughter s 9 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Louisa A Bagg Daughter s 7 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Arthur E Bagg Son s 4 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Sophia Lott Mother w 66 Mitcham, Surrey
20 Elizabeth Millard Head s 65 Living on own means Bissisham, Somerset
Martha Pullen  Servant w 35 Sick Nurse Wisborough Green, Sussex
21 School House Emma Bufton Head s 46 Certificated Schoolmistress Much Mards, Herefordshire
Clara Cole Boarder s 15 Learner Haynes, Bedfordshire
Mary A Cole Visitor s 17 Dressmaker Haynes, Bedfordshire
Charles W Cole Visitor s 8 Haynes, Bedfordshire
22 Stopham Farm John Hard Head m 43  Farmer and Land Agent Kirdford, Sussex
Ellen M Hard Wife m 38 Billingshurst, Sussex
Ann Farhall Mother in Law w 81 Living on own means Petworth, Sussex
Emma E Farhall   Sister in Law s 43 Living on own means Billingshurst, Sussex
Fanny Blunt  Servant s 18 DS General Thakeham, Sussex
William Puttock  Servant s 18 Groom and Carter Thakeham, Sussex
23 Stopham Rectory Vernon Lane Guise Head m 37 Rector of Stopham Longhope, Gloucestershire
Edith H M Guise Wife m 34 Eastnor, Herefordshire
Vernon R Guise Son s 5 Eastnor, Herefordshire
Elizabeth B Hardy Visitor s 32  St Georges Hanover Square, London
Ellen Buckland  Servant s 27 DS Cook Walton on Thames, Surrey
Ellen Rose  Servant s 36 DS Nurse Isham, Northamptonshire
Mary A Sell  Servant s 17 DS Housemaid
24 Little Hillins Anna L Rarse Head s 65 Living on own means Harlington, Bedfordshire
William Rilleyblank  Servant m 57 Agricultural Labourer North Huish, Devon
Mary A Rilleyblank  Servant m 52 DS Cook  Stoughton, Sussex
Emily Ray  Servant s 13 DS Kitchenmaid Stopham, Sussex
25 Upper Lodge Arthur Lee Head m 39 DS Gardener Northwood, Isle of Wight
Martha Lee Wife m 41 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Arthur F Lee Son s 6 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
26 William Warner Head m 40 Farm Labourer Petworth, Sussex
Eliza Warner Wife m 46 Pulborough, Sussex
27 Jesse Strudwick Head m 41 Cowman Wisborough Green, Sussex
Sarah A Strudwick Wife m 42 Kirdford, Sussex
John Strudwick Son s 11 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Arthur Strudwick Son s 9 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Jesse Strudwick Son s 4 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Harry Strudwick Son s 1 Stopham, Sussex
28 Charles Randall Head m 71 Coachman Petworth, Sussex
Jane Randall Wife m 70 NK
William Randall Son s 41 No Occupation Chichester, Sussex
29 Lower Lodge Charles Puttock Head m 60 DS Gardener Stopham, Sussex
Ellen Puttock Wife m 54 Stopham, Sussex
Agnes Puttock Daughter s 15 Stopham, Sussex
30 Stopham House Walter B Barttelot Head m 70 Baronet C B M P Col Aux Army Richmond, Surrey
Margaret Barttelot Wife m 68 Living on own means  St Georges Hanover Square, London
Walter B Barttelot Grandson s 11  Sidmouth, Devon
Mary J Waldron  Servant s 49 DS Housekeeper Chittlehampton, Devon
Margaret E Hills  Servant s 50 DS Ladys Maid Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire
Elizabeth A Morris  Servant s 26 DS Housemaid Dixton, Monmouth
Alice M Clark  Servant s 20 DS Housemaid Chichester, Sussex
Annie L Priest  Servant s 21 DS Kitchenmaid Potterspury, Northamptonshire
Fanny Curtis  Servant s 18 DS Scullerymaid Buriton, Sussex
Laura J Attwood  Servant s 17 DS Housemaid Woolhampton, Berkshire
George Parnell  Servant s 25 DS Footman Monks Birley, Warwickshire
George Bagg  Servant m 43 DS Butler Charmouth, Devon
Caroline Ellis Visitor w 48 DS Nurse Lynn, Norfolk
31 South Ground John Smith Head m 38 Stockman Tillington, Sussex
Ellen Smith Wife m 32 Easebourne, Sussex
John T Smith Son s 5 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
32 South Ground James Ray Head m 49 Carpenter Horsham, Sussex
Mary Ray Wife m 45 Rudgwick, Sussex
Albert Ray Son s 17 Carpenter Stopham, Sussex
George Ray Son s 10 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Annie E Ray Daughter s 8 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Kate Ray Daughter s 5 Scholar Stopham, Sussex
Caroline Ray Daughter s 3 Stopham, Sussex
Margaret E Ray Daughter s 0 10 months Stopham, Sussex
33 Park Cottage George Crisp Head m 45 Head Gamekeeper Attlebridge, Norfolk
Mary S Crisp Wife m 47 Ringstead, Norfolk
Susannah Crisp Daughter s 18 Dressmaker Stopham, Sussex
Frederick Crisp Son s 14 Grocers Assistant Stopham, Sussex
John Crisp Son s 12 Scholar Stopham, Sussex