South Stoke 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1  Swanbourne Lodge George Merriott Head m 70 Lodge Keeper Houghton, Sussex
Mary Ann Merriott Wife m 60 Lyminster, Sussex
Henry Merriott Son s 19 Carter on Farm Arundel, Sussex
Albert Merriott Son s 17 Bricklayers Labourer Houghton, Sussex
2 Black Rabbit Inn Daniel Lee Head m 47 Publican East Marden, Sussex
Fanny Lee Wife m 46 Lyminster, Sussex deaf
Susan Robertson  Servant s 20 General Domestic Servant  Scotland
Margaret Netley  Servant s 14 General Domestic Servant Burpham, Sussex
James Jupp Boarder s 37 Agricultural Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
3 Offham Benjamin Ayling Head m 57  General Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Ann Ayling Wife m 50 Wisborough Green, Sussex
William Ayling Son s 21 Wood Sawyer South Stoke, Sussex
Benjamin Ayling Son s 15 Printer Compositor South Stoke, Sussex
Gertrude Ayling Daughter s 11 South Stoke, Sussex
Kathleen Ayling Daughter s 8 South Stoke, Sussex
James Carter  Son in Law m 46 Printer Compositor South Stoke, Sussex
Emily Carter Wife m 24 South Stoke, Sussex
Maud Carter Daughter s 2 South Stoke, Sussex
Elsie Carter Daughter s 1 Tortington, Sussex
4 Offham James Ayling Head m 45  General Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Sarah Ann Ayling Wife m 49 Arundel, Sussex
5 Offham Oliver Ayling Head m 44 Bargeman South Stoke, Sussex
Annie Maria Ayling Wife m 33 Littlehampton, Sussex
Oliver George Ayling Son s 14 Telegraph Messenger Burpham, Sussex
Ethel Caroline Ayling Daughter s 12 Burpham, Sussex
Maggie Ayling Daughter s 10 Burpham, Sussex
Charles Frederick Ayling Son s 8 Burpham, Sussex
H S Joseph Ayling Son s 3 South Stoke, Sussex
Ellen Mary Ayling Daughter s 1 South Stoke, Sussex
William Parsons Boarder s 58 Traction Engine Driver Rudgwick, Sussex
6 Offham Alfred Kinnard Head m 42 Woodman Clapham, Sussex
Ada Kinnard Wife m 33 Burpham, Sussex
Albert Kinnard Son s 12 Patching, Sussex
7 Offham George Rice Head m 77 Cowman on Farm Tilling, Sussex
Harriett Rice Wife m 75 Petworth, Sussex
Ellen Jane Rice Daughter s 34  Sutton, Sussex
8 William Ayling Head m 39 Wood Labourer Houghton, Sussex
Gladys Ayling Wife m 30 Kington, Hertfordshire
Ellen Mary Ayling Daughter s 2 South Stoke, Sussex
Winifred Gladys Ayling Daughter s 0 6 months South Stoke, Sussex
William Ellis Visitor s 10 Cricklewood, London
9  Offham Farm Alexander Allen Head m 51 Farmer  Scotland
Maggie C Allen Wife m 48  Scotland
Sarah A C Allen Daughter s 22  Scotland
Edwin G J Bigs Visitor s 25  Author  St Andrews, Cambridge
Frances M Jackson Boarder s 18 Living on own means Rugby, Warwickshire
Francis J Robertson Boarder m 42 Writer to the Signet  Scotland
Ada Mary Lloyd  Servant s 26 Housemaid (Domestic)  Billingshurst, Sussex
Mabel F Denman  Servant s 21 Cook (Domestic) Faygate, Sussex
Alfred T Tingley  Servant s 18 Groom Clapham, Sussex
10 Offham Henry Ayling Head m 67 Woodman South Stoke, Sussex
Harriott Ayling Wife m 63 Arundel, Sussex
Offham 1 unoccupied
11 Offham Thomas Agate Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer West Grinstead, Sussex
Mary Ann Agate Wife m 47  Storrington, Sussex
George Agate Son s 22 Carter on Farm West Grinstead, Sussex
John Agate Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Robert Agate Son s 10 Thakeham, Sussex
Peter Agate Son s 8 Thakeham, Sussex
Alice Agate Daughter s 6 Thakeham, Sussex
Edith Agate Daughter s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
Nellie Agate Daughter s 1 Arundel, Sussex
Henry Netley Boarder s 22 Agricultural Labourer Not Known
12  Offham Lodge George Osman Head m 49 Head Gamekeeper Holt, Dorset
Frances Osman Wife m 45 Patching, Sussex
Frank Osman Son s 11 Angmering, Sussex
Mary E R Osman Daughter s 2 South Stoke, Sussex
13 William Tizzard Head m 25 Foreman & Gardener on Farm  Bitterne, Hampshire
Lucy Tizzard Wife m 24 Cuckfield, Sussex
William Tizzard Son s 3 Northam, Hampshire
14  South Stoke Farm Thomas A Stickney Head m 56 Farmer  Burstwick, Yorkshire deaf
Mary J Stickney Wife m 49  Blythe, Northumberland
Margaret Stickney Daughter s 16 South Stoke, Sussex
Walter Stickney Son s 15 Hambledon, Hampshire
Frank Stickney Son s 8 South Stoke, Sussex
Harriett Northeast  Servant s 21 General Domestic Servant Arundel, Sussex
15 South Stoke John Butcher Head m 24 Agricultural Labourer Lyminster, Sussex
Jane Butcher Wife m 34 South Stoke, Sussex
Nellie Butcher Daughter s 5 South Stoke, Sussex
Arthur Jupp Nephew s 9 South Stoke, Sussex
16 South Stoke David H Newman Head m 42 Clergyman (C of E) Gilston, Hertfordshire
Rebecca E Newman Wife m 46 Ryde, Isle of Wight
William H W Newman Son s 9 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Esther E Blackman  Servant s 15 Servant (Domestic) Coldwaltham, Sussex
17 South Stoke Edgar Warner Head w 54 Bargeman Coldwaltham, Sussex
Margaret Warner Daughter s 20 Housekeeper Coldwaltham, Sussex
James Warner Boarder w 73 Rope Splicer  Bury, Sussex
18 South Stoke Arthur Turner Head m 36 Stockman on Farm Compton, Sussex
Sarah A Turner Wife m 30 Inkpen, Berkshire
Winifred M Turner Daughter s 0 4 months South Stoke, Sussex
19 South Stoke Frederick Reen Head m 35 Carter on Farm  Byworth, Sussex
Olive Reen Wife m 25  Stopham, Sussex
Cecil Reen Son s 0 6 months South Stoke, Sussex
20 South Stoke David Butcher Head m 55 Carter on Farm Burpham, Sussex
Annie Butcher Wife m 48 Offham, Sussex
William Butcher Son s 21 Railway Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
James Butcher Son s 17 Railway Labourer  Stopham, Sussex
Percy Butcher Son s 13  Stopham, Sussex
Sydney Butcher Son s 9 South Stoke, Sussex
Mollie Sutherland Visitor s 5 Amberley, Sussex
David Mitchell Visitor s 31 Offham, Sussex
21 Blue Doors, South Stoke William Cutler Head m 53 Shepherd on Farm South Stoke, Sussex
Ellen Cutler Wife m 52 Greatham, Sussex
Harry Cutler Son s 17 Drapers Porter South Stoke, Sussex
Ellen Cutler Daughter s 21 South Stoke, Sussex
Margaret Cutler Daughter s 14 South Stoke, Sussex
Florence Cutler Daughter s 7 South Stoke, Sussex
Albert E Cutler Grandson s 9 South Stoke, Sussex
22 George C Osman Head m 23 Head Gamekeeper Angmering, Sussex
Jane Osman Wife m 24  Scotland
William Osman Son s 0 10 months South Stoke, Sussex
St Leonards Church
23 Dry Lodge, South Stoke James Collins Head m 72 Pensioner from Estate Poling, Sussex
Elizabeth Collins Wife m 68 North Stoke, Sussex
James Pook  Son in Law m 29 Woodman Arundel, Sussex
Caroline E M Pook Wife m 28 Angmering, Sussex
Colin James Pook Son s 0 11 months South Stoke, Sussex
Annie Allen Visitor m 38 Angmering, Sussex
Isabella L Allen Daughter s 7 Midhurst, Sussex