South Stoke 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Carters Lodge Eliza Carter Head w 73 Worksop, Nottinghamshire
James Carter Son s 37 Printer Compositor South Stoke, Sussex
2 Black Rabbit Otto J H Behrens Head m 34 Publican Cuxhaven, Germany
Georgina Behrens Wife m 35 Horringer, Suffolk
Dorothy Behrens Daughter s 3 Westminster, London
Harry Lynn  Servant s 30 Cowman Arundel, Sussex
3 54 Offham Road Benjamin Ayling Head m 47 General Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Ann Ayling Wife m 40 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Henry C Ayling Son s 16 General Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Emily M Ayling Daughter s 14 Teacher South Stoke, Sussex
William J Ayling Son s 11 Scholar South Stoke, Sussex
Bessie Mary Ayling Daughter s 8 Scholar South Stoke, Sussex
Benjamin Ayling Son s 5 Scholar South Stoke, Sussex
Gertrude P Ayling Daughter s 1 South Stoke, Sussex
4 53 Offham Road Elizabeth Boxall Head w 76 Guildford, Surrey
Emma Ayling Niece s 11 Scholar Yapton, Sussex
5 52 Offham Road Charles Ayling Head m 78 General Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Emma Ayling Wife m 78 Guildford, Surrey
Emma Donnet Daughter w 50 Living on own means South Stoke, Sussex
Elizabeth Ayling Daughter s 47 South Stoke, Sussex
6 Temp Dwelling Henry Harber Head m 39 Charcoal Runner Dunsfold, Sussex
Esther Harber Wife m 36 Houghton, Sussex
Thomas Harber Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Houghton, Sussex
Rose Harber Daughter s 8 Scholar Blockley, Worcestershire
Fanny Harber Daughter s 7 Scholar Blockley, Worcestershire
George W Harber Son s 4 Scholar Houghton, Sussex
James H Harber Son s 1 Houghton, Sussex
7 Temp Dwelling James Harber Head m 67 Charcoal Burner East Dean, Sussex
Jane Harber Wife m 57 Lurgashall, Sussex
8 51 Offham Road James Ayling Head m 35 Bricklayers Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Sarah Ann Ayling Wife m 40 Arundel, Sussex
9 46 Offham Road George Rice Head m 67 General Labourer Tillington, Sussex
Harriett Rice Wife m 65 Petworth, Sussex
Jane Rice Daughter s 19  Sutton, Sussex
Jane Morris Granddaughter s 8 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Kate Morris Granddaughter s 2 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Robert Morris Grandson s 1 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
10 47 Offham Road David Mitchell Head m 70 Agricultural Labourer Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Jane Mitchell Wife m 69 Eastergate, Sussex
Ellen Mitchell Daughter 30 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Lucy Smith Visitor s 5 South Stoke, Sussex
11 Offham Farm Robert Botting Head m 60  Farmer Rudgwick, Sussex
Mary E Botting Wife m 52 Dorking, Surrey
Alice Botting Daughter s 23 Horsham, Sussex
Walter Botting Son s 20 Grocers Assistant Horsham, Sussex
Herbert Botting Son s 17 Horsham, Sussex
Mary Botting Daughter s 15 Rustington, Sussex
Fanny Botting  Sister s 56 Living on own means Rudgwick, Sussex
Ann E White  Servant s 16 General Domestic Servant Petworth, Sussex
Florence M Lord  Servant s 15 Housemaid (Domestic) Chichester, Sussex
12 48 Offham Road James Lee Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Arundel, Sussex
Alice Lee Daughter s 23 South Stoke, Sussex
Charles Lee Son s 20 Gardener (Domestic) South Stoke, Sussex
Frederick Lee Son s 17 Sailor South Stoke, Sussex
Emma K Lee Daughter s 15 South Stoke, Sussex
Alfred Lee Son s 12 Scholar South Stoke, Sussex
Allan Lee Son s 11 Scholar South Stoke, Sussex
Clara Rosa Lee Daughter s 10 Scholar South Stoke, Sussex
13 49 Offham Road Charlotte Ayling Head w 75  Broadwater, Sussex
Charles Luke  Son in Law m 30 Traction Engine Driver Buriton, Hampshire
Alice Luke Daughter m 42 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Charles O Luke Grandson s 6 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Percy J Luke Grandson s 5 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Olive A M Luke Granddaughter s 2 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
14 50 Offham Road Henry Ayling Head m 57 Agricultural Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Harriett Ayling Wife m 53 Arundel, Sussex
Gertrude Ayling Daughter Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Clara Ayling Daughter Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
15 Offham Lodge George Osman Head m 39 Gamekeeper Holtwood, Dorset
Frances Osman Wife m 34 Patching, Sussex
George C Osman Son s 12 Scholar Angmering, Sussex
Horace Osman Son s 9 Scholar Angmering, Sussex
Frank Osman Son s 1 Scholar Angmering, Sussex
100 45 Offham Fields Robert H Morris Head m 43 Carter (Agricultural) Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Eliza Morris Wife m 25  Bignor Park, Sussex
Henry W Morris Son s 16 Under Stockman Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Arthur C Morris Son s 15  Carters Boy Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
James A Morris Son s 12  Farm Boy Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
George L Morris Son s 10 Scholar Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Jane A Morris Daughter s 0 3 months Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
16 Dry Lodge Wood, Arundel Park William Harris Head m 48 Carpenter Cheadle, Staffordshire
Fanny Harris Wife m 48  Stafford, Staffordshrie
Moses Harris Son s 17 Moulder Caverswall, Staffordshire
Mary Harris Daughter s 14 Caverswall, Staffordshire
Vincent Harris Son s 10 Scholar Caverswall, Staffordshire
Francis Harris Son s 10 Scholar Caverswall, Staffordshire
Agnes Harris Daughter s 7 Scholar Caverswall, Staffordshire
17 44 Blue Doors, Arundel Park Benjamin Hoare Head m 29 Woodman Houghton, Sussex
Elizabeth M Hoare Wife m 31 England
Robert J C Hoare Son s 10 Scholar Houghton, Sussex
Mabel R Hoare Daughter s 8 Scholar Houghton, Sussex
Edith Alice Hoare Daughter s 1 South Stoke, Sussex
Ralph Lendfield Lodger s 19 Gamekeeper Angmering, Sussex
18 43 Blue Doors William Cutler Head m 43 Agricultural Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Ellen C Cutler Wife m 42 Greatham, Sussex
Charles Cutler Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Jane Cutler Daughter s 21 South Stoke, Sussex
Harriet Cutler Daughter s 15 South Stoke, Sussex
Ellen Cutler Daughter s 11 South Stoke, Sussex
Harry Cutler Son s 7 South Stoke, Sussex
Maggie Cutler Daughter s 4 South Stoke, Sussex
19 Stoke Farm Thomas A Stickney Head m 46  Farmer Ridgemont, Yorkshire deaf
Mary J Stickney Wife m 39 Blyth, Northumberland
Thomas Stickney Son s 10 Ridgemont, Yorkshire
Margaret M Stickney Daughter s 6 South Stoke, Sussex
Walter Stickney Son s 5 Hambledon, Hampshire
Mary Hider  Servant s 19 General Servant Cuckfield, Sussex
20 41 South Stoke George Cutler Head m 76  Shepherd Brockness, Hampshire
Mary Cutler Wife m 75 South Stoke, Sussex
21 40 South Stoke William Lee Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Ellen Lee Wife m 53 South Stoke, Sussex
George Hollands Lodger s 77 South Stoke, Sussex
22 39 South Stoke Stephen Jupp Head w 72 Amberley, Sussex
James Jupp Son s 28 Agricultural Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Arthur Jupp Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
Jane Jupp Daughter s 25 South Stoke, Sussex
Luke Jupp Brother w 62 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
23 38 South Stoke David Butcher Head m 45 Labourer Drainer Burpham, Sussex
Hannah Butcher Wife m 39
Beatrice Butcher Daughter s 18 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
John Butcher Son s 14 Blakehurst, Sussex
William Butcher Son s 12 South Stoke, Sussex
Ellen Butcher Daughter s 12 South Stoke, Sussex
Kate Butcher Daughter s 9  Stopham, Sussex
James Butcher Son s 7  Stopham, Sussex
Percy Butcher Son s 3  Stopham, Sussex
24 42 South Stoke William Bicknell Head m 24 Stockman ?elborne, Sussex
Hannah Bicknell Wife m 21 Offham, South Stoke, Sussex
Ernest Bicknell Son s 0 4 months South Stoke, Sussex
25 Vicarage Richmond Powell Head s 83 Rector of South Stoke Okeover, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Constance M Powell Niece s 58 Jersey, Channel Islands
Eliza Wheatley  Servant m 40 Housekeeper Ringmer, Sussex
Florence K Mustchin  Servant s 29 Housemaid Amberley, Sussex