Rackham 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
20 Rackham Common John Humphrey Head m 39 Farm Stockman Greatham, Sussex
Matilda Humphrey Wife m 37 Hadlow Down, Sussex
George Humphrey Son s 13 Farm Carter Boy Greatham, Sussex
Ethel Humphrey Daughter s 11 Scholar Sullington, Sussex
Harry Humphrey Son s 9 Scholar Findon, Sussex
Charles Humphrey Son s 6 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Harold Humphrey Son s 3 Parham, Sussex
Ellen Humphrey Daughter s 1 Parham, Sussex
21 Fighting Cocks Arthur George Frederick Chadwick Head m 38 Farmer St George, Bloomsbury, London
Charlotte Chadwick Wife m 37 Rackham, Sussex
John Steadman  Servant m 60 Farm Manager Coldwaltham, Sussex
Harriet Ann Steadman  Servant m 62 Housekeeper Domestic Rackham, Sussex
Harriet Alice Steadman  Servant s 23 General Domestic Rackham, Sussex
22 School House James Popple Head m 38  Schoolmaster (National School) Deeping St James, Lincolnshire
Florence Emily Popple Wife m 31  Schoolmistress (National School) St George, Bloomsbury, London
Florence Kathleen Popple Daughter s 7 Brixton, London
Elsie Norah Popple Daughter s 5 Brixton, London
Eric James Popple Son s 3 Peckham, London
William James Mitchell Nephew s 19 Grocers Apprentice Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
23 School Cottage Jane West Head w 84 Cranleigh, Surrey deaf
George Crook Lodger s 51 Carter on Farm Durnford
24 Rackham Street Charles Wakeham Head w 70 Late Carr? Amberley, Sussex cripple from accident
George Elliott   Son in Law m 40 Farm Cowman Rackham, Sussex
Eliza Elliott Daughter m 34 Rackham, Sussex
George Elliott Grandson s 3 Rackham, Sussex
Charles Elliott Grandson s 2 Rackham, Sussex
Harry Elliott Grandson s 1 Rackham, Sussex
William Wakeham Son s 42 Carter on Farm Amberley, Sussex
William Elliott Lodger s 32 Woodcutter Rackham, Sussex
25 Rackham Street William Kennard Head m 24 Lime Burner Rackham, Sussex
Fanny Kennard Wife m 23 Storrington, Sussex
Lilian Esther Kennard Daughter s 2 Rackham, Sussex
Arthur Goatcher   Stepson s 7 Storrington, Sussex
John Peskett Boarder s 30 Woodcutter Rackham, Sussex
26 Rackham Street George Kingshott Head m 39 Labourer on Highway Not Known
Annie Sarah Kingshott Wife m 26 Coats, Sussex
William George Kingshott Son s 18 South Stoke, Sussex imbecile from birth
Frederick Albert Kingshott Son s 15 Farm Carter Boy South Stoke, Sussex
Alfred Charles Kingshott Son s 5 Scholar Chichester, Sussex
Caroline Edith Kingshott Daughter s 3 North Stoke, Sussex
Esther Sarah Jane Kingshott Daughter s 0 7 months North Stoke, Sussex
27 Rackham Street Reuben Smith Head m 36 Lime Burner Rackham, Sussex
Ellen Smith Wife m 37 Stopham, Sussex
Ernest William Smith Son s 7 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Nellie Rose Smith Daughter s 6 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Edith Elsie Smith Daughter s 3 Rackham, Sussex
Lewis Edward Smith Son s 1 Rackham, Sussex
28 Rackham Street Edwin Daughtery Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Rackham, Sussex
Annie Daughtery Wife m 26 Fittleworth, Sussex
Stanley Daughtery Son s 2 Rackham, Sussex
Jessie Stenning Visitor s 18 Domestic Servant Billingshurst, Sussex
29 Rackham Street George Pullen Head m 52 Farm Carter Ebernoe, Sussex
Elizabeth Pullen Wife m 45 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Minnie Pullen Daughter s 9 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
George Mann Nephew s 10 Scholar Kirdford, Sussex
Thomas Ford Lodger s 68 Retired Miller Billingshurst, Sussex
Rackham Street 1 unoccupied
30 Rackham Street Richard Dalman Head m 61 Farm Labourer Billingshurst, Sussex
Elizabeth Dalman Wife m 62 Pulborough, Sussex
Frederick Dalman Son s 33 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Lizzie Dalman Daughter s 25 Pulborough, Sussex
Harry Dalman (twins) Son s 21 Farm Carter Pulborough, Sussex
Albert Dalman (twins) Son s 21 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
31 Rackham Farm Harold Elliott Head m 54 Farmer Worthing, Sussex
Sophie Elliott Wife m 51 Houghton, Sussex
Alice Duke  Servant s 18 Cook Domestic Rackham, Sussex
Kate Humphrey  Servant s 17 Housemaid Domestic Findon, Sussex
32 Parham Vicarage Oakley Gynn Head m 38 Clergyman Church England Warbstow, Cornwall
Mary Jane Gynn Wife m 33 Notting Hill, Middlesex
Irene Violet Mary Gynn Daughter s 7 Scholar Highgate, Middlesex
Vera Nellie Gynn Daughter s 6 Parham, Sussex
Gladys Victoria Gynn Daughter s 3 Parham, Sussex
Mabel Emma Scutt  Servant s 16 General Domestic Bury, Sussex
33 Spring Cottage James Andrew Head m 65 Sub Agent (Estate) Parham, Sussex
Martha Catherine Andrew Wife m 66 London City
Elizabeth Neal  Servant s 15 General Domestic Rackham, Sussex
34 Swan Cottage Peter Daughtery Head m 54 Farmer Greatham, Sussex
Ellen Daughtery Wife m 53 Mayfield, Sussex
Thomas Daughtery Son w 32 Farmers Son Greatham, Sussex
Peter Daughtery Son s 21 Farmers Son Greatham, Sussex
Alfred Daughtery Son s 15 Farmers Son Rackham, Sussex
Amos Daughtery Son s 13 Farmers Son Rackham, Sussex
Thomas Daughtery Grandson s 5 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Ernest Daughtery Grandson s 3 Rackham, Sussex
Jane Whittington   Sister w 64 Rackham, Sussex
35 Rackham Street Henry Ellis West Head m 59 Woodcutter Rackham, Sussex
Harriet West Wife m 38 Parham, Sussex
Henry Ellis West Son s 22 Engine Driver at Chalk Pits Parham, Sussex
Walter Slater West Son s 17 Gardener (Private Garden) Rackham, Sussex
Robert West Son s 13 Farm Carter Boy Rackham, Sussex
Evelyn West Daughter s 10 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Constance West Daughter s 8 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Harriet E West Daughter s 6 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Fitzgerald W G West Son s 2 Rackham, Sussex
36 Rackham Street John Duke Head w 53 General Labourer Rackham, Sussex
George Daughtery   Son in Law m 29 General Labourer Greatham, Sussex
Lucy Daughtery Daughter m 26 Rackham, Sussex
Frank Duke Son s 20 Garden Labourer Rackham, Sussex
Emily Duke Granddaughter s 6 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
George Daughtery Grandson s 3 Rackham, Sussex
Edith Jane Daughtery Granddaughter s 0 7 months Rackham, Sussex
37 Rackham Mill House Michael Packham Head m 58 Farmer Cuckfield, Sussex
Elizabeth Packham Wife m 59 Cuckfield, Sussex
Frederick Packham Son s 23 Farmers Son Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Bertha Packham Daughter s 22 Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Dorothea Bessie Packham Daughter s 16 Bolney, Sussex
38 Grove Cottage John Steadman Head m 36 Carter on Farm Rackham, Sussex
Lucy Steadman Wife m 26 West Chiltington, Sussex
Ada Steadman Daughter s 1 Rackham, Sussex
Arthur John Steadman Son s 0 2 weeks Rackham, Sussex
Annie Moore Boarder s 27 Monthly Nurse Oxford, Oxfordshire
39 Bog Cottage Raymond West Head m 49 Works on Highway Rackham, Sussex
Hannah West Wife m 59  Roslyn, Yorkshire
Rackham Mill 1 unoccupied
40 Washingham George Stenning Head m 48 Carter on Farm Chichester, Sussex
Elizabeth Stenning Wife m 55 Easebourne, Sussex
James Stenning Son s 19 Farm Labourer Washington, Sussex
Alfred Stenning Son s 17 Farm Labourer Washington, Sussex
William Stenning Son s 15 Farm Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Arthur Stenning Son s 13 Farm Labourer Portslade, Sussex
41 Sparright Charles J Hammond Head m 82 Living on own means Storrington, Sussex
Mary D Hammond Wife m 77 West Chiltington, Sussex
Alice M Magney Granddaughter s 22 Housekeeper Domestic Coldwaltham, Sussex
42 Sparright William Chandler Head m 36 Bricklayer Lickfold, Sussex
Elizabeth Chandler Wife m 36 Easebourne, Sussex
William Edward Gordon Chandler Son s 9 Scholar Bognor, Sussex
Dorothy May Chandler Daughter s 6 Scholar Bognor, Sussex
Horace Arthur Chandler Son s 5 Bognor, Sussex
Ivanhoe Emerson Chandler Son s 1 Storrington, Sussex
Stanley Victor Chandler Son s 1 Storrington, Sussex
43 Washingham George William Stone Head m 41 Farm Labourer Powerstock, Dorset
Sarah Jane Stone Wife m 40 ?iffon??yes, Wiltshire
John Swyer Adopted Son s 22 Shepherd on Farm East Grinstead, Sussex
44 Sparright Charles Smith Head s 60 General Labourer Rackham, Sussex