Parham 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
114 Springhead Robert Moore Head m 55 Shepherd Beddingham, Sussex
Martha Moore Wife m 57 Isfield, Sussex
Anna M Moore Daughter s 14 Findon, Sussex
Springhead 1 unoccupied
115 Springhead Alfred Searle Head m 57 Teamster of Farm Storrington, Sussex
Mary Ann Searle Wife m 56 Laundress Angmering, Sussex
Alice Searle Daughter s 12 Storrington, Sussex
Thomas Searle Son s 9 Parham, Sussex
William Norgate Boarder s 19 Bricklayers Labourer Bishops Sutton, Hampshire
116 Springhead Farm Thomas Gatley Head m 38 Farmer Bodmin, Cornwall
Selina Gatley Wife m 39 Callington, Cornwall
Loira Gatley Daughter s 12 Launceston, Cornwall
Mabel Gatley Daughter s 9 Launceston, Cornwall
Annie Gatley Daughter s 4 Reading, Berkshire
Thomas R Gatley Son s 0 5 months Parham, Sussex
William G Pearse Visitor m 30 Farmer Launceston, Cornwall
117 Springhead Farm Ernest Gilbert Head m 30 Stockman on Farm Storrington, Sussex
Rose Gilbert Wife m 27 Storrington, Sussex
Arthur Searle  Brother in Law s 14 Ordinary Labourer on Farm Storrington, Sussex
118 Edmund Knowles Lodger s 23 Teamster of Farm Washington, Sussex
119 Parham House Charlotte Parsons  Servant s 31 House Keeper in Charge Treborough, Somerset
William Parsons  Servant s 23 Footman (Domestic) Treborough, Somerset
Louisa Saunders  Servant s 26 Housemaid (Domestic) Bolney, Sussex
Kate Gilbert  Servant s 26 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Storrington, Sussex
Louisa Ramsay  Servant s 19 Housemaid (Domestic) Paddington, London
Sarah Dubbins  Servant s 20  Scullerymaid (Domestic) Goring, Sussex
James Nevatt  Servant s 22 Footman (Domestic) Lyminster, Sussex
by Parham Ch?? 2 unoccupied
120 over Laundry Parham Henry Purser Head m 69 Gardener not domestic Cottesbrooke, Northamptonshire
Hannah Purser Wife m 49 Hermon, Anglesey
121 over Offices Parham William J Chiltenden Head m 38 Butler Romney Marsh, Sussex
Ellen Chiltenden Wife m 39 Hornsby, Middlesex
Alice M Chiltenden Daughter s 10 Kelvedon, Essex
Gwendoline Chiltenden Daughter s 8 Little Horkesley, Essex
122 over Stables Parham Percy Burningham Head m 30 Coachman (Domestic) Petworth, Sussex
Elizabeth Burningham Wife m 26 Midhurst, Sussex
Clarence Burningham Son s 4 Parham, Sussex
Albert Burningham Son s 2 Parham, Sussex
123 over Stables Parham Daniel Court Head m 48 Engine Driver and Sawyer Haslemere, Surrey
Fanny Court Wife m 42 Storrington, Sussex
Lilly Court Daughter s 14 Parham, Sussex
Beatrice M Court Daughter s 7 Parham, Sussex
124 West Lodge Thomas West Head m 45 Gardener not domestic Rackham, Sussex
Mercy A West Wife m 45 Goudhurst, Kent
Amelia West Daughter s 16 Parham, Sussex
Thomas D West Son s 12 Parham, Sussex
125 West Lodge John Lasseter Head m 80 Pensioner (Parham Estate) Storrington, Sussex
Rhoda Lasseter Wife m 76 Storrington, Sussex
126 Sparright Charles West Head m 49 Farmer Parham, Sussex
Elizabeth West Wife m 45 Kenton, Devon
Charles West Son s 13 Parham, Sussex
Louisa West Daughter s 11 Parham, Sussex
Sarah V West Daughter s 9 Parham, Sussex
Clara West Daughter s 5 Parham, Sussex
George W West Son s 1 Parham, Sussex
Richard Andrew Visitor s 28 Blacksmith Journeyman Rackham, Sussex
127 Sparright Reuben Elliott Head m 37 Teamster of Farm Rackham, Sussex
Emily J Elliott Wife m 35 Mayfield, Sussex
Reuben Elliott Son s 14 Gardeners Boy Parham, Sussex
Albert G Elliott Son s 13 Parham, Sussex
Florence Elliott Daughter s 10 Parham, Sussex
Arthur Elliott Son s 8 Parham, Sussex
Edith M Elliott Daughter s 5 Parham, Sussex
Baden Powel Elliott Son s 0 11 months Parham, Sussex
128 Round House Allen Puttick Head m 46 Gardeners Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Sarah Puttick Wife m 42 Rackham, Sussex
Allen Puttick Son s 22 Ordinary Farm Labourer Rackham, Sussex
129 Parham Farm House James Hills Head m 53 Ordinary Estate Labourer Shipley, Sussex
Rosina Hills Wife m 50 Horsham, Sussex
William Hills Son s 19 Carter on Farm Thakeham, Sussex
Rose Hills Daughter s 22 Thakeham, Sussex
Frederick Hills Son s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
Elsie Hills Daughter s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
Kathleen Hills Granddaughter s 4 Parham, Sussex
130 Hovel on Springhead Farm Parham William Smith s 50 Ordinary Farm Labourer Dorset