Parham 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
Last 2 pages of district 3 of Storrington
1 1 Springhead Cottages Herbert Ruff Head m 27 Farm Carter Amberley, Sussex
Jane Ruff Wife m 27 Ashington, Sussex
William Ruff Son s 3 Sullington, Sussex
George Ruff Son s 1 Sullington, Sussex
2 Springhead Cottages 1 unoccupied
2 3 Springhead Cottages Alfred Searle Head m 49 Farm Carter Storrington, Sussex
Mary Ann Searle Wife m 48 Laundress Storrington, Sussex
Allen Searle Son s 18 Farm Carter Burpham, Sussex
Rose Searle Daughter s 17 Laundress Storrington, Sussex
Kate Searle Daughter s 11 Scholar Storrington, Sussex
William Searle Son s 9 Scholar Storrington, Sussex
Esther May Searle Daughter s 7 Scholar Storrington, Sussex
Arthur Searle Son s 4 Scholar Storrington, Sussex
Alice Searle Daughter s 2
3 Joseph Turner Lodger s 17 Agricultural Labourer Selsey, Sussex
4 Ernest Gilbert Lodger s 21 Agricultural Labourer Storrington, Sussex
5 Springhead House Theophilus Paige Head w 72 Farmer Selsey, Sussex
Sarah Wiltshire  Daughter in Law m 48 Ringmer, Sussex
Alfred Paige Son s 48 Farmers Son Selsey, Sussex
Frederick Paige Son s 46 Farmers Son Selsey, Sussex
Sarah Ann Fuller  Servant s 19 General Servant Domestic Storrington, Sussex
6 1 Church Cottage Daniel Court Head m 38 Stationary Engine Driver Haslemere, Surrey
Fanny Court Wife m 32 Storrington, Sussex
James Richard Court Son s 8 Scholar Storrington, Sussex
Lilly Court Daughter s 4 Scholar Parham, Sussex
7 George Tullett Lodger s 25 Game Keeper Rusper, Sussex
8 2 Church Cottage Sarah Andrews Head w 77 Living on own means Pulborough, Sussex chronic disease of spine
Sarah Kemp Nurse m 42 General Nurse Rackham, Sussex
John Kemp Visitor s 7 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
9 Parham House Luke Shephard Head m 66 General Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Sarah Shephard Wife m 57 General Servant Domestic Exeter, Devon
Charlotte Chapel  Servant s 24 Housemaid Domestic Reading, Berkshire
10 Parham Stables William Davis  Servant s 33 Coachman Domestic Hereford City, Herfordshire
11 1 West Lodge Thomas West Head m 34 Gardener Rackham, Sussex
Mercy Amelia West Wife m 35 Lodge Gate Keeper Goudhurst, Kent
Amelia West Daughter s 6 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Thomas Duncan West Son s 2 Rackham, Sussex
12 2 West Lodge Henry Humphrey Head m 49 Carpenter West Chiltington, Sussex
Harriet Humphrey Wife m 54 Pulborough, Sussex
Harry Humphrey Son s 31 Bricklayers Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Annie Humphrey Daughter s 20 West Chiltington, Sussex
13 Sparright Cottages Reuben Elliott Head m 27 Gardener Rackham, Sussex
Emily Jane Elliott Wife m 24 Mayfield, Sussex
Reuben Elliott Son s 4 Parham, Sussex
Albert George Elliott Son s 3 Parham, Sussex
Florence Elliott Daughter s 0 4 months Parham, Sussex
14 Alfred James Luxford Lodger s 28 Timber Carter West Hoathly, Sussex
15 Phillip Laker Lodger s 23 Timber Carter Haywards Heath, Sussex
16 Enoch Hewlett Lodger s 20 Timber Carter Washington, Sussex
17 Sparright Cottages Charles West Head m 41 Hay Tier and Dealer Amberley, Sussex
Elizabeth West Wife m 35 East Town Kenton, Devon
Elizabeth West Daughter s 5 Scholar Amberley, Sussex
Charles West Son s 3 Parham, Sussex
Louisa West Daughter s 1 Parham, Sussex
18 Richard Simmons Lodger m 64 Steam Sawyer Ardingly, Sussex
Round House 1 unoccupied
19 Parham Farm House Albert Henry Jenner Head m 39 Agricultural Labourer Heyshott, Sussex
Annie Marie Jenner Wife m 29 Chithurst, Sussex
Daisy Minnie Jenner Daughter s 6 Scholar Heyshott, Sussex
Cecil Gordon Jenner Son s 2 Cocking, Sussex