Parham 1881 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Parham Farm House Henry Hammond Head m 43  Farm Carter Allingbourne, Sussex
Jane Hammond Wife m 47 Graffham, Sussex
William Hammond Son s 19 Farm Labourer Whattham, Sussex
Frederick Hammond Son s 17 Farm Labourer Allingbourne, Sussex
James Hammond Son s 14 Farm Labourer Houghton, Sussex
Stephen Hammond Son s 12 Scholar Burton, Sussex
Ellen B Hammond Daughter s 10 Scholar Burton, Sussex
Mary Ann Hammond Daughter s 10 Scholar Burton, Sussex
William H Hawick Nephew s 22 Gardener Kirdford, Sussex
2 Sparright William White Head w 78 Retired Farm Labourer Parham, Sussex
Fanny Ratley  Servant s 40 Housekeeper Domestic Amberley, Sussex
3 Luke Sheppard Head m 59 Farm Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Caroline Sheppard Wife m 62 Ashurst, Sussex
Caroline Mobsby Mother in Law w 85 Ashurst, Sussex
4 West Lodge George Barton Head m 37 Gardener Chichester, Sussex
Susannah Barton Wife m 35 Lee, Hampshire
Leonard Barton Son s 10 Scholar Chichester, Sussex
Edmund Barton Son s 7 Scholar Chiswell, Sussex
Frederick Barton Son s 5 Scholar Chichester, Sussex
Alice M Blackman Nursechild s 1 Rackham, Sussex
5 West Lodge Sarah Penfold Head w 73 Gate Keeper Not Known
6 Rooms Over Stable John Thomas Corbett Head m 32 Coachman Paddington, Middlesex
Fanny A Corbett Wife m 29 Maidstone, Kent
John Thomas Corbett Son s 8 Scholar Wimbledon, Surrey
Fanny E Corbett Daughter s 6 Scholar Wimbledon, Surrey
Edith Elizabeth Corbett Daughter s 0 11 months South Kensington
Myety C Bucknell   Sister in Law s 16 Wimbledon, Surrey
7 Rooms Over Stable George Wiseman  Lodger Servant s 26 Groom Domestic Norwich, Norfolk
8 Thomas Read  Lodger Servant s 28 Groom Domestic Lindhurst, Hampshire
9 Charles Crisp  Lodger Servant s 23 Groom Domestic Monkshorne, Suffolk
10 Parham Park House Charles Newton Head m 66 Retired Merchant Hexham, Northumberland
Jane Newton Wife m 58 Dublin, Ireland
Mary Bell Newton Daughter s 30 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Annie Newton Daughter s 27 NSW, Australia
Florence Newton Daughter s 16 Middlesex
Edith Mary Tyrrell Visitor s 21 London, Middlesex
William B Sanderman Visitor m 48 Brewer Barrackhou, India
Robert Sanderman Visitor s 45 Lt Col Star of India Scotland
Elizabeth Taylor  Servant s 31 Cook Domestic Up?land, Lancashire
Ellen Hyde  Servant s 27 Ladiesmaid Domestic Croydon, Surrey
Lucy Gifford  Servant s 27 Housemaid Domestic ? Green, Middlesex
Mary Thompson  Servant s 26 Kitchenmaid Domestic Sandhurst, Kent
Florence Neal  Servant s 17 Housemaid Domestic Tottenham, Middlesex
Ann Hawkins  Servant s 22 Housemaid Domestic Dorset
Ann E Henty  Servant s 20 Kitchenmaid Domestic Findon, Sussex
Margaret Baker  Servant s 18  Scullerymaid Domestic Paddington, Middlesex
John Mayne  Servant m 42 Butler Domestic Ireland
John Bennett  Servant s 21 Footman Domestic Bishop, Hampton
Harry Eames  Servant s 19 Footman Domestic Huntingdon
James Libbitar  Servant s 25 Cowman Pulborough, Sussex
11 Church Cottages John William Singleton Head m 34 Shepherd Swanmore, Hampshire
Elizabeth Singleton Wife m 30 Romsey, Hampshire
Ada Ellen Singleton Daughter s 9 Scholar Lu??er, Hampshire
Kate Singleton Daughter s 6 Scholar Droxford, Hampshire
William G Singleton Son s 4 Scholar Fareham, Hampshire
Jemima Singleton Daughter s 1 Findon, Sussex
12 Church Cottages Sarah Andrew Head w 67 Annuitant Nutbourne, Sussex
13 Springhead Farm House Henry Bensted Head m 45 Farmer 618acres emp 7men 5boys Hartley, Kent
Eleanor H Bensted Wife m 36 Billston, Suffolk
Ralph C Bensted Son s 12 Lingfield, Kent
Mary Bensted Daughter s 6 Parham, Sussex
William Bensted Brother m 48 Hartley, Kent
Mary A Bensted   Sister in Law m 29 Hong Kong, China
Agnes Sprigge  Servant s 34 Governess London
Sarah Howick  Servant s 19 General Servant Graffham, Sussex
14 Springhead Farm Cottage George Artlett Head m 44 Farm Labourer West Ashling, Sussex
Jane Artlett Wife m 40 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Henry Artlett Son s 20 Farm Labourer West Ashling, Sussex
Alfred Artlett Son s 15 Farm Labourer Hambrook, Sussex
Eliza Artlett Daughter s 13 Scholar Westhurst, Hampshire
George Artlett Son s 11 Scholar Westhurst, Hampshire
Jane Artlett Daughter s 8 Scholar Westhurst, Hampshire
John Artlett Son s 6 Scholar Westhurst, Hampshire
James Artlett Son s 4 Westhurst, Hampshire
William Artlett Son s 2 Parham, Sussex
15 Springhead Farm Cottage Anne Cooper Head s 23 Laundress Washington, Sussex
John Cooper Brother s 16 Parham, Sussex cripple
Edwin Cooper Brother s 14 Farm Labourer Parham, Sussex
Albert Cooper Son s 3 Parham, Sussex
16 Hovel Top of Hill James Squires Head m 49 Farm Labourer Not Known
Eliza Squires Wife m 42 Not Known
Mary Ann Squires Daughter s 16 Petersfield, Hampshire
George Squires Son s 12 Petersfield, Hampshire
Harriet Squires Daughter s 10 Trayford, Sussex
Amy Squires Daughter s 7 Midhurst, Sussex
Caroline Squires Daughter s 5 Midhurst, Sussex
Alice Squires Daughter s 3 Rackham, Sussex
Rhoda Squires Daughter s 0 10 months Rackham, Sussex