Parham 1871 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Parham House Robert Lord Zouche Head w 61 Baron Marylebone, London
Robert Nathaniel Cecil George Curzon Son s 19 Undergraduate at Oxford Croxall, Derbyshire
Daria Curzon Daughter s 10 Parham, Sussex
Walter H Turner Agent s 31 Estate Agent Longdon, Staffordshire
Marianna Katherine W Vernon  Servant s 25 Governess Kensington, Middlesex
Elizabeth Francis  Servant s 71 Housekeeper Domestic Folkestone, Kent
Olive Spencer  Servant s 45 Nurse Domestic Chil?, Warwickshire
Caroline Shepperd  Servant m 51 Cook Domestic Ashurst, Sussex
Eliza S??eeter  Servant s 34 Dairymaid Domestic Pulborough, Sussex
Jane A Hawkins  Servant s 24 Kitchenmaid Domestic Shipton, Dorset
Hannah Hewlett  Servant m 56 Housemaid Domestic Amersham, Buckinghamshire
Eliza Smart  Servant s 25 Housemaid Domestic Hardham, Sussex
Elizabeth J Abbott  Servant s 22 Housemaid Domestic Monks Kirby, Warwickshire
James Andrew  Servant m 35 Butler Domestic Parham, Sussex
Henry G Cannings  Servant s 27 Footman Domestic Wilton, Wiltshire
William Nichols  Servant s 21 Footman Domestic Ashington, Sussex
John Monday  Servant s 35 Oddman Domestic Maddington, Wiltshire
William H Randall  Servant s 21 Footman Domestic Ashington, Sussex
2 Springhead House William Stanford Head w 78 Retired Farmer and Land ? West Grinstead, Sussex
Walter Stanford Son s 40 Farmer 600acres emp 20men 8boys West Grinstead, Sussex
Harriet Stanford Daughter s 42 West Grinstead, Sussex
Jane Curtis Niece s 39 Worthing, Sussex
Joseph Smith  Servant s 78 Domestic Servant Shipley, Sussex
Grace Taylor  Servant s 21 Domestic Servant Heaton, Devon
Catherine Rodgers  Servant s 17 Domestic Servant Soberton, Hampshire
3 Springhead Cottage Thomas Gilbert Head m 30 Carter Storrington, Sussex
Rachael Gilbert Wife m 23 Rackham, Sussex
Charles Gilbert Son s 8 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
Susan M Gilbert Daughter s 5 Scholar Rackham, Sussex
George E Gilbert Son s 2 Rackham, Sussex
Willie Gilbert Son s 0 2 months Parham, Sussex
4 Springhead Cottage James Cooper Head m 44 Carter Sullington, Sussex
Matilda Cooper Wife m 48 Needlewoman Eldersfield, Gloucestershire
Eliza Cooper Daughter s 13 Agricultural Labourer Findon, Sussex
Caroline E Cooper Daughter s 9 Scholar Findon, Sussex
Alfred J Cooper Son s 6 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Henry Edwin Cooper Son s 4 Scholar Parham, Sussex
5 Parham Hill Richard Andrew Head m 66 Gamekeeper Petworth, Sussex
Sarah Andrew Wife m 57 Laundress Pulborough, Sussex
Sam Andrew Son s 27 Labourer Parham, Sussex
6 Parham Hill Hannah Skinner Head w 73 Wheelwrights Wife Storrington, Sussex
Ann Skinner Daughter s 39 Dressmaker Parham, Sussex
7 Rackham Lodge Sarah Penfold Head w 67 Tillington, Sussex
8 Rackham Lodge Charles Smart Lodger w 56 Farm Bailiff Pulborough, Sussex
9 Rackham Lodge Henry Marsh Head m 35 Gardener Horningsham, Wiltshire
Sarah Marsh Wife m 33 Parham, Sussex
Annie Marsh Daughter s 6 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Henry Marsh Son s 4 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Sarah Marsh Daughter s 1 Parham, Sussex
10 Round House Luke Shepperd Head m 49 Farm Servant Storrington, Sussex
William Shepperd Son s 14 Farm Servant Storrington, Sussex
Caroline Mobsby Mother in Law w 73 Formerley Millers Wife Ashurst, Sussex
Sarah Richardson Boarder s 67 Formerley Housekeeper Ashington, Sussex
11 Keepers House Henry Floate Head m 43 Park and Game Keeper Washington, Sussex
Elizabeth Floate Wife m 36 Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Floate Daughter s 9 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Harry Floate Son s 7 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Robert Floate Son s 6 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Annie Floate Daughter s 4 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Louisa Mabel Floate Daughter s 2 Parham, Sussex
Henry Floate Boarder w 68 Late Farmer Piddinghoe, Sussex
12 School House William White Head m 67 Gardener Parham, Sussex
Harriet White Wife m 65  School Mistress Storrington, Sussex
George White Brother w 69 Late Coachman Parham, Sussex
Ann Kent Lodger s 14 Teacher Arundel, Sussex
13 Parham Farm 1 unoccupied