Parham 1851 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
115 Springhead William Stanford Head w 58 Farmer 700acres emp 29men West Grinstead, Sussex
Mary Stanford Daughter s 29 Housekeeper West Grinstead, Sussex
George Stanford Son s 24 Farmers Son West Grinstead, Sussex
Harriet Stanford Daughter s 32 Farmers Daughter West Grinstead, Sussex
Walter Stanford Son s 20 Miller West Grinstead, Sussex
Frederick Stanford Son s 13 Farmers Son West Grinstead, Sussex
Rebecca Stanford Daughter s 15 Farmers Daughter West Grinstead, Sussex
John Sayers  Servant m 48 Agricultural Labourer Cowfold, Sussex
Sarah Sayers  Servant m 50 House Servant Cowfold, Sussex
Jane Jinner  Servant s 22 House Servant Chillington, Sussex
Joseph Smille  Servant w 58 Agricultural Labourer Shipley, Sussex
Hayward Cheesman  Servant s 21 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
George Slaughter  Servant s 20 Agricultural Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Daniel Barnard  Servant s 15 Agricultural Labourer Storrington, Sussex
John Reeves  Servant s 15 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
2 unoccupied
116 Parham Park Mary Skinner Head w 91 Nuthurst, Sussex
John Skinner Son m 57 Wheelwright Storrington, Sussex
Hannah Skinner  Daughter in Law m 52 Storrington, Sussex
Ann Skinner Granddaughter s 19 House Servant Parham, Sussex
Ellen Skinner Granddaughter s 15 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Walter Skinner Grandson s 15 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Henry Skinner Great Grandson s 0 4 months Parham, Sussex
117 West Lodge John Gibbs Head m 79 Formerly Agricultural Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Sarah Gibbs Wife m 81 Warningcamp, Sussex
Harriet Gibbs Granddaughter s 17 Servant Parham, Sussex
118 West Lodge James Kingshot Head m 52 Agricultural Labourer Tillington, Sussex
Sarah Kingshot Wife m 52 Burpham, Sussex
Charles Blackmore Inmate s 34 Gardener Clayton, Sussex
119 Parham House Elizabeth Frances  Servant s 50 Housekeeper Folkestone, Kent
Mary Ann Frances Visitor w 81 Formerly Monthly Nurse Harbledown, Kent
Caroline Mobsby  Servant s 31 Dairymaid Ashurst, Sussex
Mary Truelove  Servant s 47 Housemaid Gatton Park, Surrey
Eliza Skinner  Servant s 16 Stillroom Maid Parham, Sussex
Henry Short  Servant w 75 Park Labourer Sandhurst, Kent
120 Roundhouse William Nash Head m 25 Park Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Elizabeth Nash Wife m 25 Storrington, Sussex
George Nash Son s 5 Storrington, Sussex
Alfred Nash Son s 3 Parham, Sussex
Charles Nash Son s 1 Parham, Sussex
121 Sparright Richard Andrew Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Arundel, Sussex
Sarah Andrew Wife m 37 Pulborough, Sussex
Thomas Andrew Son s 17 Gardener Parham, Sussex
Sarah Andrew Daughter s 13 Scholar Parham, Sussex
William Andrew Son s 10 Scholar Parham, Sussex
Samuel Andrew Son s 6 Scholar Parham, Sussex
122 Sparright William White Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Parham, Sussex
Harriet White Wife m 45 Storrington, Sussex
William White Nephew s 9 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
123 Park Farm Felix Butler Head m 36 Agricultural Labourer Trotton, Sussex
Mary Ann Butler Wife m 35 Amberley, Sussex
Charles Butler Son s 3 Amberley, Sussex
Angelina Butler Daughter s 2 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Infant Butler Son s 0 2 weeks Parham, Sussex
George Humphrey Lodger s 23 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
James White Lodger s 37 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex