North Stoke 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
115 192 G North Stoke John Knight Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Bury, Sussex
Sarah Knight Wife m 56 North Stoke, Sussex
Ernest Knight Son s 12 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Frank Scutt Lodger s 20 Agricultural Labourer Bury, Sussex
116 192 L North Stoke Amelia Fanny Stacey Head w 34 Laundress Chichester, Sussex
James Albert Stacey Son s 9 Scholar Westburton, Sussex
Katie Jane Stacey Daughter s 7 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Elizabeth Annie Gray  Sister s 23 Domestic Nurse Bosham, Sussex
William Lillywhite Lodger s 39 Agricultural Labourer Burton, Sussex
117 192 J North Stoke Frederick Lee Head m 45 Labourer in Lime Works Houghton, Sussex
Elizabeth Lee Wife m 48 Houghton, Sussex
William Frederick Lee Son s 13 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Leonard Wadham Lee Son s 11 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Stephen Brooman Lodger s 25 Railway Signal Porter Buxted, Sussex
118 192 F North Stoke Andrew Johnson Head m 48  Agricultural Engine Driver Pulborough, Sussex
Charlotte Johnson Wife m 38 Bury, Sussex
William Johnson Son s 20 Engine Driver Bury, Sussex
Edmund Johnson Son s 15 Farm Labourer Bury, Sussex
Robert Johnson Son s 13 Scholar Bury, Sussex
Albert Johnson Son s 10 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Frank Andrew Johnson Son s 8 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Ernest Jack Johnson Son s 0 6 months North Stoke, Sussex
119 192 E North Stoke George Pestall Head w 49 Agricultural Labourer East Meon, Hampshire
Mary Ann Puttick  Servant w 51 Housekeeper Rolvenden, Kent
Edith Mary Puttick Lodger s 8 Scholar Brighton, Sussex
William Dollery Lodger s 45 Agricultural Labourer Eatherington, Hampshrie
120 192 D North Stoke Charles Westbury Handy Head m 38 Gardener (Domestic) Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Handy Wife m 46 Froxfield, Hampshire
Leonard C W Handy Son s 16 Carter Boy Iping, Sussex
Eliza Jane Handy Daughter s 11 Scholar Twineham, Sussex
Matilda Handy Daughter s 10 Scholar Walberton, Sussex
121 192 C North Stoke Walter Upperton Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Mary Jane Upperton Wife m 35 North Stoke, Sussex
Joseph Upperton Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer North Stoke, Sussex
Albert Upperton Son s 8 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Charles Upperton Son s 6 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Leonard Upperton Son s 1 North Stoke, Sussex
122 192 B North Stoke William Reen Head m 61 Agricultural Labourer Compton, Hampshire
Harriet Reen Wife m 58 Hartfield, Surrey
Caroline Reen Daughter s 16 Domestic Servant Petworth, Sussex
123 192 A North Stoke William Carver Head m 62 Agricultural Labourer Sutton, Sussex
Sarah Carver Wife m 55 North Stoke, Sussex
William Hy Carver Son m 26 Agricultural Labourer Houghton, Sussex
Harriet Carver  Daughter in Law m 24 Petworth, Sussex
Frances A Carver Daughter s 10 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
George Curtis Lodger s 39  Shepherd Bury, Sussex
124 North Stoke George Steer Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Harriet Steer Wife m 53 Surrey
George Steer Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
William Steer Son s 11 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
125 North Stoke Richard Morley Head m 70 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Jane Morley Wife m 58 Fittleworth, Sussex
126 185 North Stoke Henry Ford Head m 51 Agricultural Labourer Croydon, Surrey
Mary Ford Wife m 39 Petworth, Sussex
127 184 North Stoke George Golds Head m 42 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Agnes Golds Wife m 34 Thakeham, Sussex
Rose Golds Daughter s 10 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Alfred Golds Son s 8 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Harry Golds Son s 6 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Jack Golds Son s 2 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
128 185 North Stoke Alfred John Pierce Head m 50 Farm Labourer Sutton, Sussex
Mary Ann Pierce Wife m 56 Sutton, Sussex
Annie Rowlings Daughter m 22 Sutton, Sussex
James Pierce Son s 20 Farm Labourer Sutton, Sussex
Wilfred Pierce Son s 14 Farm Labourer Sutton, Sussex
Joseph Pierce Son s 11 Scholar Sutton, Sussex
129 186 North Stoke William Daniel Treagas Head m 33 Farm Labourer East Wittering, Sussex
Mary Ann Treagas Wife m 32 Brighton, Sussex
Georgiana F Treagas Daughter s 8 Scholar West Wittering, Sussex
William Hy Treagas Son s 4 Scholar East Wittering, Sussex
Thomas Albert Treagas Son s 3 Brighton, Sussex
130 187 North Stoke Charles Smith Head m 63 Agricultural Labourer North Stoke, Sussex
Bertha Smith Wife m 61 North Stoke, Sussex
131 188 North Stoke Samuel Smart Head m 56 Agricultural Labourer Wisborough Green, Sussex
Ann Smart Wife m 49 Sheet, Hampshire
132 181 North Stoke Albert Scott Head m 24 Groom and Cowman Westburton, Sussex
Edith Scott Wife m 28 Burpham, Sussex
Herbert J Scott Son s 1 North Stoke, Sussex
133 North Stoke Edmund George King Head m 56 Farmer Petworth, Sussex
Anna King Wife m 49 Bath, Somerset
Edmund George King Son s 26 Bury, Sussex
Mary E King Daughter s 24 Bury, Sussex
Fanny King Daughter s 19 Bury, Sussex
Emma Dawes  Servant s 20 Domestic Servant Ewhurst, Surrey
M Ams Gocher  Servant s 21 Domestic Servant Shipley, Sussex
134 Canada, North Stoke William Moulding Head m 41 Shepherd Bury, Sussex
Emily Moulding Wife m 42 Amberley, Sussex
William Moulding Son s 17 Farm Labourer North Stoke, Sussex
Jessee Moulding Son s 12 Shepherd Boy North Stoke, Sussex
Annie Moulding Daughter s 10 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
John Moulding Son s 9 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Charlotte Moulding Daughter s 7 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Kate Moulding Daughter s 5 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Olave Moulding Daughter s 2 North Stoke, Sussex
135 Canada, North Stoke John Harrington Head m 34 Farm Labourer Chichester, Sussex
Amelia Harrington Wife m 36 London
Henry Harrington Son s 18 Farm Labourer Shoreditch, London
Albert Harrington Son s 7 Scholar West Brighton, Sussex
William Harrington Son s 14 Scholar Queensland Road, London
Frances Harrington Daughter s 4 Scholar Shipley, Sussex