North Stoke 1881 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
131 185 North Stoke Charles Searle Head m 34 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Emma Searle Wife m 25 Burpham, Sussex
132 186 William Ayling Head m 51 Carter (Agricultural) Ashurst, Sussex
Mary Ann Ayling Wife m 45 Ashurst, Sussex
John W Ayling Son s 16 Ashurst, Sussex
Thomas Ayling Son s 15 Ashurst, Sussex
Rosa Ayling Daughter s 9 Ashurst, Sussex
George A Ayling Son s 5 Cocking, Sussex
Alice A Ayling Daughter s 4 Lyttleton, Sussex
133 186 Maria Church Lodger w 70 None Elsted, Surrey
134 187 Charles Smith Head m 72 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Drusilla Smith Wife m 62 Pulborough, Sussex
Edward Smith Son s 24 Bricklayers Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Emily Gent Visitor s 15 General Domestic Servant Angmering, Sussex
137 190 Samuel Smart Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Wisborough Green, Sussex
Ann Smart Wife m 44 Wisborough Green, Sussex
138 191 Richard Morley Head w 57 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Mary Irish  Servant w 54 Housekeeper (Domestic) Coldwaltham, Sussex
139 192 George Penfold Head m 30 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Mary Penfold Wife m 22 Houghton, Sussex
140 192 G John Knight Head m 49 Agricultural Labourer Bury, Sussex
Sarah Knight Wife m 46 North Stoke, Sussex
Alfred Knight Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
John Knight Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer North Stoke, Sussex
Agnes Knight Daughter s 10 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Ernest Knight Son s 2 North Stoke, Sussex
Hannah Morley  Step Mother w 88 Lower Barpham, Sussex
141 192 H John Aldred Head m 28 Agricultural Labourer Clanfield, Hampshire
Eliza Aldred Wife m 21 Hambledon, Hampshire
Mary Aldred Daughter s 1 North Stoke, Sussex
142 192 I Frederick Lee Head m 36 Lime Burner Houghton, Sussex
Elizabeth Lee Wife m 39 Houghton, Sussex
Inesh M Lee Daughter s 10 Scholar Amberley, Sussex
Ethel S Lee Daughter s 6 Scholar Amberley, Sussex
William F Lee Son s 3 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Leonard W Lee Son s 1 North Stoke, Sussex
143 181 Anthony Hollist Head m 34 Groom (Domestic) Petworth, Sussex
Eliza Hollist Wife m 40 Fittleworth, Sussex
Henry Hollist Son s 20 Labourer in Lime Works Fittleworth, Sussex
Alice Hollist Daughter s 12 None Bury, Sussex
Edward J Hollist Son s 10 Scholar Bury, Sussex
Elizabeth Hollist Daughter s 6 Scholar Bury, Sussex
144 Farm House Edmund G King Head m 46 Farmer of 930acres emp 25men 9boys Egdean, Sussex
Anne King Wife m 39 Bath, Somerset
Foard King Son s 17 Bury, Sussex
George King Daughter s 16 Bury, Sussex
Edward J King Son s 7 Bury, Sussex
Elizabeth King Daughter s 3 Bury, Sussex
Henry King Son s 1 North Stoke, Sussex
Charles Knight  Servant m 63 Gardener (Domestic) Bury, Sussex
Jane Knight  Servant m 73 Cook (Domestic) Greatham, Sussex
Caroline Knight  Servant s 34 Housemaid (Domestic) Bury, Sussex
Kate Kilham  Servant s 17 General Domestic Servant Bury, Sussex
Maria N Wadey  Servant s 16 Nursemaid (Domestic) Billingshurst, Sussex
145 192 a William Carver Head m 51 Agricultural Labourer Sutton, Sussex
Sarah Carver Wife m 44 North Stoke, Sussex
Alfred Carver Son s 20 Labourer on Railway Houghton, Sussex
William H Carver Son s 16 Labourer in Lime Works Houghton, Sussex
James Carver Son s 13 Scholar Houghton, Sussex
George Carver Son s 12 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Herbert Carver Son s 8 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Mary Carver Daughter s 5 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
146 George Curtis Lodger s 20 Carter (Agricultural) Bury, Sussex
147 John Puttick Lodger s 17 Carter (Agricultural) Bury, Sussex
148 William Gent Lodger w 82 Agricultural Labourer Houghton, Sussex
149 192 B William Upperton Head m 62 Agricultural Labourer North Stoke, Sussex
Dan Upperton Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
150 Charles Upperton Lodger s 45 Agricultural Labourer North Stoke, Sussex
151 192 C Edmund Gent Head w 58 Carter (Agricultural) North Stoke, Sussex
Elizabeth Gent Daughter s 22 Cook (Domestic) North Stoke, Sussex
152 192 D James Prangle Head m 58 Carter (Agricultural) Glidden, Hampshire
Sarah Prangle Wife m 46 Hambledon, Hampshire
John Prangle Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Hambledon, Hampshire
Ellen Prangle Daughter s 12 Scholar Hambledon, Hampshire
George Prangle Son s 10 Scholar Hambledon, Hampshire
192 E 1 unoccupied
153 192 F Andrew Johnson Head m 38  Agricultural Engine Driver Pulborough, Sussex
Charlotte Johnson Wife m 27 Bury, Sussex
William Johnson Son s 10 Scholar Bury, Sussex
Mary Johnson Daughter s 7 Scholar Bury, Sussex
Edmund Johnson Son s 5 Scholar Bury, Sussex
Robert Johnson Son s 2 Bury, Sussex
Albert Johnson Son s 0 5 months North Stoke, Sussex
154 1 Canada William Moulding Head m 31  Shepherd Bury, Sussex
Emily Moulding Wife m 32 Amberley, Sussex
James Moulding Son s 10 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Harriet Moulding Daughter s 9 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Christina Moulding Daughter s 8 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
William Moulding Son s 7 Scholar North Stoke, Sussex
Eliza Moulding Daughter s 4 Bognor, Sussex
Jesse Moulding Son s 2 North Stoke, Sussex
Annie Moulding Daughter s 0 3 months North Stoke, Sussex
155 2 Canada George Curtis Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer Sutton, Sussex
Mary Curtis Wife m 48 Sutton, Sussex
William Curtis Son s 18 Agricultural Labourer Bury, Sussex
John Curtis Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Bury, Sussex
Alice Millyard  Step Daughter s 12 Scholar Sutton, Sussex
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