Hardham 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
90 Hardham Gate Richard Dallyn Head m 58 Farmer Challacombe, Devon
Susan L Dallyn Wife m 49 North Molton, Devon
John W Dallyn Son s 22 Farmers Son Challacombe, Devon
Alice L Dallyn Daughter s 18 Challacombe, Devon
91 Hardham Green William Duke Head m 41 Domestic Groom and Gardener Coldwaltham, Sussex
Martha A Duke Wife m 38 Angmering, Sussex
Alfred W Duke Son s 11 Scholar Houghton, Sussex
Fred Duke Son s 4 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Thomas H Duke Son s 1 Hardham, Sussex
92 Hardham Green Mark Stoner Head m 32 Carter on Farm Nuthurst, Sussex
Harriet L Stoner Wife m 28 Dorking, Surrey
Frederick Stoner Son s 2 Horsham, Sussex
William M Stoner Son s 0 1 month Hardham, Sussex
93 Hardham Priory John D Aysh Head m 42 Farmer Throwby, Devon
Rosalie Aysh Wife m 38 Creech, Somerset
May B Payne  Servant s 15 Domestic Housemaid Coldwaltham, Sussex
Ellen Venus  Servant s 17 Domestic Cook Nyetimber, Sussex
94 Hardham Green Cecil Brereton Head m 44 Clergyman C of E Malaga, Spain (British Subject)
Rose E Brereton Wife m 43 London
Frances D Brereton Daughter s 14 Billingshurst, Sussex
Charles C J Brereton Son s 11 Billingshurst, Sussex
Ada M Batchelor  Servant s 26 General Domestic Servant Surbiton, Surrey
95 Hardham Green George G Charman Head m 51 Farmer Pulborough, Sussex
Amelia W Charman Wife m 54 Pulborough, Sussex
Eliza W Gardner Relative s 61 Retired Postmistress Pulborough, Sussex
96 Hardham Junction Henry Upton Head m 51 Railway Signalman Balcombe, Sussex
Charlotte Upton Wife m 52 Amberley, Sussex
Edith E Upton Daughter s 22 Hardham, Sussex
Albert Upton Son s 15  General Labourer Hardham, Sussex
97 Hardham Junction Harry Stevens Head m 41 Railway Signalman Lodsworth, Sussex
Alice Stevens Wife m 44 Duncton, Sussex
Harry J Stevens Son s 15 Railway Booking Clerk Angmering, Sussex
Elsie W Stevens Daughter s 9 Scholar East Preston, Sussex
98 Hardham Junction William Bryant Head m 46 Journeyman Miller Chislehurst, Kent
Charlotte Bryant Wife m 45 Duncton, Sussex
Agnes B Bryant Daughter s 20 Duncton, Sussex
Edward J Bryant Son s 16 Carter on Farm Duncton, Sussex
George Bryant Son s 12 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Ernest Bryant Son s 10 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Caroline Bryant Daughter s 7 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Emily Bryant Daughter s 4 Hardham, Sussex
Sidney F Bryant Son s 1 Hardham, Sussex
99 Hardham Junction Alfred Puttick Head m 37 Mill Waggoner Kirdford, Sussex
Ellen Puttick Wife m 37 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Alfred Puttick Son s 8 Scholar Wisborough Green, Sussex
Emily Puttick Daughter s 2 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Frank Luff Boarder s 26 Millers Labourer Lodsworth, Sussex
Frank Chatfield Boarder s 17 Millers Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
100 Hardham Mill Leonard H Eames Head m 41 Millers Labourer Lynch, Sussex
Caroline S Eames Wife m 37 Shipley, Sussex
Arthur Eames Son s 6 Hardham, Sussex
Edith Older  Servant s 27 Companion Effingham, Surrey
Mary A Boden  Servant s 32 Hospital Nurse Stretwood, Lancashire
Ellen E Sole  Servant s 19 Domestic Cook Blackheath, Surrey
Annie M Goodger  Servant s 16 Domestic Housemaid Bury, Sussex
101 Lock House Reuben Merriott Head m 25 Engine Driver in Flour Mill Amberley, Sussex
Florence Merriott Wife m 27 Kirdford, Sussex
Florence Merriott Daughter s 3 Hardham, Sussex
Ethel Merriott Daughter s 1 Hardham, Sussex
Ada Wadey   Sister in Law s 29 Waitress at Inn Kirdford, Sussex
102 The Street Ernest Pronger Head m 27 Millers Labourer Cowfold, Sussex
Fanny Pronger Wife m 26 Horsham, Sussex
Minnie Pronger Daughter s 3 Horsham, Sussex
Emily Pronger Daughter s 2 Amberley, Sussex
Elizabeth Pronger Daughter s 0 7 months Hardham, Sussex
Charles Doick Boarder s 38 Groom and Cowman Fittleworth, Sussex
103 The Street Harvey Daughtery Head m 52 Carter on Farm Fittleworth, Sussex
Mary Daughtery Wife m 54 Fittleworth, Sussex
William Daughtery Son s 20 Cowman on Farm Fittleworth, Sussex
Sarah Gibbs Mother in Law w 73 Retired Fittleworth, Sussex
Selina Searle Granddaughter s 13 Work at Home Fittleworth, Sussex
104 The Street Maurice Jupp Head m 48 Cowman on Farm Nutbourne, Sussex
Esther Jupp Wife m 44 Findon, Sussex
William Jupp Son s 23 Cowman on Farm Beeding, Sussex
Albert Jupp Son s 14 Cowman on Farm Beeding, Sussex
Annie Jupp Daughter s 12 Scholar Woodmancote, Sussex
Elizabeth Jupp Daughter s 9 Scholar Woodmancote, Sussex
Henry Jupp Son s 3 Hardham, Sussex
105 The Street James Searle Head m 58 Foreman on Farm Greatham, Sussex
Elizabeth Searle Wife m 60 Pulborough, Sussex
Rose Searle Daughter s 27 Domestic Housemaid Hardham, Sussex
Dorothy K Searle Granddaughter s 9 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
106 The Street Frances Bruce Wife m 25 Pulborough, Sussex
Annie Bruce Daughter s 9 Scholar Glasgow, Scotland
Janet Bruce Daughter s 7 Scholar Glasgow, Scotland
Florence Bruce Daughter s 6 Scholar Glasgow, Scotland
Archibald Bruce Son s 1 Fulham, London
107 The Street Eliza Stedman Head w 61 Laundress Coldwaltham, Sussex
108 Hardham Dairy George Powell Head m 48 Milkman on Farm South Ambersham, Hampshire
Ellen Powell Wife m 47 Henby Hill, Sussex
Joseph Powell Son s 19 Milkman on Farm Selham, Sussex
Leonard Powell Son s 13 Carter on Farm Selham, Sussex
Percy Powell Son s 10 Scholar Selham, Sussex
109 Hardham Dairy Frederick Searle Head m 25 Cowman on Farm Hardham, Sussex
Flora Searle Wife m 26 Cranleigh, Surrey
110 The Street John Andrews Head m 35 Cowman on Farm Shrawley, Worcestershire
Annie Andrews Wife m 34 Northchapel, Sussex
Charles Andrews Son s 11 Scholar Guildford, Surrey
Maud Andrews Daughter s 9 Scholar Guildford, Surrey
Samuel Andrews Son s 8 Scholar Guildford, Surrey
George Andrews Son s 3 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Annie Andrews Daughter s 2 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Nelly Andrews Daughter s 1 Horsted Keynes, Sussex
111 Winters Levi Harwood Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Fanny Harwood Wife m 50 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Albert Harwood Son s 26 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Victoria M Harwood Daughter s 13 General Domestic Servant Coldwaltham, Sussex
Emily S Harwood Daughter s 10 Scholar Coldwaltham, Sussex
Walter Harwood Son m 28 Grocers Porter Codmore Hill, Sussex
Ellen S Harwood  Daughter in Law m 19 Fittleworth, Sussex
Leonard H Harwood Grandson s 0 8 months Hardham, Sussex
Cheesmars Wharf 1 unoccupied