Hardham 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
84 Hardham Gate Farm Eliza Neale Head w 69 Farmer Pulborough, Sussex
B G Merson Visitor s 62 Living on Own Means Scotland
Fanny Blackman  Servant s 22 General Servant Hardham, Sussex
85 Hardham Green James Stedman Head m 27 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Jane F Stedman Wife m 20 Colmer, Hampshire
86 Hardham Green William H Duke Head m 32 Groom Coldwaltham, Sussex
Martha A Duke Wife m 26 Burpham, Sussex
Alfred W Duke Son s 1 Houghton, Sussex
87 The Priory John D Aysh Head m 33 Farmer Throwley, Devon
Rosalie Aysh Wife m 28 Creed S Michael, Somerset
Ethel D Aysh Daughter s 6 Hardham, Sussex
John D Aysh Son s 5 Hardham, Sussex
Mildred D Aysh Daughter s 2 Hardham, Sussex
Rose Pope  Servant s 19 General Servant Tonbridge Wells, Kent
Alice Kneller  Servant s 17 General Servant Hampshire
88 The Cottage William C Estall Head m 33 Artist (Landscape Painter) Marylebone, London
Annie Estall Wife m 30 Hardham, Sussex
89 Hardham Green House Maurice W Neale Head m 42 Corn Merchant Hardham, Sussex
Elizabeth Neale Wife m 36 Paddington, Middlesex
Cecil W Neale Son s 14 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Neale Daughter s 9 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Kenneth G Neale Son s 7 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Mildred R Neale Daughter s 5 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
William Keatley Father in Law m 69 Retired Farmer Chipsted, Surrey
90 Railway Cottages William Humphrey Head m 58 Signalman Hellingly, Sussex
Mary E R Humphrey Wife m 40 Hackney, London
Violet Humphrey Daughter s 7 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Alexander W Humphrey Son s 6 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Gertrude L Humphrey Daughter s 5 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Major J G Humphrey Son s 4 Hardham, Sussex
Victoria M Humphrey Daughter s 3 Hardham, Sussex
91 Railway Cottages Henry Upton Head m 41 Signalman Balcombe, Sussex
Charlotte Upton Wife m 42 Amberley, Sussex
Edith M Upton Daughter s 12 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Alice M Upton Daughter s 9 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Albert W H Upton Son s 5 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Reuben H Merriott Nephew s 15  General Labourer Amberley, Sussex
James E Merriott Nephew s 3 Lancing, Sussex
92 Mill Cottages William Bryant Head m 35 Agricultural Labourer Bromley, Kent
Charlotte Bryant Wife m 35 Duncton, Sussex
Mary A Bryant Daughter s 12 Scholar Duncton, Sussex
Agnes Bryant Daughter s 10 Scholar Duncton, Sussex
Jessie Bryant Daughter s 8 Scholar Duncton, Sussex
Edward J Bryant Son s 6 Scholar Duncton, Sussex
Herbert Bryant Son s 4 Duncton, Sussex
George Bryant Son s 2 Hardham, Sussex
Ernest Bryant Son s 0 1 month Hardham, Sussex
93 Mill Cottages George E Ellis Head m 26 Journeyman Corn Miller Waldron, Sussex
Sarah E Ellis Wife m 23 Petworth, Sussex
Kate H Ellis   Sister s 18 Dressmaker Waldron, Sussex
94 Hardham Mill Leonard H Eames Head m 31 Miller Lynch, Sussex
Caroline S Eames Wife m 27 Shipley, Sussex
Leonard J Eames Son s 1 Hardham, Sussex
Gladys Eames Daughter s 0 under 1 month Hardham, Sussex
Edgar Knight Uncle s 65 Retired Farmer Headley, Hampshire
Annie Page  Servant s 22 General Servant Camden Town, Middlesex
Alice L Tewkell  Servant w 30 Trained Nurse Chichester, Sussex
Amy King  Servant s 15 Housemaid Dorking, Surrey
Louisa M Harwood  Servant s 17 Cook Greatham, Sussex
95 Lock House Samuel Smith Head m 29 Miller Coldwaltham, Sussex
Sarah Smith Wife m 36 Hardham, Sussex
Minnie G Smith Daughter s 6 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Samuel F Smith Son s 5 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Hannah F Smith Daughter s 4 Coldwaltham, Sussex
George V Smith Son s 3 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Charles E Smith Son s 2 Coldwaltham, Sussex
96 The Street George Harding Head m 26 Carman Pulborough, Sussex
Ruth Harding Wife m 28 Petworth, Sussex
Annie Harding Daughter s 3 Emsworth, Hampshire
Ellen Harding Daughter s 2 Chichester, Sussex
John Lambert Boarder m 36 Carpenter and Joiner Penshurst, Kent
Henry Keal Boarder m 35 Carpenter and Joiner Legbourne, Lincoln
George C Baten Boarder m 25 Carpenter and Joiner South Norwood, Surrey
Albert E Andrews Boarder s 24 Carpenter and Joiner Kingsbridge, Devon
97 The Street James Joyes Head m 59 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Joyes Wife m 59 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Harry Joyes Son s 16 Tailor Hardham, Sussex
James E Leech Boarder s 21 Millwright Wickham Market, Suffolk
Percy Marfleet Boarder s 17 Fitter Carshalton, Surrey
Christopher Woolgar Boarder s 22 Millwright Bramber, Sussex
98 The Street Frank Smith Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
Mary Smith Wife m 53 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Frank Smith Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
Harry Smith Son s 13 Errand Boy Hardham, Sussex
Walter G Smith Son s 10 Hardham, Sussex
Alfred J Smith Son s 8 Hardham, Sussex
Mary A Duke Boarder w 74 Chichester, Sussex
Frederick Cartwright   Son in Law m 21 Commercial Traveller Newington, London
Ellen Cartwright Daughter m 22 Hardham, Sussex
Frederick Cartwright Grandson s 0 under 1 month Hardham, Sussex
99 Church Cottages James Searle Head m 48 Agricultural Labourer Greatham, Sussex
Elizabeth Searle Wife m 50 Pulborough, Sussex
Frederick Searle Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
Elizabeth Searle Daughter s 10 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
William Searle Son s 8 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Ephraim Parker Lodger w 46 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Frederick Blunden Lodger s 24 Agricultural Labourer
100 Church Cottages Stephen Field Head m 21 Loader at Flour Mill Wick, Sussex
Annie Field Wife m 20 Greatham, Sussex
101 Church Cottages Eliza Stedman Head w 51 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Henry Stedman Son s 23 Coal Merchant Coldwaltham, Sussex
Frederick Gower Boarder s 22 Millwright Peterborough, Northamptonshire
102 Rushmoor Charles Beacher Head m 57 Shepherd Easebourne, Sussex
Jane Beacher Wife m 51 Lodsworth, Sussex
John Beacher Son s 19 Stockman Donnington, Sussex
Annie Beacher Daughter s 9 Scholar Egdean, Sussex
Percy Ayling Visitor s 12 Scholar Midhurst, Sussex
103 Rushmoor Henry Eldridge Head w 46 Agricultural Labourer Eastmeon, Hampshire
Ernest W Eldridge Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Horley, Surrey
Mabel F Eldridge Daughter s 7 Scholar Horley, Surrey
Jane Eldridge   Sister s 56 Eastmeon, Hampshire
104 Ingrams Cottage Downer Daughtery Head m 67 Farmer Pulborough, Sussex
Martha Daughtery Wife m 66 Pulborough, Sussex
Edwin Daughtery Son s 39 Farmers Son Pulborough, Sussex
105 Winters Cottage Alfred Harwood Head m 37 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Hannah Harwood Wife m 35 Coldwaltham, Sussex
William A Harwood Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Charles J Harwood Son s 12 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Mary Harwood Daughter s 10 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Emily F K Harwood Daughter s 8 Poling, Sussex
Henry Harwood Son s 4 Crossbush, Sussex
James Olding Lodger s 63 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
106 Cheasmans Wharf George Ansell Head w 60  General Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Fanny M Ansell Daughter s 26 Dressmaker Pulborough, Sussex