Hardham 1881 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Hardham Gate Eliza Neale Head w 57 Annuitant Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Ann Winter   Sister s 69 Annuitant Pulborough, Sussex
Jane Short  Servant s 16 General Servant Ambersham, Sussex
2 The Priory Henry Challen Head m 56 Farmer Hardham, Sussex
Jane Challen Wife m 52 Amberley, Sussex
Louisa Payne  Servant s 19 Housemaid Shoreham, Sussex
Louisa Quinnell  Servant s 18 Cook Finchdean, Sussex
3 Hardham Green Jane Blond Head w 55 Annuitant South Lambeth, Surrey
Charlotte J Statham   Sister s 59 Annuitant South Lambeth, Surrey
Caroline Luxford  Servant s 18 General Servant Wisborough Green, Sussex
4 Edward Blunden Head m 70 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
Sarah Blunden Wife m 61 Billingshurst, Sussex
George Blunden Son s 20 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
5 James Joyes Head m 49 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Joyes Wife m 49 Pulborough, Sussex
Walter Joyes Son s 19 Painter Hardham, Sussex
Mary Joyes Daughter s 17 Hardham, Sussex
James Joyes Son s 13 Hardham, Sussex
Henry Joyes Son s 6 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
6 Edward Smith Head m 27 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Jane Smith Wife m 36 Coldwaltham, Sussex
6a Frank Smith Head m 49 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
Mary Smith Wife m 45 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Eliza Smith Daughter s 14 Servant out of place Coldwaltham, Sussex
Ellen Smith Daughter s 12 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Frank Smith Son s 9 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Alice Smith Daughter s 7 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Ada Smith Daughter s 6 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Harry Smith Son s 3 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Walter G Smith Son s 0 1 month Hardham, Sussex
Samuel Smith Nephew s 18 Miller Coldwaltham, Sussex
7 James Searle Head w 81 Formerly Agricultural Labourer Greatham, Sussex
Mary Ann Searle Daughter s 36 Domestic Housekeeper Greatham, Sussex
Edmund Searle Son s 28 Agricultural Labourer Greatham, Sussex
Stephen Searle Son s 21 Mailman Coldwaltham, Sussex
8 Eliza Humphrey Head w 72 Chichester, Sussex
Mary Ann ?   Sister w 63 Chichester, Sussex
9 Eliza Stedman Head w 41 Coldwaltham, Sussex
James Stedman Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Frank Stedman Son s 15 Errand Boy Coldwaltham, Sussex
Henry Stedman Son s 13  Agricultural Boy Coldwaltham, Sussex
Ellen E Stedman Daughter s 10 Scholar Coldwaltham, Sussex
Edith Stedman Daughter s 7 Scholar Coldwaltham, Sussex
Kate Stedman Daughter s 5 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Frank Lelliott Grandson s 6 Scholar Patridge Green, Sussex
10 Thomas Searle Head m 43 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Fanny Searle Wife m 41 Stopham, Sussex
Felix P Searle Son s 4 Hardham, Sussex
11 James Searle Head m 38 Agricultural Labourer Greatham, Sussex
Elizabeth Searle Wife m 40 Pulborough, Sussex
Charlotte Searle Daughter s 19 Pulborough, Sussex
John Searle Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Alice Searle Daughter s 12 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Rosie Searle Daughter s 7 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Frederick Searle Son s 4 Hardham, Sussex
Elizabeth Searle Daughter s 1 Hardham, Sussex
12 Downer Daughtery Head m 56 Farmer of 45 Acres Pulborough, Sussex
Martha Daughtery Wife m 54 Pulborough, Sussex
William Slater Father in Law w 82 Retired Farmer Pulborough, Sussex
Louisa Hicks Visitor s 57 Southwick, Sussex
13 Agnes Ravenhill Head w 32 Annuitant Worthing, Sussex
Honoria E R Ravenhill Daughter s 9 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Mary Ann Chambers  Servant s 42 General Servant Otham, Kent
14 William Humphrey Head w 48 Railway Signalman Hellingly, Sussex
Katherine Humphrey Daughter s 22 Housekeeper Hailsham, Sussex
Clara E Humphrey Daughter s 18 Unemployed Cook Horsham, Sussex
Fred N L Humphrey Grandson s 0 11 months Hardham, Sussex
15 Henry Upton Head m 31 Railway Signalman Balcombe, Sussex
Charlotte Upton Wife m 32 Amberley, Sussex
Edith E Upton Daughter s 2 Hardham, Sussex
Reuben Henry Merriott s 5 Scholar Amberley, Sussex
1 unoccupied
17 John E Ellis Head m 39 Miller Chiddingly, Sussex
Jane Ellis Wife m 41 Miller Salisbury, Wiltshire
George E Ellis Son s 16 Waldron, Sussex
Emma J Ellis Daughter s 15 Scholar Waldron, Sussex
Ellen Ellis Daughter s 12 Scholar Waldron, Sussex
Kate H Ellis Daughter s 8 Scholar Waldron, Sussex
Frederick J Ellis Son s 5 Scholar West Chiltington, Sussex
Frank Ellis Son s 3 West Chiltington, Sussex
Annie M Ellis Daughter s 0 2 months Hardham, Sussex
18 Hardham Mill Sarah A Sharp Head w 54 Milleress Hardham, Sussex
Alice Sharp Daughter s 25 Hardham, Sussex
Walter Sharp Son s 22 Hardham, Sussex
Annie Sharp Daughter s 20 Hardham, Sussex
Jessie Sharp Daughter s 16 Hardham, Sussex
Elizabeth Sharp   Sister in Law s 56 Annuitant Guildford, Surrey
Minnie Haines  Servant s 22 Housemaid Loxwood, Sussex
Caroline Richardson  Servant s 21 Cook Pulborough, Sussex
19 Lock House Samuel Feist Head m 63 General Labourer Shipley, Sussex
Emily Feist Wife m 59 Storrington, Sussex
Kate Phillips Boarder s 11 Scholar London, Middlesex
20 George Ansell Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Jane Ansell Wife m 52 Rusper, Sussex
Walter Ansell Son s 18 Blacksmith Pulborough, Sussex
Fanny M Ansell Daughter s 16 Dressmaker Pulborough, Sussex deaf and dumb
Clement Ansell Son s 13 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Thomas Ansell Son s 11 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
21 Mary Ayling Head w 42 Charwoman Pulborough, Sussex
Fanny Ayling Daughter s 12 General Servant Pulborough, Sussex
Ernest Ayling Son s 5 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Louisa Ayling Daughter s 1 Pulborough, Sussex