Hardham 1861 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Cottage near side of river Arun William Ansell Head w 56 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
William Ansell Son s 22 Shoemaker Hardham, Sussex
Eliza Ansell Daughter s 16 Hardham, Sussex
Clement Ansell Son s 9 Hardham, Sussex
2 Edward Brockhurst Head m 42 Bricklayer Pulborough, Sussex
Ellen Brockhurst Wife m 40 Pulborough, Sussex
Jane Brockhurst Daughter s 13 Hardham, Sussex
Harriet Brockhurst Daughter s 10 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Elizabeth Brockhurst Daughter s 8 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Ellen Brockhurst Daughter s 5 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Edwin Brockhurst Son s 2 Hardham, Sussex
Arthur Brockhurst Son s 0 9 months Hardham, Sussex
3 Hardham Brook House Thomas Winter Head w 80 Farmer of 90 acres emp 3men 1boy Pulborough, Sussex
Jane Winter Daughter s 55 Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Ann Winter Daughter s 48 Pulborough, Sussex
Eliza Winter Daughter s 37 Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Wedge  Servant s 20 Servant Pulborough, Sussex
Edward Hedger  Servant s 20 Servant Hardham, Sussex
4 Village Downer Daughtery Head m 38 Farmer of 63acres emp 1man 1boy Pulborough, Sussex
Martha Daughtery Wife m 36 Pulborough, Sussex
Edwin Daughtery Son s 9 Pulborough, Sussex
5 Mary Cox Head m 71  Agricultural Labourers Wife Pulborough, Sussex
6 Brough??? Edward Blunden Head m 49 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
Sarah Blunden Wife m 42 Billingshurst, Sussex
Harry Blunden Son s 11 Cow Boy Storrington, Sussex
Edward Blunden Son s 8 Hardham, Sussex
Sarah Blunden Daughter s 6 Hardham, Sussex
Jane Blunden Daughter s 2 Hardham, Sussex
George Blunden Son s 0 6 months Hardham, Sussex
7 Village Charles Smart Head m 47 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Esther Smart Wife m 47 Pulborough, Sussex
George Smart Son s 21 Footman Pulborough, Sussex
Eliza Smart Daughter s 15 Servant Hardham, Sussex
Eli Smart Son s 10 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
8 James Daughtery Lodger s 58 Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
9 Thomas Joyes Head m 59 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Rhoda Joyes Wife m 56 Billingshurst, Sussex
Mary Joyes Daughter s 19 Teacher at School Hardham, Sussex
10 Thomas Tullett Lodger s 27 Platelayer on Railway  Horsham, Sussex
11 William Flint Lodger w 30 Platelayer on Railway Warnham, Sussex
12 William Smith Head m 48 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Maray Smith Wife m 44 Bury, Sussex
William Smith Son s 15 Hardham, Sussex
George Smith Son s 13 Hardham, Sussex
Oliver Smith Son s 5 Hardham, Sussex
13 Henry Booker Lodger s 24 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
14 Village Benjamin Hoare Head m 31 Agricultural Labourer Shoreham, Sussex
Susan Hoare Wife m 22 Leominster, Sussex
James Hoare Son s 16 Miller  Hascomb, Surrey
Joseph Hoare Son s 11 Agricultural Labourer Cranleigh, Surrey
Allan Hoare Son s 9 Agricultural Labourer Cranleigh, Surrey
Kate Hoare Daughter s 1 Hardham, Sussex
15 James Feast Lodger w 75 Agricultural Labourer Chiltington, Sussex
16 James Joyes Head m 29 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Joyes Wife m 29 Pulborough, Sussex
Frederick Joyes Son s 2 Hardham, Sussex
George Clave Visitor s 24 Porter London
17 Hardham Green House William Pellett Head w 51 Farmer 150acres emp 2labs 1boy Duncton, Sussex
Charlotte Green  Servant w 64 Housekeeper West Chiltington, Sussex
Hannah Hayler  Servant s 14 House Servant Fittleworth, Sussex
18 Hardham Cottage Richard Challen Head m 69 Retired Farmer Hardham, Sussex
Louisa Challen Wife m 63 Arundel, Sussex
Mary Searle  Servant s 16 House Servant Greatham, Sussex
19 Hardham Priory Henry Challen Head m 35 Farmer 400acres emp 10men 4boys Hardham, Sussex
Jane Challen Wife m 31 Amberley, Sussex
Mary Gent  Servant s 26 Servant Cook Bignor, Sussex
Ann Ruff  Servant s 16 House Servant Bignor, Sussex
Charles Searle  Servant s 15 Groom Greatham, Sussex
20 Hardham Gate House William Neale Head w 59 Farmer 400acres emp 12men 4boys Coldwaltham, Sussex
Emma Winter Friend s 40 Superintendant of Household Pulborough, Sussex
Elizabeth Burchell  Servant s 20 Cook Adversane, Sussex
Mary Burchell  Servant s 14 Housemaid Nutbourne, Sussex
21 Hardham Mill George Sharp Head m 33 Master Miller emp 7men 1boy Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Sharp Wife m 34 Hardham, Sussex
Alice Sharp Daughter s 5 Hardham, Sussex
Walter Sharp Son s 2 Hardham, Sussex
Annie Sharp Daughter s 0 1 month Hardham, Sussex
Elizabeth Blunden  Servant w 36 Nurse Greathigh, Essex
Ellen Mersh  Servant s 28 Cook Chiltington, Sussex
Emma Booker  Servant s 22 Housemaid Coldwaltham, Sussex
Fanny Elliott  Servant s 15 Housemaid Rackham, Sussex
22 Hardham Lock House Samuel Feast Head m 43 Groom Shipley, Sussex
Emily Feast Wife m 35 Storrington, Sussex
Jane Charman Visitor s 2 Chelsea, Middlesex
23 Edward Stone Lodger m 56 Brass and Iron Foundryman Pulborough, Sussex
24 William Hills Lodger s 17 Miller Coldwaltham, Sussex
James Pullen Lodger s 18 Miller Kirdford, Sussex