Hardham 1851 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Lime Kiln Houses Edward Brockhurst Head m 32 Journeyman Bricklayer Pulborough, Sussex
   south end of Eleanor Brockhurst Wife m 28 Pulborough, Sussex
Jane Brockhurst Daughter s 3 Hardham, Sussex
Harriet Brockhurst Daughter s 0 10 months Hardham, Sussex
2 Lime Kiln Houses William Ansell Head m 48 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
   north end of Avice Ansell Wife m 43 Wiggonholt, Sussex
Sarah Ansell Daughter s 18 Pulborough, Sussex
Henry Ansell Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
William Ansell Son s 11 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Emma Ansell Daughter s 9 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Eliza Ansell Daughter s 6 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Clement Ansell Son s 0 11 months Hardham, Sussex
3 Brook Farm Thomas Winter Head m 70 Farmer 95 acres emp 4 labs Pulborough, Sussex
Elizabeth Winter Wife m 71 Hardham, Sussex
Mary Ann Winter Daughter s 36 Pulborough, Sussex
Emma Winter Daughter s 32 Pulborough, Sussex
Charles Hayler  Servant s 6? Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
Jane Searle  Servant s 12 Housemaid Greatham, Sussex
4 Ingrams Downer Daughtery Head m 27 Farmer 30 acres joint tenant emp 1 lab Pulborough, Sussex
Martha Daughtery Wife m 25 Pulborough, Sussex
5 Unknown Thomas Warner Head m 55 Labourer on river Arun in sewage works Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Warner Wife m 50 Pulborough, Sussex
Thomas Grinstead Natural Son s 28 Labourer on river Arun in sewage works Shipley, Sussex
House 1 unoccupied
6 Frank Cooper Head w 79 Millers Labourer Wisborough Green, Sussex
7 Charles Smart Head m 36 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Esther Smart Wife m 36 Pulborough, Sussex
George Smart Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Smart Daughter s 9 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Eliza Smart Daughter s 5 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Eli Smart Son s 0 4 months Hardham, Sussex
8 Richard Upfield Head m 43 Gardener Billingshurst, Sussex
Mary Ann Upfield Wife m 35 Findon, Sussex
Fanny Upfield Daughter s 6 Scholar Coldwaltham, Sussex
Jane Upfield Daughter s 4 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Kate Upfield Daughter s 3 Pulborough, Sussex
9 William Smith Head m 40 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Smith Wife m 33 Westbarton, Sussex
John Smith Son s 7 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
William Smith  Servant s 5 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
George Smith Son s 3 Hardham, Sussex
10 Thomas Joyes Head m 49 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Rhoda Joyes Wife m 46 Billingshurst, Sussex
James Joyes Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Joyes Daughter s 10 Scholar Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Joyes Daughter s 9 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
11 Frank Humphrey Head m 35 Agricultural Labourer Coldwaltham, Sussex
Hayward Humphrey Son s 6 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Samuel Humphrey Son s 0 10 months Hardham, Sussex
Esther Humphrey Niece s 13 Visitor Surrey
12 James Feist Snr Head w 60 Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
13 Edward Giles Head s 22 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
14 Samuel Feist Head s 33 Millers Labourer Shipley, Sussex
15 Hardham Green Farm House William Pellett Head m 4? Farmer 50acres emp 3 labourers Duncton, Sussex
Mary Pellett Wife m 46 Duncton, Sussex
Richard Broadbridge Nephew s 15 Scholar Loose, Kent
Esther Barnes  Servant s 24 General House Servant Coldwaltham, Sussex
16 Edward Gray Head s 24 Curate of Hardham and Coldwaltham Gayton, Northamptonshire
17 Hardham Green west end of Charles Smith Head m 32 Bargeman Coldwaltham, Sussex
Maria Smith Wife m 28 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Maria Smith Daughter s 11 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Caroline Smith Daughter s 9 Scholar Coldwaltham, Sussex
William Smith Son s 7 Scholar Coldwaltham, Sussex
Samuel Smith Son s 5 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Edwin Dearling Smith Son s 1 Hardham, Sussex
18 Hardham Green east end of Joseph Cox Head m 65 Agricultural Labourer Tillington, Sussex
Mary Cox Wife m 62 Pulborough, Sussex
19 David Downer Head w 65 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
20 Manor Farm Richard Challen Head m 58 Farmer 340acres emp 9 men 3 boys Hardham, Sussex
Louisa Challen Wife m 52 Arundel, Sussex
Henry Challen Son s 26 Farmers Son employed on the farm Hardham, Sussex
James Challen Son s 23 Farmers Son employed on the farm Hardham, Sussex
Sarah Ann Challen Daughter s 24 Farmers Son employed on the farm Hardham, Sussex
Luke Russell  Servant s 58 Agricultural Labourer Hardham, Sussex
John Forsey  Servant s 28 Agricultural Labourer Greatham, Sussex
James Feist  Servant s 22 Agricultural Labourer Shipley, Sussex
Charlotte Rapley  Servant s 23 Cook Itchingfield, Sussex
Charlotte Humphrey  Servant s 16 Housemaid Epsom, Surrey
21 Hardham Gate William Neale Head m 50 Farmer 350acres emp 13 men 4 boys Coldwaltham, Sussex
Sophia Neale Wife m 46 Bermondsey, Surrey
William Neale Son s 12 Scholar Hardham, Sussex
Frank Neale Son s 4  Scholar at home Hardham, Sussex
Maurice West Neale Son s 2 Hardham, Sussex
Mary Thare  Servant s 19 Cook Stopham, Sussex
Mary Wilmer  Servant s 19 Housemaid Pulborough, Sussex
Charles Slater  Servant s 11 Agricultural Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
22 Mill House George Sharp Head w 71 Miller and Iron founder emp 4men 1boy Godalming, Surrey
Mary Sharp Daughter s 29 Guildford, Surrey
Elizabeth Sharp Daughter s 25 Guildford, Surrey
George Sharp Son s 23 Millers Son employed in Mill Pulborough, Sussex
Ann Seward Visitor s 24 Wisborough Green, Sussex
Sarah Evans  Servant s 22 Cook West Chiltington, Sussex
Mary Ann Phillips  Servant s 17 Housemaid Ashington, Sussex
Thomas Harwood  Servant s 17 Groom Wisborough Green, Sussex
23 Lock House Edward Stone Head w 46 Workman in Iron Foundry Pulborough, Sussex
Lydia Stone Daughter s 17 Dressmaker Hardham, Sussex
24 Henry Daughtery Head m 26 Miller Labourer Greatham, Sussex
Mary Daughtery Wife m 19 Hardham, Sussex
Clara Elizabeth Stone Natural Daughter s 0 3 months Greatham, Sussex