Hardham 1841 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Address Name Age Occupation Born in county Born elsewhere
Cottage against the church Thomas Sebbage 60 Agricultural Labourer y
Sarah Sebbage 65 y
Ann Sebbage 25 y
Cottage in Hardham Thomas Smith 65 Agricultural Labourer y
Elizabeth Smith 55 y
William Smith 25 Agricultural Labourer y
John Smith 21 In Iron Foundry y
George Smith 15 Agricultural Labourer y
Richard Smith 12 Agricultural Labourer y
Francis Smith 10 y
Mary Ann Smith 1 y
Cottage in Hardham Elizabeth Russell 36 y
Cottage in Hardham Thomas Warner 44 Bargeman y
Mary Warner 40 y
Thomas Warner 20 Bargeman y
James Warner 14 Bargeman y
Cottage on Hardham Green Joseph Cocks 57 Agricultural Labourer y
Charles Cocks 23 Bargeman y
Jane Cocks 15 y
George Cocks 8 Grandson y
Mary Cocks 2 Granddaughter y
Cottage on Hardham Green George Smart 55 Agricultural Labourer y
Mary Smart 45 y
Cottage on Hardham Green Joseph Elderfield 53 Miller y
Cottage on Hardham Green Francis Cooper 65 Agricultural Labourer y
Cottage in Hardham William Ancell 35 Agricultural Labourer y
Avice Ancell 30 y
George Ancell 11 y
Sarah Ancell 8 y
Walter Ancell 6 y
Henry Ancell 3 y
William Ancell 1 y
Hardham William Pledge 20 Bargeman y
Sophia Addfield 15 Independent y
George Addfield 0 10 months y
Lower Hardham Gate House Thomas Winter 60 Farmer y
Elizabeth Winter 60 y
William Winter 22 y
Mary Ann Winter 30 y
Emma Winter 25 y
Eliza Winter 20 y
John Hunt 20 Agricultural Labourer y
Cottage in Hardham William Goodger 55 Carpenter y
Charles Goodger 23 Carpenter y
George Goodger 25 Carpenter y
Elizabeth Goodger 50 y
Lucy Goodger 20 y
Susan Goodger 18 y
Emma Goodger 15 y
Rhoda Goodger 12 y
Ellen Goodger 9 y
William Goodger 0 5 months y
Benjamin Hamman 14 y
Cottage in Hardham James Sebbage 40 Agricultural Labourer y
Sarah Sebbage 40 y
William Sebbage 18 Agricultural Labourer y
Jane Sebbage 16 y
Henry Sebbage 14 Agricultural Labourer y
Luke Sebbage 12 Agricultural Labourer y
Ann Sebbage 10 y
Harriet Sebbage 9 y
John Sebbage 5 y
Hester Sebbage 2 y
George Sebbage 0 5 months y
Cottage on Hardham Green James Foard 45 General Dealer y
Mary Foard 40 y
Mary Foard 25 Dressmaker y
Clement Foard 17 y
William Foard 14 y
Sarah Foard 10 y
John Sheppard 25 Farmer y
Charlotte Knight 20  FS y
Riddles Edward Elliott 58  MS y
Lucy Butcher 47 y
Riddles Jeremiah Scott 70 Agricultural Labourer y
Hardham Manor House Richard Challen 48 Farmer y
Louisa Challen 42 y
Henry Challen 17 y
James Challen 12 y
George Hampshire 20 Agricultural Labourer y
Henry Hills 19 Agricultural Labourer y
John Watts 21 Agricultural Labourer y
Luke Russell 46 Agricultural Labourer y
Mary Cox 24  FS y
Sarah Smith 14  FS y
Hardham Gate House William Neale 40 Farmer y
Sophia Neale 34 n
Arthur Neale 5 y
William Neale 3 y
Frederick Neale 0 9 months y
Sophia Mustrie 68 Independent n
David Mustrie 6 n
James Mustrie 4 n
Jane Denyer 24  FS y
Charlotte Penfold 20  FS y
Sarah Smith 12  FS y
Henry Duke 20 Agricultural Labourer y
Hardham Mill George Sharp 60 Miller n
Elizabeth Sharp 45 y
Mary Sharp 15 n
Bridger Seward 45 Independent y
Sarah Elliott 35 y
Robert Elliott 0 7 months y
Sarah Lidbetter 15 n
Mary Borer 30  FS y
Sophia Stone 15  FS y
Jane Greenfield 14  FS y
Sampson Sheppard 15  MS y
Hardham Lock Edward Stone 35 Iron Founder y
Rosa Stone 13 y
Mary Stone 9 y
Lydia Stone 7 y
Edward Stone 5 y
Hardham Lock Charles Pullen 24 Bargeman y
Ann Pullen 23 y