Goring 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Goring Street George Edward Hughes Head m 38 Cowman on Farm Henfield, Sussex
Ada Hughes Wife m 33 Henfield, Sussex
George Edward Hughes Son s 5 Sidlow, Surrey
2 Goring Street Elizabeth Markwick Head w 61 Grocer and General Shop Betchworth, Surrey
Rupert J Markwick Son s 27 Grocers Assistant Goring, Sussex
Madeline Elizabeth Markwick Daughter s 25 Maid of Hand Work Goring, Sussex
3 6 The Laurels Albert Edward Ticehurst Head m 33 Plumber Brighton, Sussex
Jane Ticehurst Wife m 32 Chichester, Sussex
Nellie Ticehurst Daughter s 3 Chichester, Sussex
Winifred Fanny Ticehurst Daughter s 1 Angmering, Sussex
4 7 The Laurels William Parker Head m 31 Grocers Assistant Arundel, Sussex
Lily Parker Wife m 34 Hastings, Sussex
Phyllis Maud Parker Daughter s 4 Winton, Hampshire
William George Parker Son s 3 Winton, Hampshire
5 Bull Inn George Potter Head m 52 Publican Nuthurst, Sussex
Susan Ellen Potter Wife m 37 Horsham, Sussex
Ellen Mary Potter Daughter s 15 Milliners Apprentice Nuthurst, Sussex
Ellen Standing Mother in Law w 77 Retired Publican Nuthurst, Sussex
Charles Standing Brother in Law s 35 Gardener (Domestic) Horsham, Sussex
Elizabeth Comber Cousin s 27 Barmaid Horsham, Sussex
6 Moores Cottage Frederick Martin Head m 61 Bricklayer Goring, Sussex
Laura Martin Wife m 58 Ferring, Sussex
William Martin Son s 23 Bricklayers Labourer Goring, Sussex
7 Police Cottage Henry George Bailey Head m 28 Police Constable Marylebone, London
Annie Sarah Elizabeth Bailey Wife m 27 Marylebone, London
Norah Bailey Daughter s 0 2 months Marylebone, London
8 Goring Street Leonard W Bambridge Head m 58 Wheelwright Tunstead, Norfolk
Ada Bambridge Wife m 36 Cottishall, Norfolk
Daisy Bambridge Daughter s 2 Moseley, Cheshire
Nellie Bambridge Daughter s 0 2 months Goring, Sussex
9 1 Bells Cottages William Jessie Knight Head m 35 Garden Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Eliza Ann Knight Wife m 37 Shefford, Berkshire
Wilfred John Geoffrey Knight Son s 12 Rustington, Sussex
Harold Knight Son s 8 Rustington, Sussex
Ethel Knight Daughter s 5 Ferring, Sussex
10 2 Bells Cottages William Burt Head m 65 Agricultural Labourer Goring, Sussex
Harriett Burt Wife m 63 East Preston, Sussex
11 3 Bells Cottages James Greenfield Head m 36 Gardener (Domestic) Worthing, Sussex
Eliza Jane Greenfield Wife m 42 Steyning, Sussex
12 4 Bells Cottages Charles Stafford Head m 82 Living on own means Durrington, Sussex
Martha Stafford Wife m 81 Goring, Sussex
13 5 Bells Cottages Stephen Greenyer Head m 41 Carter on Farm Goring, Sussex
Harriett Greenyer Wife m 39 Bosham, Sussex
Alice Greenyer Daughter s 12 Goring, Sussex
14 6 Bells Cottages George Goddard Head m 67 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Ann Goddard Wife m 64 ?hur? Hill, Surrey
Thomas Goddard Son s 43 Agricultural Labourer Goring, Sussex
15 Park House Harry Thomas East Head m 42 Market Gardener Bermuda (British Subject)
Emily East Wife m 43 London
Alice Miriam East Daughter s 20  School Teacher Goring, Sussex
Louisa Maud East Daughter s 14 Dressmakers Apprentice Goring, Sussex
16 1 Style Cottages George Humphrey Head m 53 Jobing Wor? De? In Chaff? Pulborough, Sussex
Martha Humphrey Wife m 54 Maidstone, Kent
Alice Humphrey Daughter s 21 Assistant to above Goring, Sussex
17 2 Style Cottages Charlotte Ratley Head w 53 Domestic Servant Ferring, Sussex
18 3 Style Cottages Sarah Moss Head m 54 Carpenters Wife Goring, Sussex
Harvey Mitchell Moss Son s 24 Garden Labourer Goring, Sussex
Daniel Moss Son s 16 Farm Labourer Goring, Sussex
19 The Lodge Luke Hayler Head m 52 Head Gardener (Domestic) Goring, Sussex
Mary Ann Hayler Wife m 48 Goring, Sussex
Thomas Martin Father in Law w 79 Living on own means Goring, Sussex
20 ? Room Goring Hall John Harry Tucker s 25 Coachman (Domestic) Hertford, Hertfordshire
Ronald William Alsford s 21 Groom (Domestic) Buckinghamshire
Harry Riddle s 24 Helper in Stables Worthing, Sussex
21 Dairy Cottage George Marshall Watts Head m 46 Stud Groom Leicester, Leicestershire
Fanny Jane Watts Wife m 45 Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire
22 Goring Hall Frederick Thomas Penlow Head m 49 Living on own means Bologne, France (British Subject)
Caroline Helen Mary Penlow Wife m 45 London
Kathleen Winifred Penlow Daughter s 10 London
Dorothy Grace Penlow Daughter s 9 Cha???? St Peters, Buckinghamshire
Charles Stewart Brother in Law s 47 Living on own means London
George Lawrence Stewart Brother in Law s 39 Solicitor London
Elizabeth Ann Holmes  Servant s 45 Cook Housekeeper (Domestic) London
Ellen Stacey  Servant s 24 Housemaid (Domestic) Langley, Buckinghamshire
Dorothy Milton Gibbon  Servant s 19  Schoolroom Maid (Domestic) Milton, Bedfordshire
Blanche Mary Osborne  Servant s 21 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Camberwell, London
Mabel Gill  Servant s 16 Sculleymaid (Domestic) S Norwood, London
Minnie Weller  Servant s 17 Housemaid (Domestic) Broadwater, Sussex
William Webo?  Servant s 25 Footman (Domestic) Stoke Edith, Herefordshire
Francis Edward Foster  Servant s 23 Footman (Domestic) Richm??a??h, ?e??
Ann ?iederman  Servant s 29 Governess (Domestic) ??a????, Switzerland
23 The Cottage William Pointing Head m 50 Baker Brighton, Sussex
Kate Pointing Wife m 45 Wittering, Sussex
Albert Edgar Pointing Son s 16 Gardener (Domestic) Brighton, Sussex
Emily Pointing Daughter s 11 Cowfold, Sussex
John Pointing Son s 9 Goring, Sussex
Ruby Elizabeth Pointing Daughter s 8 Goring, Sussex
Edith May Pointing Daughter s 6 Goring, Sussex
Ernest Arthur Pointing Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
24 Ernest A R Hughes Head m 29 Market Gardeners Labourer Chichester, Sussex
Jane Hughes Wife m 34 Steyning, Sussex
Olive May Hughes Daughter s 6 Steyning, Sussex
Dorothy Jane Hughes Daughter s 5 Brighton, Sussex
Victor Roland Hughes Son s 3 Barcombe, Sussex
Arthur Baker Boarder s 18 Postman Washington, Sussex
Herbert Phillips Boarder s 20 Market Gardener Portsmouth, Hampshire
25 Goring Street William Daughtry Head m 37 Gardener (Domestic) Washington, Sussex
Henrietta Daughtry Wife m 30 Stoughton, Sussex
Winifred Daughtry Daughter s 11 Patching, Sussex
William John Daughtry Son s 10 Patching, Sussex
Henry George Daughtry Son s 8 Goring, Sussex
Percy Daughtry Son s 6 Goring, Sussex
Frederick Ernest Daughtry Son s 5 Goring, Sussex
Edith Mabel Daughtry Daughter s 3 Goring, Sussex
Charles Edmund Daughtry Son s 1 Goring, Sussex
26 Magnolia Cottage Harold Roberts Head m 61 Lodging House Keeper Chichester, Sussex
Jane Annie Roberts Wife m 52 Lodging House Keeper Richmond, Surrey
27 Chatsmore House George Edward Harrison Head m 35 Farmer Bletchingley, Surrey
Edith E Harrison Wife m 31 St Johns Wood, London
George Sidney Harrison Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
Sarah Jane Wooldridge  Servant s 24 Domestic Servant Plaistow, Sussex
Elizabeth Phebe Saunders  Servant s 25 Cook General Domestic Paddington, London
28 Dairy Cottages Isaac Birt Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Goring, Sussex
Ellen Birt Wife m 41 ?, Hampshire
George Birt Son s 13 Goring, Sussex
Thomas Birt Son s 11 Goring, Sussex
Lily Birt Daughter s 4 Goring, Sussex
29 Walnut Tree Farm Cornelius Mahoney Head m 61 Farmer ? Co. Cork, Ireland
Ellen Mahoney Wife m 58 Blandford, Dorset
Joseph Mahoney Son s 26 Worker on Farm Arundel, Sussex
30 1 Station Cottage William Duke Head m 33 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Clare Duke Wife m 28 Steyning, Sussex
Margaret Annie Duke Daughter s 0 7 months Goring, Sussex
William Duke Father w 75 Stockman on Farm Waltham, Sussex
31 2 Station Cottages James Gales Head m 43 Farm Carter Wiston, Sussex
Caroline Gales Wife m 39 Ashington, Sussex
Frederick Gales Son s 15 Garden Labourer Wiston, Sussex
Horace Gales Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Wiston, Sussex
James Gales Son s 9 Washington, Sussex
Walter Gales Son s 7 Ferring, Sussex
Tom Gales Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
32 Station House John Henry Mitchell Head m 37 Station Master Southwick, Sussex
Lucy Mitchell Wife m 39 Colney, Hertfordshire
33 Maybridge H J Jackes Head w 62 Retired Corn Dealer Southwark, London
Harriett Jackes Daughter s 30 Southwark, London
Stanley Jackes Son s 17 New Cross, London
Susan Rivers  Servant s 50 General Servant Thundersley, Essex
34 Crossways Charles Searle Head m 75 Carter on Farm Storrington, Sussex
Emma Searle Wife m 70 Surrey
35 Hoghdown Lodge Herbert Phillips Head m 34 Carter on Farm Denton, Sussex
Louisa Emma Phillips Wife m 35 Broadwater, Sussex
Frederick Bennett Phillips   Stepson s 16 Lad on Farm Broadwater, Sussex
Herbert Thomas Phillips Son s 9 Sompting, Sussex
Leonard Charles Phillips Son s 6 Sompting, Sussex
Margaret Caroline Phillips Daughter s 5 Sompting, Sussex
36 Northbrook Cottage Ernest Edward Brown Head m 30 Market Gardener Hertfordshire
Clara Brown Wife m 28 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Lilian Brown Daughter s 6 Essex
Olive Margery Brown Daughter s 0 12 days Sussex
Elizabeth West  Servant m 56 Monthly Nurse Devonshire
37 Highdown Lodge James Heryett Head m 40 Farm Labourer Tarring, Sussex
Elizabeth Heryett Wife m 40 Goring, Sussex
Nellie Elizabeth Heryett Daughter s 12 Ferring, Sussex
Mary Ann Heryett Daughter s 10 Ferring, Sussex
Kate Heryett Daughter s 9 Ferring, Sussex
James Francis Heryett Son s 7 Ferring, Sussex
Margaret Heryett Daughter s 4 Ferring, Sussex
Grace Heryett Daughter s 1 Ferring, Sussex
38 Highdown Lodge James Orchard Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Staple Langford, Wiltshire
Ellen Orchard Wife m 49 Wardour, Wiltshire
Ernest John Orchard Son s 17 Market Gardener Goring, Sussex
Albert James Orchard Son s 14 Market Gardener Goring, Sussex
Sidney Charles Orchard Son s 12 Goring, Sussex
Ellen Edith Orchard Daughter s 11 Goring, Sussex
Edward Frank Orchard Son s 10 Goring, Sussex
Frederick Arthur Orchard Son s 6 Goring, Sussex
3 1 High Titton Cottages William Heryett Head m 29 Labourer on Farm Rustington, Sussex
Mary Ann Heryett Wife m 31 Ashington, Sussex
Ernest Heryett Son s 1 Goring, Sussex
40 2 High Titton Cottages Harry Cozens Head m 41 Carter on Farm Findon, Sussex
Sarah Cozens Wife m 37 Tarring, Sussex
James Cozems Son s 11 Goring, Sussex
Mabel Cozens Daughter s 8 A???g?, Sussex
Arthur Cozens Son s 5 Goring, Sussex
Edie Cozens Daughter s 0 8 months Goring, Sussex
41 Northbrook Lodge John Baylap Head m 55 Agricultural Labourer Broadwater, Sussex
Sophia Baylap Wife m 55 Brighton, Sussex
42 Northbrook Farm Harry Evans Head w 58 Farmer Wiggonholt, Sussex
Albert Edwin Evans Son s 23 Helper on Farm Goring, Sussex
Edith Binstead Cousin s 35 Companion Worthing, Sussex
43 Highdown House Edward Clement Head m 47 Caretaker Rustington, Sussex
Emma Elizabeth Clement Wife m 46 Laverton, Somerset
44 Millers Cottage Enoch Healey Head m 60  Gardener ? C???ley, Worcestershire
Mary Healey Wife m 42 La??wood, Hampshire
Marchant John Healey Son s 4 West Tarring, Sussex
Emily Healey Daughter s 2 West Tarring, Sussex
45 Castle Lodge Harry Sandles Head m 60 Carpenter Offham, Lewes, Sussex
Charlotte Sandles Wife m 59 Brighton, Sussex
46 Pottlands Farm Thomas Greenyer Head m 64 Farmer Goring, Sussex
Ellen Greenyer Wife m 66 Donnington, Sussex
Harry Greenyer Son s 33 Gamekeeper Tarring, Sussex
Amy Greenyer Daughter s 30 Tarring, Sussex
Alfred Greenyer Son s 25 Farmers Son Goring, Sussex
Ernest Greenyer Son s 24 Farmers Son Goring, Sussex
Albert Greenyer Grandson s 4 Sou??e?, Essex
47 Castle Goring Joy Lockyer Newberry  Servant s 26 Cook (Domestic) Devonshire
Mary Jane Saunders  Servant s 34 Housemaid (Domestic) Harrow, Middlesex
Blanche ?e?son  Servant s 18  Schoolroom Maid (Domestic) M??field, Sussex
Emily Blande???s  Servant s 17 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Angmering, Sussex
48 Stable Buildings Charles James ?earle  Servant s 31 Coachman (Domestic) Reigate, Surrey
Henry Leach  Servant s 30 Groom (Domestic) Goring, Sussex
49 Arundel Road George Brown Head m 70 Gas Worker Dereham, Suffolk
Elizabeth Brown Wife m 49 Patching, Sussex
Frederick John Brown Son s 27 Estate Labourer Goring, Sussex
50 Arundel Road Noah Leach Head w 74 Gamekeeper Clapham, Sussex
51 Arundel Road Walter John Burrell Head m 34 Cowman Wisborough Green, Sussex
Clara Jane Burrell Wife m 35 Camberwell, London
Sidney Walter Burrell Son s 6 Pulborough, Sussex
Stanley Cecil Burrell Son s 4 Lancing, Sussex
Ivy Clara Burrell Daughter s 1 Goring, Sussex
52 1 Hermitage Cottage Jeremiah Hazelgrove Head m 48 Woodman Clapham, Sussex
Adelaide Hazelgrove Wife m 48 Angmering, Sussex
Noah Hazelgrove Son s 18 Gardener (Domestic) Goring, Sussex
53 2 Hemitage Cottage James Bennett Head w 34 Carter on Farm Ferring, Sussex
George Bennett Son s 8 Ferring, Sussex
Elsie Bennett Daughter s 6 Goring, Sussex
Edith Bennett Daughter s 4 Goring, Sussex
Alice Bennett   Sister 32 Housekeeper (Domestic) Ferring, Sussex
54 Forest Farm Cottage Abel ?enward Head m 69 Carter on Farm Clapham, Sussex
Annie ?enward Wife m 73 Warnham, Sussex
George Monroe Lodger s 44 House Painter Melton, Suffolk
Emily Clevett Boarder s 11 Durrington, Sussex
55 Haus Farm Cottage Robert E Langridge Head m 52 Cattleman on Farm Edenbridge, Kent
Jane Langridge Wife m 54 Edenbridge, Kent
Rose Ha???on Daughter m 30 Soldiers Wife Balham, London
William Langridge Son s 24 Cattleman on Farm Chiddington, Sussex
Alice Langridge Daughter s 18 Mothers Help Chiddington, Sussex
Phillip Langridge Son s 20 Cattleman on Farm Edenbridge, Kent
56 Haus Farm Cottage Luke Leggatt Head m 37 Market Gardener Broadwater, Sussex
Susan Leggatt Wife m 37 M??erton, Kent
57 removed as Durrington Parish
58 Field Place George Harrison Head m 59 Farmer Chipstead, Surrey
Kate Harrison Wife m 58 Ifield, Sussex
Agnes Marion Harrison Daughter s 21 Findon, Sussex
Ellen Jane Taylor Daughter m 22 Findon, Sussex
Walter Harrison Son s 20 Farmers Son Goring, Sussex
Lillian Offin  Servant s 24 Lady Help (Domestic) Pitsey, Essex
Margaret ?ebb  Servant s 27 Cook (Domestic) Northumberland
Herbert George ?  Servant s 15 House Boy (Domestic) Binsted, Sussex
Harriett Agnes ??y  Servant s 32 Nurse (Domestic) Chichester, Sussex
59 3 Furlong Cottage Frank Slaughter Head m 25 Market Gardener West Tarring, Sussex
Edith Slaughter Wife m 24 Brighton, Sussex
Kathleen Slaughter Daughter s 1 Goring, Sussex
60 Courtland Lodge Alfred Dinnage Head m 34 Gardener (Domestic) Nuthurst, Sussex
Emily Sarah Dinnage Wife m 31 Broadwater, Sussex
Winifred Dinnage Daughter s 1 Tarring, Sussex
George Miles Boarder m 63  General Labourer Ferring, Sussex
61 Sea Place Farm William Selby Olliver Head m 35 Gentleman Farmer Goring, Sussex
Agnes Olliver Wife m 26 Ireland
62 Brook Barn Cottage William Ratley Head m 38 Cowman on Farm Goring, Sussex
Mary Ratley Wife m 36 Chiddingfold, Surrey
Norah Ratley Daughter s 10 Goring, Sussex
Cisie Ratley Daughter s 9 Goring, Sussex
Violet Ratley Daughter s 8 Goring, Sussex
John Ratley Son s 7 Goring, Sussex
Thomas Ratley Son s 5 Goring, Sussex
Nellie Ratley Daughter s 0 11 months Goring, Sussex
63 Thatch Cottage William Woolgar Head m 32 Agricultural Labourer Beeding, Sussex
Harriett Woolgar Wife m 33 Washington, Sussex
Ellen Harriett Woolgar Daughter s 11 Shoreham, Sussex
William Thomas Woolgar Son s 8 Shoreham, Sussex
64 1 Whitehall Cottage George Greenyer Head m 72 Farm Labourer Goring, Sussex
Elizabeth Greenyer Wife m 68 Tarring, Sussex
65 2 Whitehall Cottage Edwin Miles Head m 61 Garden Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Matilda Miles Wife m 56 Ni?????, Somerset
Christopher Miles Son s 16 Garden Labourer Goring, Sussex
Albert Miles Son s 37 Kingston, Sussex feeble minded
66 1 Courtlands ? James Osborne Head m 50 Foreman Nurseryman Finchley, Middlesex
Emma Osborne Wife m 47 Bromley, London
Lily Osborne Daughter s 25 Elementary School Mistress ?orth ?ims, Hertfordshire
Kate Osborne Daughter s 18 Dressmaker Sidcup, Kent
Mabel Osborne Daughter s 15 Henlow, Middlesex
New Villa (recently built) 1 unoccupied
2 Courtlands 1 unoccupied
67 3 Courtlands James Baker Head m 37 Gardener Sompting, Sussex
Jane Baker Wife m 32 Combs, Sussex
Edith Baker Daughter s 11 Worthing, Sussex
Henry Baker Son s 8 Sompting, Sussex
Harriett Baker Daughter s 6 Sompting, Sussex
Samuel Baker Son s 5 Sompting, Sussex
Florence Baker Daughter s 1 Sompting, Sussex
68 4 Courtlands Ella Welch Head w 35 Living on own means Dalston, London
Martin Welch Son s 9 Harlesden, London
69 5 Courtlands Charles Shardlow Head m 29 Nurseryman Derby, Derbyshire
Sidney Shardlow Wife m 27 Hertford, Hertfordshire
George Lager Boarder s 21 Nurseryman Cowfold, Sussex
70 6 Courtlands Thomas Grant Head m 52 Carpenter Marlborough, Wiltshire
Agnes Grant Wife m 62 Goring, Sussex
71 7 Courtlands William Greenyer Head m 55 Market Gardener Goring, Sussex
Sarah Ann Greenyer Wife m 56 Salvington, Sussex
Fanny Scott King Daughter m 30 Confectioners Wife Goring, Sussex
Frederick William Scott King Grandson s 4 Goring, Sussex
Florence Agnes Greenyer Daughter s 23 Clerk Goring, Sussex
Laura Mildred Greenyer Daughter s 18 Milliner Goring, Sussex
72 8 Courtlands William Colbourne Head m 40 Brickmaker Havant, Hampshire
Elizabeth Colbourne Wife m 41 Emsworth, Hampshire
William Colbourne Son s 17 Labourer (Brickmaker) Worthing, Sussex
Alice Colbourne Daughter s 14 Worthing, Sussex
Benjamin Colbourne Son s 13 Durrington, Sussex
Sydney Colbourne Son s 4 Durrington, Sussex
Ethel Colbourne Visitor s 4 Worthing, Sussex
73 Barn Cottage Violet Olliver Head s 32 Living on own means Worthing, Sussex
Rosamond Olliver   Sister s 28 Living on own means Edinburgh, Scotland
Louise Roseo  Servant s 60 Nurse (Domestic) near Naples, Italy
74 Burrell Cottage Frederick Benjamin Merritt Head w 75 Retired Wine Merchant Marylebone, London
Louisa Plumber   Sister in Law w 84 Living on own means St Mary Axe, London
Hannah Sophia Bryan   Sister in Law s 81 Living on own means St Mary Axe, London
Mary Ann Boorman  Servant s 39 General Domestic Servant Bo?ghton, Lent
75 Chases Cottage Frederick Hayler Head m 41 Railway Platelayer Goring, Sussex
Mary Hayler Wife m 33 Ferring, Sussex
Henry Waller Boarder s 23 Railway Platelayer Ditchling, Sussex
John Grove Boarder s 23 Gardener (Domestic) Sompting, Sussex
76 Greenfield Cottage Fanny Standing Head w 69 Needlewoman Goring, Sussex
77 Ivy Cottage Cecilia Bedwa? Head w 80 Living on own means Douglas, Isle of Man
Edward Lambert Boarder s 30 Gardener (Domestic) Dereham, Norfolk
Alfred Smith Boarder s 25 ?lman (Domestic) Windsor, Berkshire
78 Worthing Road Noah Greenyer Head m 61 Carter on Farm Goring, Sussex
Harriett Greenyer Wife m 54 Kirdford, Sussex
79 Noah Hill Head m 52 Market Gardeners Labourer Kirdford, Sussex
Mary Hill Wife m 55 Lodsworth, Sussex
Emma Hill Daughter s 25 Housekeeper (Domestic) Kirdford, Sussex
Peacock Hall 1 unoccupied
80 Court House Georgina Barclay Watson Head s 33 Living on own means Marylebone, London
Frances Barclay Watson   Sister s 28 Living on own means Hitching, Kent
?ashli Castleman  Servant s 26 Maid (Domestic) Wimbledon, Surrey
Lilian Greenyer  Servant s 25 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Goring, Sussex
81 East Lodge Austen Eldridge Head m 32 Butler (Domestic) Dun?er?, Kent
Rose Ellen Eldridge Wife m 31 Huntingdon
Austen Eldridge Son s 3 Ealing, Middlesex
82 Sea Lane Cottages Walter Dale Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Sussex
Maria Dale Wife m 32 Sussex
Elizabeth Dale Daughter s 12 Goring, Sussex
Edith Dale Daughter s 8 Goring, Sussex
Florence Dale Daughter s 6 Goring, Sussex
83 Sea Lane Cottages William George Baker Head m 41 Boat Repairer Salvington, Sussex
Annie Baker Wife m 42 Findon, Sussex
Walter Baker Son s 15 Garden Labourer West Tarring, Sussex
Edward George Baker Son s 13 Goring, Sussex
Edith Kate Baker Daughter s 10 Goring, Sussex
Arthur William Baker Son s 8 Goring, Sussex
Frederick Henry Baker Son s 6 Goring, Sussex
Percy Alfred Baker Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
Charles Thomas Baker Son s 2 Goring, Sussex
William Hills Boarder s 37 Farm Labourer Goring, Sussex
84 Sea Lane Cottages Joseph Moss Head m 31 Plough Carter ? Goring, Sussex
Mary Moss Wife m 32 Petworth, Sussex
Joseph Moss Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
Mary Moss Daughter s 2 Goring, Sussex
Helen Moss Daughter s 0 5 weeks Goring, Sussex
85 Sea Lane Cottages Isaac Leggatt Head s 61 Farm Labourer Ferring, Sussex
86 The Vicarage George R Leefe Head s 37 Clergyman C of E Marks Lane, Faylon
Sarah Ann Ser?ne  Servant w 60 Housekeeper (Domestic) Staplefield, Sussex
Alice Maud Ser?ne  Servant s 25 Cook (Domestic) Staplefield, Sussex
87 Belle Vue Fanny Jane Rich Head w 51 Living on own means Bosham, Sussex
Katherine H Holloway   Sister s 48 Living on own means Bosham, Sussex
88 Belvedere James Bennett Head m 60 Retired Navy Pensioner Wiston, Sussex
Martha Bennett Wife m 48 Bagshot, Surrey
Charles William Bennett Son s 14 Carpenter Goring, Sussex
Charles Elleonie Father in Law w 78 Living on own means Bagshot, Surrey
Cecil Pescott Cousin s 23 Market Gardener Lyminster, Sussex
89 Trennant Cottage Mary Hayler Head w 72 Laundress Washington, Sussex
May Elizabeth Hayler Granddaughter s 19 Goring, Sussex
90 Sea View Edward Wright Head m 39 Living on own means Worthing, Sussex
Mary Ann Wright Wife m 38 Pe?ist??, Suffolk
Sa? C????y A Wright Son s 9 Goring, Sussex
Owen John L Wright Son s 7 Goring, Sussex
Millie Mary A Wright Daughter s 5 Goring, Sussex
Alice Hannah L Wright Daughter s 3 Goring, Sussex
91 The ?riar Alfred Hayler Head m 43 Market Gardener Goring, Sussex
Jemima Hayler Wife m 52 Pontypool, Monmouth, Wales
Percy Hayler Son s 18 Market Gardener Goring, Sussex
Harry Hayler Son s 16 Grocer Shop Assistant Goring, Sussex
Alice Hayler Daughter s 13 Goring, Sussex
Laura Hayler Daughter s 10 Goring, Sussex
Nellie Hayler Daughter s 7 Goring, Sussex
92 The ?ally Jane Newman Head w 44 Laundress Goring, Sussex
Christopher Newman Son s 20 Carpenter Worthing, Sussex
Alice Newman Daughter s 17 Dressmaker Goring, Sussex
Jessie Newman Son s 14 Under Groom (Domestic) Goring, Sussex
93 1 Malthouse Cottages Harvey H Green Head m 32 Market Gardener West Tarring, Sussex
Louise Green Wife m 30 Ditchling, Sussex
Harvey H Green Son s 7 West Tarring, Sussex
94 2 Malthouse Cottages John James Elliott Head m 29 Cowman on Farm Little?en???, Dorset
Mary Maud Elliott Wife m 26 Beaminster, Dorset
Gertrude M Elliott Daughter s 4 Misterton, Somerset
Sydney John Elliott Son s 3 Bentworth, Hampshire
Ernest Charles Elliott Son s 1 Pulborough, Sussex
95 3 Malthouse Cottages Harry Jenkins Head m 30 Agricultural Labourer Sompting, Sussex
Margaret Jenkins Wife m 31 Be??enham, Kent
Lucy Cecilia Jenkins Daughter s 5 Goring, Sussex
Frederick Jenkins Son s 3 Goring, Sussex
Agnes Emma Jenkins Daughter s 0 7 months Goring, Sussex
Alfred ?al? Boarder s 18 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Samuel Pope Boarder s 40 Agricultural Labourer Burwash, Sussex
96 4 Malthouse Cottages George Smith Head m 54 Market Gardeners Labourer Patching, Sussex
Mary Ann Smith Wife m 48 Portsmouth, Hampshire
George Nelson Smith Son s 11 Angmering, Sussex
Florence Kate Smith Daughter s 10 Heene, Worthing, Sussex
Edith May Smith Daughter s 8 Goring, Sussex
Thomas Rose Boarder s 38 Cowman Labourer Ash Etwell, Derbyshire
97 5 Malthouse Cottages Charles David Benge Head m 28 Market Gardener  Patcham, Sussex
Annie Loiuse Benge Wife m 38 Not Known
Arthur Charles Benge Son s 2 Goring, Sussex
Harvey James Benge Nephew s 5 Brighton, Sussex
George White Boarder w 65 Market Gardener Goring, Sussex
98 6 Malthouse Cottages Frederick Greenyer Head m 37 Market Gardener Ferring, Sussex
J?ne? Greenyer Wife m 41 Hedley, Hampshire
James Everest Boarder m 50 Joiner Chiddingstone, Kent
Ernest James Perrins Boarder s 24 General Labourer Shadwell, London
Albert Rhodes Boarder s 24 Market Gardener St Pancras, London
99 7 Malthouse Cottages Allen Hedger Head m 35 Cattleman Ashington, Sussex
Mary Hedger Wife m 35 Battle, Sussex
George Allen Hedger Son s 5 Edburton, Sussex
Mark Hedger Son s 1 Edburton, Sussex
Charlie Thomas Shepherson Boarder w 46 Market Gardener Brighton, Sussex
Beart Alfred Shepherson Boarder s 14 Hove, Sussex
100 8 Malthouse Cottages Walter Stoner Head m 50 Farm Labourer Not Known
Betsy Stoner Wife m 45 Patching, Sussex
Martha Stoner Daughter s 24 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Patching, Sussex
Annie Stoner Daughter s 14 Clapham, Sussex
George Stoner Son s 1 Durrington, Sussex
101 9 Malthouse Cottages Albery Henward Head m 36 Cowman on Farm Bedhampton, Hampshire
Harriett Henward Wife m 34 Petersfield, Hampshire
Daisy Henward Daughter s 9 Steep, Hampshire
Harry Henward Son s 7 Steep, Hampshire
Frederick Henward Son s 5 Petersfield, Hampshire
?rendl? Henward Daughter s 4 Petersfield, Hampshire
Reginald Henward Son s 1 Petersfield, Hampshire
102 Beech House Charles Edward Green Head m 37 Farmer West Tarring, Sussex
Edith Emma Green Wife m 38 Worthing, Sussex
Charles Edward Green Son s 13 Goring, Sussex
Arthur Harold Green Son s 12 Goring, Sussex
Maud Constance E Green Daughter s 10 Goring, Sussex
Edith Winifred Green Daughter s 7 Goring, Sussex
103 School House Ernest E Cartwright Head m 31  Schoolmaster Bexley Heath, Kent
Mildred Rhoda Cartwright Wife m 32 Ipswich, Suffolk
Mildred Cartwright Daughter s 6 Goring, Sussex
Frances Ernest Cartwright Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
Ethel Jane Baker  Servant s 13 General Domestic Servant Worthing, Sussex
104 Elm House William Hide Head s 19 Fruit Grocer Goring, Sussex
Miriam Knight  Servant s 47 Housekeeper Rudgwick, Sussex
Grace Cheyne Lodger s 5 London
George Cheyne Lodger s 2 London
Emily Cheesman Lodger s 27 Nurse (Domestic) Ashford, Kent
Emily Hammond Lodger s 17 Nurse (Domestic) Watford, Hertfordshire
Mulberry Cottage 1 unoccupied
105 Laundry Cottage Frederick Greenyer Head m 31 Farmers Son Goring, Sussex
Annie Greenyer Wife m 28 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Ernest H Greenyer Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
E Annie Scott Greenyer Daughter s 2 Goring, Sussex
106 Mulberry House Anna Reid Head w 55 Living on own means Bloomsbury, London
Margaret Anna Reid Daughter s 32 Hampstead, London
Frances Patrick Reid Son s 28 Hampstead, London
Frederick James Reid Son s 26 Hampstead, London
Kate Freeman  Servant s 17 General Domestic Servant Ashurst, Sussex
107 1 Chases Cottage George ?al??? Head w 51 Road Labourer Sullington, Sussex
108 2 Chases Cottage George Sopp Head m 49 Farm Carter  Gor?ley, Sussex
Ruth Sopp Wife m 57 Arundel, Sussex
Emily Jane Sopp Daughter s 14 Goring, Sussex
109 Railway Crossing George Holland Head m 43 Foreman Platelayer Ferring, Sussex
Martha Holland Wife m 42 Longcott, Berkshire
Nellie Holland Daughter s 17 Ferring, Sussex
Frank Holland Son s 14 Nurseryman Goring, Sussex
Lillie Holland Daughter s 11 Goring, Sussex
Christabel Holland Daughter s 9 Goring, Sussex
Ernest Holland Son s 3 Goring, Sussex
Irene Holland Daughter s 0 6 months Goring, Sussex
110 Ivy Farm Samuel Greenyer Head m 73 Farmer Findon, Sussex
Eliza Greenyer Wife m 66 East Preston, Sussex
Ellen Greenyer Daughter s 33 Dressmaker Goring, Sussex
111 Blacksmith Cottage Thomas Cook Head m 40 Shoeing and Genl Smith Alton, Hampshire
Mary Cook Wife m 30 A?ford, Hampshire
George Reginald Victor Cook Son s 6 Alton, Hampshire
Thomas William Cook Son s 4 Alton, Hampshire
Elsie Lindah Cook Daughter s 3 Alton, Hampshire
Cecil ?arman Cook Son s 0 2 months Goring, Sussex
112 Blacksmith Shop Samuel Haffenden Head m 46 Shoeing and Jobbing Smith Heathfield
Emily Ann Haffenden Wife m 44 Wivelsfield, Sussex
Samuel Francis Haffenden Son s 15 Apprentice Jobbing Smith Goring, Sussex
Emily Hannah Haffenden Daughter s 14 Goring, Sussex
The Laundry Cottage 1 unoccupied
113 Goring Park William Martin Head m 52 Milkman Goring, Sussex
Ellen Martin Wife m 53 Old Shoreham, Sussex
George Martin Son s 22 Goring, Sussex
Alice Maud Martin Daughter s 16 Goring, Sussex
Edith May Martin Daughter s 9 Goring, Sussex
114 Goring Park Frank Dalman Head m 48 Head Cowman Storrington, Sussex
Fanny Dalman Wife m 49 Horsham, Sussex
Maurice Dalman Son m 28 Gardener (Domestic) Ashington, Sussex
Alice Dalman Granddaughter s 4 Surrey
William Goff Boarder s 28 Cowman on Farm London
115 Coastguard Station William Smith Head m 45 H M Coastguard Bristol, Somerset
Mary Smith Wife m 40 Burlstone, Dorset
Annie Smith Daughter s 17 Blatchington, Sussex
Blanche Smith Daughter s 12 Blatchington, Sussex
Gertrude Smith Daughter s 6 Eastbourne, Sussex
Florrie Smith Daughter s 3 Eastbourne, Sussex
116 Coastguard Station Harry George Duiham Head m 30 H M Coastguard Stonehouse, Devon
Elizabeth Duiham Wife m 27 Brighton, Sussex
Elizabeth Nye Boarder s 54 Monthly Nurse Ferring, Sussex
117 Coastguard Station Henry Robert Hodge Head m 36 H M Coastguard Princetown, Devon
Alice F Hodge Wife m 35 ?al?iniore, Devon
118 Coastguard Station Alfred George Cheshire Head m 28 H M Coastguard Lambeth, London
Annie Cheshire Wife m 30 Elstead, Surrey
Allen Cheshire Son s 0 5 months Goring, Sussex
118a Coastguard Station Henry M Taylor Head m 33 H M Coastguard Deptford, Kent
Clara Helen Taylor Wife m 29 Edenbridge, Kent
119 Limbrick Cottages Willie Godwin Head m 29 Bricklayer Goring, Sussex
Alice Godwin Wife m 35 Worthing, Sussex
William Godwin Son s 6 West Tarring, Sussex
Harold Godwin Son s 3 West Tarring, Sussex
James Talbot Boarder s 35 Carter on Farm Arundel, Sussex
120 Limbrick Cottages Kate Clough Head w 41 Lodging House Keeper Findon, Sussex
William Thomas Clough Son s 14 Gardener (Domestic) Shoreham, Sussex
Ernest John Clough Son s 9 Shoreham, Sussex
Dorothy Kate Clough Daughter s 8 Shoreham, Sussex
John Grover Father w 64 Living on own means Old Shoreham, Sussex
Frederick Charles Cl??? Lodger s 19 Railway Porter Lavant, Sussex
John Jacob Voi?e Lodger s 19 Railway Porter Pulborough, Sussex
121 Limbrick Cottages Ellen Ratley Head w 63 Charwoman Goring, Sussex
Harry Ratley Grandson s 1 Goring, Sussex
122 Limbrick Cottages Reuben Learey Head w 68 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
123 Limbrick Cottages Honor Miles Wife m 66 Misterton, Somerset
Charles Godwin Son s 33 General Farm Labourer Ferring, Sussex
124 Limbrick Cottages Robert Pink Head m 48 Cowman on Farm Petersfield, Hampshire
Ellen Pink Wife m 46 Pulborough, Sussex
Ethel Turner Daughter m 24 General Domestic Servant Pulborough, Sussex
Robert Pink Son s 16 Coolham, Sussex
Edith Pink Daughter s 14 Steyning, Sussex
Percy Pink Son s 11 Steyning, Sussex
George Pink Son s 9 Steyning, Sussex
William Pink Son s 3 East Preston, Sussex
Rosina Pink Daughter s 5 Steyning, Sussex
Florence Brockhurst Granddaughter s 2 Pulborough, Sussex
125 Limbrick Cottages Absolem West Head m 53 Farm Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Mary Jane Bro?   Sister in Law s 53 General Domestic Servant Devonport, Devon
Dorothy Gladys Marsh Boarder s 2 Worthing, Sussex
126 Limbrick Cottages William Marshall Head m 67 Farm Labourer Hampshire
Theresa Marshall Wife m 60 Queens Town, Ireland
William John Marshall Son s 26 Garden Labourer Malta
Norman Marshall Grandson s 5 Lancing, Sussex
127 Limbrick Cottages James Swain Head m 36 Carter on Farm Feltham, Sussex
Emma Swain Wife m 35  Greatham, Sussex
Harold James Swain Son s 11 Feltham, Sussex
Alfred Swain Son s 9 Middlestone, Sussex
Herbert Swain Son s 6 Middlestone, Sussex
Mabel Swain Daughter s 3 Goring, Sussex
128 Park Lodge William Howick Head m 34 Railway Signal Porter Wisborough Green, Sussex
Laura Howick Wife m 30 Ringmer, Sussex
Ellen Howick Daughter s 8 Crowborough, Sussex
Alfred Howick Son s 2 Goring, Sussex
Sybil Howick Daughter s 0 1 month Goring, Sussex
129 William Parker Head m 66 Farm Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
Elizabeth Parker Wife m 63 Pulborough, Sussex
Fred Parker Son s 39 Farm Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Agnes Caldicourt Visitor s 24 Ladiesmaid Kensington, London
Dorothy Caldicourt Visitor s 0 1 month Goring, Sussex