Findon 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 1 Sheepcombe Charles Pratt Head m 24 Agricultural Labourer Findon, Sussex
Emily Pratt Wife m 24 Coombs, Shoreham, Sussex
Charles Pratt Son s 1 Findon, Sussex
2 2 Sheepcombe Walter Wells Head m 23 Agricultural Labourer Chichester, Sussex
Annie Wekks Wife m 22 Mundham, Chichester, Sussex
3 1 Findon Street
4 2 Findon Street Peter Pratt Head m 55 Agricultural Labourer Rusper, Sussex
Louisa Pratt Wife m 54 Warnham, Sussex
William Pratt Son s 20 Newspaper Deliverer Findon, Sussex
Frederick Pratt Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Findon, Sussex
Albert Pratt Son s 16 Carter Boy on Farm Findon, Sussex
5 Old Toll Gate House Mary Ann Camm Head w 85 Living on own means Doncaster, Yorkshire
May Barford Granddaughter s 7 Worthing, Sussex
6 3 Findon Street William Hibbard Head m 52 Coachman (Domestic) South Highton, Sussex
Alice Hibbard Wife m 48 Romsey, Hampshire
Alfred Hibbard Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Ringmer, Sussex
Mary S Hibbard Daughter s 7 Findon, Sussex
Annie G Hibbard Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
Ella H Hibbard Daughter s 4 Findon, Sussex
Gertrude Rose Boarder s 29 Governess Romsey, Hampshire
7 4 Findon Street William Suter Head m 60 Shepherd Amberley, Sussex
Esther Suter Wife m 58 Coldwaltham, Sussex
William Dorey Boarder s 17 Shepherd West Tarring, Sussex
Findon Street
Findon Street
8 5 Findon Street Alfred Packham Head m 34 Groom (Training Stables) Rottingdean, Sussex
Esther Packham Wife m 35 West Blatchington, Sussex
Lillian Packham Daughter s 10 Madehurst, Sussex
William Packham Son s 8 Portslade, Sussex
George Packham Son s 6 Brighton, Sussex
Annie Packham Daughter s 4 Findon, Sussex
Victor Packham Son s 0 8 months Findon, Sussex
9 6 Findon Street (The Vale) Humphrey Spencer Head m 40 Trainer of Race Horses Brockwere, Gloucestershire
Eliza Spencer Wife m 41 Worthing, Sussex
Mary Ann North Visitor w 66 Lady's Nurse (Sick) Worthing, Sussex
10 7 Findon Street Mary Knight Head s 54 Living on own means Findon, Sussex
11 8 Findon Street Ellen Baker Head w 55 Eastmeon, Hampshire
Harry Baker Son s 24 Carter on Farm  Fernhurst, Hampshire
Charles Milner   Son in Law w 29 Saddler and Harness Maker Storrington, Sussex
12 9 Findon Street John Hard Head m 54 Retired Saddler Sullington, Sussex
Ellen Hard Wife m 53 Dressmaker Findon, Sussex
Mabel Hard Daughter s 21 Ki??maker Findon, Sussex
Frederick John Hard Son s 15 Butchers Assistant Littlehampton, Sussex
13 10 Findon Street William Bottrill Head m 48 Fishmonger Paddington, Middlesex
Mary Ann Bottrill Wife m 44 Westminster, Middlesex
14 1 Brazil Cottages George Edward Lish Head m 34 General Labourer Shoreham, Sussex
Emma Lish Wife m 47 Newmarket, Suffolk
Wilfred P Bridger   Stepson s 17 Shepherd Findon, Sussex
George E Lish Son s 9 Findon, Sussex
Alywin E Lish Son s 7 Findon, Sussex
Olive M Lish Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
Martha Langham Mother in Law w 73 Rickinghall, Suffolk
15 2 Brazil Cottages Henry Burrell Head w 56 General Labourer Washington, Sussex
Angelina Burrell Daughter s 19 Findon, Sussex
Harvey Covey Lodger w 62 Jockey Training Stables Wisborough Green, Sussex
16 3 Brazil Cottages George Russell Head w 57 Stockman on Farm Ayling, Hampshire
17 The Black Horse Inn John Peters Head m 66 Publican Findon, Sussex
Sarah Peters Wife m 68 Steyning, Sussex
Eva O Mitchell Granddaughter s 9 Worthing, Sussex
Frederick Peters Grandson s 12 West Tarring, Sussex
Olive Boniface Daughter w 38 Findon, Sussex
May Boniface Granddaughter s 14 Havant, Hampshire
George Mathews Boarder m 32 Coachman (Domestic) Hampshire
18 11 Findon Street James Janman Head m 33 Gardener (Domestic) Littlehampton, Sussex
Harriet Janman Wife m 32 Warningcamp, Sussex
James Janman Son s 9 Worthing, Sussex
Alfred Janman Son s 4 Findon, Sussex
Edward G Janman Son s 1 Findon, Sussex
19 12 Findon Street Timothy Attwater Head m 32 Carter on Farm Itchingfield, Sussex
Kate Attwater Wife m 30 Thakeham, Sussex
Charles Attwater Son s 11 Thakeham, Sussex
Florence Attwater Daughter s 10 Horsham, Sussex
Herbert Attwater Son s 8 Brockham, Surrey
Sydney Attwater Son s 6 Warlingham, Surrey
Annie Weller Boarder s 2 Thakeham, Sussex
20 Elm Cottage George Miles Head m 60 Market Gardener Findon, Sussex
Mary J Miles Wife m 61 St Lukes, London
Susanna Miles   Sister s 68 Retired Housekeeper Findon, Sussex
Frank Miles Son s 30 General Labourer Worthing, Sussex
Ellen M Miles Daughter s 27 Mother's Help Worthing, Sussex
21 Holmbush William D Allen Head s 52 Clergyman C of E Lichfield, Staffordshire
Barbara S S Allen Mother w 81 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Louisa Wall  Servant s 18 Housemaid (Domestic) Pulborough, Sussex
Annie Merrett  Servant s 27 Cook (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
22 13 Findon Street Walter Jellings Head m 40 Coachman (Domestic) Sibton, Suffolk
Clara Jellings Wife m 44 Taunton, Somerset
Walter R Jellings Son s 15 Civil Service Post Office Clerk Blackmore, Essex
Annie Blake Boarder w 34 Sick Nurse Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
23  Findon Place William G Margesson Head m 79 Lt Col late 80th Reg Battle, Sussex
Lucy M Margesson Wife m 65  Finningley, Yorkshire
Edward C Margesson Son s 29 Capt South Wales Borderers Worthing, Sussex
Hugh S Margesson Son s 25 Civil Engineer Findon, Sussex
Maud E Margesson Daughter s 34 Cowfold, Sussex
Rosamond M F Margesson Daughter s 32 Cowfold, Sussex
Ferne L Margesson Daughter s 21 Findon, Sussex
Frederick Roch Visitor m 49 London, Middlesex
Fanny Hillingworth  Servant s 58  Cook Housekeeper (Domestic) Wornersley, Yorkshire
Eva Isaacs  Servant s 25 Ladysmaid (Domestic) Chippenham, Wiltshire
Alice Jackson  Servant s 31 Housemaid (Domestic) Kingston, Surrey
Minnie Jones  Servant s 20 Under Housemaid (Domestic) Bristol, Gloucestershire
Ethel Stepney  Servant s 21 Sewingmaid (Domestic) Shipley, Sussex
Martha Bartlett  Servant s 24 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Romsey, Hampshire
Margaret Holcomb  Servant s 15  Scullerymaid (Domestic) Charlwood, Sussex
Arthur Ireland  Servant s 33 Butler (Domestic) London, Middlesex
Ernest Grove  Servant s 22 Footman (Domestic) Down Ampney, Gloucestershire
24 South Lodge John Bartlett Head m 46 Cowman on Farm Wootton Glanville, Dorset
Eliza Bartlett Wife m 50 Wootton Glanville, Dorset
Albert Barlett Son s 17 Carpenter Findon, Sussex
Edward Bartlett Son s 13 Findon, Sussex
Elizabeth Bartlett Daughter s 9 Findon, Sussex
25 The Cottage Richard Williams Head s 59 Lt Col retired Royal Engineers London, Middlesex rather deaf
Rosa A Williams   Sister s 70 Grahams Town, Cape Colony
Ellen E Miller  Servant s 23 Cook (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Marian S Miles  Servant s 23 Housemaid (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
26 Elmleigh Florence J Ford Wife m 26 London, Middlesex
Alfred W Ford Son s 0 7 months Findon, Sussex
Louisa P Hedger Visitor s 26 Housemaid (Domestic) London, Middlesex
27 14 Findon Street Martha Churchill Head w 35 Dressmaker London, Middlesex
28 1 Hermit Terrace Ernest Peckham Head m 30 Coachman (Domestic) Bletchingley, Surrey
Mary A Peckham Wife m 34 Sandford, Devon
29 2 Hermit Terrace Leonard Elliott Head m 45 Shepherd Storrington, Sussex
Mary A Elliott Wife m 54 Sompting, Sussex
Arthur Elliott Son s 21 Shepherd Findon, Sussex
John Elliott Son s 17 Basket Maker Findon, Sussex
30 3 Hermit Terrace Frank Woods Head m 30 Police Constable  Fishbourne, Sussex
Annie E J Woods Wife m 29 Littlehampton, Sussex
Frank C Woods Son s 0 10 months Findon, Sussex
31 4 Hermit Terrace Eliza Churchill Head w 69 Living on own means Ashington, Sussex
Eliza Churchill Daughter s 42 Housemaid (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
32 5 Hermit Terrace
33 15 Findon Street Edwin Langridge Head m 56 Gardener (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Eliza Langridge Wife m 57 Findon, Sussex
34 16 Findon Street George Churchill Head s 37 Bootmaker Findon, Sussex
Edmund Churchill Uncle m 72 Retired Bootmaker Storrington, Sussex
Susan Churchill Aunt m 76 Houghton, Sussex
35 17 Findon Street William B Tyler Head m 42 Sadler and Harness Maker Steyning, Sussex
Jessee J Tyler Wife m 42 Upper Beeding, Sussex
36 Moorecroft Mary C Hensley Head s 58 Living on own means London, Middlesex
Alice Stringer  Servant s 25  General Domestic Servant Milton under Wythwood, Oxfordshire
Louisa Godley Child under ? s 12 Findon, Sussex
New House 1 unoccupied
37 The Rectory House Rosina Day  Servant s 40 Housemaid (Domestic) Ventnor, Hampshire
Edith Dran  Servant s 25 Cook (Domestic) Rowde, Gloucestershire
Edith Pay  Servant s 18 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Guildford, Surrey
Walter Ford  Servant m 26 Coachman (Domestic) Reading, Berkshire
Walter Crouch  Servant s 15 Hall Boy (Domestic) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
38 Salleystead Samuel P Oliver Head w 62 Retired Capt Royal Artillery Woodford, Essex
Rebie Oliver Daughter s 36 Ongar, Essex
John F Oliver Son s 24 Lt Manchester Reg Havant, Hampshire
Christopher F D Oliver Son s 14 Alverstoke, Hampshire
Charlotte W Oliver  Daughter in Law m 21 Barnstable, Devon
Eliza Dedman  Servant s 46 Cook (Domestic) Worton Rivers, Wiltshire
Rose Rawlins  Servant s 42 Nurse (Domestic) Bloomsbury, London
Mary Langridge  Servant s 21 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Ellen E Langridge  Servant s 19 Housemaid (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
39 The Gun Inn George Goatcher Head m 36 Publican Washington, Sussex
Jessie Goatcher Wife m 38 Bur??, Suffolk
Edith Goatcher Daughter s 8 Steyning, Sussex
George Goatcher Son s 6 Steyning, Sussex
Frederick Goatcher Son s 2 Findon, Sussex
Sarah A Kingsbury Mother in Law w 60 Mother's Help (Domestic) Ash Barking, Suffolk
William Askins Boarder w 58 Ostler Longstock, Hampshire
40 The Post Office Thomas Winton Head m 56 Sub Postmaster Grocer Baker Shoreham, Sussex
Maria Winton Wife m 57 Worthing, Sussex
Maria Winton Daughter s 23  Assistant to Sub Postmaster Findon, Sussex
George Winton Son s 19 Grocers Assistant Findon, Sussex
William Winton Son s 18  Assistant to Sub Postmaster Findon, Sussex
41 Findon Street George Rice Head m 43 Butcher Shipley, Sussex
Mary A Rice Wife m 42 Washington, Sussex
George Rice Son s 19  Butchers Son Arundel, Sussex
May Rice Daughter s 18 Findon, Sussex
Margaret Rice Daughter s 14 Findon, Sussex
Henry Rice Son s 10 Findon, Sussex
42 Findon Street Rebecca Butcher Head w 68 Grocer and Draper West Grinstead, Sussex
Minnie Pratt  Servant s 13  General Domestic Servant Findon, Sussex
43 The Village Home Emma Louisa Hind Head w 46 Sick Nurse Brixton, London
Mary Trevallion  Servant s 50 Sick Nurse Hackney, London
Susannah Mills  Servant w 41 Cook (Domestic) Storrington, Sussex
Daisy Dadswell  Servant s 15 Wardmaid (Domestic) South Shields
Alfred Tapping  Servant s 15  Gardeners Assistant (Domestic) Easebourne, Sussex
William Avis  Servant s 14 Stable Boy (Domestic) West Brighton, Sussex
Mary Fielder  Servant s 22 Housemaid (Domestic) Brighton, Sussex
May Study Patient m 33 Clapham, London
Louisa Seacombe Patient m 37 Old Ford, London
Laura Colby Patient s 32 Needlewoman Camden Town, London
Catherine Molnews Patient s 18 Leeds, Yorkshire
Isabel Webb Patient w 47 Monthly Nurse St Pancras, London
Sophia Blackwell Visitor m 47 Wales
Susannah Blackwell Patient s 11 Enfield, Middlesex
Fanny Wicks Patient s 41 Dressmaker Barnet, Hertfordshire
Violet Bartup Patient s 13 Under Housemaid (Domestic) Brighton, Sussex
Emily Parker Patient s 12 Stoke Newington, London
Florence Poulter Patient s 10 London, Middlesex
Florence Jackson Patient s 7 London, Middlesex
Sophia Dawson Patient s 8 London, Middlesex
44 Rose Cottage William Miles Head m 31 Fly Master and Coal Merchant Worthing, Sussex
Annie E Miles Wife m 34 Worthing, Sussex
Douglas H Miles Son s 2 Findon, Sussex
Doris E Miles Daughter s 4 Findon, Sussex
George P Lamb Boarder s 21 Stable Lad Racing Establishment Shipton, Yorkshire
45 Findon Street Esau Grist Head s 48 Carter on Farm Horningsham, Wiltshire
46 1 Arundel Road Edwin A Eyears Head m 38 Turf Reporter Brighton, Sussex
Mary J Eyears Wife m 36 Findon, Sussex
Edwin A Eyears Son s 10 Findon, Sussex
Beatrice M Eyears Daughter s 8 Findon, Sussex
47 2 Arundel Road Albert Short Head m 30 Farm Bailiff Ashington, Sussex
Alice Short Wife m 33 West Chiltington, Sussex
Ellen Short Daughter s 2 Findon, Sussex
48 3 Arundel Road Michael Marner Head m 56 Bricklayer Findon, Sussex
Annie Marner Wife m 46 Brixton, London
49 4 Arundel Road Arthur Herriott Head m 52 Groom Livery Stables Street, Sussex
Harriet Herriott Wife m 50 Storrington, Sussex
50 The School House Elizabeth D Bull Head s 55  Schoolmistress (National School) Highbury, London
Ellen M White Boarder s 35 Dressmaker  Fulham, London
Lilian B Kemp Boarder s 20  Assistant Schoolmistress Lewes, Sussex
Irene H Hine Boarder s 20  Assistant Schoolmistress Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire
51 Kingswood Farm Doris Mathews Daughter s 7 Warby, Essex
Hugh Mathews Son s 6 Warby, Essex
Cecil Mathews Son s 4 Warby, Essex
Geoffrey Mathews Son s 1 North Ockendon, Essex
Ellen Robinson  Servant s 30 Housemaid (Domestic) Deaton, Northamptonshire
Lizzie Ward  Servant s 25 Cook (Domestic) Beccles, Suffolk
Ellen Jordan  Servant s 17 Nurse (Domestic) London, Middlesex
Anita Wellard  Servant s 26 Nurse (Domestic) Grays, Essex
52 Kingswood Villa Charles F Williams Head s 59 Retired Private Asylum Proprietor South Newington, Oxfordshire
William Tribe Boarder s 56 West Tarring, Sussex feeble minded
William West  Servant m 35  Attendant upon invalid Sydenham, Kent
Ellen West  Servant m 35  Housekeeper (Domestic) Islington, Middlesex
53 Washington Road Benjamin J Rowett Head m 52 Chief Engine Driver (Staionary Engine) Torpoint, Cornwall
Elizabeth A Rowett Wife m 51 Devonport, Devon
Florence Beatrice Rowett Daughter s 16 Dressmaker Devonport, Devon
54 North End Farm George Hampton Head m 75 Farmer Sullington, Sussex
Mary Hampton Wife m 66 Wells, Norfolk
Anna Hampton Daughter s 38  School Governess Findon, Sussex
George Hampton Son s 40 Farmers Son Findon, Sussex
Mary Hampton Daughter s 31  School Governess Findon, Sussex
Rosa M Boxall  Servant s 23 Cook (Domestic) Lodsworth, Sussex
Edith E Barber  Servant s 16 Housemaid (Domestic) Edburton, Sussex
Thomas J Wicks  Servant s 30 Groom (Domestic) Greenwich, Kent
Isabel Sargant Granddaughter s 10 Demerara, British Guiana (British Subject)
George H Sargant Grandson s 9 Demerara, British Guiana (British Subject)
55 1 North End Cottages Harry Merrett Head m 49 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Mary Merrett Wife m 44 North Stoke, Sussex
William Merrett Son s 24 Findon, Sussex feeble minded from birth
Jesse Merrett Son s 18 Groom (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Mary A J Merrett Daughter s 8 Findon, Sussex
John Merrett  Brother m 53 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Henry J Mundy Lodger s 43 Carter on Farm Popham, Hampshire
Grace Stedman Visitor s 21 Housemaid (Domestic) Cuckfield, Sussex
56 2 North End Cottages George W Savill Head m 37 Carter on Farm Rainham, Essex
Mary A Savill Wife m 37 North Ockendon, Essex
Mary A Savill Daughter s 11 Wenington, Essex
Ernest W Savill Son s 7 Upminster, Essex
Amy E Savill Daughter s 6 North Ockendon, Essex
George H Savill Son s 3 North Ockendon, Essex
John E Thompson Lodger s 16  House Boy (Domestic) Maily, Essex
Arthur C Skinner Lodger s 15 Stable Lad (Domestic) East Burton, Sussex
57 3 North End Cottages Charles Newman Head m 73 No Occupation Alresford, Hampshire
Elizabeth Newman Wife m 63 Laundress Collingborn, Wiltshire
Herbert Newman Son s 24 Coachman (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Percy Stenning Grandson s 16 Errand Boy (Grocers) Small Dole, Sussex
Stanley Boyd Grandson s 14  Footsgr???, Kent
John N F With???l Grandson s 3 Elan Valley, Wales
58 4 North End Cottages Ebinezer E Gurd Head m 43 Cowman on Farm Donhead St Andrews, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Gurd Wife m 44 Dinton, Wiltshire
Annie E Gurd Daughter s 15 Berwick St John, Wiltshire
58a 4 North End Cottages Albert Rendell Head m 53 Carpenter Steyning, Sussex
59  Findon Farm Albert Short Head m 55 Farmer Washington, Sussex
Jane Short Wife m 56 Shipley, Sussex
John Short Son s 29 Farmers Son Ashington, Sussex
Alice Short Daughter s 23  Household Assistant Findon, Sussex
Jane Short Daughter s 19  Household Assistant Findon, Sussex
Mary Short Daughter s 17 Findon, Sussex
60 New Lodge Muntham Edward Prince Head m 56 Gamekeeper Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire
Emma Prince Wife m 57 Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire
61 Muntham William Knight Head m 60 Gardener (Domestic) Washington, Sussex
Sarah Knight Wife m 54 West Grinstead, Sussex
62 Muntham Farm Ralph Baker Head m 44 Dairyman East Tytherley, Hampshire
Sarah J Baker Wife m 44 Romsey, Hampshire
63 Muntham Farm House
64 Muntham Farm John Bishop Head m 35 Carter on Farm Wynford Eagle, Dorset
Florence L Bishop Wife m 28 Dorset
John W C G Bishop Son s 8 Wynford Eagle, Dorset
Violet M J Bishop Daughter s 7 Wynford Eagle, Dorset
Leonard W Bishop Son s 4 Wynford Eagle, Dorset
Gertrude M Bishop Daughter s 2 Wynford Eagle, Dorset
65 New Barn Richard Hollingdale Head m 65 Carter on Farm Lancing, Sussex
Elizabeth Hollingdale Wife m 53 Lower Beeding, Sussex
Bessie Hollingdale Daughter s 17 Farm Boy Carter Washington, Sussex
Richard Hollingdale Son s 14 Washington, Sussex
Daniel Hollingdale Son s 11 Washington, Sussex
Charles Hollingdale Son s 10 Washington, Sussex
66 New Barn
67 Highden John Dack Head m 51 Farm Bailiff Giles, Lincolnshire
Hannah Dack Wife m 48 West Walton, Norfolk
Emily Dack Daughter s 22 Clements, Norfolk
John E Dack Son s 21 Stockman on Farm Clements, Norfolk
68 Muntham Court Annie Morris  Servant s 38  Housekeeper (Domestic) Tregynon, Montgomeryshire
69 Gardeners Bo?tly, Muntham Ct Harry John Gurd  Servant s 19  Garden Labourer Berwick St John, Wiltshire
Lawrence L Blunden  Servant s 20  Garden Labourer Lavant, Sussex
Edward Dean  Servant s 19  Garden Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Harry A Burgess  Servant s 18  Garden Labourer Upper Beeding, Sussex
70 Gardeners House Duncan Holmes Head m 37 Gardener (Domestic) Scotland
Alice Holmes Wife m 33 Bishopstoke, Hampshire
Dolina Holmes Daughter s 8 Winchester, Hampshire
Elizabeth Holmes Daughter s 5 Findon, Sussex
Thomas Holmes Son s 0 8 months Findon, Sussex
71 Hunters Cottages Charlotte Rice Head w 90 Living on own means Thakeham, Sussex
Annie Linfield Visitor s 60 Living on own means Storrington, Sussex
Lucy Fulljanes Visitor w 66  Housekeeper (Domestic) Brighton, Sussex
Lucy M Brown Niece s 40  Housekeeper (Domestic) Coningsby, Lincolnshire
72 1 Findon Kennels James Frances Head m 70 General Labourer Itchinstoke, Hampshire
Fanny Francis Wife m 67 Washington, Sussex
73 2 Findon Kennels George Cuckney Head m 45 Gardener (Domestic) Sompting, Sussex
Jane Cuckney Wife m 51 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Charles Cuckney Son s 14 Painter Findon, Sussex
74 3 Findon Kennels Mark Nicholson Head s 37 Carter on Farm Sullington, Sussex
Elizabeth Nicholson Mother w 82 Shipley, Sussex
75 1 Tolmere Frederick Goodyer Head s 42 Farm Bailiff Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Goodyer Mother w 71 Nuthurst, Sussex
Samson Dale Boarder s 22 Gamekeeper Ashington, Sussex
76 2 Tolmere part of Walter Clevett Head m 47 Clapham, Sussex
Fanny Clevett Wife m 46 Angmering, Sussex
Alfred Clevett Son s 10 Angmering, Sussex
Walter Clevett Son s 7 Angmering, Sussex
Joseph Clevett Son s 5 Angmering, Sussex
76a 2 Tolmere part of Edward Bacon Head m 32 Shepherd  Felpham, Sussex
Alice Bacon Wife m 22 Angmering, Sussex
Mary Clevett   Stepdaughter s 4 Angmering, Sussex
77 3 Tolmere Winifred Carn   Stepdaughter s 2 Findon, Sussex
William Carn Head w 56 Agricultural Labourer Wisborough Green, Sussex
Mary A Carn Daughter s 23  Housekeeper (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
William C Carn Son s 15 Telegraph Messenger Findon, Sussex
78 4 Tolmere Harry Mosley Head m 37 Agricultural Labourer South Mundham, Sussex
Annie Mosley Wife m 27 Clapham, Sussex
George Carn   Stepson s 3 Findon, Sussex
Edith Mosley Daughter s 0 6 months Findon, Sussex
79 1 North End Row James Cheale Head s 68 Shepherd Findon, Sussex
80 2 North End Row Ishmael Hewlett Head m 62 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Elizabeth Hewlett Wife m 60 Washington, Sussex
Evelyn K Hewlett Daughter s 25 Oakham, Rutland
Annie Hewlett Daughter s 24 Housemaid (Domestic) Oakham, Rutland
Ethel Hewlett Daughter s 14 Findon, Sussex
Albert E Hewlett Grandson s 3 Findon, Sussex
Ernest Hewlett Son s 16 Groom (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
81 3 North End Row Stephen Riddles Head m 64 Cowman on Farm Sompting, Sussex
Ann Riddles Wife m 64 Findon, Sussex
82 4 North End Row 1 unoccupied
83 5 North End Row Jane Tri?es Head s 40 Living on own means Ramsdean, Hampshire
Ann Battell Niece s 13 Sullington, Sussex
Leopold Read Visitor s 6 Woolston, Hampshire
84 6 North End Row 1 unoccupied
85 7 North End Row 1 unoccupied
86 North End 1 unoccupied
87 North End Harry Burtenshaw Head m 74 Shepherd Coombs, Sussex
Ruth Burtenshaw Wife m 77 Findon, Sussex
88 North End George Knight Head m 49 Road Foreman Washington, Sussex
Elizabeth Knight Wife m 48 Washington, Sussex
Mark Knight Son s 17 Page Boy (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Harriet Knight Daughter s 16 Findon, Sussex
Henry Knight Son s 12 Washington, Sussex
Thomas Knight Son s 10 Washington, Sussex
John Knight Son s 7 Washington, Sussex
Charlotte Knight Daughter s 5 Washington, Sussex
89 Pest House Fanny Hockham Head w 86 Needlewoman  Wiston, Sussex
Charlotte E Littlefield Daughter w 43 Findon, Sussex
90 Pest House Thomas Mayne Head m 38 Gamekeeper Bletchington, Oxfordshire
Annie Mayne Wife m 43  Farringdon, Buckinghamshire
Cicilia Mayne Daughter s 8 Haslemere, Surrey
Lilian Mayne Daughter s 6 Haslemere, Surrey
Nellie Mayne Daughter s 3 Bilborough, Kent
91  Findon Park Frederick Short Head m 43 Carter on Farm  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Short Wife m 38 Ashington, Sussex
George Short Son s 1  Wiston, Sussex
92  Findon Park Foster Langridge Head m 64 Shepherd Findon, Sussex
Charlotte Langridge Wife m 65 Thakeham, Sussex
Jeremiah Langridge Son s 38 Agricultural Labourer Findon, Sussex
93 New Building George Mitchell Head w 38  Bricklayers Labourer Burgess Hill, Sussex
Jane Steer  Mother in Law w 65 Housemaid (Domestic) Billingshurst, Sussex
Louisa Lock Cousin s 11 Edenbridge, Kent
94 New Building Henry Long Head m 35 Carter on Farm Sutton, Sussex
Lizzie Long Wife m 29 Lancing, Sussex
Annie Long Daughter s 10 Thakeham, Sussex
John Richard Long Son s 3 Findon, Sussex
William Hollingdale  Brother in Law s 19 Carter on Farm Coombs, Shoreham, Sussex
95 1 Mill Cottages George Cooper Head s 65 Pedler Hereford, Herefordshire
96 2 Mill Cottages Albert Constable Head m 55 Gardener (Domestic) Storrington, Sussex
Ruth Constable Wife m 45 Harlington, Bedfordshire
Ruth Constable Daughter s 14 Chichester, Sussex
Thomas Constable Son s 13  Garden Work Chichester, Sussex
Albert Constable Son s 12 Findon, Sussex
William Constable Son s 9 Findon, Sussex
George Constable Son s 7 Findon, Sussex
Arthur Constable Son s 5 Findon, Sussex
Rachel Constable Daughter s 3 Findon, Sussex
97 3 Mill Cottages George Worsfold Head m 75 Farm Labourer Horley, Surrey
Elizabeth A Worsfold Wife m 70 Bath, Somerset
98 4 Mill Cottages Ann White Head w 34 Charwoman Blacknest, Alton, Hampshire
Charles White Son s 12  Fleet, Basingstoke, Hampshire
Percy White Son s 8  Farnham, Surrey
Ada White Daughter s 6  Farnham, Surrey
Hilda F White Daughter s 0 6 months Findon, Sussex
Benjamin Hill Boarder s 43 General Labourer Harting, Chichester, Sussex
99 5 Mill Cottages Miriam J Hues Wife m 40 Chelsfield, Kent
James F Hues Son s 9 Findon, Sussex
Frank W Hues Son s 7 Findon, Sussex
Thomas R Hues Son s 4 Findon, Sussex
George A Hues Son s 1 Findon, Sussex
100 Alfred Newman Head w 52 Agricultural Labourer Titchfield, Hampshire
George Newman Son s 15 Carter on Farm Westbourne, Sussex
Ernest Newman Son s 8 Reading, Berkshire
Florence Newman Daughter s 5 Chatham, Kent
Ruth Meaton  Servant s 49 Housemaid (Domestic) Not Known
101 John Farrell Head m 74 Findon, Sussex
Fanny Farrell Wife m 69 Laundress Petworth, Sussex
Alice Farrell Daughter s 38 Angmering, Sussex
Mary Lambourne Daughter m 28 Findon, Sussex
102 The Mill House 1 unoccupied
103 Foxdown Edwin Douglas Head m 52  Animal Painter Edinburgh, Scotland
Christina Douglas Wife m 53 Halstead, Essex
Gwendonlen Douglas Daughter s 23 Sawbrook, Surrey
Margaret Douglas Daughter s 16 Sawbrook, Surrey
Cedric Douglas Son s 12 Sawbrook, Surrey
George Coleman  Servant w 58 Gardener (Domestic) Sompting, Sussex
Rose Elliott  Servant s 24 Cook (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
104 The Downs Robert Goll Head s 41 Trainer of Race Horses Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland
Michael Pello  Servant s 18 Valet (Domestic)  Steyr???, Austria
Emily Gocher  Servant s 17 Housemaid (Domestic) Washington, Sussex
Catherine Willett  Servant w 59  Housekeeper (Domestic) Piddlehinton, Dorset
105 The Downs James Comber Head m 61  Groom Training Establishment Handcross, Sussex
Harriet Comber Wife m 59 Alresford, Hampshire
106 Pony Farm Alfred Luxford Head m 30 Caterer Bursted, Sussex
Emma C Luxford Wife m 27 Caterer Barcombe, Sussex
Frank Luxford Son s 6 Beddingham, Sussex
George Richard Tidy Boarder s 33 Groom (Domestic) Washington, Sussex
?nton Lyrovy Boarder s 20  Groom Racing Establishment Austria
Lawrence Kisbey Boarder s 34  Groom Racing Establishment Ireland
George Saunders Boarder s 19  Groom Racing Establishment Sussex
John Hales Boarder s 23  Groom Racing Establishment Not Known
Frederick Freemantle Boarder s 24  Groom Racing Establishment Not Known
Michael Pock Boarder s 27  Groom Racing Establishment Ireland
John Dyer Boarder s 28  Groom Racing Establishment  Wick, Sussex
Ernest Gill Boarder s 17  Groom Racing Establishment Not Known
107 1 Nepcote Lane William C Brown Head w 59 Blacksmith Findon, Sussex
Annie Brown Daughter s 31 Findon, Sussex
Edward J Brown Son s 24 Blacksmith Findon, Sussex
Arthur Brown Son s 21 Market Gardener Findon, Sussex
Ernest W Brown Son s 19 Findon, Sussex
Emily Brown Daughter s 16 Findon, Sussex
108 2 Nepcote Lane Christopher Curtis Head m 32 Baker Winchester, Hampshire
Alice Curtis Wife m 33 Bosham, Sussex
Hilda M Curtis Daughter s 4 Ewhurst, Sussex
Charles ???ning  Servant s 17 Baker Small Dole, Sussex
109 3 Nepcote Lane Edward Hill Head m 74 Market Gardener Steyning, Sussex
Ellen Hill Wife m 62 Shipley, Sussex
110 4 Nepcote Lane Albert Hards Head m 47 Roadman Steyning, Sussex
Ellen Hards Wife m 40 Henfield, Sussex
Albert Hards Son s 14 Harnessmaker Shipley, Sussex
Emily Hards Daughter s 11 Shipley, Sussex
111 5 Nepcote Lane Henry Walls Head m 30 General Labourer Patching, Sussex
Susan Walls Wife m 24 Findon, Sussex
Eveline N Walls Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
Alice E Walls Daughter s 3 Findon, Sussex
Elizabeth Berry  Mother in Law w 67 Sullington, Sussex
Reginald Berry Nephew s 8 Weymouth, Dorset
William Shell Boarder s 49 Agricultural Labourer Cornwall
Richard Ade Boarder w 64 Bricklayer Lewes, Sussex
Walter Hilton Boarder s 59  Bricklayers Labourer Steyning, Sussex
112 6 Nepcote Lane Harry Taylor Head m 47 Carpenter Great Leighs, Essex
Agnes Taylor Wife m 46 Washington, Sussex
Rosa A Taylor Daughter s 14 Epsom, Surrey
Moses Richardson Boarder w 72 Jobbing Gardener Washington, Sussex
113 7 Nepcote Lane John Sturt Head m 76 Gardener (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Eleanor Sturt Wife m 70 Bedingham, Sussex
114 8 Nepcote Lane Noah Miller Head m 58 Gardener (Domestic) Horningsham, Wiltshire
Charlotte Miller Wife m 50 South Bersted, Sussex
Alfred Miller Son s 15 Harnessmaker Findon, Sussex
John Miller Son s 13 Findon, Sussex
115 9 Nepcote Lane (Neville House) Jane M Parker Head w 45 Carriage Proprietor Loddon, Norfolk
Edith Elliott  Servant s 15  General Domestic Servant Findon, Sussex
115a Neville House Beatrice M Green Head w 35 Living on own means Barnes, Surrey
Dorothy G E Green Daughter s 7 Colorado, USA (British Subject)
Arthur N Green Son s 6 Colorado, USA (British Subject)
116 10 Nepcote Lane William H Bush Head m 67 Retired Baker Ramsgate, Kent
Frances Bush Wife m 68 H ?ens??nce, Kent
Rose Bush Daughter s 33 Findon, Sussex
117 11 Nepcote Lane Philip J Boxall Head m 24 Busman (Driver) Charlwood, Sussex
Bessie Boxall Wife m 26 Findon, Sussex
118 12 Nepcote Lane Harris Richardson Head m 44 Builder Washington, Sussex
Mary Richardson Wife m 41 Chichester, Sussex
Alfred Richardson Son s 13 Findon, Sussex
Rose Richardson Daughter s 12 Findon, Sussex
Grace Richardson Daughter s 7 Findon, Sussex
119 1 West View Terrace William J Kinchett Head m 38 Bricklayer Washington, Sussex
Emily Kinchett Wife m 34 Horsham, Sussex
William G Kinchett Son s 8 Findon, Sussex
Ethel N Kinchett Daughter s 0 10 months Findon, Sussex
Arthur Budd Boarder s 22 Gardener (Domestic)  Fittleworth, Sussex
Edward Roo? Boarder s 23 Groom (Domestic) Morestead, Hampshire
120 2 West View Terrace John Green Head m 50 Coachman (Domestic) Angmering, Sussex
Maria Green Wife m 42 Storrington, Sussex
Nelly Green Daughter s 13 Patching, Sussex
Henry G Green Son s 9 Patching, Sussex
Caroline Cooper  Mother in Law w 78 Storrington, Sussex
121 3 West View Terrace Thomas F Bush Head m 37  Auxiliary Postman Findon, Sussex
Elizabeth E Bush Wife m 37 Findon, Sussex
Edith Bush Daughter s 10 Findon, Sussex
May Bush Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
122 4 West View Terrace Thomas Young Head m 30 Horse Trainer  France (British Subject)
Alice Young Wife m 28 Amberley, Sussex
Cecil Young Son s 6 St Sampsons, Guernsey
Leon Young  Brother s 21 Jockey  France (British Subject)
123 Nepcote Lodge Harry Gates Head m 33 Caterer (Domestic) Patching, Sussex
Sarah Gates Wife m 32 Cranleigh, Surrey
Henry Artlett Boarder s 25 Coachman (Domestic) Shoreham, Sussex
Dennis Morris Boarder s 27 Stableman (Trainer) Sutton Coldfield, Staffordshire
Arthur Wakeham Boarder s 14 Stableman Amberley, Sussex
Frederick Botting Boarder s 30 Stableman Chorley, Lancashire
124 Nepcote Lodge Dennis Thirlwell Head m 40 Trainer of Race Horses Compton, Sussex
Eliza C Thirlwell Wife m 30 Lewes, Sussex
Arthur L Chornington   Stepson s 11 St Ives, Hampshire
Phyllis E Thirlwell Daughter s 9 Worthing, Sussex
Louisa Goatcher Visitor s 24 Washington, Sussex
Elizabeth Hicks  Servant s 26 Cook (Domestic) Newbury, Berkshire
Mabel A Horton  Servant s 16 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Lancing, Sussex
Alice Butcher  Servant s 16 Housemaid (Domestic) Sullington, Sussex
125 The Cottage Harriet Eyears Head w 66 Lodging House Keeper Hanley, Staffordshire
Emma Eyears Daughter s 29 Domestic Help Arundel, Sussex
125a The Cottage Rose Dutton Head m 38 Egham, Surrey
Cecil H Dutton Son s 9 Putney, London
126 1 Cross Lanes Albert Arthur Goater Head m 38 Painter Findon, Sussex
Alice A H Goater Wife m 40 Patching, Sussex
Dorothy Elva Goater Daughter s 11 Findon, Sussex
Grace Goater Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
127 2 Cross Lanes William C Brown Head s 26 Jockey Findon, Sussex
128 3 Cross Lanes Walter Langham Head m 46 Turf Reporter Newmarket, Suffolk
Fanny Langham Wife m 30 Steyning, Sussex
Walter Langham Son s 10 Findon, Sussex
William Langham Son s 7 Findon, Sussex
Eva Langham Daughter s 4 Findon, Sussex
Alywin Langham Son s 2 Findon, Sussex
129 4 Cross Lanes Kensie Tugwell Head m 31 Carter on Farm West Chiltington, Sussex
Harriet Tugwell Wife m 40 West Chiltington, Sussex
Alice E Mills Visitor s 23 Clapham, Sussex
130 The Wattle House Edward Aldridge Head m 53 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Mary Aldridge Wife m 51 Laundress Not Known
Ethel E Aldridge Daughter s 21 Mothers Help Findon, Sussex
Harry Aldridge Son s 17  Bricklayers Labourer Findon, Sussex
Grace F Aldridge Daughter s 11 Findon, Sussex
131 Nepcote 1 unoccupied
132 Nepcote Walter Merrett Head m 67 General Labourer Findon, Sussex
Mary Merrett Wife m 77 Mitcham, Surrey
George Bently Boarder w 50 General Labourer Clapham, Sussex
133 Nepcote John Fielder Head m 46 Gardener (Domestic) Nursling, Hampshire
Mary Fielder Wife m 48 Hawley, Hampshire
Thomas Fielder Son s 17 Footman (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Rose Fielder Daughter s 12 Findon, Sussex
134 Nepcote George Garton Head m 39 Wheelwright Slinfold, Sussex
Ellen Garton Wife m 43 Horsham, Sussex
Harry Garton Son s 11 Findon, Sussex
George Garton Son s 11 Findon, Sussex
John Garton Son s 8 Findon, Sussex
Caroline Garton Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
Emily Garton Visitor s 11 Slinfold, Sussex
135 Nep Cottage George Nicholls Head w 89 Civil Service Pensioner Penryn, Cornwall
Eliza Nicholls Daughter s 60  Fishersgate, Sussex
Georgina Mathews  Servant s 42 Rock Ferry, Cheshire
136 Nepcote Samuel Henty Head m 73 Agricultural Labourer Bishopstoke, Hampshire
Sarah Henty Wife m 73 Rottingdean, Sussex
137 Nepcote George Clarke Head m 41 Stockman on Farm Ringmer, Sussex
Minnie Clarke Wife m 36 Keymer, Sussex
George H Clarke Son s 15  House Boy (Domestic) Wivelsfield, Sussex
138 The Hollies Alfred G Arthur Head m 32 Retired Insurance Agent Pitsford, Northamptonshire
Elizabeth Arthur Wife m 48 Great Bowden, Leicestershire
Hilda B M Arthur Daughter s 7 Findon, Sussex
139 Nepcote 1 unoccupied Head w 88 Findon, Sussex
140 Nepcote Harriet Ann Realph Daughter m 62 Findon, Sussex
Emily Antram Son s 54 Stationary Engine Driver Tarring, Sussex
Alfred Realph Daughter s 50 Dressmaker Worthing, Sussex
Ellen Realph Head m 31 Painter Findon, Sussex
141 Nepcote John Ockenden Wife m 34 Lewes, Sussex
Margaret E Ockenden Daughter s 2 Findon, Sussex
Violet R Ockenden Daughter s 0 4 months Findon, Sussex
142 Nepcote Charles Simpson Chaplin Head m 23 Gardener (Domestic) Pinner, Middlesex
Tryphena Chaplin Wife m 25 West Chiltington, Sussex
Harriet Humphreys  Mother in Law w 75 Pulborough, Sussex
143 Nepcote William Ockenden Head m 40  Wheelwright Carpenter and Locksmith Findon, Sussex
Rosina Ockenden Wife m 37 Itchingfield, Sussex
William Ockenden Son s 14 Deliverer of Newspapers Findon, Sussex
Rosina Ockenden Daughter s 12 Findon, Sussex
Sydney Ockenden Son s 10 Findon, Sussex
John Ockenden Son s 8 Findon, Sussex
Hugh Ockenden Son s 6 Findon, Sussex
Ethel Ockenden Daughter s 2 Findon, Sussex
Grace Ockenden Daughter s 0 3 months Findon, Sussex
144 Nepcote Frederick Knowles Head w 48  Bricklayers Labourer Findon, Sussex
George Knowles Son s 14 Findon, Sussex
145 Nepcote Eliza H Richardson Head m 53 Needlewoman Old Kent Road, London
Agnes M Richardson Daughter s 18  Parlour and Housemaid (Domestic) Washington, Sussex
146 Nepcote William J Bennett Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Sompting, Sussex
Emily Bennett Wife m 44 Sompting, Sussex
William J Bennett Son s 10 Findon, Sussex
Emily M Bennett Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
Alice Bennett Daughter s 3 Findon, Sussex
Matilda Coleman  Mother in Law w 83 Sompting, Sussex
147 Nepcote Eliza Newman Head w 43 Charwoman Gatwick, Surrey
Thomas H Newman Son s 7 Beddington, Surrey
148 Nepcote 1 unoccupied s
149 Nepcote Frederick H Applin Head m 24 Stableman Paddington, London
Blanche Applin Wife m 25 Preston Candover, Hampshire
Frederick A J Applin Son s 1 Marylebone, London
149a Nepcote George Rogers Head w 75 Formerly Bricklayer Poling, Sussex
Alice Mill?? Granddaughter s 30 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
150 Nepcote Katherine Langridge Head w 56 Stockbridge, Hampshire
Kate Langridge Daughter s 14 Findon, Sussex
Edward Langridge Son s 12 Findon, Sussex
Edith Langridge Daughter s 9 Findon, Sussex
151 Nepcote James Moon Head m 64 Agricultural Labourer Not Known
Sarah Moon Wife m 70  Fareham, Hampshire
152 Nepcote Frederick Mustchin Head m 59 Stableman Burpham, Sussex
Mary Mustchin Wife m 40 Chichester, Sussex
Mabel Mustchin Daughter s 14 Littlehampton, Sussex
Willie Mustchin Son s 11 Littlehampton, Sussex
Bessie Mustchin Daughter s 9 Findon, Sussex
Dorothy Mustchin Daughter s 6 Findon, Sussex
Ethel Mustchin Daughter s 4 Findon, Sussex
Robert Mustchin Son s 1 Findon, Sussex
153 Nepcote Kester Tugwell Head m 68  Builders Carter West Chiltington, Sussex
Amy Tugwell Wife m 56 West Chiltington, Sussex
William Tugwell Son s 24 Butcher Washington, Sussex
George Tugwell Son s 20  Stable Lad Findon, Sussex
Dorothy A Tugwell Granddaughter s 5 Findon, Sussex
154 Nepcote Edwin Tillstone Head m 43 Harnessmaker Stafford, Staffordshire
Emma J Tillstone Wife m 41 Lancing, Sussex
155 Nepcote John Brown Head m 47 Shepherd Thruxton, Andover, Hampshire
Harriet Brown Wife m 49 Kimpton, Andover, Hampshire
Ernest J Brown Son s 21 Shepherd Amport, Andover, Hampshire
Charles G Brown Son s 15 Shepherd Newton Vallence, Alton, Hampshire
156 Nepcote Alfred White Head m 33 Blacksmith West Dean, Wiltshire
Emily J White Wife m 38 White Parish, Wiltshire
Alfred F White Son s 7 Landford, Wiltshire
Ida White Daughter s 2 Findon, Sussex
Emily E White Daughter s 1 Findon, Sussex
157 Nepcote Emily Luxford Head w 74 Laundress Pulborough, Sussex
Emma J Hoad Daughter s 40  Assistant Laundress Broadwater, Sussex
Elizabeth E Hoad Granddaughter s 17  General Domestic Servant Hove, Sussex
158 Nepcote James Barcham Head m 46 Farm Bailiff Norfolk
Harriet Barcham Wife m 45 Findon, Sussex
Thomas Barcham Son s 22 Carter on Farm Findon, Sussex
Frederick W Barcham Son s 18 Carter on Farm Findon, Sussex
Louisa Barcham Daughter s 11 Findon, Sussex
Harriet Mitchell  Mother in Law w 76 Gardener (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
159 Cissbury Lodge Albert Foster Head m 60 Gardener (Domestic)  Fairlight, Sussex
Mary A Foster Wife m 64 Dairywoman Chiddingly, Sussex
Frances Foster Daughter s 32 General Help Findon, Sussex
160 Cissbury Hugh R P Wyatt Head m 41 Barrister at Law Hawley, Hampshire
Grace E P Wyatt Wife m 33 Holy Trinity, Paddington, London
Richard J P Wyatt Son s 8 Findon, Sussex
Geoffrey W P Wyatt Son s 5 Findon, Sussex
Oliver E P Wyatt Son s 3 Findon, Sussex
Joana M P Wyatt Daughter s 0 1 month Findon, Sussex
Annie Lily Broomfield  Servant s 35 Nurse (Domestic) Holloway, London
Sarah Howard  Servant s 40 Cook (Domestic)  Bisley, Surrey
Florence Blay  Servant s 28 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Hotton, London
Harriet Merrett  Servant s 20 Housemaid (Domestic) Findon, Sussex
Jane Kennard  Servant s 19 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Broadwater, Sussex
Ada Tomsett  Servant s 16 Nurserymaid (Domestic) Piltdown, Uckfield, Sussex
161 Old Buildings Findon Park Henry Shepperd Head m 72 Stockman on Farm Gravesend, Kent
Rose Shepperd Wife m 68 Greenwich, Kent
162 Old Buildings Findon Park Benjamin King s 47 General Labourer Not Known