Ferring 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
130 Woodland Charles Henry Wakerman Head m 28 Whip ? (Groom) Portsmouth, Hampshire
Ada Wakerman Wife m 29 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Benjamin ?horn  Stepfather w 64 Naval Pensioner Portsmouth, Hampshire
Edward Knight Boarder s 38 Game Keeper Washington, Sussex
131 Woodland William Nash Head m 40 Farm Carter Hayling Island, Hampshire
Jane Nash Wife m 34 East Meon, Hampshire
Florence May Nash Daughter s 5 Chichester, Sussex
132 North Down Cottage Daniel West Head m 52 Farm Labourer Cashioning, Norfolk
Mary West Wife m 59 Epping, Essex
Frank West Son s 18 Farm Labourer Troter
Percy West Son s 10 West Dean, Sussex
Gelanance West Granddaughter s 6 Worthing, Sussex
133 Farm House William Peter Cortis Head m 71 Farmer Angmering, Sussex
Elizabeth Cortis Wife m 68 Angmering, Sussex
Dinah Louise  Servant s 56 General Domestic Servant Sidbury, Devon
134 Sea Lane Cottage John Winton Head m 40 Farm Carter Ferring, Sussex
Charlotte Winton Wife m 39 Angmering, Sussex
John Winton Son s 15 Domestic House Boy Ferring, Sussex
Arthur Winton Son s 13 Farm Boy North Berstead, Sussex
Winifred Winton Daughter s 8 Ferring, Sussex
Margaret Winton Daughter s 8 Ferring, Sussex
Robert Winton Son s 4 Ferring, Sussex
Percy Winton Son s 1 Ferring, Sussex
135 George Bridger Head m 27 Farm Carter Liphook, Hampshire
Blanche Bridger Wife m 28 Havant, Hampshire
Violet Bridger Daughter s 0 10 months Ferring, Sussex
Fred Kinchett Lodger s 34 Agricultural Labourer Rustington, Sussex
Edward West Lodger s 68 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
136 George Street Head s 64 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Sarah Street  Sister s 69 Housekeeper Ferring, Sussex
137 Manor House Stephen Bennett Head m 27  Agricultural Warder Ferring, Sussex
Fanny Bennett Wife m 26 Worthing, Sussex
Christopher Bennett Son s 5 Ferring, Sussex
May Bennett Daughter s 3 Ferring, Sussex
Charlie Bennett Son s 0 1 month Ferring, Sussex
138 Manor House George Fuller Head m 47 Farm Shepherd Washington, Sussex
Charity Fuller Wife m 43 Chailey, Sussex
Emily Fuller Daughter s 6 East Preston, Sussex
Peter Fuller Son s 11 Ferring, Sussex
Frederick Fuller Son s 13 Farm Worker Ferring, Sussex
Albert Fuller Son s 3 East Preston, Sussex
139 East Ferring House Albert Ernest D Hills Head m 49 Farmer Broadwater, Sussex
Emily Hills Wife m 53 Woodmancote, Sussex
Albert Hills Son s 20 Poynings, Sussex
Daisy Hills Daughter s 15 Poynings, Sussex
Florence Hills Daughter s 14 Ferring, Sussex
Claude Hills Son s 11 Ferring, Sussex
Herbert Hills Son s 9 Ferring, Sussex
Nellie Heaver Niece s 21 General Domestic Servant Poynings, Sussex
140 East Ferring Cottage James Hide Head m 60 Farm Carter Ferring, Sussex
Fanny Hide Wife m 60 Angmering, Sussex
Ellen Hide Daughter s 25 Goring, Sussex
Charles Hide Grandson s 3 Goring, Sussex
William Miles Lodger s 50 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
141 East Ferring Cottage Frederick Lamborne Head m 29 Agricultural Labourer Sidlesham, Sussex
Fanny Lamborne Wife m 28 Angmering, Sussex
Ada Lamborne Daughter s 5 Clapham, Sussex
142 East Ferring Cottage Charles Neale Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
Mary Ann Neale Wife m 78  Folkestone, Kent
Charles Francis Neale Son m 38  Gardeners Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Arthur James Varndell Head m 24 Agricultural Labourer Patching, Sussex
Ellen Ann Varndell Wife m 26 Terriok?, Sussex
Ernest James Varndell Son s 0 8 months Patching, Sussex
144 East Ferring Cottage Stephen Fuller Head m 45 Domestic Gardener B???ley, Sussex
Mary Fuller Wife m 47 Woodgate, Sussex
Cecilia Fuller Daughter s 20 Dressmaker Ifield, Sussex
Minnie Edwards Niece s 7 Brighton, Sussex
145 East Ferring Cottage Thomas Knight Head m 58 Farm Shepherd Enford, Wiltshire
Fanny Knight Wife m 59 Ashurst, Sussex
George Knight Son s 33 Shepherd Ashurst, Sussex
Alfred Knight Son s 27 No Employment Ashurst, Sussex
146 East Ferring Cottage Jane Bennett Head w 55 Charwoman Ferring, Sussex
Elizabeth Bennett Daughter s 21 Ferring, Sussex
Arthur Bennett Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Frederick Bennett Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
William Bennett Grandson s 1 Ferring, Sussex
Jessie Miles Lodger s 51 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
1 unoccupied
147 West Ferring Thomas Scutt Head m 73 General Labourer Sullington, Sussex
Charlotte Scutt Wife m 75 West Chiltington, Sussex
148 West Ferring James Bellchamber Head m 77 Cowman on Farm Angmering, Sussex
Eliza Bellchamber Wife m 69 Rustington, Sussex
Eliza Bellchamber Daughter s 33 Ferring, Sussex
George Bellchamber Grandson s 27 Cowman on Farm Worthing, Sussex
Ann Carter  Sister in Law m 64 Rustington, Sussex
149 The Vicarage Mary Kate Boisley  Servant s 29 Caretaker Portslade, Sussex
Alice Maude Gibbons Lodger s 12 Wick, Sussex
150 West Ferring Elizabeth West Wife m 50 Cheriton, Hampshire
Allan Charman Boarder s 16 Domestic Groom Slinfold, Sussex
151 West Ferring Stephen Barnett Head w 66 Gardener East Preston, Sussex
Lizzie Barnett Daughter s 48 Ferring, Sussex
Harriett Hide  Sister in Law s 60 Housekeeper Ferring, Sussex
152 Ferring ? Eli Bridger Head m 59 Farm Carter ?oley, Hampshire
Francis Bridger Wife m 53 ?oley, Hampshire
Rose Bridger Daughter s 12 Cooksbridge, Sussex
Thomas Eli Bridger Son s 7 Havant, Hampshire
Alice Bridger Daughter s 7 Havant, Hampshire
153 Ferring ? Porter W Gibbons Head m 36 Farm Labourer Crossbush, Sussex
Kate Gibbons Wife m 40 Arundel, Sussex
Ernest George Gibbons Son s 14 Farm Labourer Crossbush, Sussex
May Gibbons Daughter s 10 Wick, Sussex
Henry William Gibbons Son s 8 Wick, Sussex
Leonard Gibbons Son s 5 Wick, Sussex
Albert James Gibbons Son s 3 Wick, Sussex
Florence Emily Gibbons Daughter s 1 Wick, Sussex
154 Ferring ? Walter Trice Head m 28 Domestic Coachman Maidstone, Kent
Sarah Trice Wife m 27 Newtown, Mongz?
Mildred Annie Trice Daughter s 1 Ferring, Sussex
155 Ferring ? Thomas Deadman Head m 56 Domestic Gardener Brighton, Sussex
Harriett Deadman Wife m 58 Horsham, Sussex
156 Ferring ? Mary Pullen s 82 Bury, Sussex
157 Ferring ? William Langridge Head m 56 Farm Carter East Grinstead, Sussex
Phoebe Langridge Wife m 52 Storrington, Sussex
William Langridge Son s 24 Letter Carrier GPO Durrington, Sussex
Sarah Langridge Daughter s 19 Laundrymaid Durrington, Sussex
George Langridge Son s 16 Market Gardener Angmering, Sussex
Henry Langridge Son s 13 Farm Labourer Goring, Sussex
158 John Saunders Head m 46 Boot and Shoe Maker Salisbury, Wiltshire
Jane Saunders Wife m 48 Ferring, Sussex
William Saunders Son s 12 Ferring, Sussex
John Saunders Son s 11 Ferring, Sussex
Henry Saunders Son s 8 Ferring, Sussex
Oliver Saunders Son s 5 Ferring, Sussex
159 Post Office Peter Albert Tourle Head m 36 Builder Jobbing Ferring, Sussex
Alice Susanna Tourle Wife m 34 Southwick, Sussex
William Herbert Tourle Son s 9 Ferring, Sussex
Peter Albert Tourle Son s 7 Ferring, Sussex
Ellen Ada Tourle Daughter s 5 Ferring, Sussex
Francis Edith Tourle Daughter s 6 Ferring, Sussex
Florence Victoria Tourle Daughter s 4 Southwick, Sussex
Sydney Arthur Tourle Son s 0 2 weeks Ferring, Sussex
160 The Grange Edwin Henty Head m 57 Bank Director Ferring, Sussex
Rochfort Yerburgh Loveband Visitor s 9 Ifield, Sussex
Guy Yerburgh Loveband Visitor s 8 Ifield, Sussex
John Gerald Loveband Visitor s 6 Ifield, Sussex
Catherine Willimott  Servant s 38 Domestic Nurse Kelhaughton, Norfolk
Annie Rowland  Servant s 40 Domestic Cook Lambeth, London
Charlotte Frances Elliott  Servant s 29 Domestic Maid Billingshurst, Sussex
Ann Neale  Servant s 28 Domestic Housemaid Chilgrove, Sussex
Catherine Read  Servant s 23 Domestic Kitchenmaid Woodford, Essex
Eva Cooper  Servant s 21 Domestic Housemaid Petworth, Sussex
Jane Humphrey  Servant s 16 Domestic Housemaid Goring, Sussex
Charles West  Servant m 45 Domestic Butler Graffham, Sussex
St Maurs 1 unoccupied
161 The Farm House Jane Elizabeth Roberts Head w 63 Living on own means St Pancras, London
Kathleen Violet Roberts Daughter s 22 St Pancras, London
William ? Kelly Cousin s 82 Physician London
Louise Adelaide Matthews  Servant s 22 Domestic Servant St Marys, London
162 South View Albert Cosens Head w 50 Farm Manager Barnham, Sussex
Lilian Cosens Daughter s 24 Barnham, Sussex
Bertha Cosens Daughter s 23 Barnham, Sussex
Edward Cosens Son s 22 Assistant Farm Manager Barnham, Sussex
Emily Cosens Daughter s 21 Barnham, Sussex
Albert Oliver Cosens Son s 17 Carrier in Post Office Buyham, Kent
Mary Cosens Daughter s 15 Ferring, Sussex
163 The Garden, The Grange William James Coleman Head m 32 Domestic Gardener Bembridge, Isle of Wight
Ellen Coleman Wife m 29 Lavant, Sussex
Archibald Coleman Son s 9 Midhurst, Sussex
Herbert Triggs Brother in Law m 33 Coachman West Meon, Hampshire
Elizabeth Triggs  Sister in Law m 33 Lavant, Sussex
Herbert Triggs Nephew s 13 Walburton, Sussex
164 Rose Cottage Sarah White Head s 64 Plymouth, Devon
Jane White  Sister s 60 Plymouth, Devon
165 ? Cottage John Jupp Head m 33 Farmer Lower Beeding, Sussex
Mary Jupp Wife m 34 Binstead, Sussex
Hilda Mary Jupp Daughter s 6 Patching, Sussex
Horace Alfred Jupp Son s 1 Ferring, Sussex
166 The Shop Sydney Robert Wesson Head w 47 Baker Shop Keeper St Pancras, London
Harold Wesson Son s 19 Baker St Pancras, London
167 Lilac Cottage Ellen Tourle Head w 70 Laundress Shipley, Sussex
Ada Tourle Daughter s 30 Laundress Ferring, Sussex
168 Railway Crossing William Thomas Stoner Head m 26 Platelayer Beeding, Sussex
Alice A M Stoner Wife m 27 Gatekeeper Shoreham, Sussex
169 New Inn George Heaver Head m 55 Farm Bailiff B??slow, Surrey
Ann Heaver Wife m 47 Poynings, Sussex
Minnie Kate Heaver Daughter s 28 Street, Sussex
James ? Hills Nephew s 23 Manager of Inn Poynings, Sussex
170 Arthur Baker Head m 33 Coal Merchant Ferring, Sussex
Annie Baker Wife m 29  Findon, Sussex
Ellen Kate Baker Daughter s 1 Ferring, Sussex
Thomas Arthur Baker Son s 0 5 months Ferring, Sussex
171 Hangleton House Charles Lower Head m 49 Market Gardener Sussex
Fanny Lower Wife m 51 London
Frederick Bungay Boarder s 25 Carpenter Hampshire
172 Hangleton House Abraham Winsor Head m 82  Living on Parish Sussex
Mary Winsor Wife m 85 Sussex
173 Rose Cottage Ellen Laker Lodger s 41 Teacher Brighton, Sussex
174 Hangleton Cottages Henry Grant Head m 34 Market Gardener Hayling Island, Hampshire
Matilda Grant Wife m 33 Shapwick, Sussex
David Grant Son s 12 Ferring, Sussex
Frederick Grant Son s 9 Ferring, Sussex
Edith Matilda Grant Daughter s 5 Ferring, Sussex
175 Hangleton Cottages Henry James Hoare Head m 35 Domestic Gardener London
Mary Ann Hoare Wife m 29 West Grinstead, Sussex
Henry George Hoare Son s 8 Goring, Sussex
Reginald Albert Hoare Son s 6 Goring, Sussex
Jessie James Haore Son s 5 West Grinstead, Sussex
Arthur Victor Hoare Son s 3 Ferring, Sussex
Bessie May Hoare Daughter s 2 Ferring, Sussex
Edith Dora Hoare Daughter s 0 3 months Ferring, Sussex
176 Hangleton George Bullen Head m 53 Horticulturalist Croydon, Surrey
Bessie Maud Bullen Wife m 49 Petersfield, Hampshire
Lilian Pardoe Visitor s 21 Balind, Ireland
Ethel Trim Visitor s 16 Ashampstead, Surrey
Edward E Math  Servant m 33 Gardener Foreman Ryde, Isle of Wight
Rose Math  Servant m 33 Ryde, Isle of Wight
Edward J V Math Son s 12 Ryde, Isle of Wight
Reginald W Math Son s 10 Ryde, Isle of Wight
Laura May Math Daughter s 9 Ryde, Isle of Wight
177 Hangleton Farm George Penfold Head w 46 Farmer Ferring, Sussex
Lizzie Penfold Daughter s 18 Housekeeper Ferring, Sussex
Ellen Penfold Daughter s 17 Dairymaid Ferring, Sussex
William Penfold Son s 15 Farmers Son Ferring, Sussex
Kate Penfold Daughter s 14 General Domestic Servant Ferring, Sussex
George Penfold Son s 13 Farmers Son Ferring, Sussex
Charles Penfold Son s 9 Ferring, Sussex
Florence Penfold Daughter s 5 Ferring, Sussex
Hangleton Cottage 1 unoccupied
178 North Barn Cottages William Denyer Head m 57 Stockman on Farm Ferring, Sussex
Eliza Denyer Wife m 52 Goring, Sussex
179 North Barn Cottages Michael Blann Head m 57 Shepherd on Farm Beeding, Sussex
Mary Blann Wife m 64 Bury, Sussex
180 Frankland House Elizabeth Clare Bull Head w 55 Living on own means Ireland
Janet Clare Bull Daughter s 25 Twickenham, Middlesex
181 Frankland Cottages Sophia Leggatt Head w 76 Living on own means Preston, Sussex
Annie Greenyer Visitor s 11 Ferring, Sussex
182 Frankland Cottages John Norrell Head m 56 Farm Labourer Chichester, Sussex
Fanny Norrell Wife m 52 Chichester, Sussex
George Reuben Norrell Son s 25 Market Gardener Chichester, Sussex
John Thomas Norrell Son s 21 Farm Labourer Chichester, Sussex
Frank Norrell Son s 19 Market Gardener Chichester, Sussex
Alfred Norrell Son s 11 Chichester, Sussex
183 Frankland Cottages Stephen Mitchell Head m 68 General Labourer Goring, Sussex
Esther Mitchell Wife m 70 Preston, Sussex
184 Frankland Cottages Charlotte Moore Head s 70  Living on Parish Ferring, Sussex
1 unoccupied
185 Frankland Cottages Reuben Meetens Head m 65 Farmer Ferring, Sussex
Charlotte Meetens Wife m 70 Ferring, Sussex
Fanny Meetens Daughter s 42 Dressmaker Ferring, Sussex
186 Hangleton Hugh Goatcher Head m 58 Farm Carter Ashurst, Sussex
Lillie Hawking Granddaughter s 12 Shoreham, Sussex
George Charles Hawking Grandson s 3 Goring, Sussex
Eliza Laker  Servant w 48 Domestic Housekeeper  Findon, Sussex
187 Ferring Street S Barnes Head w 75 Farm Labourer Weston, Sussex
188 Barn at Ferring William Moore s 32 Farm Labourer Goring, Sussex
George January s 40 Farm Labourer Goring, Sussex
Darky Smith s 39 Farm Labourer