Ferring 1881 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
Sea Lane Thomas Bennett Head m 29 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Harriet Bennett Wife m 29 Angmering, Sussex
Thomas R Bennett Son s 4 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Jane Bennett Daughter s 2 Ferring, Sussex
Jessy Mills Boarder s 32 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Sea Lane Charles Bennett Head m 45 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Jane Bennett Wife m 35 Ferring, Sussex
Mark Bennett Son s 14 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
John Bennett Son s 11 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Stephen Bennett Son s 8 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
William Bennett Son s 4 Scholar Goring, Sussex
Richard Bennett Son s 2 Ferring, Sussex
Elizabeth Bennett Daughter s 1 Ferring, Sussex
Eliza Holden Head w 75  Carpenters Widow Ferring, Sussex
John Mills Head m 71 Shepherd Ferring, Sussex
Sarah Mills Wife m 68 Ferring, Sussex
Ellis Mills Son s 30 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Charles Neel Head m 50 Labourer Chillington, Sussex
Mary A Neel Wife m 55  Folkestone, Kent
Charles Neel Son s 18 Carpenter Goring, Sussex
Nellie Neel Daughter s 15 Ferring, Sussex
Isaac Denyer Head m 70 Labourer Preston, Sussex
Eliza Denyer Wife m 70 Goring, Sussex
Sea Lane Stephen Bennett Head m 58 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Ann Bennett Wife m 55 Ferring, Sussex
Stephen Bennett Son s 24 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Frederick E Bennett Son s 21 Gardener Ferring, Sussex
Arthur Bennett Son s 17 Groom Ferring, Sussex
Sea Lane Noah Grenyer Head m 41 Carter Goring, Sussex
Emily Grenyer Wife m 41 Washington, Sussex
Frederick Grenyer Son s 17 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Walter Grenyer Son s 16 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Mary Grenyer Daughter s 14 Servant Ferring, Sussex
Philip Grenyer Son s 13 Carter Boy Ferring, Sussex
Emily Grenyer Daughter s 11 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Noah Grenyer Son s 9 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Annie Grenyer Daughter s 7 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Florence Grenyer Daughter s 4 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Finnis Grenyer Son s 2 Ferring, Sussex
George Grenyer Son s 1 Ferring, Sussex
George Hills Head m 61 Shepherd Steyning, Sussex
Jane Hills Wife m 61 Ferring, Sussex
William Hills Son s 17 Labourer Goring, Sussex
Allen Leggett Head m 55 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Sophia Leggett Wife m 56 Preston, Sussex
Mary A Bone Aunt w 77  Labourers Widow Preston, Sussex
Sea Lane John Hedger Head m 32 Carter Ashurst, Sussex
Ruth Hedger Wife m 34 Bury, Sussex
William Hedger Son s 5 Scholar Sompting, Sussex
Allice Hedger Daughter s 1 Ferring, Sussex
William Hoper Head w 67 Holder of Public Funds Westminster, Middlesex
Charlotte A J Hoper Daughter s 37 St Pancras, Middlesex
Elizabeth M Lamb  Servant s 22 General Servant Boughton, Kent
John Ball Head m 45 Labourer Heene, Sussex
Ellen Ball Wife m 43 Pulborough, Sussex
Jessey Ball Son s 18 Labourer Rustington, Sussex
William P Cortis Head m 51 Farmer of 250acres emp 8men 3boys Angmering, Sussex
Elizabeth Cortis Wife m 48 Effingham, Surrey
Mary E Cortis Mother w 80 Widow of A Cortis a farmer Effingham, Surrey
Fanny Denyer  Servant s 34 Servant Ferring, Sussex
Jane Pocock  Servant s 20 General Servant Angmering, Sussex
John Fairs  Servant s 16 Agricultural Labourer Steyning, Sussex
Ferring Village Edwin Henly Head m 76 Magistrate, Banker and Farmer of Ferring, Sussex
176 acres emp 11 men and 2 boys
Laura Henly Wife m 62 Ashford, Kent
Charles Osborn  Servant m 52 Domestic Servant Pulborough, Sussex
Nancy Ansdall  Servant 28 Servant Worth, Sussex
Harriett Aylward  Servant 35 Cook Westhampnett, Sussex
Alfred Tate Head m 32 Coachman Petworth, Sussex
Emma Tate Wife m 35 Shottisham, Norfolk
Ferring Village Samuel Barns Head m 53 Labourer Weston Patrick, Hampshire
Gainer Barns Wife m 60 Ferring, Sussex
Isaac Leggett Brother in Law s 44 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Thomas Winton Head m 63 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Hannah Winton Wife m 64 ? And Shopkeeper Rustington, Sussex
Frederick Winton Son s 29 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
John Winton Son s 20 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Agnes Smith Granddaughter s 8 Ferring, Sussex
William Grenyer Head m 35 Labourer Goring, Sussex
Emily Grenyer Wife m 31 Angmering, Sussex
Elizabeth Grenyer Daughter s 11 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Emily Grenyer Daughter s 7 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Thomas Penfold Head m 33 Carter Ferring, Sussex
Ann Penfold Wife m 31 Ferring, Sussex
Edith Penfold Daughter s 6 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
N J ? Lloyd Head m 23 Farmer of 194 acres emp 8 men and 1 boy Worthing, Sussex
Ellen M Lloyd Wife m 24 Worthing, Sussex
Caroline Neal  Servant s 18 General Servant Goring, Sussex
George Scutt Head m 30 Gardener Bury, Sussex
Kate Scutt Wife m 30 Cornwall
Frank Scutt Son s 2 Ferring, Sussex
Ernest Scutt Son s 0 11 months Ferring, Sussex
Ferring Village William Nye Head m 78 Wheelwright Angmering, Sussex
Mary A Nye Wife m 57 Goring, Sussex
James Nye Son s 20 Wheelwright Ferring, Sussex
Ada Nye Daughter s 20 Ferring, Sussex
William H Knight Head m 39 Gardener Brockhurst, Hampshire
Mary A Knight Wife m 48 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Henry Knight Son s 14 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Elizabeth R Knight Daughter s 12 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
William A Knight Son s 9 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Thomas R Knight Son s 7 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Betsy M Knight Daughter s 5 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Thomas Deadman Head m 36 Gardener Brighton, Sussex
Harriett Deadman Wife m 38 Horsham, Sussex
Agnes Deadman Daughter s 11 Scholar Reigate, Surrey
Ellen Deadman Daughter s 9 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Thomas G Deadman Son s 7 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Emily Deadman Daughter s 5 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Alfred Deadman Son s 3 Ferring, Sussex
Annie Deadman Daughter s 1 Ferring, Sussex
Eleanor Deadman Mother w 66  Labourers Widow Broadwater, Sussex
1 unoccupied
Stephen Barnett Head m 49 Gardener Preston, Sussex
Louisa Barnett Wife m 47  Laundress Ferring, Sussex
Eliza Barnett  Sister s 48 Dressmaker Ferring, Sussex
Ellen Laker Boarder s 21  Schoolmistress Brighton, Sussex
Ferring Village William Miles Head s 32 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Joseph Miles Father w 82 Annuitant Ferring, Sussex
Charlotte Miles Niece s 14 Annuitant Ferring, Sussex
George Bushby Head w 65 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Christina Kingswell w 54 Cook Atherfield
Claudia Healer  Servant s 29 Servant Berkshire
James Belchamber Head m 57 Labourer Angmering, Sussex
Eliza Belchamber Wife m 50 Rustington, Sussex
Thomas Belchamber Son s 25 Groom Goring, Sussex
Eliza Belchamber Daughter s 13 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
George Belchamber Grandson s 8 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
George Holland Head m 23 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Sarah Holland Wife m 25 Pagham, Sussex
Barbara Burt Head s 39 Dressmaker  Gosport, Hampshire
John Moore Head m 76 Cordwainer Ferring, Sussex
Jane Moore Wife m 74 Warblington, Sussex
Edward Still Head m 30 Coachman Scaynes Hill, Sussex
Ellen Still Wife m 29 Southampton, Hampshire
Louis G Moore Visitor s 4 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
William Cranistone Head m 55 Baker Pulborough, Sussex
Eliza Cranistone Wife m 66 Worthing, Sussex
Charlotte Moore Cousin s 49 General Servant Ferring, Sussex
Ferring Village William Tourle Head m 48 Carpenter West Grinstead, Sussex
Ellen Tourle Wife m 50  Laundress Shipley, Sussex
Thurga Tourle Daughter s 20  Laundress Goring, Sussex
Samuel A Tourle Son s 12 Railway Porter Ferring, Sussex
Harriett A Tourle Daughter s 11 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Florence Tourle Granddaughter s 1 Portslade, Sussex
Stephen Mitchell Head m 48 Labourer Goring, Sussex
Esther Mitchell Wife m 50 Preston, Sussex
John Steer Father in Law w 85 Labourer Preston, Sussex
Thomas Gilliam Head w 65 Inn Keeper Crondall, Hampshire
Elizabeth Earith  Sister in Law s 59  Frimley, Surrey
Franklins Green Thomas Baker Head m 51 Coal Dealer Littlehampton, Sussex
Eliza Baker Wife m 50 East Indies
Arthur Baker Son s 13 Railway Porter Ferring, Sussex
Alfred Baker Son s 8 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Reuben Meetens Head m 45 Farmer of 20 acres emp 1 boy Thakeham, Sussex
Mary Ann Meetens Wife m 51 Bury, Sussex
Ruth Meetens Daughter s 14 Ferring, Sussex
Hannah Meetens Mother w 86 Widow of Farmer Pulborough, Sussex
Catherine Meetens  Sister s 47 Dressmaker Thakeham, Sussex
John Dale  Servant s 16 Agricultural Labourer Wiston, Sussex
Franklins Green John Neal Head m 53 Agricultural Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
Harriett Neal Wife m 47 Rustington, Sussex
Alfred Neal Son s 11 Scholar East Preston, Sussex
Charlotte Neal Daughter s 9 Scholar East Preston, Sussex
Allice Neal Daughter s 6 Scholar East Preston, Sussex
Sarah Moss Head m 34 Railway Labourers Wife Goring, Sussex
John W Moss Son s 13 Labourer Southwick, Sussex
Joseph Moss Son s 11 Scholar Goring, Sussex
Sarah J Moss Daughter s 9 Scholar Dover, Kent
Frederick J Moss Son s 7 Scholar Dover, Kent
Harry M Moss Son s 4 Goring, Sussex
Thomas Mitchell Head m 61 Labourer Goring, Sussex
Clara J Mitchell Wife m 52 Goring, Sussex
Frank Mitchell Lodger s 50 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Stephen Charles Head m 40 Plate Layer Goring, Sussex
Harriett Charles Wife m 35 Kirdford, Sussex
Alfred Charles Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Annie Charles Daughter s 11 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Harriett Charles Daughter s 8 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
George Charles Son s 7 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Harr? Charles Son s 4 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Caroline Charles Daughter s 2 Ferring, Sussex
Elizabeth Charles Daughter s 1 Ferring, Sussex
Franklins Green Herbert Rudall Head m 39 Captain ? Army London
Anna Rudall Wife m 31 Middlesex
Hyacinthe Rudall Daughter s 7 London
Maria Simmonds  Servant s 22 General Servant Norfolk
North Barn Cottages Abraham Winsor Head m 59 Shepherd Clapham, Sussex
Mary Winsor Wife m 65 Wisborough Green, Sussex
William Denyer Head m 36 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Eliza Denyer Wife m 32 Goring, Sussex
William Denyer Son s 8 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Angleton Farm Thomas Fogden Head m 56 Farmer of 55 acres emp 2 men Walberton, Sussex
Eliza J Fogden Wife m 42 Worthing, Sussex
Fanny Fogden Daughter s 18 East Dean, Sussex
Anna Cook Mother in Law w 75 Widow of a Poulterer Thakeham, Sussex
George Street Head s 44 Carter Ferring, Sussex
Sarah Street  Sister s 49 Housekeeper Ferring, Sussex
George Smith Head w 49 Labourer East Dean, Sussex
Thomas Smith Son s 23 Labourer East Dean, Sussex
Mary Marner  Servant s 70 Housekeeper East Dean, Sussex
George Marner Visitor s 60 Labourer East Dean, Sussex
Edward West Lodger s 48 Labourer East Dean, Sussex
Angleton Lane George Bennett Head m 55 Labourer Heene, Sussex
Caroline Bennett Wife m 50 Ferring, Sussex
James Bennett Son s 14 Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Alice Bennett Daughter s 12 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Angleton Lane George Sparks Head m 38 Gardener Chichester, Sussex
Catherine Sparks Wife m 36 Chichester, Sussex
George Sparks Son s 16 Gardener Boxgrove, Sussex
Washington Sparks Son s 14 Gardener Salvington, Sussex
Charles Penfold Head m 58 Gardener Ferring, Sussex
Jane Penfold Wife m 64 Kingston, Sussex
George Penfold Son s 26 Gardener Ferring, Sussex
Louisa Penfold Daughter s 25 Ferring, Sussex
Woodlands Charles Champion Head m 67 Huntsman  Findon, Sussex
Sarah Champion Wife m 66 West Grinstead, Sussex
Emma Champion Daughter s 30 General Servant Droxford, Hampshire
Frederick Champion Grandson s 12 Stable Boy St Neots, Hampshire
Woodlands William Fibbens Head w 40 Game Keeper Angmering, Sussex
Annie Fibbens Daughter s 6 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Fanny Fibbens  Sister s 34 Angmering, Sussex
North Down Henry Field Head m 37 Carter Angmering, Sussex
Elizabeth Field Wife m 31 Patching, Sussex
Emily Field Daughter s 14 Scholar Patching, Sussex
Alice Field Daughter s 11 Scholar Patching, Sussex
Walter Field Son s 9 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
George Field Son s 7 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Reginald Field Son s 5 Scholar Ferring, Sussex
Annie Field Daughter s 3 Ferring, Sussex
Foster Field Son s 1 Ferring, Sussex
Angleton Lane Thomas Gates Head w 41 Labourer Goring, Sussex
George Gates Son s 14 Labourer Goring, Sussex
Mildred Gates Daughter s 11 Scholar Goring, Sussex
3 unoccupied