Durrington 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Bungalow William Sharpe Head m 59 Shepherd Stockbridge, Hampshire
Louisa Sharpe Wife m 49 Beaminster, Dorset
2 Mill House William Bailey Head w 59 Retired Publican Cellarman Chelmsford, Essex
Alice Bailey Daughter s 25 London, Middlesex
3 Mill Road George Beam Head m 39 Carter on farm Lancing, Sussex
Eliza A Beam Wife m 26 Crawley, Sussex
Mabel A Beam Daughter s 5 Crawley, Sussex
Charles W Beam Son s 3 Crawley, Sussex
John Beam Son s 1 Durrington, Sussex
4 Hospital Elizabeth F Beck Head s 26 Hospital Nurse Worthing, Sussex
Sarah A Greenough  Servant m 56 Housekeeper Plaistow, Sussex
George Greenough m 57 Gardener Domestic Ardington, Berkshire
Frederick Pilts Patient s 18 Carpenter Market Harborough, Leicestershire
1 unoccupied
5 Durrington Street James Williams Head m 46 Builders sawyer Fletching, Sussex
Kitty Williams Wife m 45 Lewes, Sussex
Albert G Williams Son s 16 Market Gardener Lewes, Sussex
Frank Williams Son s 13 Gardener Domestic Hassocks, Sussex
6 Durrington Street Alfred Overington Head m 29 Blacksmith Durrington, Sussex
Amy Overington Wife m 28 West Thorney, Hampshire
7 Manor House Edward Vonderman Head m 37 Retired ????ace man Brixton, Surrey
Florence Vonderman Wife m 38 Ipswich, Suffolk
Harold Vonderman Son s 9 Norwood, Surrey
Reginald Vonderman Son s 8 Brighton, Sussex
Geoffrey Vonderman Son s 5 Slinfold, Sussex
Caroline Marshall  Servant w 46 Nurse Domestic Croydon, Surrey
Edith Sadler  Servant s 22 Cook Domestic Petworth, Sussex
8 Durrington Street James Doich Head m 36 Groom and Gardener Domestic Fittleworth, Sussex
Fanny Doich Wife m 33 Clapham, Sussex
Henry Doich Son s 12 Coldwaltham, Sussex
Arthur J Doich Son s 10 Sullington, Sussex
Cecil Doich Son s 8 Storrington, Sussex
Winnifred Doich Daughter s 6 Durrington, Sussex
Walter H Doich Son s 3 Durrington, Sussex
Florence M Doich Daughter s 2 Durrington, Sussex
9 Durrington Street Charles Bean Head m 68 Pauper on Parish Blatchington, Sussex
Mary H Bean Wife m 41 Worthing, Sussex
James Bean Son s 19 Hire Carter Findon, Sussex
Thomas Bean Son s 10 Durrington, Sussex
10 Durrington Street Charles Netley Head m 38 Market Gardener Tillington, Sussex
Matilda Netley Wife m 36 Landport, Hampshire
Charles Netley Son s 10 Emsworth, Hampshire
Alfred Netley Son s 9 Emsworth, Hampshire
Rhoda Netley Daughter s 7 Broadwater, Sussex
Gertrude Netley Daughter s 3 Lyminster, Sussex
Matilda Netley Daughter s 1 Durrington, Sussex
Durrington Street 1 unoccupied
12 Durrington Street Mary Heather Head w 60 Housekeeper Domestic Nutbourne, Sussex
Cyril Nedman Boarder s 20 Wheelwright East Wittering, Sussex
13 Durrington Street Joseph Tree Head m 33 Market Gardener Brighton, Sussex
Eleanor Tree Wife m 34 Croydon, Surrey
John R Tree Son s 4 Plaistow, London
Arthur W Tree Son s 2 Plaistow, London
Charles D Tree Son s 0 6 months Durrington, Sussex
14 Durrington Street John Norris Head m 68 Pauper on Parish Basingstoke, Hampshire
Anne Norris Wife m 56 Monthly Nurse Up Marden, Hampshire
Heber Norris Son s 22 Brick Maker Durrington, Sussex
William Goatcher Boarder s 38 Game Keeper Petworth, Sussex
15 Salvington Road Edgar Overington Head w 79 Blacksmith Durrington, Sussex
Minnie Overington Daughter s 31 Housekeeper Domestic Durrington, Sussex
Minnie E Unwin Granddaughter s 2 Tottenham, Middlesex
16 Salvington Road Frederick Smith Head m 50 Market Gardener Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire
Emily Smith Wife m 50 Martham, Norfolk
Arthur Smith Son s 17 Market Gardener Frien Barnet, Middlesex
Frederick Smith Son s 14 Market Gardener Lymington, Hampshire
Edward Smith Son s 10 Lymington, Hampshire
17 Downside, Salvington Road Capt Francis Tighe Head m 60 Retired Army Captain Ireland
Maria Tighe Wife m 50 Chatham, Kent
Florence E Tighe Daughter s 21 York, Yorkshire
18 Salvington Road Matthew Sears Head m 57 Farm Bailiff Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
Anna B Sears Wife m 47 March, Cambridgeshire
Ellen Sears Daughter s 14 Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
Fanny Sears Daughter s 12 Walthamstow, Essex
Dorothy Sears Daughter s 8 Storrington, Sussex
Jane Sears Mother w 78 Paddington, London
19 Sydney Villa, Salvington Road Ernest Berry Head m 35 Fruit Grower Broadwater, Sussex
Elizabeth Berry Wife m 33 Worthing, Sussex
Violet Berry Daughter s 11 Broadwater, Sussex
Hermann Berry Son s 9 Broadwater, Sussex
20 Salvington Road Rhoda Coote Head w 49 Baker Brampford Speke, Devon
Alfred W Coote Son s 20 Journeyman Baker Houghton, Sussex
Ganey R Coote Daughter s 16 Lyminster, Sussex
John E Coote Son s 12 Lyminster, Sussex
Charles W Coote Son s 10 Ashington, Sussex
Alice M Coote Daughter s 7 Salvington, Sussex
21  Durrington House Edward P Davies Head m 43 Living on own means Welshpool, Montgomery
Amelia Davies Wife m 42 Bristol, Gloucestershire
22 The Briars William G Hazell Head m 49 Fruit Grower Charlton, Kent
Mary A Hazell Wife m 52 Castle Rising, Norfolk
Rebecca Shipp Niece s 25 Housekeeper Domestic Castle Rising, Norfolk
23 Fern Villa, Salvington Road Clare H Douglas Head s 25 Fruit Grower Westcott, Surrey
Violet C Douglas   Sister s 20 Lawbrook, Surrey
James S Douglas  Brother s 18 Fruit Grower Lawbrook, Surrey
Edwin R Douglas  Brother s 15 Fruit Grower Lawbrook, Surrey
24 Salvington Road William Studley Head m 84 Living on own means Wellington, Somerset
Elizabeth Studley Wife m 78 Living on own means Cricheed, Wiltshire
Mary Studley Daughter s 38 Ecclesiastical Embroidress Tidmarsh, Berkshire
Sarah Studley Daughter s 32 Ecclesiastical Embroidress Reading, Berkshire
25 Post Office, Salvington Road Robert Gay Head m 36 Grocer Somerstown, Middlesex
Elizabeth Gay Wife m 36  Donnington, Sussex
Ada E Gay Daughter s 4 Rustington, Sussex
Ellen M Gay Daughter s 3 Rustington, Sussex
William L Walden Boarder s 12 Sutton, Surrey
26 Lamb Inn, Durrington Street Walter White Head m 34 Inn Keeper and Hire Carter Bramley, Surrey
Elizabeth A White Wife m 39 Cardiff, Wales
Walter White Son s 9 Hassocks, Sussex
Sydney G White Son s 3 Littlehampton, Sussex
William Frith Boarder s 26 Coal Agent Stansted, Essex
George Lillywhite Boarder m 66 General Labourer Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Mary A Lillywhite Boarder m 47 Fishbourne, Sussex
27 Durrington Street Thomas Lambourne Head w 60 Carter on farm West Ashling, Sussex
Charles D Lambourne Son s 28 Carter on road Durrington, Sussex
Charlotte Lambourne Granddaughter s 14 East Preston, Sussex
Albert Lambourne Son s 12 Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Millicent Lambourne Daughter s 10 Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Frederick G Hoare   Son in Law m 39 Plasterer Worthing, Sussex
Susannah Hoare Daughter m 33 Durrington, Sussex
Frederick G Hoare Grandson s 5 Worthing, Sussex
Thomas W Hoare Grandson s 3 West Tarring, Sussex
Elizabeth Hoare Granddaughter s 0 1 month Durrington, Sussex
28 Durrington Street Frederick Holden Head m 51 Market Gardener Pimlico, London
Mary Holden Wife m 50 Storrington, Sussex
Ellen Holden Daughter s 24 Housekeeper Domestic Amberley, Sussex
James Holden Son s 22 Carter on farm Storrington, Sussex
Harvey Holden Son s 17 Carter on farm Storrington, Sussex
John Holden Son s 15 Market Gardener Storrington, Sussex
Levi Holden Son s 14 Carter boy on farm Boxgrove, Sussex
Grace Holden Daughter s 11 Westbourne, Sussex
Dinina Holden Daughter s 9 Findon, Sussex
29 Durrington Street Noah Searle Head m 39 Wood Cutter Clapham, Sussex
Ellen Searle Wife m 38 Durrington, Sussex
Albert Searle Son s 15 Yardman on farm Durrington, Sussex
George Varley Boarder s 28 Horticulturalist  Clapton, London
30 Durrington Street Thomas Elliott Head m 49 Carter on road Cootham, Sussex
Ellen Elliott Wife m 57 Findon, Sussex
Thomas Elliott Son s 16 Carter on farm West Tarring, Sussex
Alice V Elliott Granddaughter s 1 Durrington, Sussex
31 Durrington Street Mark Saunders Head m 38 Market Gardener Greatham, Sussex
Ellen Saunders Wife m 33 Worthing, Sussex
Harriett Saunders Daughter s 14 General Domestic Servant Salvington, Sussex
George H Saunders Son s 12 Durrington, Sussex
Mabel F Saunders Daughter s 10 Durrington, Sussex
Kate E Saunders Daughter s 7 Durrington, Sussex
Alfred W Saunders Son s 5 Durrington, Sussex
Horace W Saunders Son s 2 Durrington, Sussex
Mark W Saunders Son s 0 5 months Durrington, Sussex
32 Littlehampton Road Thomas Blissett Head s 49 Horticulturalist Mathio????, Staffordshire
A De Blyach Visitor s 35 Housekeeper Domestic ?o??lene, France (British Subject)
34 North Star Inn Susan E Curd Head w 48 Beer House Keeper Maresfield, Sussex
Charles H Curd Son s 16 Carpenters Apprentice Newhaven, Sussex
Ellen Winden  Servant s 15 General Domestic Servant Burwash, Sussex
Littlehampton Road 1 unoccupied
35 Hamleigh, Littlehampton Road Alfred Symons Head m 34 Farmer Brixham, Devon
Helen Symons Wife m 33 Brixham, Devon
Stewart Symons Son s 9 Durrington, Sussex
Norah Symons Daughter s 8 Durrington, Sussex
Geoffrey Symons Son s 4 Durrington, Sussex
Caroline Sopp  Servant s 19 General Domestic Servant Goring, Sussex
36 Durrington Street William Sivyer Head m 37 Hire Carter Eastergate, Sussex
Ann E Sivyer Wife m 38 Goring, Sussex
Ellen Sivyer Daughter s 8 West Tarring, Sussex
William Sivyer Son s 6 West Tarring, Sussex
Albert Sivyer Son s 3 Durrington, Sussex
James Sivyer Father w 63 Carter on farm Ambersam, Sussex
37 Durrington Street John Ford Head m 62 Carter on farm Warnford, Hampshire
Caroline A Ford Wife m 62 Hamble, Hampshire blind
David Ford Son s 21 Hire Carter Angmering, Sussex
Lilian Ford Daughter s 18 Ferring, Sussex
Arthur Ford Son s 16 Nurseryman Ferring, Sussex
38 Durrington Street George Brown Head m 23 Cowman on farm Swanmore, Hampshire
Mary J Brown Wife m 22 Nottinghamshire
Louisa E Brown Daughter s 0 9 months Burgess Hill, Sussex
Eleanor Day Mother in Law w 70 Widow of General Farm Labourer Hackney, London
Ernest C ?ines N Child s 3 Hastings, Sussex
38 Durrington Street John J Bowers Head m 39 Brick Maker Halverstoke, Hampshire
Esther Bowers Wife m 42 Crowborough, Sussex
Tho? M Bowers Son s 15 Brick Yard Labourer Broadwater, Sussex
George Bowers Son s 12 Broadwater, Sussex
Eva E Bowers Daughter s 5 Broadwater, Sussex
Annie A Bowers Daughter s 4 Broadwater, Sussex
40 Durrington Street James Stoner Head m 36 Brick Maker Nuthurst, Sussex
Edith Stoner Wife m 30 Crawley, Sussex
Frederick J Stoner Son s 7 Horsham, Sussex
Ethel M Stoner Daughter s 5 Horsham, Sussex
Arthur L Stoner Son s 3 Horsham, Sussex
Eleanor H Stoner Daughter s 0 6 months Rustington, Sussex
41 Durrington Street Edwin Reed Head m 54 Brick Maker  Sarisbury, Hampshire
Sarah A Reed Wife m 42 Brockhurst, Sussex
Frederick Bowers Nephew s 10 Worthing, Sussex
42 Durrington Street George Bowers Head w 71 Foreman Brickfield Alverstoke, Hampshire
Mary Bowers Daughter s 34 Alverstoke, Hampshire
43 Durrington Street William C Terry Head m 24 Brick Maker Findon, Sussex
Helen Terry Wife m 32 Gosport, Hampshire
Christine Terry Daughter s 0 4 months Durrington, Sussex
44 Durrington Street Fanny Saunders Head m 30 Wife of a ? Soldier 5th Dragoons Rogate, Sussex
William Saunders Son s 2 Durrington, Sussex
David Lloyd  Brother s 22 General Labourer Chithurst, Sussex
45 Durrington Street Frederick Hamilton Head m 28 Cowman on farm Tillington, Sussex
Fanny Hamilton Wife m 23 Odiham, Hampshire
Percy G Hamilton Son s 7 Goring, Sussex
Ernest F C Hamilton Son s 4 Durrington, Sussex
Ethel M Hamilton Daughter s 2 Durrington, Sussex
Frederick Hamilton Son s 0 10 months Durrington, Sussex
George Tribe Boarder s 48 Market Gardener Petworth, Sussex
46 Durrington Street Leonard C Limberry Head m 42 Hire Carman Salvington, Sussex
Selina Limberry Wife m 41 Brighton, Northamptonshire
George J Limberry Son s 10 Washington, Sussex
Barbara E Limberry Daughter s 7 Thakeham, Sussex
Albert F Limberry Son s 6 West Tarring, Sussex
47 Durrington Street William Harwood Head m 29 Market Gardener Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Harwood Wife m 31 Storrington, Sussex
William E Levy Boarder s 21 Wheelwright Petersfield, Hampshire
Frederick A Levy Boarder s 16 Wheelwright Petersfield, Hampshire
Henry J Butcher Boarder s 23 Carter on farm Cranbourne, Dorset
48 Durrington Street Thomas Saunders Head m 65 Labourer on farm Lodsworth, Sussex
Fanny Saunders Wife m 63 Easebourne, Sussex
William Saunders Nephew s 43 Carter on farm Lodsworth, Sussex
George Dunlop Boarder s 71 Blacksmith Scotland
Albert Standing Boarder s 23 Market Gardener Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Ceph?? W Mills Boarder s 20 Brick Maker Wick, Sussex
Albert Mills Boarder s 18 Brick Maker Wick, Sussex
49 The Farm Horace Overington Head m 51 Coach Builder Salvington, Sussex
Caroline Overington Wife m 52 Steyning, Sussex
Herbert Tweed Nephew s 31 Coach Builder Beeding, Sussex