Durrington 1881 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Coate John Long Head w 34 Agricultural Labourer Bromley, Kent
Henry Long Son s 6 Scholar Chiddingfold, Sussex
Mary Long Mother w 67 Housekeeper Littlehampton, Sussex
2 Coate Fanny Parson Head w 67 Shopkeeper Durrington, Sussex
Thomas Parson Son s 42 Gardener Durrington, Sussex
3 Coate Amos Redman Head m 45 Carter Patching, Sussex
Lucy Susan Redman Wife m 40 Holborn, Middlesex
Amos Redman Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Patching, Sussex
Stephen Redman Son s 12  Carter Boy Durrington, Sussex
Sarah J Redman Daughter s 10 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Alice K Redman Daughter s 8 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Arthur Redman Son s 5 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
4 Coate John Norris Head m 48 Shepherd Basingstoke, Hampshire
Ann Norris Wife m 36 West Marden, Sussex
Silas Norris Son s 10 Scholar Holt, Clapham, Sussex
Heber W Norris Son s 2 Durrington, Sussex
Henry Rapley Lodger s 61 Agricultural Labourer Horsham, Sussex
5 Coate George Goddard Head m 49 Carter Clapham, Sussex
Ann Goddard Wife m 46 Shrubs Hill, Surrey
Thomas Goddard Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer Goring, Sussex
David Goddard Son s 21 Agricultural Labourer Goring, Sussex
Carrie Goddard Daughter s 15 Kingston, Sussex
George Goddard Son s 11  Carter Boy Kingston, Sussex
6 Coate Laban Standing Head m 56 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Clara Standing Wife m 37 Bromley, Kent
Emma Standing Daughter s 12 East Preston, Sussex
Richard Standing Son s 10 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Kate Standing Daughter s 8 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Clara Standing Daughter s 6 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Frederick Standing Son s 4 Durrington, Sussex
Albert Standing Son s 2 Durrington, Sussex
Mary Ann Standing Daughter s 0 11 months Durrington, Sussex
John Penfold Lodger m 31 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
7 Coate Thomas Lambourn Head m 39 Shepherd West Ashling, Sussex
Mary Ann Lambourn Wife m 30 Durrington, Sussex
Susannah H Lambourn Daughter s 12 Durrington, Sussex
Charles D Lambourn Son s 8 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Thomas W Lambourn Son s 4 Durrington, Sussex
John Henry Lambourn Son s 1 Durrington, Sussex
Charles Knight Father in Law w 71 Shepherd Durrington, Sussex
Albert Knight Brother in Law s 20 Carter Durrington, Sussex
8 Old House Cottage Ephraim Brown Head m 33 Agricultural Labourer Grendon, Northamptonshire
Sarah Brown Wife m 35 Lower Beeding, Sussex
William Brown Son s 9 Nuthurst, Sussex
Emily Brown Daughter s 7 Nuthurst, Sussex
Eliza Brown Daughter s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Male Brown Son s 0 under 1 month Durrington, Sussex
9 Swandean Henry E A Dalbiac Head m 72 Magistrate Canterbury, Kent
Mary Dalbiac Wife m 63 Overpeover, Cheshire
Cha? W Dalbiac Son s 28 Solicitor St James, Paddington, Middlesex
Mary E Dalbiac Daughter s 26 St James, Paddington, Middlesex
John P Gordon Visitor s 32 Solicitor B?ley, Kent
Thomas H Cle??er  Servant m 40 Butler Preston, Brighton, Sussex
Jane Parsons  Servant s 30 Cook West Grinstead, Sussex
Elizabeth Pollard  Servant s 23 Housemaid Pulborough, Sussex
Kate Eade  Servant s 19 Kitchen Maid Slaugham, Sussex
10 Steers Bank Cottage Charles Crockford Head m 58 Shepherd Chariton, Hampshire
Charlotte Crockford Wife m 59 Ropley, Hampshire deaf
Anne Crockford Granddaughter s 15 Scholar West Grinstead, Sussex
11 Durrington Street George Rix Head m 30 Coachman Haverland, Norfolk
Sarah Rix Wife m 30 Eastbourne, Sussex
Frances Rix Daughter s 4 Durrington, Sussex
12 Durrington Street Henry Butcher Head m 34 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Sarah Butcher Wife m 38 Laundress Broadwater, Sussex
Ann Butcher Daughter s 12 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Thomas Butcher Son s 9 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Emma J Butcher Daughter s 6 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Henry Butcher Son s 3 Durrington, Sussex
James Butcher Son s 1 Durrington, Sussex
13 Manor House Ann Croad Head s 52 Daughter of the late Cpt Croad (Army)  Devon
Maria Croad   Sister s 48 Daughter of the late Cpt Croad (Army)  Devon
Eva Goble  Servant s 22 Servant Worthing, Sussex
George Goble Visitor s 14 Broadwater, Sussex
Fanny Limbery  Servant s 20 Servant Salvington, Sussex
14 Durrington Street Stephen Hammond Head s 40 General Servant Aldingbourne, Sussex
15 Durrington Street Edwin Selmes Head m 35 Gardener Mountfield, Sussex
Mary Selmes Wife m 31 ? Loom ? Marleford, Suffolk
Emily Selmes Daughter s 12 Scholar Surrey
Charles R Neale Lodger s 25 Groom Surrey
John Halford Lodger s 22 Groom Hampshire
16 Durrington Street Henry Overington Head m 57 Blacksmith Durrington, Sussex
Louisa Overington Wife m 53 Dressmaker Fareham, Hampshire
Henry S Overington Grandson s 10 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Frederick Overington Son s 10 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
17 Durrington Street James Long Head m 36 Gardener Bromley, Kent
Jane Long Wife m 36 Pulborough, Sussex
Jane Long Daughter s 11 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
Fanny Long Daughter s 10 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
George Long Son s 9 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
Mary A Long Daughter s 7 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
Albert Long Son s 6 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
Caroline Long Daughter s 3 Durrington, Sussex
James Long Son s 2 Durrington, Sussex
18 Durrington Street Thomas Treagus Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer West Dean, Sussex
Fanny Treagus Wife m 41 Wiston, Sussex
Arthur Treagus Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer West Dean, Sussex
Edward Treagus Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer West Dean, Sussex
Frank Treagus Son s 11 Scholar West Dean, Sussex
Amy Treagus Daughter s 8 Scholar West Th?, Sussex
Caroline Treagus Daughter s 5 Scholar West Th?, Sussex
Henry Treagus Son s 1 Old Shoreham, Sussex
19 Durrington Street William Durham Head m 26 Blacksmith She?ley, Southampton, Hampshire
Eliz A Durham Wife m 22 Angmering, Sussex
Anne M Durham Daughter s 2 Petworth, Sussex
William Durham Son s 1 Pulborough, Sussex
20 Durrington Street George Ruff Head m 74 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Mary Ruff Wife m 71 Shipley, Sussex
Henry T???ingdale Lodger s 47 Agricultural Labourer Findon, Sussex
21 Durrington Street William Landridge Head m 34 Agricultural Labourer East Grinstead, Sussex
Phebe Landridge Wife m 31 Storrington, Sussex
Anne Landridge Daughter s 10 Scholar Clapham, Sussex
Emily Landridge Daughter s 6 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
William Landridge Son s 4 Durrington, Sussex
22 Durrington Street Edgar Overington Head m 59 Blacksmith Durrington, Sussex
Elizabeth Overington Wife m 55 Arkesden, Essex
Jessee Overington Son s 20 Blacksmith Durrington, Sussex
Minnie Overington Daughter s 12 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Alfred Overington Son s 10 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
23 Durrington Street Horace Overington Head m 33 Master Wheelwright Salvington, Sussex
Caroline C Overington Wife m 33 Steyning, Sussex
William Cowel Lodger s 20 Wheelwright Arkesden, Essex
24 Lamb Inn Henry Mills Head m 35 Inn Keeper Clapham, Sussex
Sarah Mills Wife m 37 Durrington, Sussex
Edward H Mills Son s 4 Durrington, Sussex
Ann Goddard Mother in Law w 64 Widow of Labourer West Chiltington, Sussex
George Woa?d Lodger s 55 Agricultural Labourer Winchester, Hampshire
25 Durrington Street George Alderton Head m 41 Agricultural Labourer Blacknest, Hampshire
Prudence Alderton Wife m 40  Dorking, Surrey
John Alderton Son s 17 Under Carter  Dorking, Surrey
Mary A Alderton Daughter s 15 Scholar  Dorking, Surrey
Glender Alderton Daughter s 12 Scholar  Dorking, Surrey
Jane Alderton Daughter s 10 Scholar  Dorking, Surrey
Amos Alderton Son s 8 Scholar  Dorking, Surrey
Albert Alderton Son s 6 Scholar  Dorking, Surrey
Eliza Alderton Daughter s 3 Portslade, Sussex
Georgina Alderton Daughter s 1 Blacknest, Hampshire
George Hills Lodger s 57 Shepherd Climping, Sussex
C? Hills Lodger s 56 Agricultural Labourer Storrington, Sussex
26 Durrington Street John Marsh Head m 39 Carpenter West Grinstead, Sussex
Harriet Marsh Wife m 34 Portslade, Sussex
Annie M Marsh Daughter s 10 Scholar Shermanbury, Sussex
Emma Marsh Daughter s 9 Scholar West Grinstead, Sussex
Kate A Marsh Daughter s 7 Scholar West Grinstead, Sussex
George M Marsh Son s 6 Scholar West Grinstead, Sussex
William H Marsh Son s 3 Goring, Sussex
27 Lamb Pond Cottage Stephen Blunden Head m 48 Market Gardener Goring, Sussex
Mary Blunden Wife m 52 Slindon, Sussex
Alice Blunden Daughter s 23 Formerly School Teacher Worthing, Sussex
Edith E Blunden Daughter s 18 Worthing, Sussex
Mary C Blunden Daughter s 14 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Minnie J Blunden Daughter s 13 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Florence K Blunden Daughter s 11 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
28 Lamb Pond Cottage Charles Leggatt Head m 52 Agricultural Labourer Yapton, Sussex
Fanny Leggatt Wife m 51 Yapton, Sussex
Eliza Leggatt Daughter s 17 Yapton, Sussex
Thomas Leggatt Son s 15 Carter Yapton, Sussex
James Leggatt Son s 13  Carter Boy Yapton, Sussex
Elizabeth Ann Leggatt Daughter s 11 Scholar Yapton, Sussex
Ernest Walter Leggatt Son s 8 Scholar Yapton, Sussex
29 Ham Cottages Stephen Knight Head m 28 Stockman Durrington, Sussex
Harriet Knight Wife m 28 Storrington, Sussex
Thomas W Knight Son s 6 Durrington, Sussex
Elizabeth E Golds Niece s 11 Brighton, Sussex
30 Ham Cottages Sydney Austin Head m 24 Carter Sompting, Sussex
Leah Austin Wife m 23 Sompting, Sussex
31 John Upperton Head m 64 Foreman North Stoke, Sussex
Mary Ann Upperton Wife m 54 Sutton, Sussex
John George Bushby Grandson s 3 Hove, Sussex
32 North Star Inn Charles Humphrey Head m 66 Inn Keeper and Gardener Gritham, Sussex
Harriet Humphrey Wife m 65 Lancing, Sussex
Letitia H Humphrey Daughter s 39 Dressmaker Watersfield, Sussex
Kate Humphrey Daughter s 31 Dressmaker North Stoke, Sussex
33 Gl??? Cottage Peter White Head m 37 Gardener Keymer, Sussex
Harriet White Wife m 39 Twineham, Sussex
Harry J White Son s 9 Scholar Kingston on Thames, Surrey
Agnes H White Daughter s 8 Scholar Kingston on Thames, Surrey
Annie K White Daughter s 5 Scholar New Maldon, Surrey
Alice M White Daughter s 4 Old Maldon, Surrey
Ellen E White Daughter s 0 8 months Durrington, Sussex
34 Coate Ho?el Charles H Groves Head s 54 Agricultural Labourer Petworth, Sussex
35 Ham House 1 unoccupied
36 Cottage Coate 1 unoccupied
37 Cottage Coate 1 unoccupied