Durrington 1871 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
35 1 Littlehampton Road (North Star) Charles Humphrey Head m 54 Beer House Keeper (Market Gardeners Lab) Gritham, Sussex
Harriett Humphrey Wife m 55 Lancing, Sussex
Kate Humphrey Daughter s 22 Dressmaker North Stoke, Sussex
Henrietta Humphrey Daughter s 20 North Stoke, Sussex
Daniel Humphrey Son s 15 Wiston, Sussex
36 Ham Farm Oswald B Duke Head s 41 Farmer 100acres emp 9labs 4boys Leominster, Sussex
Susan Pri?  Servant w 58 General Servant Broadwater, Sussex
37 1 Durrington Street John Upperton Head m 54 Farm Bailiff North Stoke, Sussex
Mary A Upperton Wife m 44 Sutton, Sussex
Sarah Upperton Daughter s 24 Houghton, Sussex
38 2 Durrington Street Thomas Lambourne Head m 30 Shepherd Ashling, Funtington, Sussex
Mary A Lambourne Wife m 20 Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Susannah H Lambourne Daughter s 2 Durrington, Sussex
Stephen Lambourne Son s 0 9 months Durrington, Sussex
39 Henry Steptoe Head m 46 Carter (Agricultural) Tichbourne, Hampshire
Catherine Steptoe Wife m 24 Durrington, Sussex blind 1 eye bursting of soda water bottle
40 Ann Yound Lodger w 81 Sompting, Sussex
41 3 Durrington Street George Ruff Head m 63 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Mary Ruff Wife m 60 Shipley, Sussex
Daniel Ruff Son s 23 Market Gardeners Labourer Angmering, Sussex
42 Stephen Stafford Lodger w 78 Pauper Durrington, Sussex
43 4 Durrington Street William Clevett Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer Ferring, Sussex
Francis Clevett Wife m 47 Durrington, Sussex
Robert Clevett Son s 24 Agricultural Labourer Patching, Sussex
Alfred Clevett Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Albert Clevett Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Ellen Clevett Daughter s 11 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Martha Clevett Daughter s 8 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Fanny Clevett Daughter s 6 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Emma Clevett Daughter s 4 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
44 5 Durrington Street James Card Head m 77 Market Gardener emp 1lab Preston, Sussex
Elizabeth Card Wife m 77 Steyning, Sussex
Caroline Card Daughter s 53 Preston, Sussex
Sarah A Card Daughter s 42 Durrington, Sussex blind from birth
William Puttick  Son in Law m 55 Unemployed Coachman Washington, Sussex
Martha Puttick Daughter m 34 Durrington, Sussex
Martha Card Granddaughter s 4 Durrington, Sussex
Frederick Long Boarder s 19 Market Gardeners Labourer Durrington, Sussex
45 6 Durrington Street Charles Page Head m 34 Agricultural Labourer Lancing, Sussex
Ellen Page Wife m 31 Worthing, Sussex
Sarah Page Daughter s 9 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
46 Edward Goddard Head m 60 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Ann Goddard Wife m 55 Chiltington, Sussex
47 7 Durrington Street John Dale Head m 50 Carter (Agricultural) Storrington, Sussex
Mary Dale Wife m 46 Storrington, Sussex
John Dale Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Thomas Dale Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Allen Dale Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Walter Dale Son s 12 Plough Boy Burpham, Sussex
William Dale Son s 10 Plough Boy Burpham, Sussex
Charles Dale Son s 5 Scholar Burpham, Sussex
William Ede Boarder s 19 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
48 8 Durrington Street (Lamb Inn) David Carter Head m 40 Licensed Victualler and Grocer Sompting, Sussex
Mary Carter Wife m 38 Broadwater, Sussex
Eliza Carter Daughter s 3 Broadwater, Sussex
49 1 Salvington Lane Avis Overington Head w 80  School Mistress Warningcamp, Sussex
50 2 Salvington Lane Edgar Overington Head m 49 Master Blacksmith Durrington, Sussex
Elizabeth Overington Wife m 44 Arkesden, Essex
Laura Overington Daughter s 13 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Jesse Overington Son s 10 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Elizabeth Overington Daughter s 6 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Minnie Overington Daughter s 3 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
51 1 North Road John Knight Head w 73 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
William Knight Son m 28 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Sarah Knight  Daughter in Law m 24 Burpham, Sussex
52 2 North Road Barbara Knight Head w 50 Charwoman Goring, Sussex
Thomas Knight Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Edwin Knight Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Albert Knight Son s 10 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Oliver Knight Son s 7 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Eliza Knight Daughter s 4 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
53 3 North Road Henry Cosens Head m 26 Agricultural Labourer Felpham, Sussex
Mary B Cosens Wife m 27 Yapton, Sussex
Mary M Cosens Daughter s 4 Scholar Goring, Sussex
1 unoccupied
54 5 North Road Amos Redman Head m 36 Carter (Agricultural) Patching, Sussex
Lucy Redman Wife m 30 Holborn, Middlesex
Louisa Redman Daughter s 9 Patching, Sussex
Amos Redman Son s 5 Patching, Sussex
Stephen Redman Son s 2 Durrington, Sussex
Sarah J Redman Daughter s 0 6 months Durrington, Sussex
55 6 North Road Henry Overington Head m 47 Master Blacksmith Durrington, Sussex
Louisa Overington Wife m 43 Dressmaker Fareham, Hampshire
Henry Overington Son s 14 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Louisa Overington Daughter s 10 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Ernest Overington Son s 6 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Edwin A Overington Son s 3 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Frederick Overington Son s 0 7 months Durrington, Sussex
56 7 North Road (Chapel Farm) George Ede Head w 50 Market Gardener emp 2boys Clapham, Sussex
James Ede Son s 18  Market Gardeners Son Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Walter Ede Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Henry Ede Son s 10  Market Gardeners Son Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Stephen Ede Son s 8 Durrington, Sussex
George Ede Son s 5 Durrington, Sussex
Charlotte Blackman  Servant 46 Housekeeper Angmering, Sussex
57 8 North Road Thomas Lillywhite Head m 55 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Harriett Lillywhite Wife m 55 Angmering, Sussex
William Evans Father in Law w 86 Agricultural Labourer Patching, Sussex
9 North Road 1 unoccupied
58 10 North Road John Butcher Head m 65 Agricultural Labourer Broadwater, Sussex
Sarah Butcher  Daughter in Law m 28 Laundress Broadwater, Sussex
Annie Butcher Granddaughter s 2 Durrington, Sussex
59 11 North Road George Harding Head m 33 Coachman Domestic Servant Worthing, Sussex
Emma Harding Wife m 30 Billingshurst, Sussex
Sarah Harding Daughter s 10 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Henrietta Harding Daughter s 7 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Frances Harding Daughter s 5 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Eva Harding Daughter s 3 Scholar Worthing, Sussex
Emma Harding Daughter s 0 6 months Durrington, Sussex
60 Arundel Road Charles Crockford Head m 49 Shepherd Cheriton, Hampshire
Charlotte Crockford Wife m 49 Rapley, Hampshire
Alice A Crockford Granddaughter s 7 Scholar Climping, Sussex
61 Arundel Road (Swandean) Eliza Emery  Sister s 56 Farmers Sister Storrington, Sussex
Robert A Watson Visitor s 62 Fundholder Fareham, Hampshire
Elizabeth Hawes  Servant s 45 Housekeeper Suffolk
62 Mill Lane Frank Daughrey Head m 36 Carter (Agricultural) Greatham, Sussex
Harriett Daughrey Wife m 37 Kirdford, Sussex
Fanny Daughrey Daughter s 12 Scholar Amberley, Sussex
Ann Daughrey Daughter s 9 Scholar Amberley, Sussex
William Daughrey Son s 7 Agricultural Labourer Amberley, Sussex
Sarah Daughrey Daughter s 5 Greatham, Sussex
George Daughrey Son s 3 Durrington, Sussex
Emilia Daughrey Daughter s 0 8 months Durrington, Sussex
63 Windmill Cottage George Kennard Head m 38 Miller Beddingham, Sussex
Barbara Kennard Wife m 41 Lindfield, Sussex
Ellen Kennard Daughter s 15 Scholar Heathfield, Sussex
Herbert Kennard Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer Heathfield, Sussex
Ephraim Kennard Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer West Tarring, Sussex
Alfred Kennard Son s 10 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
Ann Kennard Daughter s 8 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
Benjamin Kennard Son s 7 Scholar West Tarring, Sussex
Horris Kennard Son s 5 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Edwin Kennard Son s 4 Scholar Durrington, Sussex
Alice Kennard Daughter s 2 Durrington, Sussex
64 1 Coate Street Fanny Parson Head w 57 Grocer Mistress Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Thomas Parson Son s 32 Grocers Son Coate, Durrington, Sussex
William Parson Son s 24 Grocers Son Coate, Durrington, Sussex
65 2 Coate Street George Knight Head m 23 Agricultural Labourer Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Matilda Knight Wife m 19 Durrington, Sussex
Lilian Knight Daughter s 0 10 months Coate, Durrington, Sussex
66 3 Coate Street William Greenyer Head m 25 Agricultural Labourer Goring, Sussex
Emily Greenyer Wife m 20 Patching, Sussex
Elizabeth Greenyer Daughter s 1 Coate, Durrington, Sussex
67 Laban Standen Head m 47 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Clara Standen Wife m 27 Bramley, Sussex
William Standen Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Francis Standen Son s 11 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Emma J Long  Step Daughter s 1 Preston, Sussex
68 James Lillywhite Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Durrington, Sussex
Ellen Lillywhite Wife m 36 Wiston, Sussex
William G M Lillywhite Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Goring, Sussex
Alice A Lillywhite Daughter s 11 Unemployed Domestic Servant Ferring, Sussex
Ellen C Lillywhite Daughter s 9 Scholar Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Theresa M Lillywhite Daughter s 6 Scholar Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Laura F Lillywhite Daughter s 4 Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Moses J Lillywhite Son s 1 Coate, Durrington, Sussex
69 4 Coate Street Richard Long Head m 62 Formerly Gardener West Tarring, Sussex
Mary Long Wife m 59 Littlehampton, Sussex
John Long Son s 25 Agricultural Labourer Bromley, Kent
70 Elizabeth Lillywhite Head w 72 Burpham, Sussex
George Lillywhite Son s 32 Carter (Agricultural) Coate, Durrington, Sussex
Stephen Lillywhite Son s 30 Agricultural Labourer Coate, Durrington, Sussex
71 5 Coate Street Charles Knight Head m 59 Shepherd Durrington, Sussex
Susanna Knight Wife m 62 Arundel, Sussex
72 Stable Thomas Lee Head m 24 Agricultural Labourer East Meon, Hampshire
Louisa Lee Wife m 23 Rugby, Warwickshire
Ann Lee Daughter s 3 Dorking, Surrey