Burpham 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2008

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
1 Malthouse Cottages Charles Haylar Head m 54 Thatcher on Farm Angmering, Sussex
Amelia Haylar Wife m 51 Salvington, Sussex
Herbert G Haylar Son s 16 Under Carter on Farm Warminghurst, Sussex
Alice M Haylar Daughter s 12 Eartham, Sussex
Colin H H Haylar Grandson s 2 Landport, Hampshire
1 unoccupied
2 Malthouse Cottages Richard Neale Head m 66 Carter on Farm West Chilington, Sussex
Emily Neale Wife m 69 West Chilington, Sussex
George Budd Boarder s 19 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
3 Malthouse Cottages Alfred Knight Head m 67 Gardener Pagham, Sussex
Harriet Knight Wife m 64 Arundel, Sussex
Gertrude Knight Daughter s 14 Burpham, Sussex
4 Peppering Farm Cottages Edward F Smith Head m 34 Bailiff on Farm Wadhurst, Sussex
Alice Smith Wife m 36 Crowborough, Sussex
5 George Staker Head m 61 Stockman on Farm Yapton, Sussex
Sarah Staker Wife m 62 Clymping, Sussex
William Staker Son s 33 Bricklayers Labourer Clymping, Sussex
James Staker Son s 22 Groom & Gardener Clymping, Sussex
Wheelwrights Shop
6 Peppering Farm Alfred T Collyer Head m 48 Farmer Forest Hill, Kent
Emily Collyer Wife m 50 Chipsted, Surrey
Mabel S Collyer Daughter s 18  Buckland, Surrey
Alice Budd  Servant s 21 Cook (Domestic)  Buckland, Surrey
Emma Budd  Servant s 17 Housemaid (Domestic)  Buckland, Surrey
7 Peppering High Barn Albert Hills Head m 42 Carter on Farm Burpham, Sussex
Sarah Hills Wife m 45 Enford, Wiltshire
Albert Hills Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Margaret Hills Daughter s 6 Burpham, Sussex
8 Peppering High Barn Percy G Neale Head m 30 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Caroline Neale Wife m 29 Eartham, Sussex
Elsie M Neale Daughter s 6 Burpham, Sussex
Frederick G Neale Son s 4 Burpham, Sussex
Edith E Heskith Boarder s 13 Arundel, Sussex
9 Peppering High Barn Nelson Gilbert Head m 63 Shepherd Burpham, Sussex
Emma Gilbert Wife m 61 Tillington, Sussex
Harry J Gilbert Son s 20 Under Shepherd Slindon, Sussex
Emma M Gilbert Daughter s 17 Pupil Teacher Slindon, Sussex
Rose L Gilbert Granddaughter s 5 Durrington, Sussex
Sydney W Gilbert Grandson s 3 Chiddingfold, Surrey
10 Peppering High Barn Willie Stanford Head m 36 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
11 Burpham High Barn Frederick J Hoyes Head m 48 Shepherd on Farm Chitborne, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Hoyes Wife m 47 Enford, Wiltshire
12 Burpham High Barn Henry Terry Head m 48 Carter on Farm Washington, Sussex
Ann Terry Wife m 67 Amberley, Sussex
William Terry Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Wiston, Sussex
Florence Gilbert Visitor s 6 Worthing, Sussex
13 Coombe Cottage Edward Collins Head m 50 Carter on Farm Angmering, Sussex
Louisa Collins Wife m 49 Clapham, Sussex
Thomas Collins Son s 20 Carter on Farm Burpham, Sussex
Charles Collins Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
John Collins Son s 11 Burpham, Sussex
Frederick Collins Son s 6 Burpham, Sussex
Edith Collins Daughter s 14 Burpham, Sussex
14 Coombe Cottage John Cox Head m 50 Cowman on Farm  Bury, Sussex
Emily Cox Wife m 39  Bury, Sussex
Edwin Cox Son s 22 Agricultural Labourer  Bury, Sussex
John Cox Son s 20 Agricultural Labourer Petworth, Sussex
Frank Cox Son s 18 Agricultural Labourer Petworth, Sussex
Thomas Cox Son s 16  Carter Boy on Farm Petworth, Sussex
Charles Cox Son s 14  Carter Boy on Farm Petworth, Sussex
Harry Cox Son s 10 Petworth, Sussex
15 Coombe Cottage William Pescott Head m 56 Stockman on Farm Rackham, Sussex
Sarah Pescott Wife m 67 Arundel, Sussex
Ernest Pescott Son s 20 Shepherd on Farm Cootham, Sussex
16 Edward Collins Lodger m 25 Carter on Farm Burpham, Sussex
Rose Collins Wife m 25 Cootham, Sussex
Edward Collins Son s 5 Burpham, Sussex
William Collins Son s 3 Burpham, Sussex
Minnie Collins Daughter s 1 Burpham, Sussex
17 Humphreys Farm William Reeves Head m 60 Stockman on Farm Storrington, Sussex
Jane Reeves Wife m 61 Shipley, Sussex
18 Humphreys Farm Stable Mathew Martin Head m 57 Agricultural Labourer Steyning, Sussex
Elizabeth Martin Wife m 47 Kingsclere, Hampshire
19 St Marys Vicarage Francis J Mount Head s 69 Clergyman C of E Woking, Berkshire
Elizabeth M C Mount Niece s 37 St George Hanover Sq, London
Alice Mount Niece s 31 Woking, Berkshire
Sarah J Bashford  Servant s 49 Domestic Cook & Housekeeper Lancing, Sussex
Edith H Hook  Servant s 23 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Cranborne, Dorset
Rose Cooper  Servant s 25 General Servant (Domestic) Ashington, Sussex
20 Vine Cottage, Burpham Reuben Stanford Head m 65 Gardener Cootham, Sussex
Sarah F Stanford Wife m 66 Burpham, Sussex
Clara F Stanford Daughter s 26 Housemaid (Domestic) Burpham, Sussex
Annie Stanford Granddaughter s 7 Clymping, Sussex
21 Rose Cottage, Burpham Albert E Berry Head s 31 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Annie Berry  Sister s 25 Housekeeper Washington, Sussex
Florence Berry  Sister s 36 Visitor Washington, Sussex
22 Burpham Elijah S Saleebey Head s 29 Clergyman C of E  Brighton, Sussex
Kate F Bartlett  Servant s 34 Housekeeper (Domestic)  Brighton, Sussex
23 Post Office George Roadnight Head m 45 Shop Keeper (Grocer) Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Isabella Roadnight Wife m 45 Amble, Northumberland
George B Roadnight Son s 18 Grocers Assistant Hartfield, Sussex
Margaret Roadnight Daughter s 17 Hartfield, Sussex
24 Burpham John Hills Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Harriet Hills Wife m 46 North Stoke, Sussex
William Hills Son s 20 Gardeners Labourer Burpham, Sussex
George Hills Son s 12 Burpham, Sussex
Jessie Hills Son s 17 Stable Helper Burpham, Sussex
25 Burpham Frederick Horher Head m 35 Gardener (Domestic) Fishbourne, Sussex
Ellen Horher Wife m 35 Fishbourne, Sussex
Ellen Horher Daughter s 7 Chichester, Sussex
Dorothy R Horher Daughter s 5 Chichester, Sussex
Wilfred Kielder Boarder s 23 Coachman (Domestic) Fairleigh, Surrey
26 Burpham Ellen Page Head w 68 South Stoke, Sussex
John Page Son s 29 Horseman on Farm Burpham, Sussex
27 Burpham Henry J Budd Head m 48 Blacksmith Elsted, Sussex
Fanny Budd Wife m 49  Bosham, Sussex
Harry J Budd Son s 24 Blacksmith Burpham, Sussex
William R Budd Son s 23 General Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Arthur E Budd Son s 18 Blacksmith Burpham, Sussex
John P Budd Son s 16 Teamster on Farm Burpham, Sussex
Ernest S Budd Son s 13 Burpham, Sussex
Lopes Budd Son s 6 Burpham, Sussex
28 Burpham Joseph Hoare Head m 50 Wheelwright on Farm Crawley, Sussex
Emily Hoare Wife m 48 Amberley, Sussex
Muriel Hoare Daughter s 20 Servant (Domestic) Burpham, Sussex
Sydney Hoare Son s 14 Burpham, Sussex
Ellen Hoare Daughter s 10 Burpham, Sussex
Ralph Hoare Son s 8 Burpham, Sussex
Dora Hoare Daughter s 2 Burpham, Sussex
29 Capt Knowle, Burpham Ellen Wailes Head s 60 Living on own means Leeds, Yorkshire
Ada M Ford  Servant s 19 Cook (Domestic) Burpham, Sussex
Annie J Hills  Servant s 19 Housemaid (Domestic) Burpham, Sussex
Bank Side, Burpham
St Marys Church
Burpham School
30 Mary Blackband Head w 66 Living on own means Harrow, Middlesex
Ada M Blackband Daughter s 31 National School Mistress Hatfield, Hertfordshire
31 Elm Croft, Burpham Charlotte Harrison Head s 78 Independent Means Whitechurch, Shropshire
Mary A Murphy  Servant s 70 Cook (Domestic) Dublin, Ireland
Edith M Pillock  Servant s 18 Housemaid (Domestic)  Brighton, Sussex
Kate J Stacey  Servant s 17 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) South Stoke, Sussex
32 Burpham Frederick T Searle Head m 41 Photographer Hackney, Middlesex
Ellen Searle Wife m 41  Brighton, Sussex
Ellen Searle Daughter s 9  Brixton, Surrey
Winnifred C Searle Daughter s 5 Ewhurst, Surrey
33 George & Dragon, Burpham Mary West Head w 54 Licenced Victualer Arundel, Sussex
George West Son s 38 Ostler Burpham, Sussex
Ada West Daughter s 36 Cook (Domestic) Burpham, Sussex
William West Son s 34 Drayman Burpham, Sussex
Jane West Daughter s 32 Nurserymaid Burpham, Sussex
Gertrude West Daughter s 23 Barmaid Burpham, Sussex
34 Burpham William Johnson Head m 30 Engine Driver (Agricultural)  Bury, Sussex
Sarah Johnson Wife m 31 Petworth, Sussex
Florence M Johnson Daughter s 1 Burpham, Sussex
Frederick T Searle Visitor s 15 Wheelwright (Learner)  Brighton, Sussex
35 Burpham William Smart Head m 76 Agricultural Labourer Wisborough Green, Sussex
Margaret Smart Wife m 66 Amberley, Sussex
John Smart Son s 3 Burpham, Sussex
John Netley Visitor s 34 Fetler on Railway Amberley, Sussex
36 Burpham James Sowter Head m 34 Carter on Farm Amberley, Sussex
Lydia Sowter Wife m 26 Amberley, Sussex
James Sowter Son s 5 Amberley, Sussex
37 Burpham James Smith Head m 40 Ganger on Railway Burpham, Sussex
Emily Smith Wife m 38 Thakeham, Sussex
38 Burpham Frederick Hoare Head m 26 Labourer on Railway Burpham, Sussex
Elizabeth Hoare Wife m 24 Dogmersfield, Hampshire
39 Red Cottage, Burpham Edward T Edwards Head m 35 Author  Buckley, London
Kathleen C Edwards Wife m 30 Camberwell, London
Majorie K Edwards Daughter s 9  Bexley, Kent
Edward N Edwards Son s 6  Bexley, Kent
40 Burpham George Goodyer Head m 66 Wheelwright Houghton, Sussex
Susan Goodyer Wife m 67  Bolney, Sussex
George Goodyer Son s 31 Wheelwright Burpham, Sussex
41 Burpham John Stroud Head m 71 Road Labourer Kingston, Dorset
Mary J Stroud Wife m 70 Arundel, Sussex
John Stroud Son s 41 Vermin Catcher Burpham, Sussex
Amos Stroud Son s 26 Steam Roller Driver Burpham, Sussex
42 Burpham Henry Ford Head m 49 Wheelwright North Stoke, Sussex
Elizabeth Ford Wife m 53 Abergavenney, Monmouth
43 Burpham George Field Head m 42 Veternary Surgeon Burpham, Sussex
Clara Field Wife m 41 Amberley, Sussex
Jane Field Daughter s 15 Burpham, Sussex
Annie Field Daughter s 13 Burpham, Sussex
George Field Son s 9 Burpham, Sussex
Alice Field Daughter s 6 Burpham, Sussex
Fred Field Son s 1 Burpham, Sussex
44 Wepham Caroline Neale Head w 44 Arundel, Sussex
Ellen Neale Daughter s 14 Burpham, Sussex
Herbert Neale Son s 7 Burpham, Sussex
45 Wepham Daniel Clark Head m 57 Agricultural Labourer Locksfield, Hampshire
Jane Clark Wife m 64 Burpham, Sussex
William Clark Son w 30 Engine Driver (Agricultural) Burpham, Sussex
46 Wepham David Upperton Lodger s 49 Steam Thrashing Driver North Stoke, Sussex
47 Wepham Edwin Hayler Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer Storrington, Sussex
Charlotte Hayler Wife m 45 Storrington, Sussex
Edwin Hayler Son s 20 Carter on Farm Storrington, Sussex
Joseph Hayler Son s 18 Under Shepherd Storrington, Sussex
George Hayler Son s 13 Carter Boy on Farm Burpham, Sussex
Hugh Hayler Son s 12 Burpham, Sussex
William Hayler Son s 9 Burpham, Sussex
Frank Hayler Son s 5 Burpham, Sussex
48 Mary Pike Head w 71 Laundress Thorverton, Devon
Annie Page Niece s 23 Laundrymaid Arundel, Sussex
49 James Denman Lodger w 50 Working Foreman on Farm  Billingshurst, Sussex
Elias Page Head w 59 Cow Keeper Burpham, Sussex
Mary Page Niece s 22 Housekeeper Liverpool, Lancashire
51  Wepham House Newall Graburn Head m 53 Farmer Sutton, Yorkshire
Laura Graburn Wife m 48 Arundel, Sussex
Lawrence Graburn Son s 19 Farmers Son Warningcamp, Sussex
Ellen Haylor  Servant s 23 Cook (Domestic) Cootham, Sussex
Winnifred Hoyes  Servant s 21 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Fifield, Wiltshire
Agnes Hoyes  Servant s 17 Housemaid (Domestic) Fifield, Wiltshire
Wepham 1 unoccupied
52 Wepham James Brockhurst Head m 35 Carter on Farm Rackham, Sussex
Mary A E Brockhurst Wife m 42 Findon, Sussex
Edith Brockhurst Daughter s 11 Upper Barpham, Sussex
James Brockhurst Son s 9 Upper Barpham, Sussex
Annie Brockhurst Daughter s 8 Lower Barpham, Sussex
Mary Brockhurst Daughter s 6 Lower Barpham, Sussex
Alice Brockhurst Daughter s 2 Burpham, Sussex
William Brockhurst Son s 0 1 month Burpham, Sussex
53 Wepham John Holland Head m 55 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Auoria Holland Wife m 50 Slinfold, Sussex
Harry Holland Son s 13 Burpham, Sussex
54 Wepham William Smith Head m 83 North Stoke, Sussex
Mary Smith Wife m 80 Amberley, Sussex
Charlotte Searle Daughter s 58 Amberley, Sussex
William Smith Son s 48 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
55 Wepham Charles Foster Head m 30 Groom (Domestic) Lockswood, Sussex
Alice Foster Wife m 33  Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Charles Foster Son s 7 Burpham, Sussex
Beatrice Foster Daughter s 5 Burpham, Sussex
Frank Foster Son s 2 Burpham, Sussex
Edward Foster Son s 0 2 months Burpham, Sussex
56 Wepham Eliza Kingshott Head w 53  Bury, Sussex
Walter J Kingshott Son s 27 Shepherd Sullington, Sussex
Maurice Kingshott Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer Clapham, Sussex
Albert Kingshott Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
William Kingshott Son s 12 Burpham, Sussex
57 Wepham Edward Greenfield Head m 61 Stockman on Farm Burpham, Sussex
Emma Greenfield Wife m 59 Stedham, Sussex
Edward Greenfield Son s 28 Brewers Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Arthur Greenfield Son s 21 Post Office Employee Burpham, Sussex
George H Greenfield Son s 18 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Frederick Greenfield Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
58 Wepham George Searle Head m 55 Carter on Farm Storrington, Sussex
Harriet Searle Wife m 55 Storrington, Sussex
Ephraim Searle Son s 33 Carter on Farm Storrington, Sussex
George Searle Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Charles Searle Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Walter Fuller Boarder s 40 Agricultural Labourer Chiltington, Sussex
59 Wepham Jane Holland Head w 85 Offham, Sussex
Charles Holland Son s 48 Agricultural Labourer Burpham, Sussex
Amy Holland Daughter s 43 Burpham, Sussex
60 Wepham Jane Best Head w 67 Burpham, Sussex
Alfred Best Son s 23 Cowman on Farm Burpham, Sussex
61 Wepham Fanny Christopher Head w 48 Charwoman Warningcamp, Sussex
Emma Christopher Daughter s 19 Housemaid (Domestic) South Stoke, Sussex
William Christopher Son s 17 Bricklayers Labourer South Stoke, Sussex
62 Wepham Pamela Upperton Head w 65 Burpham, Sussex
Ellen Upperton Daughter s 39 Laundress Burpham, Sussex
Edith Upperton Granddaughter s 13 Southsea, Hampshire
Albert Upperton Grandson s 10 Preston, Sussex