Ashington 1901 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation  Where Born Disability
1 The Rectory Charles Abel Hurtley Head m 55 Clergyman C of E Fenny Compton, Warwickshire
Mary Elizabeth Hurtley Wife m 56 Clapham, Surrey
Emma Yeates  Servant s 33 Housemaid Domestic Yapton, Sussex
Frank Stagg  Servant s 15 Page Boy Domestic Colgate, Sussex
2 Church Farm George Goatcher Head m 43 Farmer  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Goatcher Wife m 42 Ashington, Sussex
Emily A Goatcher Daughter s 13 Hampton Wick, Middlesex
George Ronald Goatcher Son s 10 Hampton Wick, Middlesex
Robert Goatcher Son s 8 Ashington, Sussex
Charles Peachey Goatcher Son s 5 Ashington, Sussex
Walter Peachey Goatcher Son s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Winnifred Grace Mumford Governess s 17 Governess  Stoke Newington, Surrey
3 Barn House Elizabeth Styles Head w 74 Ashington, Sussex
4 Barn House John Meetens Head m 31 Journeyman Baker Washington, Sussex
Charlotte Meetens Wife m 23 Billingshurst, Sussex
5 Old Shop Charles Ockenden Head m 35 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Ockenden Wife m 36 Capel, Surrey
Arthur Ockenden Son s 11 Ashington, Sussex
Edith Ockenden Daughter s 9 Ashington, Sussex
Albert Ockenden Son s 8 Ashington, Sussex
Ernest Ockenden Son s 6 Ashington, Sussex
Frederick Ockenden Son s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Edwards Mother in Law w 79 Capel, Surrey
6 Old Shop Eliza Pesterfield Head w 59 Laundress  West Grinstead, Sussex
Harry Pesterfield Son s 19 Market Gardener Ashington, Sussex
7 Old Shop Richard Lelliott Head w 53 Farm Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Ellen Lelliott Daughter s 17 Housekeeper  Warminghurst, Sussex
Percy Lelliott Son s 19 Carter on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Charlie Lelliott Son s 8 Ashington, Sussex
Florence Lelliott Daughter s 8 Ashington, Sussex
Harold Lelliott Son s 7 Ashington, Sussex
8 Old Shop William Ockenden Head m 66 Gardener Domestic Ashington, Sussex
Ann Ockenden Wife m 63 Ashington, Sussex
9 Old Shop John Ockenden Head m 44 Hay Ty?? Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Ockenden Wife m 54 Laundress  Warminghurst, Sussex
Kate Charman   Stepdaughter s 15 Ashington, Sussex
10 Old Shop William Gumbrell Head m 67 Wood Cutter Loxwood, Sussex
Caroline Gumbrell Wife m 71 Ewhurst, Surrey
Francis Gearing  Servant w 68 Housekeeper Domestic Houghton, Sussex
11 Old Shop Walter Styles Head s 60 General Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Samuel Styles  Brother s 66 General Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
12 Manor House Caroline Summerall Head m 32 Washington, Sussex
Ethel Summerall Daughter s 10 Brighton, Sussex
Alfred Summerall Son s 2 Brighton, Sussex
13 Manor House Emily Short Head w 61 Charwoman Thakeham, Sussex
Allen Short Son s 29 Market Gardener  Warminghurst, Sussex
Annie Short Daughter s 23  Warminghurst, Sussex
14 Manor House Jesse Gumbrell Head m 34 Carpenter Ashington, Sussex
Sally Gumbrell Wife m 37 Guist, Norfolk
Caroline Gumbrell Daughter s 11 Ashington, Sussex
Victor J Gumbrell Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
15 Cradle Bridge Laban Hewlett Head m 56 Pit Sawyer Washington, Sussex
Kezia Hewlett Wife m 56 Washington, Sussex
Jane Hewlett Daughter s 20 Ashington, Sussex
David Hewlett Son s 15 Market Gardener Ashington, Sussex
Jesse Hewlett Son s 13 Carter Boy on Farm Ashington, Sussex
16 Cradle Bridge Albert Hewlett Head m 58 Pit Sawyer Washington, Sussex
Olive Hewlett Wife m 57 Washington, Sussex
Enoch Hewlett Son s 29 Market Gardener Washington, Sussex
James Hewlett Son s 26 General Labourer Washington, Sussex
17 Mill House John Muddle Head m 63 Corn Miller Mayfield, Sussex
Ellen Muddle Wife m 63 Framfield, Sussex
Charles Muddle Son s 31 Corn Miller  Southwick, Sussex
Mill Cottage 1 unoccupied
18 Mill Lane Walter Luckin Head m 66 Gardeners Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Mary A Luckin Wife m 65  West Grinstead, Sussex
Alfred T Luckin Son s 33 Gardeners Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
19 Normans William Farrell Head w 83 Farm Labourer Tarring, Sussex
Benjamin Farrell Son w 50 Carpenter Storrington, Sussex
Frank Farrell Grandson s 17 Farm Labourer Ashington, Sussex
William Farrell Grandson s 11 Ashington, Sussex
Mill Lane 1 unoccupied
The Old Workhouse 2 unoccupied
20 Normans Cottage Charles Saunders Head m 64 Market Gardener Fittleworth, Sussex
Ruth Saunders Wife m 57 Upwaltham, Sussex
Harry Saunders Son s 20 Market Gardener Lodsworth, Sussex
Minnie Saunders Daughter s 14 Duncton, Sussex
Alfred Dalman Boarder s 26 Market Gardener  Wiston, Sussex
21 Malthouse Farm William Bourn Head m 53 Farmer Balcombe, Sussex
Hannah E Bourn Wife m 43 Brighton, Sussex
Albert V Martin   Stepson s 13 Farmers Son  Woodmancote, Sussex
Mary A Butcher  Servant s 17  General Domestic Servant Washington, Sussex
Edith Bourn Daughter s 0 7 months Ashington, Sussex
22 Malthouse Lane Charles Kemp Head m 55 Carter on Farm Rogate, Sussex
Elizabeth Kemp Wife m 48 Pulborough, Sussex
Edwin Greenfield Boarder s 20 Postman Storrington, Sussex
23 Malthouse Lane George Farrell Head w 53 Farm Labourer Storrington, Sussex
George Farrell Son s 23 Bricklayers Labourer Washington, Sussex
Walter Farrell Son s 16 Farm Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Jane Farrell Daughter s 14 Ashington, Sussex
Benjamin Farrell Son s 15 Carter Boy on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Charlie Farrell Son s 7 Ashington, Sussex
Steven Farrell Son s 5 Ashington, Sussex
24 Mitchbourne Raymond Goatcher Head m 40 Market Gardener Washington, Sussex
Maria Goatcher Wife m 33 Bletchingley, Surrey
May Goatcher Daughter s 4 Washington, Sussex
Frederick Goatcher Son s 1 Washington, Sussex
Rupert Goatcher Son s 0 9 months Ashington, Sussex
Ruby Goatcher Daughter s 0 9 months Ashington, Sussex
Louisa Floate  Servant s 13  General Domestic Servant Ashington, Sussex
25 Rectory Lane Charles Stoner Head m 37 Carpenter Broadwater, Sussex
Catherine Stoner Wife m 39 Bampton, Oxfordshire
Catherine Stoner Daughter s 9  Worthing, Sussex
James Stoner Son s 5 Ashington, Sussex
26 Rectory Lane Walter Ambler Head m 50 Certified Schoolmaster Queensbury, Yorkshire
Sarah O Ambler Wife m 37  Wolvey, Warwickshire
Lilian Ambler Daughter s 14  Wolvey, Warwickshire
William R Ambler Son s 12  Wolvey, Warwickshire
Rectory Lane 1 unoccupied
27 Rectory Lane William Knowles Head m 62  Laundryman Washington, Sussex
Harriet Knowles Wife m 58 Laundress Ashington, Sussex
William J Moulding Grandson s 9 Ashington, Sussex
28 Rectory Lane John W French Head m 34 Grocers Porter Pagham, Sussex
Sarah French Wife m 35 Goodwood, Sussex
George French Son s 7 Kirdford, Sussex
Edith French Daughter s 6 Kirdford, Sussex
Charles French Son s 4 Findon, Sussex deaf and dumb
29 Rectory Lane George Longhurst Head w 51 Prudential Agent Rudgwick, Sussex
Kate M E Longhurst Daughter s 21 Housekeeper Domestic Chatham, Kent
George S Longhurst Son s 15 Grocers Assistant Rudgwick, Sussex
30 Rectory Lane Thomas Golds Head m 55 Stockman on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Mary Golds Wife m 55  Shipley, Sussex
31 Rectory Lane Thomas Bristow Head m 28 Police Constable East Hoathley, Sussex
Emily Bristow Wife m 28 Trotton, Sussex
Kathleen Bristow Daughter s 4  West Grinstead, Sussex
Gerald Bristow Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
32 Rectory Lane Eliza C Floate Head w 38 Cook Domestic  West Grinstead, Sussex
Charles H Floate Son s 14 Gardeners Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Alfred Floate Son s 12 Ashington, Sussex
33 Rectory Lane Fanny Short Head w 68  Warminghurst, Sussex
34 Sparrows Cottage Peter Merritt Head m 55 Woodman  Wiston, Sussex
Caroline Merritt Wife m 58 Washington, Sussex
George Merritt Son s 15 Carter Boy on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Caroline Merritt Daughter s 13  General Domestic Servant Ashington, Sussex
35 Sparrows Cottage Peter Merritt Head m 24 Grocers Porter Ashington, Sussex
Sarah E Merritt Wife m 21 Bushey, Hertfordshire
36 Henry Woolven Head m 59 Tailor  West Grinstead, Sussex
Emily Woolven Wife m 53  Shipley, Sussex
Charles H Woolven Son s 30 Tailor Ashington, Sussex
Milburn J Woolven Son s 26 Farmer Ashington, Sussex
Victor E Woolven Son s 23 Drapers Assistant Ashington, Sussex
John W Woolven Son s 21 Journeyman Wheelwright Ashington, Sussex
37 West Woolves William Beer Head s 49 Carter on Farm  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Beer Mother w 78 Housekeeper Domestic  Shipley, Sussex
Thomas Beer  Brother s 42 Cowman  Warminghurst, Sussex
John Beer  Brother s 28 Market Gardener  Warminghurst, Sussex
Priors 2 unoccupied
38 West Woolves William Carter Head m 54 Stockman on Farm Ashington, Sussex
Mary A Carter Wife m 53 Thakeham, Sussex
Percival Carter Son s 19 Grocers Yardman Ashington, Sussex
Ernest Carter Son s 17 Letter Carrier Ashington, Sussex
Mary Carter Daughter s 13 Ashington, Sussex
39 Bennetts Farm Robert Wood Head m 46 Farmer  Shipley, Sussex
Caroline Wood Wife m 49  Wiston, Sussex
Robert Wood Son s 17 Farmers Son Broadwater, Sussex
Caroline Wood Daughter s 16 Broadwater, Sussex
Florence Wood Daughter s 13 Broadwater, Sussex
40 Apps House Edmund Sadler Head m 63 Journeyman Blacksmith Fittleworth, Sussex
Sarah J Sadler Wife m 44 Billingshurst, Sussex
John E Sadler Son s 13 Carter Boy on Farm Washington, Sussex
Winifred M Sadler Daughter s 11 Washington, Sussex
Frederick G Sadler Son s 7 Washington, Sussex
41 Apps House George Francis Head w 34 Cowman on Farm Thakeham, Sussex
Henry J Francis Son s 3 Thakeham, Sussex
Sarah A Nettleby  Servant w 42 Housekeeper Domestic Bolney, Sussex
Margaret Nettleby s 4 East Preston, Sussex
42 Westlands Thomas Steer Head m 70 Farmer Lingfield, Surrey
Rhoda Steer Wife m 60 Chiddingstone, Kent
Rose Steer Daughter s 32 Mothers Help East Grinstead, Sussex
43 East Wolves William H Slater Head m 29 Carter on Farm Pulborough, Sussex
Mary Slater Wife m 27 Findon, Sussex
Ernest H Slater Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
William G Slater Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
44 Hook Farm William Lee Head m 48 Farmer Bury, Sussex
Eliza Lee Wife m 40 Bury, Sussex
Percy Lee Son s 19 Millers Loader Bury, Sussex
Ernest Lee Son s 17 Carter on Farm Bury, Sussex
Mabel Lee Son s 15 Bury, Sussex
William Lee Son s 10 Bury, Sussex
Ann Lee Mother w 82 Bignor, Sussex
45 Brown Hill Farm George Boxall Head m 51 Farmer Brighton, Sussex
Louisa Boxall Wife m 53 Lavington, Sussex
Cyril Boxall Son m 21 Farmers Son Graffham, Sussex
Charles Boxall Son s 24 Graffham, Sussex
Emma J Boxall  Daughter in Law m 29 .West Dean, Sussex
District 8 in Wiston
58 Wheelers Common Peter Golds Head m 66 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Ann Golds Wife m 64  Wiston, Sussex
Edward Golds Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Thomas Golds Son s 20 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
59 Wheelers Common George Payne Head m 71 Cowkeeper  Ashurst, Sussex
Annie M Payne Wife m 47 Poling, Sussex
60 Upper Buncton Farm William E Court Head m 25 Farmer .West Dean, Sussex
Margaret M Court Wife m 34 .West Wittering, Sussex
Ernest E Court Son s 3 Lavant, Sussex
Leslie Court Son s 2  Wiston, Sussex
Fanny Munnery  Servant s 15  General Domestic Servant  Steyning, Sussex
61 Lower Buncton Manor Albert J McEwan Head m 51 Retired Sub Lieut R N Highgate, London
Mary McEwan Wife m 51 Darlington, Durham
Emily K Miles  Servant s 13  General Domestic Servant Graffham, Sussex
62 Model Cottage Andrew Garman Head m 75 Agricultural Labourer  Warnham, Sussex
Sarah Garman Wife m 64  Steyning, Sussex
Walter Garman Son s 34 Gunner Garrison Artillery  Wiston, Sussex
63 Model Cottage George Holland Head m 51 Estate Clerk of Works  Stoke Abbott, Dorset
Elizabeth Holland Wife m 49  Wenhaston, Suffolk
Amy Holland Daughter s 18 Pupil Teacher Llan Rhos, Carnarvon
Evelyn M Holland Daughter s 8  Wiston, Sussex
64 Bush Hovel Clement R Ford Head m 51 Gamekeeper Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Ford Wife m 50 Broseley, Shropshire
Frank Ford Son s 26 Under Gamekeeper Ashington, Sussex
Henrietta Ford Daughter s 22 Ashington, Sussex
George E Ford Son s 19 Butcher Ashington, Sussex
65 School House John H Isted Head m 66 Elementary Schoolmaster Herstmonceux, Sussex
Sarah A Isted Wife m 54 Elementary Schoolmistress  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Isted Daughter s 30 Elementary Assistant Schoolmistress  Wiston, Sussex
Harold Isted Son s 24 Solicitors Clerk  Wiston, Sussex
Longbacks 1 unoccupied