Ashington 1891 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation  Where Born Disability
1 West Wolves William Botting Head m 39 Agricultural Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Ann Botting Wife m 32 Ashington, Sussex
Ernest E Botting Son s 11 Scholar  Wiston, Sussex
Alice N Botting Daughter s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Lucy E Botting Daughter s 0 11 months Ashington, Sussex
2 West Wolves William Beer Head s 42 Agricultural Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Beer Mother w 67  Shipley, Sussex
James Sayers Boarder s 60 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
3 Prior Cottage Rhoda Duke Head w 40  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mark Braden Lodger s 17 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
John Duke Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Edmund Duke Son s 11 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Walter Duke Son s 8 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
4 Bennetts Farm 1 unoccupied
5 Apse House Peter Merritt Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Caroline Merritt Wife m 48 Washington, Sussex
Peter Merritt Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Annie Merritt Daughter s 8 Scholar  Ashurst, Sussex
George Merritt Son s 5 Ashington, Sussex
Caroline Merritt Daughter s 3 Ashington, Sussex
6 Apse House Stephen Cooper Head m 46 Agricultural Labourer Liss, Hampshire
Elizabeth Cooper Wife m 28 Thakeham, Sussex
George Cooper Son s 10 Pulborough, Sussex
Arthur Cooper Son s 8 Bury, Sussex
Edith Cooper Daughter s 5 Botley, Hampshire
Ernest Cooper Son s 2   West Chiltington, Sussex
George Floate Nephew s 24 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Lucy Floate Niece s 22
7 Westlands Thomas Steer Head m 60 Farmer Lingfield, Surrey
Rhoda Steer Wife m 56 Chiddington, Kent
Emily L Steer Daughter s 23 East Grinstead, Sussex
8 Hook Farm James Cherryman Head m 70 Farmer Fletching, Sussex
Hannah Cherryman Wife m 60 Fletching, Sussex
John Walter Uncle w 90 Retired Farmer Maresfield, Sussex
Stephen Knight  Servant s 17 Cowman Ashington, Sussex
Stephen Edwards  Servant s 17 Carter  West Grinstead, Sussex
Caroline Charman  Servant s 15 Domestic Servant  Warminghurst, Sussex
9 Brown Hill Louis H Short Head m 42 Farmer Ashington, Sussex
Caroline Short Wife m 42  Ashurst, Sussex
Raymond Short Son s 15  West Grinstead, Sussex
Arthur L Short Son s 13  West Grinstead, Sussex
Effie M Short Daughter s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Jane Laker  Servant s 16 Domestic Servant  West Grinstead, Sussex
10 Quagmire Mary Longhurst Head w 80   West Chiltington, Sussex
11 1 Sparrows Henry Woolven Head m 50 Tailor  West Grinstead, Sussex
Emily Woolven Wife m 44  Shipley, Sussex
Henry Woolven Father m 79 Tailor Ashington, Sussex
Mildred Woolven Mother m 73  West Grinstead, Sussex
Edmund V Woolven Son s 13 Ashington, Sussex
John W Woolven Son s 11 Ashington, Sussex
Maggie Woolven Daughter s 5 Ashington, Sussex
Jane Cherryman  Servant s 13 Domestic Servant  West Grinstead, Sussex
12 2 Sparrows Fanny Short Head w 59  Warminghurst, Sussex
Alfred Short Son s 22 Farm Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
13 3 Sparrows Harriet Wells Head w 54  West Grinstead, Sussex
Gladys M Stringer Cousin s 4 Old Shoreham, Sussex
George Martin Lodger s 61 Sawyer Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Enos Dale Lodger w 65 Farm Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
14 4 Sparrows Henry Woolven Head s 39 Tailor Ashington, Sussex
15 1 Cock Terrace Thomas Golds Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Mary Golds Wife m 44  Shipley, Sussex
16 2 Cock Terrace James Moulding Head m 36 Agricultural Labourer Bury, Sussex
Ella Moulding Wife m 28 Washington, Sussex
William Smith Lodger s 27 Prudential Insurance Agent Crawley, Sussex
3 Cock Terrace 1 unoccupied
17 1 School Lane George Woolven Head m 36 Tailor Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Woolven Wife m 34 Ashington, Sussex
Ernest Woolven Son s 15 Carp Ashington, Sussex
Gordon Woolven Son s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Nellie Woolven Daughter s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Edgar Woolven Son s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Maud Woolven Daughter s 3 Ashington, Sussex
18 2 School Lane Thomas Merritt Head m 36 General Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Mary Merritt Wife m 31 Washington, Sussex
George Merritt Son s 9 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Jesse Merritt Son s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Frank Merritt Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Alfred Merritt Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
19 Sparrows Farm William Knowles Head m 52 Farmer Washington, Sussex
Harriet Knowles Wife m 48 Ashington, Sussex
George Knowles Son s 24 Farmers Son Washington, Sussex
William Abbiss Lodger s 22 Farmers Son  Stansted, Kent
20 School House Clementina H Smith Head s 40  Schoolmistress Bristol, Gloucestershire
Sarah Smith   Sister s 42 Cork, Ireland
Amelia Smith   Sister s 44 Cork, Ireland
21 Rectory Cottage Albert Cooper Head m 23 Groom East Farley, Hampshire
Letitia M Cooper Wife m 23 Kingston, Sussex
Infant Cooper Son s 0 4 days Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Wells Nurse s 27 Nurse  Wiston, Sussex
22 The Rectory Peter S Royston DD Head m 60 Retired Bishop of Mauritius in City of London
Mary Royston Wife m 49   charge of Ashington Madras, India
Agnes Royston Daughter s 23 Madras, India
Margaret L Royston Daughter s 18 Islington, London
Christopher C Royston Son s 11 Scholar  St Leonards, Sussex
William Gray MA Visitor m 63 Clerk in Holy Orders Ireland
Katherine M Gray Visitor m 62 City of London
Louisa J Royston Visitor s 57 Living on own means City of London
Harriet Sumner Matron w 48 Matron Eastbourne, Sussex
Ursula Rapley  Servant w 48 Domestic Servant  Shipley, Sussex
Mary L Rapley  Servant s 20 Domestic Servant Washington, Sussex
23 Barn House Church Road Henry Denman Head m 38 Agricultural Labourer Billingshurst, Sussex
Jane Denman Wife m 47   West Chiltington, Sussex
24 Barn House Church Road Barbara Green Head w 75 Ashington, Sussex
Charlotte Green Daughter s 46 Living on own means Washington, Sussex deaf from childhood
Frank Philpot Boarder w 63 Bricklayer NK
George Short Boarder s 33 Agricultural Labourer NK
25 Church Farm George Goatcher Head m 33 Farmer  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Goatcher Wife m 31 Ashington, Sussex
Emily A Goatcher Daughter s 3 Hampton Wick, Middlesex
George D Goatcher Son s 0 4 months Hampton Wick, Middlesex
Ellen Emsley  Servant s 11 Domestic Servant  West Grinstead, Sussex
26 Mill Cottage William Jillett Head m 46 Miller Fletching, Sussex
Sarah Jillett Wife m 45 Lewes, Sussex
John Jillett Son s 16 Butcher Lamberhurst, Kent
Naphtali Jillett Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer Lamberhurst, Kent
George Jillett Son s 10 Scholar Lamberhurst, Kent
Nelson Jillett Son s 7 Scholar Emsworth, Hampshire
Ruth Jillett Daughter s 2 Ashington, Sussex
27 1 Mill Road James A Dadswell Head m 26 Police Constable Brighton, Sussex
Ellen C Dadswell Wife m 21  Angmering, Sussex
Beatrice A Dadswell Daughter s 0 6 months Ashington, Sussex
28 2 Mill Road Richard E Peters Head m 37 Carman Lancing, Sussex
Ann Peters Wife m 41  Singleton, Sussex
Alfred E Peters Son s 12 Scholar Brighton, Sussex
Leonard Peters Son s 10 Scholar Brighton, Sussex
Alice A Peters Daughter s 5 Horsham, Sussex
Henrietta H Peters Daughter s 3 Horsham, Sussex
Katherine M Peters Daughter s 0 7 months Horsham, Sussex
29 3 Mill Road George Sayers Head m 37 Baker Ashington, Sussex
Ellen Sayers Wife m 39 Ashington, Sussex
Mabel Sayers Daughter s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Jane Sayers Daughter s 7 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Edmund Sayers Son s 5 Ashington, Sussex
Edith M Sayers Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
30 4 Mill Road William Peacock Head m 38 General Labourer   West Chiltington, Sussex
Fanny Peacock Wife m 27 Ashington, Sussex
Charles W Peacock Son s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Annie Peacock Daughter s 6 Scholar  Steyning, Sussex
Daisy M Peacock Daughter s 3   West Chiltington, Sussex
George Peacock Son s 0 10 months Findon, Sussex
31 Normans Philip Laker Head m 46 General Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Elizabeth Laker Wife m 42 Horsham, Sussex
William J Laker Son s 21 General Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Caroline Laker Daughter s 20  West Grinstead, Sussex
Ernest H Laker Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Fanny J Laker Daughter s 12 Scholar  West Grinstead, Sussex
Ada E Laker Daughter s 8 Scholar  West Grinstead, Sussex
Annie Laker Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
32 Normans Cottage William Farrell Head m 61 General Labourer Tarring, Sussex
Jane Farrell Wife m 66 Pulborough, Sussex
Benjamin Farrell Son m 36 General Labourer Storrington, Sussex
John Brockhurst  Brother s 75 General Labourer Pulborough, Sussex
33 Malthouse Farm Leonard Hole Head m 28 Farmer Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Sarah J Hole Wife m 25 Brighton, Sussex
Leonard M Hole Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Hewlett  Servant s 15 Domestic Servant Ashington, Sussex
34 1 Malthouse Robert Patching Head m 33 Gardeners Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
Kate Patching Wife m 23 Ashington, Sussex
Charles R Patching Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Florence H Patching Daughter s 0 9 months Ashington, Sussex
35 2 Malthouse Frank G Golds Head m 25 Gardener Washington, Sussex
Mary A Golds Wife m 19 Brighton, Sussex
36 Cradlebridge Laban Hewlett Head m 44 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Keziah Hewlett Wife m 46  Wiston, Sussex
Laban Hewlett Son s 19 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Jane Hewlett Daughter s 10 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Enoch Hewlett Son s 8 Scholar  Shipley, Sussex
David Hewlett Son s 5  Shipley, Sussex
Jesse Hewlett Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
37 Cradlebridge Albert Hewlett Head m 47 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Olive Hewlett Wife m 46  Wiston, Sussex
James Hewlett Son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Alfred Hewlett Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Sarah A Hewlett Daughter s 13 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Ruth Hewlett Daughter s 11 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Lily Hewlett Daughter s 10 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Emily A Hewlett Daughter s 5  Shipley, Sussex
38 1 Manor House Jesse Greenhill Head m 25 General Labourer Washington, Sussex
Sally Greenhill Wife m 28 Guist, Norfolk
Caroline Greenhill Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
39 2 Manor House Peter Short Head m 54 Farm Carter   West Chiltington, Sussex
Emily Short Wife m 52 Thakeham, Sussex
Allen Short Son s 19 Farm Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Annie Short Daughter s 13 Scholar  Warminghurst, Sussex
Sarah L Short Daughter s 11 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Mary J Short Daughter s 7 Scholar Washington, Sussex
40 3 Manor House Eli Brawn Head m 69 Agricultural Labourer Northamptonshire
Elizabeth Brawn Wife m 68 Northamptonshire
41 1 Old Shop Eliza Pesterfield Head w 49  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Pesterfield Son s 12 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Harry Pesterfield Son s 9 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
42 2 Old Shop Henry Floate Head m 43 Thatcher  Warminghurst, Sussex
Caroline E Floate Wife m 29  West Grinstead, Sussex
Charles H Floate Son s 4 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Louisa Floate Daughter s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Alfred Floate Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
George Floate Son s 0 1 month Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Boniface Mother w 63 Living on own means  Warnham, Sussex
43 3 Old Shop Charles Ockenden Head m 25 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Ockenden Wife m 26 Capel, Surrey
Arthur Ockenden Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Edwards Mother w 70 Charwoman Ockley, Surrey
44 4 Old Shop Richard Lelliott Head m 42 Agricultural Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary A Lelliott Wife m 40  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mark Lelliott Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
John Lelliott Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Percy Lelliott Son s 9 Scholar  Warminghurst, Sussex
Nellie Lelliott Daughter s 7 Scholar  Warminghurst, Sussex
Annie Lelliott Daughter s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Ethel Lelliott Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Louisa Lelliott Daughter s 2 Ashington, Sussex
45 5 Old Shop William Gumbrell Head m 57 General Labourer   Wisborough Green, Sussex
Caroline Gumbrell Wife m 61 Ewhurst, Surrey
46 6 Old Shop William Ockenden Head m 56 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Ann Ockenden Wife m 52 Ashington, Sussex
Alfred Ockenden Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Harry Pelling Boarder s 26 Agricultural Labourer  Ashurst, Sussex
47 7 Old Shop Sarah Charman Head w 45 Laundress  Warminghurst, Sussex
Ada Charman Daughter s 7 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Kate Charman Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
48 8 Old Shop Charlotte Anscombe Head w 48 Dressmaker  Wiston, Sussex
District 8 under Wiston
57 Wheelers Common Peter Golds Head m 54 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Ann Golds Wife m 58 Ashington, Sussex
William Golds Son s 59 Agricultural Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Edward Golds Son s 13 Agricultural Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Thomas Golds Son s 10 Scholar  Ashurst, Sussex
58 Wheelers Common Thomas Allen Head m 53 Agricultural Labourer  Ashurst, Sussex S??? Deceased
Deborah Allen Wife m 53  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Allen Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Frederick Searle Grandson s 6 Scholar Brighton, Sussex
Esau Turle Boarder s 28 Agricultural Labourer  Steyning, Sussex
59 Upper Buncton Farm Henry Carter Head m 61 Farmer  Ashurst, Sussex
Harriet Carter Wife m 62 Billingshurst, Sussex
Arthur Carter Son s 21 Farmers Son  Ashurst, Sussex
John Pelling  Servant s 15 Farm Servant  Steyning, Sussex
George Winton  Servant s 65 Farm Servant  Steyning, Sussex
60 Wiston School House John Henry Isted Head m 54 Elementary Schoolmaster Herstmonceux, Sussex
Sarah Ann Isted Wife m 44 Elementary Schoolmistress  Wiston, Sussex
Annie Elizabeth Isted Daughter s 21  Student in training college  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Isted Daughter s 20  Wiston, Sussex
Henry Isted Son s 17  Wiston, Sussex
Helen Mabel Isted Daughter s 16  Wiston, Sussex
Harold Percy Isted Son s 14 Scholar  Wiston, Sussex
John Douglas Isted Son s 10 Scholar  Wiston, Sussex
George Stanley Isted Son s 7 Scholar  Wiston, Sussex
Kenneth Isted Son s 4  Wiston, Sussex
61 Lower Buncton Farm Horace Hurst Head w 59 Farmer Eastbourne, Sussex
Frances E Hurst Daughter s 36 Brighton, Sussex
John Crampton  Servant s 43 Farm Servant Pembury, Kent
62 Model Cottage George Holland Head w 41 Estate - Clerk of Works  Stoke Abbott, Dorset
Amy Caroline Holland Daughter s 8 Scholar Llan Rhos, Caernarvon
George Edward Holland Son s 5 Scholar Henham, Suffolk
Ruth Amelia Holland Daughter s 4  Wiston, Sussex
63 Model Cottage Andrew Garman Head m 64 Agricultural Labourer  Warnham, Sussex
Sarah Garman Wife m 54  Steyning, Sussex
William Ockenden Boarder s 21 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
64 Bush Hovel Clement R Ford Head m 41 Park and Game Keeper Pulborough, Sussex
Sarah Ford Wife m 40 Broseley, Shropshire
Frank Ford Son s 16  Wiston, Sussex
Ernest Robert Ford Son s 9 Scholar  Wiston, Sussex
George Edward Ford Son s 9 Scholar  Wiston, Sussex
Henrietta Ford Daughter s 12 Scholar  Wiston, Sussex