Ashington 1871 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
25 Brown Hill Edwin Elliott Head m 57 Farmer 90acres emp 2men 1boy Ashington, Sussex
Ann Elliott Wife m 59  West Grinstead, Sussex
Matilda Medhurst Niece s 24 Littlehampton, Sussex
Jesse Hillman Uncle w 73 Agricultural labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Ann Jackson  Servant s 15 General Servant  Shipley, Sussex
William Rhodes  Servant s 23  Agricultural Servant  Shipley, Sussex
George Golds  Servant s 22  Agricultural Servant Ashington, Sussex
John Ockenden  Servant s 15  Agricultural Servant Ashington, Sussex
26 Quagmire Mary Churchill Head w 52 Charwoman Billingshurst, Sussex
Moses Churchill Son s 15  Agricultural Servant Washington, Sussex
27 Cock Terrace Henry Woolven Head m 30 Tailor emp 2 men 1 boy Ashington, Sussex
Emily Woolven Wife m 23 Dressmaker Washington, Sussex
Edwin Woolven  Brother s 22 Tailor Ashington, Sussex
George Woolven  Brother s 16 Tailor Ashington, Sussex
Fanny Cripps   Sister in Law s 17 Dressmaker Washington, Sussex
28 Cock Terrace Thomas Golds Head m 25 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Mary Golds Wife m 24  Shipley, Sussex
29 Cock Terrace Richard Adams Head m 46 Sawyer  Stopham, Sussex
Emily Adams Wife m 44 Pulborough, Sussex
Emily Adams Daughter s 14 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
30 Sparrows Peter Turrell Head m 36 Agricultural labourer Washington, Sussex
Jane Turrell Wife m 35  Shipley, Sussex
Mathew Turrell Son s 12 Washington, Sussex
Mark Turrell Son s 10 Washington, Sussex
Emily Turrell Daughter s 8 Washington, Sussex
Caroline Turrell Daughter s 3 Washington, Sussex
31 Sparrows Edward Reed Head m 28 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Emma Reed Wife m 18 Thakeham, Sussex
Fanny Reed Grandmother w 70  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Reed Uncle s 44 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
32 Sparrows Caleb Osbourne Head m 67 Unemployed Carpenter  West Grinstead, Sussex nearly blind
Lucy Osbourne Wife m 54  West Grinstead, Sussex
James Sayers Visitor s 40 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Henry Venn Visitor s 26 Agricultural labourer Storrington, Sussex
33 Sparrows Stephen Knight Head m 31 Hoop Shaver Rudgwick, Sussex
Sarah Knight Wife m 25 Washington, Sussex
Frank Knight Son s 3 Washington, Sussex
Thomas Knight Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Edwin Parsons Boarder s 16 Agricultural labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
34 Sparrows William Cooper Head s 27 Bricklayer Ashington, Sussex
Ann Cooper   Sister s 21 Housekeeper Ashington, Sussex
Albert Cooper  Brother s 19 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Arthur Cooper  Brother s 12 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
35 Sparrows Charles Newnham Head m 42 Agricultural labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Harriet Newnham Wife m 35  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Newnham Son s 7 Scholar  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Reed Lodger w 69 Ashington, Sussex
36 Frogshole Richard Barnett Head m 37 Gardener   Westbourne, Sussex
Eliza Barnett Wife m 39  Wonersh, Surrey
Charles Barnett Son s 9 Scholar Fishbourne, Sussex
37 Sparrows Henry Berry Head m 89 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Elizabeth Berry Wife m 73 Thakeham, Sussex
38 Sparrows George Berry Head m 48 Agricultural labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Elizabeth Berry Wife m 38  Sullington, Sussex
Betsy Berry Daughter s 20 Unemployed Servant Washington, Sussex
Arthur Berry Son s 12 Scholar Washington, Sussex
George Linfield Son s 8 Scholar  Sullington, Sussex
Walter Berry Son s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Alfred Berry Son s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Jane Berry Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Infant Berry Son s 0 2 days Ashington, Sussex
Allen Nicholson Boarder s 22 Agricultural labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
39 Rectory Anna Blakiston Head w 55 Chichester, Sussex
Anna Isabella Blakiston Daughter s 25 Fittleworth, Sussex
Fanny Sophia Blakiston Daughter s 17 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Edith Caroline Blakiston Daughter s 15 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Eleanor S Mackintosh Boarder s 16 Scholar Calcutta, India
Jane Done Boarder s 33 Governess London
Olive Muggeridge  Servant s 20 Cook  Shipley, Sussex
Mary Ann Holland  Servant s 15 Housemaid Botolphs, Sussex
40 Stickers Albert Short Head m 26 Farmer 200acres emp 4men 3boys Washington, Sussex
Jane Short Wife m 26  Shipley, Sussex
Albert Short Son s 0 8 months Ashington, Sussex
Eliza Mitchell  Servant s 14 General Servant  Angmering, Sussex
Walter Skinner  Servant s 13 Agricultural labourer Thakeham, Sussex
41 Westwolves Michael Short Head m 30 Agricultural labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Eliza Short Wife m 28 Capel, Surrey
Sarah Short Daughter s 9 Capel, Surrey
Harriet Short Daughter s 7 Capel, Surrey
Edward James Short Son s 5 Epsom, Surrey
Edwin Turrell Visitor s 37 Agricultural labourer  Wiston, Sussex
42 Apps House Henry Braiden Head m 47 Agricultural labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Matilda Braiden Wife m 44  Warminghurst, Sussex
Henry Braiden Son s 22 Agricultural labourer Washington, Sussex
John Braiden Son s 19 Agricultural labourer Thakeham, Sussex
William Braiden Son s 16 Agricultural labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Matilda Braiden Daughter s 14 Unemployed Servant Thakeham, Sussex
Charles Braiden Son s 10 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Clara Braiden Daughter s 8 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Ellen Braiden Daughter s 6 Scholar Thakeham, Sussex
Ann Braiden Daughter s 4 Thakeham, Sussex
43 Spear Hill Thomas Sayers Head m 62 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Sayers Wife m 63 Henfield, Sussex
44 Spear Hill James Collins Head m 45 Gardener Rogate, Surrey
Frances Collins Wife m 31 Broadwater, Sussex
William James Collins Son s 10 Scholar  Shoreham, Sussex
George Charles Collins Son s 4  Shoreham, Sussex
45 Fowlers George Merriott Head m 28 Agricultural labourer Washington, Sussex
Jane Merriott Wife m 20  Warminghurst, Sussex
46 Barn House William Evans Head m 28 Agricultural labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Emma Evans Wife m 27 North Stoke, Sussex
Charlotte Evans Daughter s 8 Thakeham, Sussex
Harriet Evans Daughter s 6 Thakeham, Sussex
Levi Evans Son s 3 Thakeham, Sussex
William Evans Son s 0 11 months Ashington, Sussex
47 Barn House John Philpot Head m 28 Groom  Shipley, Sussex
Elizabeth Philpot Wife m 27  West Grinstead, Sussex
Harry Philpot Son s 0 11 months Washington, Sussex
48 Church Farm Walter Peachy Head m 49 Farmer 200acres emp 6men 2boys Cuckfield, Sussex
Harriet Peachy Wife m 49  Worthing, Sussex
William George Peachy Son s 18 Farmers Son Ashington, Sussex
Albert Peachy Son s 16 Farmers Son Ashington, Sussex
Ernest Peachy Son s 13 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Harry Peachy Son s 11 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Alice Peachy Daughter s 15 Ashington, Sussex
Hannah Goatcher  Servant s 20 General Servant  Ashurst, Sussex
49 Old Shop House Timothy Holland Head m 60 Licensed Hawker Cork, Ireland
Esme Holland Wife m 56 Cork, Ireland
50 Old Shop House Henry Hook Head m 71 Postman Dover, Kent
Elizabeth Hook Wife m 68  Wiston, Sussex
51 Old Shop House Stephen Charman Head m 36 Agricultural labourer  Sullington, Sussex
Sarah Charman Wife m 26  Warminghurst, Sussex
Emily Charman Daughter s 7  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Ann Charman Daughter s 5 Thakeham, Sussex
Louisa Charman Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
52 Old Shop House William Ockenden Head m 37 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Ann Ockenden Wife m 34 Ashington, Sussex
Henry Ockenden Son s 9 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Jane Ockenden Daughter s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Charles Ockenden Son s 5 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Allen Ockenden Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
William Ockenden Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
53 Old Shop House Charles Jones Head m 30 Loader at Water Mill  Salisbury, Wiltshire
Rosina Harriet Jones Wife m 28 Hayling Island, Hampshire
Ester Keziah Jones Daughter s 8 Scholar Hayling Island, Hampshire
Rosiann Harriet Jones Daughter s 3 Hayling Island, Hampshire
Mary Catherine Jones Daughter s 1 Charlwood, Surrey
54 Old Shop House Thomas Charman Head m 44 Bricklayer  Sullington, Sussex
Ann Charman Wife m 47 Washington, Sussex
55 Old Shop House Catherine Butcher Head w 65 Pauper ?he??a?
Caroline Elizabeth Butcher Daughter s 20 Pauper Chatham, Kent
56 Old Shop House Luke Hedger Head m 67 Agricultural labourer Burpham, Sussex
Ruth Hedger Wife m 59 Billingshurst, Sussex
Thomas Hedger Son s 17 Agricultural labourer  Ashurst, Sussex
57 Old Shop House Walter Dean Head m 25 Boot Maker Washington, Sussex
Caroline Dean Wife m 22 Ashington, Sussex
George Dean Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Frances Dean Daughter s 0 5 months Ashington, Sussex
58 Manor House Frances Clements Head w 66 Pauper Clapham, Sussex
Peter Dale Boarder w 52 Bricklayers Labourer Ashington, Sussex
59 Old Shop House Maurice Short Head m 35 Agricultural labourer   West Chiltington, Sussex
Frances Short Wife m 32 Ashington, Sussex
Jemima Frances Short Daughter s 11 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Maurice Short Son s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Ellen Short Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Harry Short Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Jane Short Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Ann Short Daughter s 0 3 weeks Ashington, Sussex
60 Manor House William Dean Head m 23 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Sophia Dean Wife m 20 Washington, Sussex
William George Dean Son s 0 11 months Ashington, Sussex
61 Cradlebridge Thomas Jackson Head m 22 Agricultural labourer Washington, Sussex
Eliza Jackson Wife m 25 Ashington, Sussex
Rose Jackson Daughter s 0 10 months Washington, Sussex
62 Cradlebridge William Pellen Head m 63 Agricultural labourer  Ashurst, Sussex
Sarah Pellen Wife m 62  Southwick, Sussex
63 Mill Cottage Alfred Frederick Dumbrell Head m 25 Miller  Ashurst, Sussex
Fanny Dumbrell Wife m 27  Ashurst, Sussex
Fanny Dumbrell Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
William Dumbrell Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Alfred Dumbrell Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Emma Jane Dumbrell Daughter s 0 3 months Ashington, Sussex
64 Frogshole Jeremiah Cooper Head m 69 Loader at Mill   West Chiltington, Sussex
Elizabeth Cooper Wife m 67  Warminghurst, Sussex
Frederick Cooper Grandson s 16 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
65 Mill Lane Edmund Sayers Head m 48 Baker Ashington, Sussex
Jane Sayers Wife m 44  Singleton, Sussex
George Sayers Son s 17 Bakers Son Ashington, Sussex
Henry Sayers Son s 13 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Marian Sayers Daughter s 11 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Annie Sayers Daughter s 9 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Charlotte Sayers Daughter s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Walter Sayers Son s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Emily Sayers Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
66 Old Work House John Holden Head m 36 Agricultural labourer   West Chiltington, Sussex
Susan Holden Wife m 35   West Chiltington, Sussex
Ellen Holden Daughter s 9 Scholar Washington, Sussex
George Holden Son s 7 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Maria Holden Daughter s 4 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Mary Ann Holden Daughter s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Edward Jenner Father in Law w 75 Agricultural labourer   West Chiltington, Sussex
67 Old Work House Henry Ayres Head m 61 Agricultural labourer  Ashurst, Sussex
Harriet Ayres Wife m 62 Lewes, Sussex
Ester Ayres Daughter s 16 Servant Ashington, Sussex
George Jesse Ayres Grandson s 7 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
68 Normans James Cooper Head m 32 Agricultural labourer Colchester, Essex
Harriet Cooper Wife m 30 Washington, Sussex
William C Cooper Son s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Mary Ann Cooper Daughter s 5 Ashington, Sussex
Alfred Cooper Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
69 Normans John Stedman Head m 53 Agricultural labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Hannah Stedman Wife m 46  West Grinstead, Sussex
James Floate Boarder w 67 Agricultural labourer Washington, Sussex
70 Normans James Reeves Head m 41 Miller Thakeham, Sussex
Ellen Reeves Wife m 29 Ashington, Sussex
Emily Jane Reeves Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
71 Malt House Farm Joseph Skinner Head m 73 Farmer 200acres emp 6men 3boys Storrington, Sussex
Mary Ann Skinner Wife m 72  Wiston, Sussex
Ruth Skinner Daughter s 37  Sullington, Sussex
Fanny Skinner Daughter s 31  Sullington, Sussex
Percy William Lucken Nephew s 23 Farmers Assistant Thakeham, Sussex
Mary Ann Duke Granddaughter s 18 Visitor Storrington, Sussex
William Berry  Servant s 14 Agricultural labourer Petworth, Sussex
72 Malthouse Lane Henry Dinage Head m 56 Engine Driver Horsham, Sussex
Isabel Dinage Wife m 43 Horsham, Sussex
Frederick Dinage Son s 17 Engine Driver Horsham, Sussex
Thomas Dinage Son s 11 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Herbert Dinage Son s 9 Scholar Washington, Sussex
Infant Dinage Son s 0 6 hours Ashington, Sussex
73 Malthouse Lane Eli Harwood Head m 70 Agricultural labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Jane Harwood Wife m 65  Warminghurst, Sussex
74 William Stringer Lodger m 22 Agricultural labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Harriet Stringer Wife m 24 Ashington, Sussex
75 Mitchbourne James Wood Head m 55 Carpenter  Sullington, Sussex
Rebecca Wood Wife m 56 Ashington, Sussex blind
Albert Wood Son s 26 Gardener Ashington, Sussex
Walter Wood Son s 24 Carpenter Ashington, Sussex
Agnes Wood Daughter s 20 Housekeeper Washington, Sussex
76 Hook House James Thorns Head m 52 Farmer 140acres emp 3men 1boy  West Grinstead, Sussex
Mary Ann Thorns Wife m 62 6 Ivy Lane, Newgate St, Middlesex
James Thorns Son s 25 Farmers Son Washington, Sussex
William Beer  Servant s 22  Agricultural Servant  Warminghurst, Sussex
Ellen Ellsworth  Servant m 24 General Servant Washington, Sussex
District 9
1 School House John Isted Head m 34  Schoolmaster Herstmonceux, Sussex
Sarah Ann Isted Wife m 24  Schoolmistress Buncton, Sussex
Edith Mary Isted Daughter s 3 Buncton, Sussex
Annie Elizabeth Isted Daughter s 1 Buncton, Sussex
Emily Isted Daughter s 0 2 months Buncton, Sussex
Elizabeth Styles  Servant s 14 General Servant  Wiston, Sussex
28 Gamekeepers Cottage Henry Willmer Head m 66 Gamekeeper Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire
Harriet Willmer Wife m 52 Cowfold, Sussex
Ellen Willmer Daughter s 26 Buncton, Sussex
29 Model Cottage William Pelham Head m 55 Bricklayer Ringmer, Sussex
Louisa Pelham Wife m 47 Ringmer, Sussex
Alfred Pelham Son s 14 Scholar Falmer, Sussex
30 Model Cottage Richard Standen Head m 53 Agricultural labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Lucy Standen Wife m 53  Ashurst, Sussex
George Standen Son s 21 Agricultural labourer Washington, Sussex
Emily Standen Daughter s 13 Scholar  Arundel, Sussex
31 Buncton House Edwin Bristow Head m 54 Farmer 300acres emp 7men 2boys Washington, Sussex
Ann Bristow Wife m 48  Stanmore, Middlesex
Ann Bristow Daughter s 25 Washington, Sussex
Caroline Bristow Daughter s 19  Wiston, Sussex
Agnes Bristow Daughter s 12 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Henry Bristow Son s 10 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Bristow Daughter s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Henry Hedger  Servant s 35 Farm Servant  Warminghurst, Sussex
Thomas Butcher  Servant s 17 Farm Servant Washington, Sussex
32 New Common Cottage Elizabeth Merritt Head w 71  West Grinstead, Sussex
Elizabeth Merritt Daughter s 29 Ashington, Sussex
Harry Lemon Grandson s 8 Scholar Brighton, Sussex
73 Wheelers Common Cottage Albert Maple Head m 26 Sawyer  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Maple Wife m 25 Tunbridge, Kent
Angelo D Maple Son s 3  Wiston, Sussex
John Crampton  Brother in Law s 22 Agricultural labourer Tunbridge, Kent
74 Wheelers Common Cottage Michael Clear Head m 44 Carpenter  Wiston, Sussex
Emily Clear Wife m 44 Findon, Sussex
William Clear Son s 17 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Walter Clear Son s 12 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
George Clear Son s 11 Agricultural labourer Ashington, Sussex
Ellen Clear Daughter s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
76 Buncton Farm Charles Page Head m 71 Farmer 300acres emp 6labs 2boys Ashington, Sussex
Mary Ann Page Wife m 74  Wiston, Sussex
Elizabeth Bristow  Housekeeper s 27 Housekeeper Washington, Sussex
Fanny Page Granddaughter s 5 Scholar  Shermanbury, Sussex
Rose Gent  Servant s 17 General Servant  Amberley, Sussex
William Jenner  Servant s 18 Farm Servant Midhurst, Sussex