Ashington 1851 census
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2009

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Schedule Address Name Relation Condition Age Occupation  Where Born Disability
District 5
1 Normans John Redford Head m 30 Miller Journeyman  Shipley, Sussex
Ann Redford Wife m 23 Horsham, Sussex
William Redford Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Ann Redford Daughter s 0 6 months Ashington, Sussex
2 Normans William Berry Head m 65 Pauper Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Martha Berry Wife m 64 Washington, Sussex
James Harwood Lodger w 23 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
James Potter Lodger w 45 Agricultural Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
3 Normans James Edwards Head m 28 Agricultural Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
Eliza Edwards Wife m 26 Ashington, Sussex
Ellen Edwards Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
4 Malthouse Farm Joseph Skinner Head m 52 Farmer 95acres emp 5labs Storrington, Sussex
Mary A Skinner Wife m 52  Wiston, Sussex
Walter Skinner Son s 31  Farmers Son and Maltster Washington, Sussex
Emily Skinner Daughter s 21 Employed at home  Sullington, Sussex
Ralph Skinner Son s 15  Farmers Son  Sullington, Sussex
Clara Skinner Daughter s 13 Employed at home  Sullington, Sussex
5 Malthouse Lane William Carter Head m 51 Carpenter Journeyman Thakeham, Sussex
Elizabeth Carter Wife m 44 Washington, Sussex
Fanny Carter Daughter s 16 Washington, Sussex
Mary J Carter Daughter s 14  Shoreham, Sussex
Caroline Carter Daughter s 11 Scholar Washington, Sussex
William Carter Son s 6 Scholar Washington, Sussex
6 Malthouse Lane Eli Harwood Head m 50 Agricultural Labourer NK
Jane Harwood Wife m 43  Warminghurst, Sussex
Fanny Harwood Daughter s 11 Ashington, Sussex
Ann Harwood Daughter s 9 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Henry Harwood Son s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Harwood Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Caroline Harwood Daughter s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Charlotte Harwood Granddaughter s 1 Washington, Sussex
7 Mitchbourne William Wood Head m 38 Master Carpenter emp 3 men Thakeham, Sussex
Elizabeth Wood Wife m 43  Shipley, Sussex
Joseph Wood Brother s 20 Carpenters Apprentice  Sullington, Sussex
8 Church Farm Walter Peachy Head m 29 Farmer 150acres emp 6 labs Cuckfield, Sussex
Harriet Peachy Wife m 29  Worthing, Sussex
Ellen Leech  Servant s 17 House Servant Patching, Sussex
9 School Lane Edmund Sayers Head w 28 Baker Journeyman Ashington, Sussex
10 Church Road George Hillman Head w 44 Agricultural Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
George Hillman Son s 12 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Ann Roberts  Servant w 57 Housekeeper  Shipley, Sussex
11 Ashington Shop Alfred Baker Head s 25 Gen Shopkeeper and Farmer Ashington, Sussex
 25 acres emp 4 men 2 boys
James Baker Assistant s 1? Draper and Grocer Ashington, Sussex
William S Marchant Assistant s 21  Assistant in Shop  Alfriston, Sussex
George A Mills Assistant s 1? Junior Assistant in shop Limpsfield, Surrey
Mary A Standen  Housekeeper s 26 Housekeeper Newick, Sussex
Catherine Stile  Servant s 14 Servant  Slaugham, Sussex
James Stileman  Warehouseman s 19 Warehouseman Ashington, Sussex
12 Shop Road Manor James Floate Head m 47 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Lydia Floate Wife m 47 Findon, Sussex
Jane Floate Daughter s 22 Broadwater, Sussex
Richard Floate Father w 7?  Army Pensioner and Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Luke Floate Son s 16 Plough Boy  Warminghurst, Sussex
Henry Floate Son s 7 Scholar  Warminghurst, Sussex
13 Shop Road Manor John Stedman Head m 33 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Hannah Stedman Wife m 26  West Grinstead, Sussex
Joseph J Laker   Stepson s 6 Scholar Horsham, Sussex
James S Laker Son s 5 Horsham, Sussex
14 Shop Road Manor William Parker Head m 25 Agricultural Labourer Tarring, Sussex
Faith Parker Wife m 23 Ashington, Sussex
Infant Parker Daughter s 0 4 days Ashington, Sussex
15 Cradlebridge John Ockenden Head m 55 Agricultural Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Frances Ockenden Wife m 52 Thakeham, Sussex
William Ockenden Son s 17 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
John Ockenden Son s 12 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
16 Cradlebridge James Heasman Head m 24 Agricultural Labourer  Shipley, Sussex
Louisa Heasman Wife m 22 Ashington, Sussex
17 Mill House Mill Road William Mustchin Head m 35 Miller Journeyman  Amberley, Sussex
Harriet Mustchin Wife m 29 Glover Storrington, Sussex
Charlotte Cooper Visitor s 15 Thakeham, Sussex
18 Mill Lane Charles Chambers Head m 38 Carpenter Journeyman  Wiston, Sussex
Jane Chambers Wife m 33 Washington, Sussex
Jane Chambers Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Jane Hersee Mother in Law w 70 Washington, Sussex
19 Mill Lane Jeremiah Cooper Head m 48 Miller Loader Thakeham, Sussex
Elizabeth Cooper Wife m 47  Warminghurst, Sussex
Walter Cooper Son s 11 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Ellen Cooper Daughter s 8 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Emery Cooper Father w 74 Agricultural Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
20 Frogshole Elizabeth Coombs Head w 58 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
George Coombs Son s 25 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Reuben Coombs Son s 23 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
James Coombs Son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
21 Frogshole William Mitchell Head m 5? Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Hannah Mitchell Wife m 56 Cranleigh, Surrey
22 Frogshole Henry King Head m 36 Bricklayers Labourer Horsham, Sussex
Emily King Wife m 29 Rusper, Sussex
Caroline King Daughter s 5 Thakeham, Sussex
Harriet King Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
23 Warminghurst Road Thomas Skinner Head w 60 Master Shoe Maker emp 1 man Thakeham, Sussex
24 Sparrows Henry Woolven Head m 39 Master Tailor Washington, Sussex
Mildred Woolven Wife m 33  West Grinstead, Sussex
Eliza Woolven Daughter s 13  West Grinstead, Sussex
Henry Woolven Son s 7 Scholar  West Grinstead, Sussex
Ellen Woolven Daughter s 6 Washington, Sussex
Edwin Woolven Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
25 Sparrows Ann Sayers Head w 59 Charwoman Bust??, Surrey
James Sayers Son s 20 Pauper Ashington, Sussex
26 Sparrows Edwin Elliott Head m 37 Farmer 120acres emp 3 men 2 boys Ashington, Sussex
Ann Elliott Wife m 38  West Grinstead, Sussex
Mary Hillman   Stepdaughter s 18 Employed at home Ashington, Sussex
Emily Arnold Niece s 16 Hove, Sussex
Hubert Arnold Nephew s 15 Hove, Sussex
Matilda Medhurst Niece s 4 Littlehampton, Sussex
Thomas White  Servant s 15 Farm Servant  Worthing, Sussex
George Sparshot  Servant s 14 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
27 Quagmire George Goatcher Head m 29 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Jane Goatcher Wife m 35 Pagham, Sussex
28 Nettlefolds Thomas Golds Head m 28 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
Caroline Golds Wife m 29  Warminghurst, Sussex
Thomas Golds Son s 6 Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Golds Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
George Golds Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Ann Golds Daughter s 0 1 month Ashington, Sussex
29 Sparrows Sarah Simmons Head w 76 Pauper Lindfield, Sussex
Sarah Sturt Lodger w 79 Pauper Thakeham, Sussex
1 uninhabited
30 Rectory House Robert Blakiston Head m 39 Rector of Ashington Curate of Buncton  South Shields, Durham
Anna Blakiston Wife m 35   M A Oxon Chichester, Sussex
Robert Blakiston Son s 9  Scholar at home Pulborough, Sussex
Ralph M Blakiston Son s 8  Scholar at home Pulborough, Sussex
Anna J Blakiston Daughter s 5 Fittleworth, Sussex
Charles D Blakiston Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Jane M Farley  Servant s 25 Nursemaid .West Dean, Sussex
Mary A Allen  Servant s 17 Under Nursemaid  Ashling, Sussex
Elizabeth Shepherd  Servant s 21 Housemaid Boxgrove, Sussex
Ellen Mail  Servant s 24 Cook  Siddlesham, Sussex
Richard Napper  Servant w 67 Gardener Pulborough, Sussex
31 Warminghurst Road Eliza Butcher Head s 22 Dressmaker Washington, Sussex
Ann Baker Lodger w 66 Pauper  Ashurst, Sussex
32 Brownhill Jesse Hillman Head m 53 Agricultural Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Mary Hillman Wife m 51  Ashurst, Sussex
Luke Hillman Lodger s 56 Agricultural Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Ann Elliott Lodger w 74 Thakeham, Sussex
Allen Tyrrell Lodger s 21 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
33 Hook Stephen Short Head m 34 Farmer 80acres emp 2 men 1 boy  Shipley, Sussex
Ellen Short Wife m 34 Thakeham, Sussex
George S Short Son s 7 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Emily E Short Daughter s 5 Ashington, Sussex
Edgar Short Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Lewis H Short Son s 1 Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Short  Servant s 16 House Servant Chiltington, Sussex
John Laker  Servant s 18 Agricultural Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
34 Westwolves James Suter Head s 34 Farmer 165acres emp 3 labs Tortington, Sussex
Thomas Suter Nephew s 27 Farm Worker  Amberley, Sussex
Edmund Suter Nephew s 25 Farm Worker  Amberley, Sussex
Thomas Tidey  Servant w 68 Agricultural Labourer Washington, Sussex
35 Stickers Lane William Read Head w 85 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
36 Stickers House Stickers Lane Henry Bolling Head m 64 Carpenter  West Grinstead, Sussex
Caroline Bolling Wife m 64  Sompting, Sussex
George Bolling Son s 11 Scholar Washington, Sussex
37 Apps House Spear Hill George Nichols Head m 25 Agricultural Labourer  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Nichols Wife m 26  West Grinstead, Sussex
George Nichols Son s 5 Ashington, Sussex
William Nichols Son s 2 Ashington, Sussex
Eliza Nichols Daughter s 0 10 months Ashington, Sussex
38 Apps House Spear Hill Richard Cooper Head m 44 Agricultural Labourer Thakeham, Sussex
Caroline Cooper Wife m 39  Warminghurst, Sussex
Mary Cooper Daughter s 17 Ashington, Sussex
Sarah Cooper Daughter s 11 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
William Cooper Son s 8 Ashington, Sussex
George Cooper Son s 6 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Edward Cooper Son s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Ann Cooper Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
39 Priors Stickers Lane William Pelling Head m 44 Agricultural Labourer  Ashurst, Sussex
Sarah Pelling Wife m 41  Southwick, Sussex
George Pelling Son s 20 Agricultural Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Sarah Pelling Daughter s 15 Washington, Sussex
Ann Pelling Daughter s 12 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Jane Pelling Daughter s 10 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Pelling Daughter s 7 Ashington, Sussex
Eliza Pelling Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
1 uninhabited
40 Bennetts Spear Hill Peter Read Head m 45 Agricultural Labourer Ockley, Surrey
Fanny Read Wife m 48  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Read Son s 24 Agricultural Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Ned Read Grandson s 8 Ashington, Sussex
1 uninhabited
District 6b
57 Buncton Frank Willmer Son s 12 Gamekeepers Son Ashington, Sussex
Charlotte Willmer Daughter s 10 Ashington, Sussex
Ellen Willmer Daughter s 6 Ashington, Sussex
Ann Willmer Daughter s 4 Ashington, Sussex
Emma M Hayward  Housekeeper w 43 Housekeeper Great Horwood
58 Thomas Merritt Head m 52 Farm Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Elizabeth Merritt Wife m 51  West Grinstead, Sussex
William Merritt Son s 18 Farm Labourer Washington, Sussex
Thomas Merritt Son s 13 Farm Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Daniel Merritt Son s 11 Ashington, Sussex
Elizabeth Merritt Daughter s 9 Ashington, Sussex
Ruth Merritt Daughter s 6 Ashington, Sussex
59 George Robert Luff Head m 33  Schoolmaster Portsea, Hampshire
Mary Luff Wife m 34  Arundel, Sussex
Mary Ellen Luff Daughter s 6 Scholar Buncton, Sussex
Mary Ann Luff Daughter s 4 Buncton, Sussex
Emily Jane Luff Daughter s 2 Buncton, Sussex
60 William Juden Head m 61 Farm Labourer Washington, Sussex
Sarah Juden Wife m 59  Ashurst, Sussex
Jane Juden Daughter s 18 Ashington, Sussex
Levi Juden Son s 16 Under Shepherd Ashington, Sussex
61 James Barnett Head m 35 Farm Labourer  Ashurst, Sussex
Emma Barnett Wife m 34  Wiston, Sussex
Barbara Barnett Daughter s 6 Ashington, Sussex
George Barnett Son s 3 Ashington, Sussex
Harriet Barnett Daughter s 1 Ashington, Sussex
62 John Page Head m 54 Farmer 135 acres emp 11 labs Ashington, Sussex
Mary Page Wife m 55 Storrington, Sussex
Elizabeth Ockenden  Servant s 15 House Servant Ashington, Sussex
Henry Botting  Servant s 26 Farm Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
James Potter  Servant s 13 Farm Labourer  Steyning, Sussex
George Wood Nephew s 5 Ashington, Sussex
63 Thomas Hoad Head m 50 Farm Labourer  West Grinstead, Sussex
Mary Hoad Wife m 49  Ashurst, Sussex
John Hoad Son s 21 Farm Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
James Hoad Son s 18 Farm Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Thomas Hoad Son s 15 Farm Labourer  Wiston, Sussex
Ann Hoad Daughter s 13  Wiston, Sussex
Henry Hoad Son s 10  Wiston, Sussex
Jane Hoad Daughter s 7 Scholar Ashington, Sussex
64 Thomas Dale Head m 36 Farm Labourer Ashington, Sussex
Patience Dale Wife m 36  West Grinstead, Sussex
Alfred Dale Son s 11 Washington, Sussex
Eliza Dale Daughter s 9 Lancing, Sussex
Mary Ann Dale Daughter s 7 Washington, Sussex
Betsy Dale Daughter s 4 Washington, Sussex
David Styles Dale Son s 2  West Grinstead, Sussex