Angmering 1755-1777 Baptisms
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2010

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Date Name Father Mother Surname Notes
05-Jan Isaiah Anne Hazelgrove
27-Jan William William Kitte Drewit
03-Feb Thomas Thomas Elizabeth Robbison
23-Feb Sarah Jane Blunden
26-Mar Anne Thomas Sarah Hardin
14-Apr Kitty Henry Sarah Penfold
14-Apr Sarah Henry Sarah Penfold
15-Apr Anne John Hanah Goldsmith
01-Jun William Thomas Elizabeth Sayers
29-Jun Anne Daniel Anne Whakeham
27-Jul Elizabeth William Anne Clear
07-Sep Joseph Joseph Philly Mills
09-Sep Anne Thomas Elizabeth Turner
02-Nov Elizabeth John Anne Capelin
16-Aug Anne Hugh Anna Maria Foster
23-Sep Elizabeth Thomas Mary Sherlock
01-Oct James William Kitty Drewit
23-Dec Andrew Thomas Susanna Foster
27-Mar Harry Ellis Hester Hitchins
02-May Richard Thomas Elizabeth Turner
18-May James Thomas Mary Fowler
20-May Mary Thomas Elizabeth Robbison
22-May John James Sarah Cortis
20-Jun Mary William Elizabeth Woolgar
20-Jun Elizabeth William Elizabeth Woolgar
24-Jul Mary Daniel Anne Wakeham
04-Oct Mary William Anne Mills
04-Nov Kittee Thomas Sarah Harden
20-Nov James Widow Crossingham
Confessed to have been begotten by her late husband's son. Upon examining the lad he solemnly
declared the hussy attacked him on his bed first in her cloths then naked. He did not comply. But
afterwards she rushed in to his bed naked and seized thef remissed
01-Jan Anne James Mary Nettlefield
19-Feb William William Anne Clear
12-Mar Jane John Harriet Goldmar
04-Jun Richard William Elizabeth Smart
01-Jul Kitty William Kitty Drewit
20-Jul Richard Richard Mary Sturt
24-Sep William Thomas Mary Chesell
19-Oct Arthur Thomas Mary Sherlock
30-Jan Anne James Sarah Cortis
25-Feb Daniel Daniel Anne Wakeham
01-Mar James Penelope Jemima Woodham
03-Apr Mary John Rose Holmwood
08-Apr Kitty John Mary Pannet
04-May George William Elizabeth Olliver
17-May Anne William Elizabeth Trigg
26-May Daniel Daniel Anne Estin
17-Jun Elizabeth Richard Mary Town
17-Jun Thomas Thomas Mary Jupp
06-Aug James Thomas Elizabeth Turner
13-Sep Charles Richard Sarah Amore
16-Sep Sarah William Susan Compton
16-Sep Anne George Elizabeth Mills
26-Oct Jenny William Elizabeth Woolgar
02-Jan Robert William Kitty Drewit
10-Feb Thomas Thomas Jane Olliver
20-Feb Sarah Thomas Elizabeth Sase
27-Apr Hannah Francis Sarah Hedgcock
12-May Thomas Thomas Sarah Hardin
10-Jun Harry William Anne Mills
15-Jun William William Elizabeth Smart
23-Jul Sarah Hugh Mary Foster
27-Jul William William Rebecca Boys
17-Aug Elizabeth Susanna Smith
07-Sep Mary William Anne Clear
09-Sep Elizabeth Daniel Anne Wakeham
13-Sep Hannah Thomas Mary Chessel
29-Oct Kitty John Sarah Glass
25-Jan William George Elizabeth Mills
11-Feb Elizabeth Thomas Mary Jupp
11-Feb George Thomas Elizabeth Turner
19-Feb Charles John Rose Holmwood
20-Feb Robert William Elizabeth Smith
20-Feb James James Sarah Cortis
03-May Sarah John Hannah Goldsmith
10-May William Thomas Hannah Woods
10-Jun Henry William Kitty Drewit
14-Jul John William Mary Hersee
29-Jul William Richard Sarah Amore
05-Aug Mary William Mary Trigg
16-Sep Mary William Sarah Hitchcock
20-Sep James Richard Mary Sturt
27-Dec Sarah Daniel Anne Austin
19-Mar George William Anne Mills
23-Apr Anne Robert Mary French
08-Aug Anne William Elizabeth Wolgar
05-Sep Sarah William Anne Clear
07-Sep Robert Robert Hannah Hills
07-Sep Henry Robert Hannah Hills
17-Sep George James Sarah Cortis
26-Sep John John Rosalinda Holmwood
12-Dec Sarah John Anne Furl
02-Jan John Francis Sarah Heacock
24-Feb Sarah William Sarah Hitchcock
27-Feb Susanna Anne West
27-Mar Mary John Anne Capelin
29-Apr Emery John Elizabeth Batchelour
05-May William Daniel Anne Wakeham
08-May Elizabeth William Elizabeth Smart
12-May John Thomas Mary Hardin
23-May Anne Martin Anne Cheesman
04-Jun Mary Thomas Elizabeth Strong
16-Jul John Richard Mary Town
26-Jul Sarah Robert Mary French
07-Aug Mary William Rebecca Boyce
22-Sep Anne William Kitty Drewit
02-Oct Sarah Thomas Hannah Woods
07-Oct Sarah Thomas Mary Chesel
26-Oct Charles William Hersee
19-Nov William James Catharine Wright
13-Dec James William Elizabeth Trigg
10-Feb Richard John Jenny Penfold
26-Feb Sarah George Elizabeth Mills
04-Mar Amy Robert Hannah Hills
11-Jun Mary Thomas Elizabeth Turner
15-Jul Christian (f) William Sarah Hegcock
30-Jul John John Anne Rickson
05-Aug Elizabeth James Elizabeth Price
26-Sep William John Rose Holmwood
16-Oct Catharine William Mary Johnson
15-Nov John William Sarah Edwards
23-Dec John Daniel Anne Austin
26-Dec James Susanna White
30-Jan John John Jenny Penfold
14-Mar James James Chatherine Knight
09-Mar Jeremiah John Lydia Lear baptised at Dover, Leominster
and at Angmering 17/4/1765
Messrs Lear and Charles Bushby
of Arundell godfathers and 
Mrs Croker godmother
03-Apr Elizabeth John Elizabeth Williams
03-Apr William Thomas Elizabeth Strong
03-Apr William Anne Robarts "by god knows who"
03-Apr James John Anne Fields
09-Apr Jemima Thomas Jane Olliver
09-Apr James John Sarah Austin
08-May William Thomas Sarah Harden
26-May Obadiah John Sarah Dyer
02-Jun Sarah Elizabeth Tye "who still remains unknown"
02-Jun James Thomas Hannah Woods
02-Jun Charles John Sarah Charman
01-Jul Mary Robert Mary French
24-Jul Charles John Elizabeth Batchelar
28-Jul Edward William Elizabeth Smart
15-Sep Kitty George Elizabeth Miles
06-Oct Nan Elizabeth Clemens
20-Oct Ann William Hersee
01-Nov James William Sarah Edwards
24-Nov William John Anne Aldridge
27-Nov Fanny William Kitty Drewit
30-Nov Jemima Elizabeth Cheesman
28-Dec Sarah William Rachel Hammond
01-Feb William William Mary Bayly
01-Feb William Mary Holden
01-Feb Anne John Mary Pannet
26-Feb Grant Sarah Simmonds bastard
28-Feb Henry Thomas Mary Jupp
14-Mar William Richard Elizabeth Austin
06-Jun Thomas Thomas Mary Chesell
11-Jun Charlotte Martin Anne Cheesman
28-Jul Thomas Thomas Hannah Woods
29-Jul Thomas John Rose Holmwood
23-Sep Richard William Elizabeth Trigg
12-Oct John William Rebecca Bedy
30-Nov Mary William Anne Clear
31-Dec Amy Thomas Jane Holoway
01-Feb Anne Sarah Weakham base born
03-Mar Mary John Ann Green
20-Mar Henry William Elizabeth Rudman
20-Mar William William Elizabeth Rudman
Mar George Robart Mary French
02-May James Thomas Elizabeth Strong
08-May Ganer (f) William Mary Johnson
12-May Jemima Daniel Ann Austin
12-May George John Sarah Dier
03-Jul Ann John Sarah Austin
30-Aug Seley (f) Jonah Barbara Burden
13-Sep Charlota Thomas Elizabeth Hedger
26-Dec Ann John Elizabeth Batchelor
27-Dec Susanna William Elizabeth Smart
06-Jan George John Rose Holmwood
09-Jan George Ann Sturt base born
09-Mar Samuel William Elizabeth Cole
13-May Ann William Sarah Hedgcock
23-May George William Rachel Hammond
27-Jul Hugh John Elizabeth Penfold
26-Sep Eliza Thomas Hannah Woods
05-Oct Richard Thomas Mary Chesel
14-Oct James James Ann Penfold
15-Nov John James Hannah Church
26-Dec William Richard Elizabeth Pain
02-Feb Thomas James Catherine Right
25-Feb George William Jane Clear
01-Mar James John Jane Grant
03-Mar John John Ann Garing
05-Mar William Frank Sarah Hecock
12-Mar Alintalary Mary Neeves
12-Mar William John Anne Taylor
17-Mar Anne Olliver Mary Penfold
28-Mar James Richard Jude Cunningham
29-Mar William Thomas Rebecca Weakford
09-Apr Thomas John Eliza King
16-Apr Thomas Thomas Mary Green
16-Apr James Jonah Barbara Burden
11-Jun Joannah William Betty Smart
11-Oct James James Sarah Clark
29-Oct Thomas Daniel Anne Austern
29-Oct Thomas John Anne Capelin
10-Nov Lydia William Philly Worly
10-Nov Jeremiah William Kitty Drewet
12-Nov Peter John Amy Glover
10-Dec James Ann Robarts
26-Dec Amy James Catherine Sewel
11-Jan James Richard Town
06-Mar Sarah Richard Judith Cunningham
21-Mar Hugh James Ann Penfold
01-Apr Sarah John Ann Green
20-Apr Jane Susanna George Philadelphia Jupp
06-May William William Rebecca Boays
20-May Elizabeth Richard Elizabeth Wilson
20-May Thomas Henry Elizabeth Henson
20-May Thomas Richard Elizabeth Austin
17-Jun John Daniel Elizabeth Wackham
29-Jul George John John Elizabeth Pilborough privately baptised 1/6/1768
born 31/5/1768
John Lear Esq
Mrs Croker
29-Jul Hannah Elizabeth John Elizabeth Pilborough John Curate of Angmering
William Gratwick Esq
Mrs Gratwick
Mrs Day
born 8/6/1769
also privately baptised 13/6/1769
05-Aug William James Sarah Clarke
12-Aug Richard Heaviside John Elizabeth Pilborough privately baptised night of birth
baptised again 23/6/1771
31-Aug James John Rosetta Holmwood
09-Sep Amy Thomas Ann Ridley
23-Sep George Frank Sarah Hecock
20-Oct Thomas William Ann Clear
04-Dec Jane Richard Mary French
26-Dec Eliza John Susan Snelling
July George William Sarah Edwards born 4/6/1768
16-Dec Richard William Rachel Hammond
16-Dec Ann William Rachel Hammond
28-Dec John Jonah Barbara Burden
02-Jan Thomas William Jane Clear
06-Jan Daniel Frank Hester Fibbens
13-Jan William Edward Elizabeth Proudly
16-Mar Fanny William Elizabeth Trigg
17-Feb Daniel John Sarah Dier
17-Mar Eliza John Jane Grant
23-Mar Mary Thomas Mary Chessel
08-May Fanny Edward Ann Greenfield
21-May Lidia William Sarah Hedgcock
22-Jun John Mary Foster base born
22-Jun Jane John Mary Lintot
23-Jun Ann Thomas Susannah Simmonds
29-Jun John John Elizabeth Pilborough born 24/5/1767
privately baptised 25/5/1767
baptised at Arundel 13/12/1767
Rev Mr Bate & Mr King godfathers
Mrs King godmother
02-Aug Gainor John Elizabeth Batcheler
24-Aug William John Ann Tayler
20-Oct Edmund Elizabeth Heger
22-Oct Elizabeth Richard Judith Cunningham
22-Nov Sarah James Catherine Knight
03-Dec Derender James Ann Penfold
17-Dec Letishia John Sarah Penfold
01-Jan James John Deborah Bungard
05-Jan John Thomas Mary Green
14-Jan Jesse (s) James Hannah Church
09-Feb Sarah William Mary Mitchel
05-Apr Isaac Henry Alis Osborn
13-Apr Charles George Kitty Marckwick
22-Jun Charlotte William Sarah Heycock
28-Jun Jane William Jane Clear
02-Jul Nathaniel William Mary Johnson
05-Jul Frances William Jemima Gratwick Esq
10-Jul James William Elizabeth Smart
13-Jul Elizabeth William Kitty Drewit
19-Jul Nancy Thomas Susannah Simmons
31-Jul George Richard Elizabeth Pain
31-Jul William Henry Elizabeth Henson
21-Aug Harriot George Philadelphia Jupp
23-Aug James Croker John Ann Gearing
20-Sep Benjamin Benjamin Mary Robins
21-Nov Charlotte Richard Hannah Best
22-Nov Ann Richard Catherine Parsons
07-Mar Thomas Nathaniel Ann Knight
26-Mar George Catharine Heaselgrove
18-Apr Richard Edward Sarah Prowdy
25-Apr James William Sarah Terry
19-May William Harry Jenny Baker
06-Jun Mary William Rachel Hammond
13-Jun Sarah John Sarah Austin
27-Jun Mary Soloman Mary Lock
15-Jul Charles John Sarah Penfold
05-Sep John John Susannah Snelling
24-Sep George William Sarah Knight
29-Sep John Richard Sarah Aylin
10-Oct Henry William Anne Clear
10-Oct Sarah Henry Elizabeth Plegg
16-Oct Susannah John Elizabeth Simmons
24-Oct George William Mary Woolger
24-Oct Henry Daniel Sarah Muggaridge
02-Nov Fanny James Ann Penfold
28-Nov Fanny Mary French
11-Dec Absalom John Elizabeth Batcheler
18-Dec Jeremiah John Anne Tayler
20-Dec William Robert Mary French
27-Dec Charlotte Sarah Gracemark
28-Dec George Frank Hester Fibbins
24-Apr Hannah Daniel Elizabeth Wackham
18-May Charlotte Richard Judith Cunningham
19-Jun William John Sarah Terry
26-Jun Charles John Sarah Dyer
22-Jul George Thomas Mary Green
28-Aug James James Elizabeth Edwards
04-Sep John John Sarah Austin
04-Sep Catharine William Mary Mitchel
25-Sep Robert John Mary Reix
05-Oct John William Robekah Gearing
23-Oct Charles Frank Hestor Fibbins
06-Nov Mary John Susanah Scutt
18-Dec Sarah Nathaniel Ann Knight
18-Dec William William Jane Clear
15-Jan Diana John Ann Palmer
29-Jan Gainor Richard Hannah Best
25-Feb Matilda Richard Elizabeth Pain
03-Mar James John Mary Mitchell
09-Apr Daniel Daniel Sarah Muggeridge
13-Apr Elizabeth Elizabeth Hillyer
17-Apr James Henry Elizabeth Henson
29-May Anna Maria John Elizabeth Batchelor
26-Jun Fanny Thomas Hannah Wood
30-Jul Sarah William Sarah Terry
31-Jul Fanny John Mary Woollger
27-Aug Jane William Ann Clear
10-Sep Sarah Richard Sarah Aylin
05-Oct Elizabeth John Rose Kewell
11-Oct Kitty James Ann Penfold
05-Nov William William Rebekah Gearing
05-Nov William William Mary Johnson
19-Nov George John Ann Gearing
19-Nov Henry John Ann Perkins
25-Nov George William Mary Hersey at Lower Barpham
26-Nov George James Elizabeth Edwards
25-Dec James James Mary Harwood
25-Dec John John Ann Taylor
10-Apr Ann William Jane Kewell
13-Apr Jemima Richard Catharine Parsons
14-Apr Frances (f) George Ann Stag
12-May Susannah Edward Mary Compton
26-May Edward Edward Mary Smith
31-May John Robert Mary French
28-Jun Hannah William Hannah Humphrey
22-Jul Ann Thomas Ann Brookes
06-Sep John Edward Ann Greenfield
30-Sep Amy John Sarah Mills
01-Oct Jeremiah Richard Judith Cunningham
15-Dec Fanny Francis Hester Fibbins
22-Dec Charles William Sarah Knight
29-Dec Charles John Mary Cheeseman
05-Jan James Sarah Cookney
07-Jan George Thomas Hannah Wood
12-Jan John William Sarah Terry
16-Feb William Daniel Sarah Muggeridge
20-Feb William Oliver Mary Penfold
20-Feb Jenny John Mary Woolgar
23-Feb Jesse (m) John Sarah Dyer
05-Mar Peter James Ann Penfold
23-Mar George Richard Hannah Best
23-Mar Charles William Jane Cleare
14-Apr John John Rose Kewell
30-Apr James Edward Frances Rulf
12-May Mary James Elizabeth Edwards
21-May Elizabeth William Rachel Hammond
07-Jun Frances (m) Catharine Pannet
20-Jul Jemima Robert Hannah Hills
27-Jul John John Elizabeth Penn
03-Aug Allen Richard Sarah Aylin
07-Sep Ann James Mary Yeats
21-Sep Charles John Ann Perkins
21-Sep Edmund Ann Finness
19-Oct William Thomas Mary Green
02-Nov John Nathaniel Ann Knight
04-Nov George Clement Elizabeth Oliver
01-Dec Fanny Philip Mary Best
07-Dec Daniel Daniel Elizabeth Wakeham
13-Dec Christopher William Sarah Knight
25-Dec Edward Edward Mary Compton