Angmering 1688-1700 Baptisms
Transcribed by C A Gascoigne-Pees 2011

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Date Name Father Mother Surname Notes
?-Apr Sarah John Mary Hogtrof
21-Apr Susan William Elizabeth Price
12-May John Peter Mary Price
21-May ? John Mary Ingram
21-Jun William Peter Elizabeth Penfold
10-Jul Matthew Henry Martha Smith
18-Aug Mary John Mary Washer
22-Sep George William Elizabeth Humber
26-Nov Elizabeth Henry Jon Blakman
26-Jan Mary Henry Elizabeth Greasmor
30-Jan William William Catherine Green
02-Feb John Robert Ann Barns
28-Mar George George Elizabeth White
11-Apr Mary Henry Jon Blakman
16-Jun Keith Christopher Ann Tillier
02-Jul Catherine Richard Mary Penfold
30-Oct Susan Robert Sarah Edmane
24-Dec Elizabeth Thomas Elizabeth Ludgater
10-Feb John John Francis Maning
28-May ? (Son) Edward Mary Hore
01-Jun Elizabeth George Margaret Marner
11-Sep Joan Thomas Ann Adams
02-Oct George Edward Ruth Trevat
27-Nov John John Elizabeth Trevet
15-Feb Luke Melish Ann Tie
19-Feb ? (Daughter) Finis Ann Diddin
23-Feb Edward Edward Judy White
08-Aug ? (Daughter) Robert Ann Barns
06-Sep Mary William Elizabeth Price
28-Sep Matthew John Susan Lidbetur
30-Sep Mary Thomas Elizabeth Ludgater Born 1/9/1697
06-Oct Francis Christopher Ann Tilliar
22-Oct Edward Ston Aged 25
25-Oct Elizabeth William Elizabeth Humber
26-Oct Mary William Susan Holdin
07-Nov Mary Edward Mary Hore
28-Dec Peter Peter Elizabeth Penfold
01-Feb Elizabeth Henry Elizabeth Greasmor
02-Feb Jean William Jean Oliver
11-Feb Sarah Anthony Mary French
12-Feb George George Mary Price
23-Feb Jean John Mary Edsall
27-Feb Sarah John Francis Maning
24-May John Finis Ann Didin
27-Aug Edward John Elizabeth Masters
27-Aug Elizabeth John Elizabeth Masters
30-Aug Richard William Joan Knouls
08-Oct Mary Richard Mary Penfold
12-Oct Elizabeth William Catherine Green
02-Dec John John Mary Lidbey
16-Dec William William Mary Clarke
22-Jan James James Margaret Tomsun
04-Feb ? (Daughter) John Mary Edsall
23-Mar Jean Robert Sarah Edmond
27-May Sarah William Elizabeth Lumbar
01-Aug Ann Thomas Elizabeth Ludgater Born 26/7/1695
11-Sep Ann Allin Susan Tannar
06-Oct Thomas Thomas Ann Stemp
11-Oct Thomas Henry Elizabeth Greasmore
20-Oct Edward John Elizabeth Trevet
09-Nov Thomas William Anne Snelling
11-Nov Mary Christopher Anne Tilliar
12-Nov Joha Peter Elizabeth Penfold
12-Jan George George Mary Frankwell
02-Feb ? (Son) Edward Sarah Hore
06-Feb George Robert Sarah Edmand
04-Apr Elizabeth Peter Elizabeth Penfold
09-Apr Ann Finnas Ann Duddin
22-Jun Ann Robert Sarah Edmond
16-Aug Joanna Edward Elizabeth Edwards
25-Sep Margaret William Mary Peter
28-Sep Elizabeth William Elizabeth Price
12-Oct John Richard Mary Penfold
14-Nov Mary John Mary Edsal
13-Jan Alice Henry Margaret Hogsflesh
08-Feb Henry John Frances Manning
17-Feb John Daniel Mary Barnard
18-Apr Mary Anthony Mary French
18-Apr Sarah William Mary Clark
30-Apr Thomas Robert Sarah Edmunds
30-Apr Susan Robert Sarah Edmunds
08-May Katron Thomas Amy Gratwick
30-Jun William William Mary Peltar
02-Jul Susan Edward Sarah Hore
14-Jul Mary Richard Mary Druet
14-Jul Thomas Thomas Elizabeth Ludgater Born 6/7/1693
18-Jul Allen Daniel Mary Barnad
21-Jan John John Elizabeth Roberts
27-Jan Thomas Thomas Boyel
20-Feb George George Margaret Marnar
10-Apr William Richard Mary Druet
13-Apr William Edward Ann Ingram
24-Jul Richard Richard Mary Penfold
25-Jul John Henry Elizabeth Greasmore
26-Nov John William Jean Wekham
27-Nov Mary John Mary Ingram
02-Dec Edward Allen Susan Tanner
08-Dec George Oliver Catherine Penfold
31-Jan John William Jon Knowls
02-Mar Amy Christopher Ann Tillier
02-May Richard Thomas Ann Stemp
14-Jun ? (Daughter) Finias Ann Didin
04-Aug Sarah Christopher Ann Tillier
03-Sep Luke Luke Ann Veser
29-Sep ? (Daughter) Richard Mary Knowel
13-Oct Roger Robert Ann Hessle
05-Nov Thomas Thomas Mary Laurence
14-Nov ? (Daughter) George Margaret Marner
25-Nov Sarah Thomas Elizabeth Tydgater
29-Jan Richard Peter Elizabeth Penfold
02-Feb Thomas John Margaret Lipyer
02-Feb John Thomas Lambard
24-Mar Joan Thomas Amy Gratwick
02-Aug William William Elizabeth Price
06-Sep Sarah Edward Margaret Young
14-Sep Sarah Edward Sarah Hore
26-Sep James Robert Martha Penfold
28-Sep Mariah John Frances Manning
30-Sep Sarah John Susan Clark
02-Oct Peter Oliver Catherine Penfold
26-Oct Elias Thomas Elizabeth Huchin
06-Jan Thomas Edward Elizabeth Edwards
05-Mar George Adrian Elizabeth Nickhols
15-Mar Robert Robert Sarah Edmunds
20-Mar Mary William Mary Clarke
07-Apr John Sarah Bunn Baseborn
07-May Edward Edward Ann Ingram
10-Jun Elizabeth Henry Mary Elyet Aged 20
10-Jun Sarah Henry Mary Elyet Aged 7
11-Jun John Henry Mary Elyet Aged 11
21-Jul Edward John Elizabeth Pannat
27-Sep Frances William Joan Knoals
12-Oct Mary Richard Mary Ledbeter
13-Oct Mary Richard Mary Knoell
15-Oct Alice Peter Elizabeth Penfold
01-Nov James Henry Mary Elyet Aged 17
01-Nov Henry Henry Mary Elyet Aged12
15-Nov William William Catherine Green
01-Jan Mary Allen Susan Tanner
31-Mar Robert John Mary Rice
01-Apr Elizabeth Richard Elizabeth Giffari
06-May Mary Thomas Elizabeth Huchin
12-May Elizabeth John Jnr Mary Boly
07-Jun Luke Thomas Mary Foster
26-Jun Anthony Anthony Mary French
07-Jul Peter Peter Mary Maria
18-Jul Oliver Oliver Catherine Penfold
27-Jul Elizabeth Thomas Amy Gratweeke
07-Aug Adrian Adrian Elizabeth Neckold
28-Aug John Richard Mary Lidbetar
08-Sep Martha Robert Martha Penfold
14-Oct Thomas Richard Mary Sturt
27-Jan Daniel William Joan Wall
27-Feb Ann Christopher Ann Tilliar
17-Mar William Richard Ann Peetar